Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Bizzy Bone On That Molly?

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony recently performed a reunion show at the San Bernadino, California stop for the “Rock The Bells” tours. The crowd was extremely excited to see them, and they did not disappoint.

After the show, Bizzy Bone did an interview with DivaWhispers and spoke about rap legends of rap, Eazy E, Biggie, and Tupac. The interview was great, but Bizzy Bone looks to be allegedly high off of something. Check out the video below and speak on it.

So is it a Molly, alcohol? What is Bizzy Bone on?

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  • immackulate


  • get a real job sydney your reaching as always.

  • theTRUTH

    WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BRING DOWN A MAN WHO WAS A KID NAPPED AND ABUSED CHILD. Bizzy been through it all. Americas most wanted found him as a child. this site should be on his side not against him. If you people actually do ur research. there is nothing different about
    how he looks or acts. In actuality he is looking better than ever health
    wise. Bizzy is high off life and a little bit of weed. Lie i said do your research and realize that this is bizzy being bizzy. this site lost a follower !!!!

    • $28825362

      You’ll be back… they ALWAYS come back

      • @Prescott_Racks

        Lol I shook this site long ago for shit like this though. The teasers for the stories and everything plus I swore some integrity would be restored wit ilseeds return but it’s starting to look like the same Sydney lace type bs no matter who’s writing it


      @theTRUTH, WORD!!!! In my opinion, he made “BT&H”!!! When I first seen the video “Thuggish Ruggish Mob”, I always thought that he was the one that stood out.

  • He looks like “Fire Marshall Bill” from the 90’s comedy show “In living Color”…

    • gerald bransol

      lol sad part is bill was white played by jim carrey lol damn bizzy

    • u crazy that shit made me laugh i forgot all about fire marshall lol

    • “Lemmee Tell You Something!” Lol

    • FrankWonder

      LOL!!! Word!!!


      YO that shit is funny, now that you posted that, he really does resemble him.

  • digitallife

    He’s on something but whatever it is he’s happy and not depressed..could be anti depressants..who knows but whatever he’s on can’t be that bad..he looks like he loves the world in that video..which is fine by me.

  • its crazy how we still have artist like this that have that talent and that spiritual side in music that is needed in the mainstream but mainstream people would rather hear a CO rapping about drugs on every album,,

    • maya

      True. People seem to prefer mediocrity these days. Maybe cause it makes them feel like they can do it too. It’s less intimidating.

  • teel

    it’s that yack. I know cuz i was at the studio wit him…

    • teel

      No fa reals he might be an alcoholic but he is records in 1 take.

  • maya

    High? That’s the most “normal” conversation I’ve ever heard him have. He was making “strange” faces – but so what? He kept it down to earth. Bizzy has always been “unique,” “odd,” whatever. He’s an artist. Believe it or not, there are a few actual ARTISTS in Hip Hop. Not enough artists – but some.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Damn that dude FADED!!

  • ThaGT

    he look like Jack Sparrow mixed wit Paul Mooney face ass…. lmao look like he tryin to keep his jaws from lockin on em… he too far gone..

  • Restlesscali

    leave it up to sydney to say some ish like this… i mean, truly and honestly, someone needs to fire has a$$!!

    • she is dry snitching all the time- she will do it once too many times on something serious & someone will kill her for it

  • He has had a long long long battle with substance abuse.. but honestly think he was sober in this interview… his nerves probly just shot from all the drug/alcohol abuse in the past caues his face to make ra-tard looks…… also think he might be making his way out the closet… couple very homo gestures he made lol

  • dogg91702

    It’s crystal, dudes a scanta head, HAHAHAH he came out to So. Cal and got turned out by the homies. They probably shot him dope for a verse HAHAHA

  • He’s like 40yrs old. Plus he just lost 60lbs..You are an idiot Sydney.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Bizzy was diagnosed as a borderline schitzophrenic. My uncle has it and shares some of those physical traits Bizzy is displaying.

    • hoeyuno

      Word! didn’t know that. I think the shit he went through as a kid has really messed with him over the years. biz is one of the most unique and underrated mc’s rap has ever seen.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Nigga had cut his hair off a while ago, his shit grew back fast a shit!

