Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Hit With New Delinquent Tax Bill


(AllHipHop News) Former Fugees group member/rapper Lauryn Hill is facing new tax woes.

According to, the singer, who already owes $1.8 million in back taxes, is also being sued by the state of New Jersey.

According to the state, Lauryn Hill also failed to pay $446,336 in unpaid back taxes, for the year 2007.

In June, Lauryn Hill was charged with failing to pay federal taxes for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

In June of 2012, she plead guilty to x and now faces three years in prison.

Lauryn Hill is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

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  • illuminati trynna break her soul

  • johnblacksad

    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill… no disrespect

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  • Negro Peligro

    Guess we gone get that new Fugees after all.

    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha

  • That_N

    I’m kinda surprised that she cant just pay what she owes. I mean…one would think that she has millions in the bank. I guess a lot of celebs don’t have the dough that we think they do.

  • Dam this is why I hate Hip-Hop more and more…These rappers no matter who they seem to be, they talk a good one in their music, and turn around and do the same thing as their younger Hip-Hop counterparts….Ms Hill had her legs open to Bob Marleys son, too busy popping out all them babies and not staying on top of her financial obligations like a true Queen….This is some bullshit we were once expecting from Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.

  • Adrian Barron

    dayum where’s the MARLEY estate when you need’em … someone please call 911

  • hoeyuno

    Its hard to feel sorry for lauren hill. If she paid her taxes it would help the people of newark whom she once gave a fuk about.

  • kstaxx

    Well lets see now Ja Rule sentenced to 28 months for tax evasion, failed to pay taxes on more than $3 million in income, Beanie Siegal sentenced to 24 months for tax evasion, failing to pay taxes for three years on more than $1 million of income. Ma$e Tax Trouble: Rapper Owes IRS Nearly $150,000, Hypeman Flavor Flav in trouble with the IRS to the tune of one million in unpaid taxes, Young Buck owes back taxes to the tune of $300,000, I see a irresponsible trend thats developng here with some of these successful rappers now lets see how lienent the courts are with Lauryn Hill considering she owes more than $1.6 million in unpaid taxes. I dont feel sorry for none of them they knew exactly what they were doing, if ordinary citizens have to pay their taxes everday then so do these filthy rich celebrities they not above the law nobody is.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I love Lauren but I can’t feel sorry for her. This means that all of those years where we, her fans, were needing music from her (but she refused), she also needed to make that music for economic reasons. So she is paying for her choice to sit out, otherwise she’d have the money to pay this off.


    damn i grew up with Lauren. Even though she hasn’t really had much of a career (besides taking shows for what it seemed to be as a way to make a quick buck) she is still a living legend around here. Quite a shame, she will definitely do some time. Lauren isn’t from the hood either, she has a few houses next to each other in the wealthier part of town. and still lives here. I know this because she duked a friend of mine on months of landscaping payments on her houses. Shame shame shame

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