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Hip-Hop Rumors: The LL Epic Fail, Dedication 4 Update, Lil Wayne Gets Dissed By NY Rapper!


The man that tried to rob LL Cool J is now facing LIFE in jail. He was charged with 1st degree burglary with a person present! That doesn’t sound so bad, but it is. He is looking at life! The man is homeless and in his mid-50’s and he is looking at his ending. Dude is a 3rd strike felony offender and that means LIFE. Its actually 38 years in jail, but that’s life to the old dude. Poor Jonathan A. Kirby. Next time, don’t run up in LL’s house!

At first, I thought it was Canibus running up in LL’s spot!

“Hey, LL…lemme get a ham sammich”


Lil Wayne San Francisco Giants v Miami Marlins

Well, first of all…lets get to the new news. Lil Wayne has marked Aug. 30th as the date that Dedication 4 will hit the net.

With that said, he’s got a slight issue in rapper Donnie Goines. Goines is a NYC rapper than doesn’t like the fact that Lil Wayne doesn’t like New York. A diss song? YEP. Click here for the diss.

He told AllHipHop.com: “Every man has to be held accountable for his words and actions. Lil Wayne is no exception. He made a derogatory comment about the city I was born and raised in and I took serious offense to that. I can’t state that I don’t like Louisiana and not expect repercussions so why shouldn’t he be held to the same standards?”

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  • Tony G.

    nobody knows this Goines guy…im not even gonna waste my time listening to the song..im not a weezy fan..but he said nothing wrong and it damn sure wasn’t derogatory…stop trying to use that shit to get ur fame son

    • Negro Peligro

      Man Co-Sign.

    • Casor_Greener

      Some people don’t like NY and I can understand it. Suckas mad that he don’t like the birthplace of hiphop?!?!? Man please. that’s why people don’t like NY. You dudes got some big egos…and most of you shouldn’t’ have em.

      • digitallife

        Are you crazy son? That’s like being black and dissing africa..how many of you dudes would be rocking skateboarder bullshit leotards if it wasn’t for hip-hop…when you entire way of life comes from somewhere you pay homage to that..you preserve it’s identity and it’s origin. It’s not about the state its about how many people hip-hop has touched..in so many ways the south bronx is a mother to us all..not just in the sense of music but in the sense of culture..in addition hip-hop has paved the way for many of us myself included to put food on the table and has made more minority millionaires than anything else on earth…if hip-hop hadn’t been birthed in my hometown and had been born in yours i’d be in here fighting for that too..it’s not about the state..it’s about our cultural identity. Could you imagine what we’d be dressing like and listening to without hip-hop existing?

      • Guest

        The mother to me is JAZZ where ALL MUSIC got it from. I have nothing against new york or its culture but come on with this BS. Yes i’m from the South, Louisiana to be exact. U talk about hip hop paved the way for many and thats true, but Jazz paved the way for hip hop and we all know that started in the south but do you hear southerns throwing it in a hip hop fan face like yourself? NO. So unless u wanna give a history lesson on hip hop, make sure u informed others where hip hop got its heart from.

      • digitallife

        WRONG!!! Hip-hop is son to blues not jazz..you really want to get into a debate about this? There are videos by hip hops founding father explaining this at length. Regardless of how you feel about NYC this site would not exist if it wasn’t for what here started…period!! Hip hop owes both blues and disco and not jazz for its birth..lyricism comes from blues, beats come from disco breaks..hip hop is universal now but if you want to dismiss its core origin where it was first taken from concept to real life..the brown project building is still there in the bx homie.

      • Guest

        read my post once again please. I SAID ALL MUSIC. Where Blues comes from? Jazz started it all. It was the pioneer platform of music period…. Obvious i know blues came before hip hop. Thats why the founding fathers spoke on blues cause they understood blues more so than jazz. But Blues as great of an art form it is, wasn’t the pioneer of what we call MUSIC, PERIOD……..

      • digitallife

        Dude you do realize the blues has been a round a hell of a lot longer than jazz right? lol…Blues been around since all black people had in this country was church hymns..requires big band which of course black men couldn’t have until well into the history of america..blues could be done with a tin bucket and a banjo which is the best one could hope for at that time towards playing music. Jazz didn’t exist until after the civil war wheN black men and women could take abandoned marching band instruments to make music mainly in louisanna as you mentioned. So now you know and perhaps can pass along the knowledge. Blues=Work camp songs, jazz=post civil war minority rebellion.

