Freeway Ricky Ross

EXCLUSIVE: Freeway Ricky Ross Calls Rick Ross’ Rolling Stone Interview “BS” and “Scripted”

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross’ new interview/cover with Rolling Stone magazine could be used against him in an upcoming court case, over the battle for his stage name.

Freeway Ricky Ross, a legendary reformed Los Angeles drug kingpin, has an upcoming court date against Warner Brothers over a lawsuit that claims the label stole his image.

During the Rolling Stone interview, rapper Rick Ross addressed a number of issues, including his upbringing, as well as his controversial past as a correctional officer.

Rick Ross claimed that his main reason for becoming a correctional officer was because a lifelong friend went to prison, prompting the rapper to take up the job.

“This was my best friend, who I ate peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches with, and pork and beans with, my buddy, my partner, my number-one dude,” Rick Ross told Rolling Stone. “Suddenly I’m talking to him over federal phone calls. Hearing the way it was building, I knew I couldn’t take nothing for granted. My homey’s father was a huge influence on my life, too . . . He was the one who was like, ‘Yo, go get a job somewhere, man. Go be a fireman. Or go be a fucking corrections officer. Just go sit down somewhere.”

Freeway Ricky Ross spoke to about the interview and questioned Rick Ross’ authenticity once again.

“The answers in this Rolling Stone article were BS, this is scripted to make it look like he had some struggle,” Freeway Ricky Ross told “No one tells you to go be a correctional officer before all the other jobs that build our community, especially not when their son just got convicted for a long sentence.”

Although Freeway Ricky has lost two earlier court rulings and was recently ordered to pay a portion of Rick Ross’ legal bills, he was granted an appeal against Warner Brothers and will be deposing its executives Sean “Diddy” Combs, Todd Moscowitz and Lyor Cohen, over the next 30 days.

Freeway Ricky Ross’ lawsuit claims that the record label stole his image and is using it to profit and make millions, via the rapper Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II.

“There was an understanding of the value of my name because of multiple millions being pushed globally by all major news outlets to cover the Iran Contra and Crack epidemic and my involvement as Rick Ross,” Freeway Ricky Ross told “These music executives recognized it and set up to steal that value, because I had a life sentence and refused to include me in the process. I believe our kids need to see more than the glamor of my life, they need to see the cost too.”

Click here to read Freeway Ricky Ross’ full response to Rick Ross’ Rolling Stone cover interview.

  • i like the real rick ross. hope he steals every penny fake rick ross has made.

    • Casor_Greener

      Forget both of these chumps. They both look like clowns.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Keep dreaming this n*ggv stay losing… He gone ruin the rest of hist life trying to get his “Name back”

      • it dont matter, fake rick ross is wack, hope yall wake up and grow some balls and put an end to the fuckery.

  • I can’t stand this fake ass peanut butter eatin’ C.O. that likes to steal identities. Isn’t there a thing called “identity theft”? I hope Freeway wins one of these cases already and gets his name back… Willie Roberts is just a character.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Identity theft involves ssn numbers Not a bum *ss name

      • YaheardSyndicate

        How is he a bum, when he did what your favorite rappers fantasize about

      • Arthur A-Trace Wilder

        very good point

  • Kolboy757

    I feel freeway but the judge will not grant a former drug kingpin millions just to help ruin the streets again. Im sure freeway is reformed but I see the judge ain’t gonna allow him all that money.

    • scullyson

      If Freeway were to go into this thing thinking negative then it would be useless and a waste of energy. Its not the size of the dog in the fight that matters but the fight in the dogg. You act like a kid watching a football game and your choosing the team you think is going to win based on the color of their uniform and their win/loss record. William is a pawn to the whole scheme of things duke. He aint even a serious player in sh*t. that N*** only getting a fraction of a fraction of the profit generated off his ignorant lyrics he spittin in these young folks brain. And dont ever forget theres is profit in ignorance. 9 times out of ten we are used to spread the ignorance and being compensated peanuts on the dollar. Now Get yo A** back in your fox hole Coward. Two wrongs dont make a right and in this case three wrongs Reagan (source of drugs) , Freeway (co-conspir) William (Fakster) ….To me it appears like William is continuing the legacy of Reagan by not Joining Forces with the real Rick ross. In Essence that’s what Meech hit on. He said they Should Do some Charity or something or just sit down and hash sh*t’s out.

