Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Chris Brown Really Wish Rihanna Would Just Be Quiet?

It seems like Rihanna may have just re-opened up a wound for both herself and for Chris Brown with her upcoming interview with Oprah. During the interview, which was filmed in Rihanna’s hometown of Barbados, Rihanna cried while discussing the incident and said that Chirs Brown “needed help.” As one could image, Chris Brown is allegedly not happy with Rihanna “rehashing” that night. Check out what a source in Browns camp told Radar Online below:

“Chris is just confused about Rihanna’s decision to bring up the past again and again — this time in an interview with Oprah,” a source tells Radar. “Rihanna has previously given wide ranging interviews about the beating to Diane Sawyer and several print magazines. Chris just doesn’t think it’s productive or relevant to rehash the events since essentially nothing new is being revealed in the interview Rihanna has done with Oprah. Chris doesn’t begrudge Rihanna at all for talking about it but he thinks that in order for them to both move forward and not be defined by that one night, it would be better to stop bringing it up.”

Do you think they should both never address the incident again? Haven’t we heard everything from at least Rihanna at this point? Rihanna’s interview with Oprah’s Next Chapter will air this Sunday at 9 pm on OWN.

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  • Biba Adams

    Of course he wants her to be quiet… He wasn’t the victim. This story really angers me. The whole situation is really sad and sick. This incident is one of the main reasons she acts the way she does now.

    • harlemsown21

      Bullshit .. she was who she was before this incident.. i’m not a Chris Brown or Rihanna fan.. i honestly don’t like either of there music.. but at some point there is no use in bring up the past.. get over it an move on with your life.. that’s the way shit is suppose to be.. but i guess you they type of person who still upset with old boyfriends who cheated on you .. … I wish allhiphop would stop talking about this also ..

      • Alf Capone

        they should let the past be the past……….at the same time this nigga cant be mad……….he made a decision and now he has to live with it

      • chris brown lost his v-card to riri……..but ru about to lose hoodstripes from this ether……

        alf capone alf capone / he wants to jerk off on the phone / go eat a croisaint go eat a scone

        ~be crispy

      • Alf Capone

        no………..apparently i am not

      • Weedras

        The past defines who you are, and in traumatic situations you can’t just let go of shit just like that if it’s haunting you in some way… and that goes for both of them…

      • Biba Adams

        Cheating on somebody and beating somebody are two totally different things.

  • 7yoyo7

    If you want to know why Chris Brown did this to Rihana check this on Y0utube :
    —> Barbra Walters interviews Sean Connery on slapping women

  • Guest

    Chris WAS the victim. It was self defense. she was biting her. You know why? He was defending himself like the little bitch he is. She was shopping that ass.

    • maybe she was biting him cause he was beating ass lmfao

  • 2chains

    Chris WAS the victim. It was self defense. he was biting her. You know why? He was defending himself like the little bitch he is. She was whoopping that ass.

    • Alf Capone

      nigga………i dont know what happened but……….neither do u……..tired of u niggas acting like u know what happened

    • so it was self defense cause “he” was biting her? Fail.

    • Weedras

      are you wearing a dunce cap? cause if your not you need one ASAP!

  • Sean Power

    hate it or love it it’s part of there history and people are always going ask about
    what think they should do have sit down both of them maybe with Oprah or some just answer all the question everyone has together and end it at that

  • YaheardSyndicate

    She got her ass whooped, its not like shes just going to pretend it never happened, for the sake of Chris Browns Happiness. What an arrogant statement.

  • translation – Bitch shut your whore face up before i beat ya ass again even harder!! DRAKE ANT HERE TO BE CAPTIN SAVE_A_HOE!!!!
    damn chris went off!!!!

  • thaGOD83

    imma make some folks mad at me lol…but this and 95% of EVERYTHING you see on tv in FAKE…from sports, to wars, to the tv show claiming to be reality, to this situation…all STAGED…both of these overrated whateva won grammies after this incident and was able to change their lil squeaky clean images to the hard edged, gangsta for chris, sexual for rihanna, images….she is sick like all celebs…those pics were not REAL…all of the techinolgy…and movies yall see…that wasnt REAL…it was a mere distraction..distraction from what most may ask…from YOU….to keep you talking bout dumb shit other than peeping what THEY are doing…and what you should be doing….same thing with you name it…ALL to distract you..who wasnt talking bout this…feel me..
    all of these celebs, even your fav..agreed to be mere pawns in a bigger game….none of these folks are authenic, all of them are dead or wish they were….wake up….this shit is FAKE….the chad shit….EVERYTHING ON TV….all of your actors/rappers are FAKE…same shit over and over…another story next month..
    even if people get killed to make YOU MAD….on a kid channel the other day….they had a commercial that said “WATCHING IS BETTER THAN LIVING” meaning tv is better that your life….i was a shop and they were talking more about chad than their LIVES…all this shit is fake…i could go further but they wont let me post lol

    • hoeyuno

      Sure bud. Chris brown wasn’t selling enough records so he figured if he beat up the hottest female celebrity at the time he would sell more records. Dumbest comment ever..