      • Coogi Bear Bryant

        Cole…you stupid. LEARN your history brother. Blues is the OG. Enslaved African American religious hymns/work songs grew into Blues>Jazz>Rock>Rap>Lil B. Please read “The Devil’s Music” by Giles Oakley and/or “Blues People” by LeRoi Jones. I never comment on here but I had to sign up for this one.


        It’s always a down south nigga to say dumb shit like that!!! When you niggas was always trying to copy our style, and now that the south is “poppin”, you niggas always try to shit on NY!!!


        And Hip Hop is a collection of different forms of music not just jazz and rhythm and blues!!! Actually, “HIP HOP” is the name of the culture, and “M.C.ing and Djaying is the actual music part of the culture!!!

      • You ever been to Africa? It’s not a great place to live for the most part.

      • digitallife

        Neither is the hood in any state of the usa

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Jeans and t-shirts and suits and all that stuff people wore before hip hop.

      • digitallife

        Not with their current flavor they didn’t…go check lees in the 70

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I think you have an image in your head where everyone was in leopard print and bell bottom jeans, but that’s like saying everyone had baggy pants and hoodies on in the 90’s.

      • digitallife

        Dude my parents are from that generation..trust me you would not want to wear what my parents wore that’s for damn sure..what was popular in those days..man…listen..let’s just say we should be happy we were born into a boom of pop culture from the inner city. Before hip-hop there were no low risers, there were no custom made jeans to accentuate your body or compliment it..hell we can link hip-hop to a humongous amount of change in not only fashion but even on a racial level. I do understand there has always been diversity in clothing and not everyone wore the same stuff..there were two type of styles “Sqaure and hip” and believe me hip wasn’t that damned cool

      • Celz

        I feel you NY is the birth place of Hip-Hop but its alot less deep than that. As an entertainer you shouldn’t insult your fan base and as a man you shouldn’t stereotype a whole state just because you got caught up there.

        And the birthplace of Hip-Hop coulda been anywhere Funk and Disco was poppin everywhere and the Watts Prophets weren’t Hip-Hop but they were layin rhymes on beats before Hip-Hop existed. And the culture has influences from all over the country, but you still have to respect everyone’s contribution so much respect is due to NY.

      • Southcidal

        Best Post.

      • Chrisblackusa

        digit,,,you aint never lie,,,i saw my first bboy in 72 from the south bronx clipping girls on the dancefloor,,,bboys and djs were first,,,then the mc came to shout the dj,,,now the mc has turned his back on the dj,,,but hey,,,this culture of ours has created more success then anything else from our people since slavery,,,we have the souls of most youth from all religions,race and class around the world,,,,hip hop goes in on all forms of music and puts a stamp on it,,,digit,,,you sound like a true seed of the culture,,,the elders of hip hop are 56 to 50,,,and 100% are from new york,,,,,,,there was no radio only mixtapes,,,so therefore if you were not in the tri state area the culture got to you late,,,battle of the djs at clubs and rec centers in ny were not televised,,,,i love the south because it taught the culture how to get paid,,,but i love ny and the foundation for giving me life,,,,,,texas swang,,,,pimp c gave the south the ballz to stop sounding like ya from new york,,,,and he stole his style from the streets of funktown tx,,,,,like chuck d stole his style from son of bezerk

    • ayyy someone gotta check him. busa bus copped out

      • Celz

        And Nicki, and Cory, and whoever the hell else from YMCLMNOP is from NY.

      • ONEMIC

        I agree!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        f that let goines shine if you never heard of goines you just listen to too much mainstream hip hop or probably just started listening to hip hop in 2011 and im not even from ny but i keep my ear to ALLHIPHOP pun intended 😉

    • Sparky Flinstone


  • Chris

    The only way NY saves face in this situation is if a relevant NY heavyweight disses Young Money. Jay-Z won’t do it. His soul is still burning slow from that Ether. Nas might or might not do it, depending on how interested or disinterested he is in the whole thing. 50 is irrelevant and sittin’ at Ja Rule status himself right now. Busta Rhymes is under contract with Cash Money, so that’s a no-go. Nicki Minaj disassociated herself with NY a long time ago. Her lyrical game ain’t up-to-par anyways. The rest of NY won’t get any spins anywhere outside of NY. That’s just what it is right now.

