The Pharcyde

Wild Wild West: Bizarre Ride With Former Members of The Pharcyde Part 2

Earlier in the month, sat down with Pharcyde former member Fatlip and group producers J-Swift and L.A. Jay over some beers at the Delicious Vinyl offices in Hollywood, California.

Last week, we brought you Part 1 of this exclusive feature, where they discuss being a precursor to the current West Coast movement. Check out Part 2 below to hear Fatlip give his final thoughts on the group that he made Hip-Hop History with:

  • hoeyuno

    I didn’t watch part one and I thought fatlip was back with the group. I remember when he was openly talking about his drug problems and im pretty it was the reason for his departure. Dude was the front man back in the day in my opinion. the pharcyde, hiero and the liks all bring me back to the early to mid 90s of west coast hip hop.

  • When do you allhiphop guys learn?

    This is only Fatlip of the Pharcyde. Are you confusing J-Swift with Slimkid Tre?
    Do your interviewers even know who is sitting in front of em? Do you write the people’s names who are being interviewed on a notepad?

    Soo weak.