Chart Watch: Elle Varner Debuts at #2; Rick Ross Moves 60,000 Units

(AllHipHop News) Billboard has released its numbers for the week and Elle Varner takes home the spotlight as the largest gainer, jumping onto the charts at #2 with her breakthrough album, Perfectly Imperfect, selling 33,000 copies this week according to Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard.com.

Reviewing the Top 5 albums, Rick Ross was the top selling Hip-Hop and R&B artist grossing over 60,000 sales of his God Forgives, I Don’t project. The figure was a decline of (73%) from his previous week’s sales, but the project remains at #2 on the Billboard 200 and it is currently the #1 Rap Album.

Nas’ dropped down to the #3 slot moving 18,000 copies of Life Is Good, a decline of (42%). While Frank Ocean’s, Channel Orange, remains at No. 4 moving 13,000 units a (30%) drop in sales. Lastly, Chris Brown dials in at No. 5 selling about 14,000 units, a (28%) drop in sales.

R Kelly sits at #8 on the Hip-Hop and R&B charts as he also landed at #43 on the Billboard 200 charts with his project Write Me Back, his 14th Top 10 album.

Bob Marley and the Wailers made a significant increase this week as the Marley: The Original Soundtrack, showed a growth upwards of nearly 3,000 copies. Increased sales were largely attributed to the documentary, “Marley” that released recently on August 7.

2 Chainz and Drake stay on top of the Singles Charts as well this week, as their song “No Lie,” remains as the most requested songs on radio stations.

In addition, Meek Mill now has a Top 5 song, also with the assistance of Drake on the track “Amen”.

Wale’s “Bag of Money” jumped up a few spots as well, increasing its numbers by (12%), while Kanye’s track Mercy featuring the assistance of 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Pusha T, slid down to the 3-4 slot roughly three weeks removed after its reign on the top of the charts.

  • Yea its me

    Hip hop and R&B sales are absolutely terrible.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      let’s talk over dinner.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        that’s to Brasilian – your response is ..?

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      The sales match the quality in most cases.

      • digitallife

        Nas album has bad quality?

    • Southcidal

      Its minority music. Do you expect it to sale as much as country or pop?

  • SMFH! The bum azz fans are killing MUSIC! All they do all day with their broke pockets is look online for music to steal. Then front like they’re getting it… LOL FOH! I’m not even mad anymore at artists like Nicki Minaj… If she kept it ALL HIP HIOP she’ll be broke and probably irrelevant. I don’t want to hear “I’m not giving my money to the label” either! You bum azz cats don’t even know what your talking about! You heard some one say that and now your running with it just like d*ck riders do! If the labels ain’t getting paid then your favorite artist isn’t getting paid! Stop letting the fake jewelry and rented cars fool you fools! Damn leaches don’t deserve to have the internet. They need to initiate SOPA & PIPA! F*ck it!

    • why would anyone care how rich their fav artists are?? thats lame ish!!!

      • digitallife

        Amen..I stopped supporting Jay-Z and others for this same shit. To me talking about money and good life non stop just means you’ve lost touch with your creativity and no longer have anything of value to contribute to the artform.

      • BOOM!!! Well said.

      • What about the other real artists? What’s your excuse for them? It’s easy to say that about an artist you don’t support. Do you buy albums from the artist who’s music you do like? I’ll wait… No need to lie either. Keep it 100%… Leaches are always looking for an excuse on why they don’t spend their money to support something!. That’s a fact. The leach is always going to be denial about that too.

      • digitallife

        Original reply got caught up in moderation I see.

        1. Leeches? I bought cassettes with the B side instrumentals..I’ve been putting money in artist pockets since Rakim had hair on his head.

        2. Pharaoh, last emperor, brother ali, scarface, mos, talib, when you see those kind of artists had only 9 to 14k first week sales count me amongst the loyalist who contributed to that number.

        3. How hard is it to rap about cars, mansions, and bad chicks? Give me life’s complexities in any creative format and you’ve got my ear. Kanye was at his best on topics like “Heard em say” lost me with the louie don stuff after that.

        4. I may be an old head but even the dudes back in the days that spat about chains and cars at least used a portion of the album to actually be artistic.

        5. I used Jay-z as an example, the same applied to NAS during his escobar phase..I started messing with his music once again he found his core again. Yes I do think “Illmatic” is my generations urban bible and diary.

    • Mos High

      Im one of the few people in my circle that still go out and buy a record of a artist. Most people I know just wait to get it boot legged, I must say I only buy artist where I know the album is solid. Or I will listen to a boot leg verison and then choose if I should buy it. BIg artist will still find a way to make money, but it isnt easy for anyone these days

    • $18592567

      Make top of the line music and be a top of the line artist and u should be ok. If people can live without your music in 2012 they’ll download it. SOPA i& PIPA is bs…imho

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  • Man wheres the obligatory all hip hop freeway ricky ross reply saying that those 60,000 units are “fake” and “scripted” and only he could move units of such a size.

  • 99.9% of these rappers on the radio in mainstream are pop artist aint shit about them HIP HOP they dont know shit about hip hop, they are just industry pop artist with no substance and if wearing a thong would sell they would wear it, you already have Wayne who said he buys womens pants cause they fit better,,, smh

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  • $18592567

    She got a phat ass

    • MarquisCarter

      It’s beautiful

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      c’mon man – I appreicate phat asses too – but that’s got Nothing to do with musical talent. – by the way, – Brasilian; I’m still waiting for your response.

      • $18592567

        I didn’t know that I was commenting on a ‘music only’ blog. I do apologize for that oversight…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your comment has no originality Dude – that phrase is said somewhere every second of the day.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        and I looked at her pictures – she don’t even have a big ass either.

      • $18592567

        U ain’t see her @ the awards show. I can’t remember which one; but that mugg thick…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Brasilian – help me with this guy, and post your ass to show what thick and beautiful is.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        (with clothes) – I’m not disrespectful, like this studio tuff guy

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        to really23 – I’m only 6 foot 170 – but I guanrantee, you raise your hand to me – i’ll break Several of your bones.

      • $18592567

        I don’t waste my ‘creative writing’ on opinion based blogs.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you have showed no “creativity’ to waste. – that’s what I’m educating you.

      • $18592567

        What’s your purpose? Do you go from site to site chiming in?#ButtInSki

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        My purpose is going out for Dinner with Brasilian – since you chatted back to me – I’m teaching you while waiting for her response.

      • $18592567

        That’s cool for the net, but in real life if u chimed in on one of my convos I’d probably beat u up in front of Brasilian.smh

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        if you tried – that’s when I’d change from educator, to punisher and break several of your bones..

  • digitallife

    Lol I betcha if it was a drake album it would be like #1 560k units sold this week…Gotta love how pop music has completely hijacked legitimate hip-hop. It’s really the equivalent of flossing fake gucci and getting props for it while someone with genuine gucci gets dissed.

    • J-SMOOTH

      Now thatz TRUTH

  • King Cold

    smh at them sales. all that promo and these are the results? damn


    The best and truly AUTHENTIC HIP-HOP ALBUM that has been released lately is that BIG K.R.I.T. -LIVE FROM THE UNDERGROUND album. Itz so cohesive just press play and ride out.

  • Harrison Boateng

    When you got these artist flossing money in front of their fans. People gonna pirate even harder cuz they feel like hey they making money anyway , and the sales are weak. But then again you put a weak product out , and flossing ur “money” this becomes the end result

  • Anthony Mason

    That… is a good looking woman….