    • Sexy_Sabe

      More like to busy counting checks, he dont give a damn i wish he would end this nigga though. burnin slow from ether? lmao .. Not tht shit ws a Draw really (takeova ws good too) an a favor from Jay to get nas career bk poppin. Niggas were hangin out an chillin in the studio when the beef ws goin on. Then pretend makin up on stage after, tht shit was bout fake as Nicki hair.

      • Sparky Flinstone

        Nah u wylin wasn’t shit fake about that ETHER diss…. GAY Z started it out the blue bcuz he was feeling his-self and really thought NAS was done…WRONG!!! I got the interview of GAY Z coppin pleas on Angie Martinez show…. nobody in NY called it a draw and ur guy was thoroughly embarassed! 36 still in a Taebo Class… No Pies, No Case in 88 u was getting ran to your building —-Ummmm I think Gay Z got EXPOSED for the creep he is if anything

  • King Cold

    i smell a diss from 50 comin’ anytime now. lol. Wayne just made himself a perffect target and easy promotion for anybody to put him in his place. im thinkin it mind as well be 50. 3 hot mixtapes The Big Ten, Five, and The Lost Tape….if he puts wayne and YM in theyre place he could capitalize big.

    • scullyson

      Yeah I think right your Saap and I bet that n*** get quiet as a church mouse Hell He didnt really have a solid come back for Pusha with exodus.smh..lol

      • King Cold

        exactly lmao….

      • he sure didnt… but jae millz did… and look what it got him… a “fuuck yo city son!!!”

    • Sexy_Sabe

      hell i wish Jay would go ahead an finsih tht nigga off. HE already spanked his ass on watch wht u say to me for runnin his mouth. Wayne dont knw when to quit. U already got everyone thinkin ur gay, rockin leggins an uggs..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      ha ha maybe maybe not … fifs part of the smile gang in 2012 hes just going to smile @ that angry man and keep it moving … but i bet he def is itchin to ditch that smile gang ish and take advantage of the opp … cause u def right if anyone is ready to hold ny down its fif … outside of him everyone else is pretty much buddy buddy with wayne and prob wont say nothing

  • H. U. S.

    How was this the LL epic fail? Should be the Jonathan Kirby epic fail…Goines diss is going nowhere if he doesn’t get a big name behind him.

  • gunnstarr

    Donny Goines-you dont own new york and ppl are entitled to their opinion-rep your city? is ‘your’ city repping u?

  • It’s okay…Why talk about it anymore…When Wayne and or any YMCMB member return to NEW YORK, they better have extra security because they should expect all kinds of hate from any individual…Secondly Drake has to return back to NYC for his court case from the Manhattan brawl so let’s see how awkward he is going to feel now that New York now knows how YMCMB feels about the entire City.

    • mike malarkey

      nobodys going to care…. ny dont go hard like that. this aint the 90’s….

      • immackulate

        you aint never lied – er’body acting like his comments are brand new but the niggah been talking down on NY since he got out on that skid bid

    • mademan3000

      What’s gone happen to Drake,I say shit but you seem to think otherwise…SO I’LL WAIT SMH!!!!

    • immackulate

      Drake aint standing by Wayne’s comments – he gonna back out like he did when Wayne was commenting about Jay – and NY gonna let him make it – Busta Rhymes signed to YMCMB <<< remember that

  • Diss was wack, but ok at the same time.

    Thought LL epic fail was LLL getting cased up!

  • timwest1000

    Lil Wayne’s PR has finally found something to make them relevant. Next they will say Chicago sucks! And so on, and so on. Until we notice what is taking place. THIS is the EPIC FAIL of the week. Desperate rich people!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Well, dude was homeless and now he gets 3 hots and a cot. So how is that a fail?


    He let Wayne have it! Point Blank! If this get some air play Wayne might have to answer…..But, it wont, and Wayne wont sooooooooooo, nothing to see here! LOL

  • Donnie is irrelevant, and weezy fell off. NEXT

  • He ok weezy will eat his ass.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Donny G. kill yaself fucc YMCMB but Wayne don’t owe you niccaz shit in ragedy ass N.Y. you disgruntle ass niccaz is up there shooting niccaz @ the Empire State building, tell ya politicians 2 worry about that rather then sweat Wayne comment, SMH New York has been washed up 4 yrs. Now go ahead an erase this comment like you do my other ones all hip hop!!!


      And the south has always been washed up ever since you niggas were scared to leave the plantation!!! You clowns!!!

