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Hip-Hop Rumors: MC Eiht Vs Olympian Ryan Lochte!

MC Eiht

This is hilarious to me. I do mean, COMEDY!!!! If you don’t know who MC Eiht is, then perhaps you should quickly run over and read our story on the West Coast.

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MC Eiht, the Hip-Hop legend, is not happy with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte! It seems that the super swimmer is trying to trademark the term “JEAH!” Now, you may not recall, but “Jeah” was created and popularized by Eiht! This is not in dispute!!! Furthermore, Lochte has made it pretty well-known that he’s all into Hip-Hpp. I think he needs to bow down and give up the trademark to Eiht so he can do absolutely nothing with it at this time Nevertheless, Eiht seems to mostly want his recognition! MC Eiht told TMZ, “Why try and trademark something his a** didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful.”


Well, I have to agree with the West Coast don. I don’t believe Eiht has any trademark on the term, but he plans to send a cease and desist letter to stop this madness. Now, on the flip side, Lochte says he got the verbiage from Young Jeezy, who goes “CHEA!” so that may be correct. I don’t know. Both seem feasible. I don’t think anybody wants to get a drive by in their hood! Give it up smooth! Ain’t no telling’ if Eiht is still down for a jack move. He’s still Compton’s Most Wanted!!!

Paul Wall did the grill!

Here is Eiht using “jeah” like he did on just about every song he ever did.

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