Freeway Ricky Ross

Freeway Ricky Ross: The Response To Rick Ross’ Interview With Rolling Stone

Not everyone is celebrating the success of rapper Rick Ross and is this album God Forgives, I Don’t.

Freeway Ricky Ross has an ongoing legal dispute with rapper Rick Ross, over the usage of his birth name, and Freeway Rick claims is the illegal usage of his image.

Rapper Rick Ross landed a high-profile cover of Rolling Stone this week, just as his album God Forgives, I Don’t hit #1 on the Billboard pop charts.

Freeway Ricky Ross issued a detailed response to in response to the Rolling Stone interview:

The answers by Rozay to being a correctional officer in this Rolling Stone article were BS, this is scripted to make it look like he had some struggle. No one tells you to go be a correctional officer before all the other jobs that build our community such as a Carpenter, Mechanic or Preacher.

They especially wont say it when their son just got convicted for a long sentence behind unfair drug laws. They tell you get a job , and don’t do crime. They don’t say “William my son is in jail for 20 years for a nonviolent offense, save yourself and go become his guard be a correctional officer.” William never sold drugs, so the whole idea he had to wash his hands is never cleared up. Why would you wash your hands for somebody else selling drugs, that you happened to know. Rozay needs to read Michelle Alexander’s book New Jim Crow to understand why that’s the case, and his real place in the crack epidemic. He also never tells us a name for this created friend. This is a disrespect to everyone who actually lived the game, people are serving 20 years all because they had to for survival and this guy is using my life and name this way.

Also there’s no record of him playing football at Carol City according to school staff, and he keeps talking about being popular from that as well with Rolling Stone so how can we believe anything in the interview?

News update: We are sending out deposition request early next week for Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, Lyor Cohen Vice Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Warner and Todd Moscowitz, CEO Warner Brothers Records.

“The companies cannot wait to develop artist so they try to Fast Forward their talent,” Lyor Cohen said in an interview.

We believe this “fast forward” approach is what happened in the case with my name and William “Rozay” Roberts. There was an understanding of the value of my name, because of multiple millions being pushed globally, by all major news outlets to cover the Iran Contra and Crack epidemic and my involvement as Rick Ross. These music executives recognized it and set up to steal that value, because I had a life sentence and refused to include me in the process. I believe our kids need to see more than the glamor of my life, they need to see the cost too.

This is different from the case of Jay-Z/Jaz-O or 50 Cent/50 Cent for two fundamental reasons.

First – This is my birth name, it is not a nick name. As a result, what Rozay UMG/Warner did was when Rozay came out, they created confusion to the point that people thought I was a rapper giving automatic authenticity to William’s presentation of my life. That is not what happened with 50 cent or Jaz-O. These were understood as nicknames and no one actually thought Curtis was 50 Cent the robber, or Jay-Z was Jaz-O. People thought William was actually me, and his first single only solidified that was his intent by talking about all the pieces in the “Dark Alliance.” Manuel Noriega is a major player in the Iran-Contra Scandal. It’s undisputed, when Rozay said “I know Pablo, Noriega, the real Noriega. He owe me a hundred favors.” That is a direct correlation to my life. In an era where people will search your background, they looked and searched and thought he had lived my life and he gained support. I am 100% confident that if he had started off as a rapper and named himself William Roberts, and rapped about being a correctional officer, he would have never been successful.

Second: My name, unlike many others, is global. It was not just recognized on a normal neighborhood level. For the good and bad of it, I am one of the largest to have been in the drug business. When you look up Drug lord on Wikipedia it goes Manuel Noriega, Pablo Escobar then me Rick Ross. This scale of brand is entirely different than other examples, where the artist such as Sean Carter or Curtis Jackson had to create global consumer recognition. The name Rick Ross already had global recognition, unlike the prior examples. When I got out I met with the top execs in Hollywood within a week of leaving prison because of my story and my life.

I did not need Roberts, UMG or Warner to use my name to get recognized, but he needed my name to be successful to authenticate him telling my story. My story is one of the most powerful stories of the modern black era, and needs to be told not just from the glamorous side, but also the side that deals with with the cost of being the real deal dope man. It’s really hard for someone who never lived it to tell you those cost. You learn them when you lose a close friend to the game, or when you’re in a cell for 20 plus-hours, with a life sentence.

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  • Real Rap!
    Fugg Dik Fawlse the lying CO!

    >>Big Upz the real Rick Ro$$ for paying the cost for being the bo$$ and using that experience to steer the youth in the right direction, as opposed to the private prison’s spokesman, former Correctional officer Dik Fawlse, who was promoted to comapany spokesman for private prisons, so he could sing / create jingles / commercials for them, that draw our youth to their services. ( Incarceration )

    • These two clowns can go to hell.

      • One has already been there, and had dedicated his life to preventing others from going. The other hasn’t been there and is dedicating his life to sending others.

  • toreal

    Freeway Rick Ross just needs to move on.

    • u gotta understand where this man coming from.this nicca out here using his name w/o permission and in a way an embarrassment because of his background,credibility etc.this nicca str8 identity jacked this man and he’s really believing this made up persona he created for himself.i’d be pissed too

    • The man isn’t real if he’s faking. Guess you got fake in you..

  • steveakers

    Move on? William “Rozay” Roberts needs to stop releasing stories using the man’s name
    and image. Be Big Willie the former Corrections officer, and Ross likely wont say anything.
    Someone steals your couch, car or for that matter abducts
    your child. There is no moving on just bc your tired of reading. Read
    another article. What happens is you get what was stolen back. William
    and his label decided to do a article in Rolling stone using Freeway
    Rick Ross name. I wouldnt let someone drive past me in my car either
    without raising hell.