  • chevy_weight_champ

    You got bussa buss, nicki m., jay millz, an cory gunz, @ this nicca Wayne camp an N.Y. go an get Donnie G. yeah ok lmmao!!!!

  • Sosa_Limone

    i never heard of donny goines b4, but i listened to the track dude goes hard “The only time you a blood is when you bleeding” and “The only carter i respect is jayz”… lol he had some dope bars.. but to keep it real, idk why this nigga weezy gets a pass for… 10 yrs ago he would have gotten ate up talkin greazy bout NY… too many niggaz is eitehr scared to be black-balled or they want the nikki and drake features so they keepin quiet… but the real NY rappers need to step up adn shut wayne down (d-block, prodigy, dipset, fab, etc…) its embarrassing to my city that too many rappers givin him a pass for this… yea he entitled to his own opinion, but that doesnt mean we have to be happy about it… NY STAND UP

    • immackulate

      them REAL NY rappers you just mentioned are ALL on wayne’s dick minus Sheek/Styles – prodigy better not respond about shyt until he address Hav, dipset on wayne dick, fab too
      ya’ll gonna need some niggahs from the WU to address waynes comments – other than that the shyt uh get swept under the rug and niggahs uh turn a deaf ear to what he said

  • immackulate

    where’s WU TANG when you need’em cuz the rest of NY (rap wise) gonna act like they never heard the shyt – Wayne 1 vs NY 0

  • MadVillain

    guy who try to rob LL’s house got life? GOOD, my crib got robbed and i feel NO SORROW for d!ckheads like him. he be better off if he kills himself, pr!ck.

  • HAHAHA All i needed was to read the title and the comment. Ish made my day

  • “nikki.. fuuck yo city!! jae millz… fuuck yo city!!! bussa buss….. fuuck yo city!!! cory gunz… fuuck yo city!!! now go make me some money!!!”


      You must be a “BAMA” from the south!!! Corny ass niggas always talking shit about “Up Top”, but try so hard to be like us!!! That’s why they started rapping in the first place like the rest of this country!!!

  • Smashit

    Well I’m from NYC & I have no idea who Goines is but yeah I take offense to Lil Homo Boy saying he don’t like NYC because his girl Nikki from here and its nobody fault but his own that he got locked up for a gun charge when NONE of his crew took the blame – then his sister Drakey-cakes comes and starts a bottle fight and hits everybody but the target – I will definitely boycott they music because if you a true artist you like every city because you have fans in each one – this kid needs to stop letting his skirt show & shut the f*k up!

    • Sexy_Sabe

      Co-sign 100%

  • ……………….who the fyck is Donnie Goines?

  • actually donny can say he doesnt like louisana because nobobdy knows who he is lol

  • Sparky Flinstone

    Yall sound dumb —- it is pretty obvious he is dissing the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg — any artist would be dumb to diss an entire region filled with fans that support their products…. maybe he was dissing the fans of NYC but I seriously doubt he’s that stupid

  • See this is what I’m talking about… Somebody these d*** riding a** fans know and follow needs to say something because if some one new or not as popular says something everybody is going to hate! SMH! Even some clowns from New York! It’s ridiculous already! Being soft & a d*** rider is at an all time high! Wayne can feel how he wants. But when him and his daddy go out of their way to the public to say that then he’s asking for a problem. They know what they’re doing! If Jay-Z, NaS, 50 etc… (any big NY artists) were to say that they don’t like a hole city, every rapper and their mother from that city would be trying to go at their head. But if NY defends them selves from a weirdo a** rapper people want to complain? FOH! You don’t have to like NYC but best believe your going to respect! Cat’s thought it was bad up here in the 90’s… LoL… Wait to they get a load of these young wolves coming up now that just turned of age to start hitting them clubs… LoL… It’s going to start being a ruff stay for out of towners that don’t respect! It should be like that in every city! If he meant f*** the police and Bloomberg he should’ve said that! Say what you mean like a man! I would’ve back him up on that! LoL… And any artist from NY that defends HOW THEY WENT ABOUT saying what they said get’s no more support from me. Starting with Busta! SMH!