      • Kolboy757

        I hope you can put that same time and energy into a novel

      • Because the so-called real rick ross is a snitch.

      • Perry

        Snitches don’t do 17 year bids. Snitches, do 2 yrs, if that!

      • King Cold

        true story. bottom line is officer ricky is a fraud and never lived that life. and for those who support him…all i can do is laugh at yall

  • Ross da co album is full of lex luger style beats snd fictional stories on fraudulent criminal past he is the most epic fail of hiphop 2 date at least vanilla ice and hammer stayed tru 2 theirselves nothin is wrong at all wit him bein a co but when u create a facade statin yourself as a boss and leader of a drug crew dats when u fucked up ok u wuz a co 2 move drugs in the system allegedelly but dat is a move of a soilder not a king pin u alwayz answered 2 sumbody else your whole life n da streets and in da industry everybody no trick daddy fathered u and now when people ask u bout your rap name u discredit the real rick ross again I’m scratchin my head at how dis snake is even allowed 2 live in dis industry o yea it still YMCMB

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  • scullyson

    William May have sealed his fate on the real. Looks like Freeway is right tho. Its very Obvious and clear that William is playing the “Im gangster today” Then tomorrow he’s back tracking Like “Nah I aint really no Gangster”…”Yes Iam “! ..”Sike! No Im Not! ” ..”But foreal ! Im The biggest boss that youve seen thus far” Nah Im Just BS’in”….BIGGEST HYPOCRITE THUS FAR IS MORE LIKE IT….lol

  • If Ross didnt have skills he would have never got sued by Freeway….This argument is boring. They dont let Felons make money off their criminal pass. They call me Mr. Roberts when I am in the bank.

  • Man allhiphop really believes they’re earning “Gangster stripes” by publishing every little piece of info from “Freeway” Ricky Ross. Is this a music site? Is this a hip hop site? If you answered Yes to either one of those questions then you know that this B.S. does not belong here. Freeway is not hip hop. He’s a drug dealer. And it seems no matter how many articles you guys write about “Hip hop being more than just violence” you put this on your front page every day. Everyday Rick Ross has an interview here comes the obligatory All hip hop rebuttal from Freeway and all the haters comments talking about how fat Rick Ross is and how much he loves candy and donuts. It’s sad man that this is what All Hip Hop has come to.

    • mike malarkey

      shut up chump

      • scullyson

        Money Mthaf*** Mike….LOL…Whatup Champ?

      • mike malarkey

        what up with u scully… we the last of the dyin breed round here…

      • scullyson

        lol hell yeah Mike you already know

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Hip Hop is more then music, its a culture, and both of the Rick Ross’ played a part in Hip Hop culture, be it negative or positive.

  • Rick Ross worth 40 million and you still talking about how much you hate him. But you like the dumb ass dude that turned your mother, father or friends into crack heads, sucking on a pipe…Again people need to refocus, go to school and get off the streets.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      you sound like a fan to the rapper. true no one should support an ex-drug dealer who brought down the people in his hood, but at the same time don’t talk about how much money a fraud is worth, being that he floods the youth with the same shit that brought down the people in these communities.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      Who better then someone who really lived it to be able to tell the kids “This isnt the way to go”. You’d rather support a cat whos telling kids “Hes Big Meech”

  • TruthSerum

    I hate to side with a drug dealer but this is the biggest case of Identity Theft I have ever seen in my life. The guy even grew the beard out to look like this dude.

    But no court is ever gonna side with him, he played a part in one of the worst epidemics in history. As far as our system is concerned, he has no rights. They’ll let him go through the motions because that’s the law, but he lost this case the day he filed it, same as the others.