    • Sexy_Sabe

      I agree, they are part of a bigger machine designed to keep the masses brainwashed.. Ppl dont pay attention to the important shit goin on in their lives cuz their too busy watchin Love an HipHop ATL or Kardashians, BBW anything other than CNN unless a tragedy happens then niggas glued to the news. Ppl better wake up

      • Weedras

        And you say CNN is better lol! CNN does’t even show half the shit that goes on world wide…. as Bad as England is BBC is best and Al-Jazeera shows all the fucked up shit… CNN is an american propaganda machine…

      • true but the motive is $$$$ 😉 all of the evils come along with it

  • hoeyuno

    I could care less about chris browns music but oprahs a cont. She did the same thing to mike tyson years after his career was over. She’s no better then jerry springer. And chris b theres your sign man. move on

  • Lyve Wire

    Oprah does that BS. she has a new show??? i guess i know now, lol. Oprah doesnt care that rhianna was ‘beat up’. she just wants to exploit the sitatuion for her show. she need to worry about things she can control, imo. getting her to bring it up every few months wont help anyone involved. Oprah know she’s wrong, but rhianna is too blind to figure it out. she is not your friend and could care less about you or chris. ratings, ratings, ratings!!!

  • King Cold

    all i can say is oprah and rihanna are messy as hell

  • Guest

    chris brown wish rhianna would stay quiet?
    does sydney lace suck at her job?

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  • Cmon Oprah! You don’t gotta stoop this low baby. Them TV ratings will pick back up soon enough!

  • RevrendIke3x

    Chris Brown should realize that this is never going to go away i.e. Ike Turner. Not until they make “What’s Love Gotta Do With It 2”.

  • I could actually care less.

  • JaymezDeuce

    This ish is about 5 years late…

  • TheBigCheeFa

    it comes with the price of putting your hands on someone


    I like how Rihanna is dressed all innocent while she’s riding with Operah. Just look at her, no red hair, no cleavage, no slutty outfit at all! I bet she even made sure she got all those coke boogars out of her nose. I guess Operah has a big influence on her in a positive way. I just hate how if this was an award show she would be half naked with sme ridiculous red hair. Smh fake asslp

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  • Cody James

    of course Chris Brown thinks they should stop talking about it.. cuz he’s the only one that looks bad when riri’s beating is brought up. He is defined by it, not her. shes a victim who did the right thing by calling the cops on him, and she should keep bringing it up to remind women they have a voice too.

    • -_- if she wants to remind women they have…”a voice”…become a spokeswoman for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE… FOR REAL! Do it for more than yourself and stop using it to bring c brown down to a level of low life woman beater…as if he has a history of abuse or something…did he do wrong? no question, but cmon man…

  • Umm it’s an INTERVIEW, Rihanna isn’t bringing up anything. Oprah asks questions. Rihanna answers them. The public wants to know Rihanna’s true feelings. That’s why it is relevant and that’s why it’s being talked about. The interview shows us the more emotional side of her which I really like. It’s about many aspects of her life not just Chris. And if he doesn’t want people talking about if he should have never hurt her in the first place.

  • you got him fuck’d up
    Rhianna is the one with problems…Thirsty much? “…sorry boo boo you gets no love now”
    stop bringing up the past & buy FORTUNE ;D lol
    ….seriously -.-

  • it was his fault and he should take any punishment that comes with it.At least his face wasn´t bitten and nose wasn´t swollen

  • he might be surprised when he´s broke and dancing for some poeple he injured with his entourage in that disco

  • lol chances are oprah is only interviewing her to rehash the chris brown part lol outside of that people aint interested lol sad but true 🙁

  • Derek Yisrael

    I said that when this story originally broke that it was fake. Somewhere Jay-Z is lurking in the background on this. If you haven’t figured, when Jay-Z beefed with Nas, alot of artist took notice as well as music moguls that BEEF SELLS. Jay-Z made it fashionable to BEEF. He is behind Chris Brown / Rhianna situation that was STAGED. It helped to transition their careers from the good girl / nice boy images that they had to the edgy artists they are now. See, the entertainment industry knows that the fans are no more than mindless sheep and will believe anything that they manufacture. Seems to have worked flawlessly on most, right? Not really

    • Yeah, but their careers still bricked….

      • Derek Yisrael

        By what numbers are you judging that by?

      • Scientific poll of people closest to me that are checking for them.

        Record sales?

        They are cold product. ( Compared to before the incident. )

        Jay Z has the game on lock right now.
        ( Business tip )

        Would RiRi be opening for WTT pre incident?

        They are getting a big push from the label. Labels on push when a career starts…or stalls.

  • Slaughtr


  • Why did he whup her aS$? Bilboard ranking too low, or did she sting him with an incurable STD?

  • kstaxx

    Chris Brown has to answer to for what he did to Ri Ri. I dont care what nobody says. That dude need a certfied beating from a real nigga.Put them paws on that young nigga Breezy since he like to hit women. Hit a man nigga. Lame duck aint hit Drake when he smashed him with them bottles. FOH Breezy that nigga pu55y.