  • slumlord_vinny

    We had a street conference the other day on Nostrand Ave and a decision was handed down. Lil Wayne and the whole label have been banned from Brooklyn. If he shows up, he will get juxxed for the jewels. Prolly won’t get stripped down tho – no one wants that Truck Fit bullshizzz Were going to make sure he freestyles too while he is catching a bad one

  • slumlord_vinny

    At Amen Ra and other people who spoke on this NY thing. Hip hop to a NY’er is like weed to a Jamaican, Pasta to an Italian, Chicken to a Black man… you know where Im going with this. This is where it all started, I don’t think there was anyone from the NO in Beatstreet. lol Seriously, you can’t be a rapper and publicly state that you don’t like NY, that is rap crime that needs to be punished.

  • Capital Gang

    Ny has fallen off the cliff…down south n*ggas began to lose respect for them when master P started getting paper. Now its just snowballed…ny has lost its purpose in every aspect of hip hop and the streets. Down south n*ggas hate the ny sound, yet nyers bump more south music than their own. Cali and the south got the best digits on work, ny has lost all its purpose. Half my family is from ny and they always ask me to visit, i be thinking for what. To the south ny n*ggas resemble the corny character method man played in belly. Tighten up fam!!!


      “Corny”??? Did this nigga just say that NY niggas are “Corny”??? When you niggas where walking around looking like “Pinky” from ” Next Friday” about ten years ago!!! Nigga, the south took what little style you do have from our playbook!!!

  • Talking about this is doing exactly what a lot of you feel shouldn’t happen……give dude more fame……always remember…fame=hate+ love + props + dissing………if you want somebody out so bad….look at yourself in the mirror and say you are the super star. Not somebody you dont respect, or like…put yourself above everybody else, no matter how much money (you think they have) or fame (you think they got)…The only way to kill something like what most of yall want off and dead….is to show no attention to it….dont cop no albums…download nothing…or even listen to any of what you dont like or respect…..this will help you keep it REAL and your cause relevant. Ok, he dissed NY…watch how many ppl still go to dude show after this dies down….just like anything else in the black culture…nobody black sticks together anyway…so how you think a couple cats on here speaking their mind is going to bring about a movement??? Learn how to stand on what you say and you will be a better person….or..continue to support shit you dont like and keep it fake as fuck….Angie still gonna spin his records…how many of yall gonna turn the station when his songs come on???? Foh.


    Every man has a right to an opinion! But in Wayne’s case from a business, entertainment, and fan standpoint you dont hurt your big market areas with dumb comments! Busta Rhymes had to “sell out” and not say nothing since he is on YMCMB which is a shame they have him by the balls! …THINK!!

  • Southcidal

    I’m from N.O. and I agree with Donny Goines on this. This is Hip Hop, you diss my city you are dissing me. And all of this “nobody knows Goines” shiit is crazy, every major rap now was once an unknown. (Blue Ivy Carter will never be an unkown, lol)

  • Justmyopinion

    Maybe it has nothing to do with hip hop. I mean, as a southern cat, he had to do a year at Rikers. Just saying that may have left a bad impression on him. I could be totally wrong. Even so, who cares, it’s his opinion….Southerners have to listen to cats from NY complain how the south is wack and how they miss NY on a daily basis!

  • FaSho Money Prince

    I see what wayne meant though, you talkin bout a state known for hatin… apollo boo’n people even if they got talent, a city that states if you can make it here you can make it anywhere… New York acts like the world needs they’re seal of approval before you can succeed and I say thats bullshit… I mean the place is known for critics…


    Everybody knows that New York is where the hip hop police reside. Goines knows damn well what Lil wayne means when he says he doesn’y ‘t mess with New York. I guess this little street rat Goins has to feed his family somehow. Lol, saw the oppertunity to get a little fanbase on all the wayne haters and people who got offended by that statement.

  • BoldSpice

    Another dumb monkey fighting over the white man’s property. Grow up fool.

  • speedo

    u people are so fuckin stupid,he doesnt like comin here becuz of his experience he had with the police,we all kno how ny police be….he never said he dont like the people from ny jackasses


    “Weezy” needs to clear this up on a social media outlet, and say what he actually meant!!! I understand what he met, because the “power that be” has been getting at us for a long time, and there is a lot of racism in New York’s police department that has been around for generations!!! N.Y. has been quiet to long, and there are a lot of hungry wolves out there ready to make a name for themselves by getting at this nigga Wayne, whether it’s musically or on some street shit!!! I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but he’s lucky that this isn’t the 90’s, because shit would get real nasty for him and anyone associated with him!!! But, niggas down south keep running there mouths because they know that they don’t come “up top”, but New York cats are always down there. You clowns are not built for that shit that would resemble the East vs West beef of the 90’s!!!! Word to life!!!