  • dominicancoke

    Is like if some white italian rapper named him self john gotti and try his best to look like him rap about a life he never lived cause he was really a mall cop

  • kstaxx

    I dont understand how people can know Rick Ross was a C.O and still beleive the shit he says in his raps and actually take it seriously. People can call it whatever they like and dress it up whatever way they like Rick Ross was a C.O = Cop to most niggas thats been locked up, he never was a dope boy, he is jus a fraud all around his music is full of lies and false propaganda, my only question is if nothin was wrong with him being a CO why did he intially lie about it to only come out and admit it later when it became obvious and undeniable? but if thats what the people wanna buy into its their dollar not mine. Do whatcha do. Rick Ros is nothin but a fraud who used a real D-boys name as his own when he never did none of the sort. Its really messed up that the real Ricky Freeway Ross did time in prison behind his name, while the fake Ricky Rozay Ross is livin it up and gettin alot of accolades and benefits from it.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      N*gga i dont believe no rapper Music is music These niggas be rapping about being rich and they broke being players and they’re married being fateful and they cheat Name any rapper and i can point out contradictions

      • kstaxx

        Im not talking bout no other rapper Im talkin bout Rick Ross who this article is about, with his blatant lieing and fabriications thi guy is jus a complete fraud to the 1st degree and its indefensible.

      • Perry

        kstaxx is 100% on the money. Officer Ricky Ross is a complete fraud (not to mention his music sucks). It’s bad enough that he glamorizes selling crack, gunfights, and drug trafficking…he glamorizes a life that he stole from another man. A man who did time for his actions. We all know there’s hyperbole throughout Hip Hop. The genre was built on sh*t talking. Let’s be for real…a true cat has some story of his own to tell. It’s fine if you embellish a story, but to completely lie about who you are, to steal a man’s birth name…that is just f*ckin’ low.

  • mrgibson

    People who aren’t stupid know that Ross is using someone else’s life as fuel for his raps. They also know (if they aren’t stupid) that this is just one rapper in a long line of other rappers doing this so they can make money. I don’t feel any sympathy for Ricky Ross or whatever his real name is. You can’t trademark a street name, especially if you haven’t gone and officially/legally laid claim to it. He’s all worried about his name and his image now that he’s broke, desolate, and probably without too many friends/family.

    Everything comes back around in full circle. No remorse for a man that fed poison to his own people and expects people to feel sympathy for him years later.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I cant even believe some of yalls comments. Heres a guy who wants kids to know that the B.S being promoted on television as the hustlers life, leads to a dead end, and wants his own name back to do so, and yall are such d*** riders, you lames call him wack for wanting the rights to his OWN NAME, and damages for someone promoting the lifestyle that he wants to distance himself from, and profiting from it while all the little kids think theyre big meech and Larry Hoover. This is real life cb4.

    • tab58064

      I absolutely agree with you and some of these people are so caught-up in this undying support for their favorite rapper that they totally missed the obvious bullshit that rappper Ross said about his friends father suggesting that he become a corrections officer first before suggesting any other type of work for him. The Real Rick Ross straight busted rapper Ross’ ass on that one. Diddy, and these so-called “real nigga” rappers need to be ashamed of themselves for not supporting The Real Rick Ross in one way or another. Rapper Rick Ross and the shit he portrays are lies about his own life or borrowed stories from someone elses!

  • I Don’t like either of the ross, but this so-called real ross is just as horrible as the fake one itself, yes the real one was a pawn, but he still should be ashamed of himself for ruining america.

  • Arthur A-Trace Wilder

    This dude is a pathetic bitter old f#*k.There’s no way you’re going to win a case in which you claim a rapper stole your image to sell his records. People don’t buy Rick Ross records because they think he’s “Freeway” Rick Ross they purchase the records for good music. This guy is starting to disgust me with the way he’s approaching this issue by trying to hinder a man’s success because he’s a broke loser now. If the rapper was not making any money he wouldn’t be interested at all in the name or the rapper. Like most bums that get out of jail he claims to be supporting a good cause, but ultimately he’s only hoping to get a pay check and free publicity in the long run. Go find a real job Freeway.

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  • Ross isnt the first rapper to borrow a gangsta’s name.though…

    • BTV Global, LLC

      there’s a difference in borrowing and stealing and claiming it’s you and yours. 50 cent borrow his name but gave aknowledgement to the real 50 cent.

  • you guys are mental ive said it once ill say it again go listen to the music born and raised in the county of dade not born and raised in south central la i dont know why the rapper just doesnt play his music he would be in court at 11 out at 11 05

  • hmm…..interesting