  • Lamar Star

    God I wish this nigga wouldnt take off his shirt

  • Are you people serious? From Biggie Smalls to Gotti, and from Snopp Dogg to Scarface, rappers have been looking to pop culture, history or the five o’clock news for the ideal “nom de rap”, so why are we singling out Rick Ross? As for Rick Ross/William Roberts being a correctional officer, it sure in the heck is a better way to make a living than being a pawn for the CIA and distributing drugs that have poisoned black communities from Compton to Camden (yeah, I’m talking about Freeway Rick Ross). Finally, it’s not like “Rick Ross” is an uncommon name…like, say “Ol’ Dirty Bastard”. Just look in an old phone book or Google the name plus your city, and you’ll find somebody within a few miles of you named “Rick Ross”. If Freeway Rick was that concerned about his “brand’ (which isn’t all that positive), then he should have trademarked his name. Oops, I forgot you can’t get a trademark to use a name to distribute cocaine.

    • mrgibson

      EXACTLY….no one has any sympathy for this moron.

      • phillip martin

        You fame worshiping idiots are pathetic. Take the rappers dick out of your mouth for a second and use your brain. You would be pissed if there was a guy is running around (slowly because of his size) using your real name and reputation to make millions of dollars.

        It doesn’t matter that the real Rick Ross sold drugs, what matters is the rapper has stolen his image and should be forced to compensate him.

    • Got that right, Yeah the fake one might have taken his name and beard, but he is not rapping about his life.

    • the differnce between those other rappers and rick ross is that they didnt act like they were drug lords, listen to they music alot of rappers raped about drugs but as a story and it had its ups and down they also gave the story how fucked up it was and how down in life they were, ross only raps of the prespective of a big drug lord, the other rappers painted pictures of things going on and that stroy ended with shootings and someone dead, and if u listen to the real rick ross interviews the reason he wants his name to stopped being used is cause he doesnt want his name and story to be used to sell a negative image to kids and about drugs, he did over 15 years in prison for it and he does alot of speaches about agaisnt drugs and selling and how it affects the comminity, he said he reached out to rapper ross early in his career and adivsed him not to use his image as a drug lord to sell music and to sell it to kids, the real rick ross knows the affects he had on people and how it hurt families he speaks on it thats why he is so against the rapper ross now, the only differnce between the real rick ross and these major companies is that he was selling drugs that were against the law but these companies are selling legal drugs that has as much bad affects as any drug, thats why u see people hooked to so many prescribed drugs and hurting from it and going broke from it, cigarted, alcholol they all kill, the thing the real rick ross is going about it the right way to stop the rapper from usuing his image in a negative way, he could have easily went about it the wrong way and had people in Cali deal with the rapper in a deadly way, like he said alot of big weight names in LA wanted to handle the rapper for him but he said he chose not to go that way ,, its a bigger picture to it than just the rapper ross, he is going at these labels that are in control of the rapper, rapper ross is just a small fish in that whole image

  • steveakers

    LOL I guess he has to say his Social Security number for these people to believe its his life. The last Crip in Florida in the 90’s was when from Three Kings. Noriega cmon man. You guys are lost. Not many black men were moving birds and keys, many were selling crack. But its an elite group sellling 100’s of keys. This is not like Noriega or Biggie Smalls who rap about corner experience they actually had, and they dont do it in every song like this guy.

    • michael terrelle

      Noriega, from c america they tried to dupe. William Clinton (former president of the US) was to give control of the canal (panama) to Noriega in the year 2000 according to a treaty made in 1900 through Teddy Roosevelt. The agreement was that the US would control the canal for the first hundred years then Noriega’s government would be in control of the canal following that. Jimmy Carter, Clinton’s predecessor) sought to discredited Noriega during the late “70s by and through so-called illegal drug trafficking. They started in on him 25 years before the scheduled hand-over, to be sure that his name and rep be well-known as unfit to control the canal (big money). A treaty is a treaty and generally made in good faith. US apparently had no intention of honoring the treaty made by the then president of the nation (Teddy Roosevelt), thanks to Jimmy Carter and his government. They then conspired with the government of France to further his (Noriega’s) incarceration. So he would be incarcerated and unable to stake his claim. What they did was wrong and they know it. I wonder how many hiphoppers knew that!

      • T-Rex

        Treaty Smeaty not the first treaty to be broken won’t be the last. I think your depending on “hip Hoppers” to not know enough to call you on your stuff. Jimmy Carter the 39th prez Bill is the 42nd so not his predecessor. With that being said if you were alive in the 80’s the CIA had been dealings with Noriega in exchange for turning a blind eye to his illegal activities the US got to move freely through his country to do all the shady stuff the U.S. does the fact he did it in plain site made the world agree with the U.S. also there was no french conspiracy it’s really simple if you get caught on a wire tap in paris planning the murder of Hugo Spadafora and his body shows up headless in a mail bag France might be a little pissed and want him to do some time. Point is even if your correct as far as the treaty your portrayal of Noriega is humorous if he didn’t do the stuff that he did the U.S. would not have been able to snatch the canal Noriega being scum was all the excuse they needed

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  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    All the rappers from Fab to 2Chainz, JadaKiss to Nipsey Hustle talk about being coke distributors…ALL RAPPERS DO IT, HAVE DONE IT, AND WILL KEEP DOING IT…every rapper is a gangsta, crook, criminal, goon…let them tell it…so why is everyone so gung ho bout Rozay doing it…ya favorite rapper is a liar…know that…fuck him being a C.O. he needed to eat so he got a job…enjoy the music or not but to get on publik crusade to kick mud on Rozay for his lies here in this forum or elsewhere shows how much time one spends obsessing over another nigga, who you don’t know, and what comes outta his mouth…

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