    • FrankWonder

      LOL I was thinking the same thing!

  • Bizzy Bone = Best Rapper Alive x Bone Thugs = Best Rap Group Ever don’t agree kill ya motha fuckin self

  • The video has clearly been warped in post-production. Anyone with half-decent eyesight can see that. Close the topic thanks.

  • hoeyuno

    I love bizzy. He’s one of few native americans who made a career rapping. But it’s no secret the boy bizzy has some problems. I know in one of his songs on his 2010 crossroads album he talks about smoking angel dust and if you have heard his “voices in my head” song I think it kinda makes all rappers who try to sound crazy look amature.. But if you look for some of his other interviews in the last few years he goes from calm talking about how life is lovely to screaming about how he wants to kill eazys wife. Can’t blame him though, bone thugs has sold more then 45 million records and these brothers are still worrying about paying the bills. Victims of shady early 90s record deals. Peace to bizzy bone, glad to see your back with the boys.

    • theTRUTH

      Bizzy is not native american. His father is Black and his mother is Italian.

      • hoeyuno

        His father is half native and half black which makes him a quarter of each and half italian.

      • anemia716

        Bizzy Bone identifies himself as black though…he says that in multiple songs. We are all comprised of more than one ethnicity. Stop trying to split hairs. Besides, by your ideology, Bizzy would be Italian more than anything. Right?

      • hoeyuno

        Look, the only reason I have heard that biz has some native american roots is because I an native. I agree with you that biz would identify with hisself as a black man. He did however spend some of his childhood living on the reserve which is huge to some first nation kids who have grown up to believe that because of there race they might as well give up on having dreams. Now I did not write nd my original comment to stir up any debate on the mans nationalit and I know calling him a indian would be like calling tiger woods korean. I was more or less stating it to let ppl know he has some native roots and not by any means trying to put the man in a category .

  • Michael Glover

    If anybody would care to do some research this is how bizzy always acted when he is being normal…the person who posted that molly sh?? u on it….but 4 everybody else look at some of the interviews years ago this is hem being normal.

  • Bizzy looks high, but he rocked the show…so that’s what counts! He sounds sober, looks high as a pilot, so he must be smoking that Cali Goody Good!

    >>Not a Bizzy Fan……but he gets props!
    Good interview!
    +1 for Bizzy!

  • Alf Capone

    bizzy always seemed gay as fuck………..not sayin he is………..just saying he has some gayness to him

  • GoergeKush

    we are our worse enemy people..We need to support one another. Bizzy looks like he is in a better place mentally, and physically Respect!!! AZ got ya back

  • MrWyatt332

    Sydney u must of neva listen to BTNH CUZ clearly this nicca blunted prolly that Sour Deisel

    • they even have a song called rolling on extasy from like 15 yrs ago

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  • maybe he just performed their song ‘rollin on ectasy’ they made like 10 yrs ago

  • drugs are fun sometimes especially like at concerts

  • u can pause a video of anyone & they will be making a funny face

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  • Jul

    Thats Bizzy man! This just the way he is, maybe high a little bit of that lala and some henessy…. this is just his personality

    gotta love him for being himself

  • I think he has Tourettes thats why he looks like that.

  • Ya

    It’s “is it Molly” not “is it a Molly”, YOU PEOPLE in journalism – sound retarded for repeated lyrics that took a phrase out of context. That would be like saying, “I’m going to drop an acid” instead of “I’m going to drop acid”. You don’t drop acids…you don’t drop Mollies. You smoke Mary Jane, you drop acid, you drop Molly. You don’t smoke a Mary Janes, do a acid or get ON a Molly.. MOLLY…not “a Molly”

  • Bath Salt lol!

  • Dsunn

    that nigga on that christ. dont sleep

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  • Kristen Campbell

    Bizzy is an inspiration! A true Legend. He gave an amazing interview. Which he didn’t have to do. You should be so damn stoked we can hear the words and heart of a REAL MAN..keep Rocking Bizzy.. Eh and if he were on something (which he isn’t, maybe just some WEED) you should be like that is his business and his alone. He pours his heart into his music so we can feel, but he doesn’t owe us his soul hunny. Let’s get High!! I have nothing but love for Bizzy!!! OneLove <3