RUMORS EXCLUSIVE: Kat Stacks Found A Way To Stay In The United States!?

If you were on my twitter yesterday, you saw that I tweeted this lil’ piece of puffery. Kat Stacks is looking to be back and she may have found a way! I got a tip from a “friend.” I like to call my sources friends. Anyway, Kat Stacks is back in the media. You can best believe if she gets back in the good graces of the world, she’s going to be all over somebody’s reality show or something. Anyway, she recently asked President Obama if he could help her with staying in the States, avoiding deportation to her native Venezuela.

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Well, if the Obama thingy doesn’t work out, which it won’t, Kat has a plan B, am told. She reportedly found a U.S. citizen that is willing to marry her. Now, her mother and Kat have been feverishly looking for somebody to marry her already and they found him. A dude named DJ Lucky is, according to my sources, the person that is willing to marry Kat Stacks and allow her to remain in the United States.

What do you think of this turn of events? Could this be the beginning of the end of society as we know it?

Soulja Boy is not happy, I’m sure.

Source: illseed.com
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  • Guest

    NO! It’s THE END OF THE WORLD because a hip hop blog is even reporting on this.

  • fallhiphop

    If she’s airing that out of getting married just to stay in usa wouldn’t that be illegal?

    • hoeyuno

      Yea her dumb ass plan will backfire. When you marry someone you have to live with them for at least 6 months unless you want the attention of immigration. No man could put up with this obortion survivor for more then 20 minutes.

  • hoeyuno

    This bitch is too trashy for jerry springer.

  • Exclusive shit guys u gotta come here for all the breaking Kat Stacks news! Hip hop journalism at its finest…fuckin pathetic

  • Not for nothing if I was drunk and she wasn’t a high price ho I would probabaly of hit it. But she looks weird man like a mole or something definitly nothing I would pay for and definitly nothing I would call back. I don’t know what these cats whats thinking.

  • This site has gone to shit…its literally in like 7th place. Worst news/gossip site out there next to MediaTakeOut. More trash…I’m done with this site for good.

    • $28825362

      You’ll be back… they ALWAYS come back

      • They always do! LOL

        You dead wrong for saying that…to the last 50 people who vowed to never return!

      • $28825362

        Dats my new shyt right there. LOL. Man, I say the same shyt. Sometimes I read the shyt on here and I’m like, “this is a damn waste. I’m never coming back to this site”. Then the next day I’m like, “let me check out this bullshyt goes in on on AHH”.

      • You are not alone!

        They always come back!

        I would steal that…..but that’s gonna be ya’ new trade mark!

  • And LMAO at these lames “sources” – they literally just re-post whatever MTO posts the day before.

  • Mediatakeout is not even checkin for this broad anymore… why AHH?

  • Ike

    I don’t think she should be (Deported). Its a double standard. Its not cool when others reverse the situation and turn the game thats being played on them. I don’t give a lovely two fuggs who she is and what she represents. Them same ones that pushed for her deportation are the same ones that didn’t find it a problem when they chose to give such treatment that they deem not right towards them. Do unto others as you shall want done in return to you.

  • toreal

    I know Kat Stacks is a no good hoe, but I would not mind finding out how good that puzzy is.

  • Lamar Star

    Whateva, whateva

  • This site is pathetic.

  • Sosa_Limone

    howd she get arrested in the first place?

  • I think who ever marry her is gonna get PAID!

    >> In Delirious Voice : I want half Edddiiieee! MR. Fugg You Man!”

    Illseed should marry her & get that reality show $$$$!

  • suge380

    Can the Puzzy really be that good, cuz that Btich is RACHET at its finest.

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  • Guest

    This is a bold face lie she is up for deportation for being a convicted felon for a gun charge not because she is illegal, so there is nothing getting married would do to stop her from getting the boot besides her winning her appeal

    • Not really…while true for the most part, certain factors apply ….granted she doesn’t meet the criteria, but look at Slick Rick for example. Length of marriage, kids, but also, if she hits Mexico, she could get a waiver, etc.

      Still, smart money says No kat Stacks. Is she in detention?

  • Nicer Day

    why does allhiphop keep updating people about this girl…ya’ll are activelly promoting this girl…what is ya’ll motive?

  • dominicancoke

    How.these hip hop sites give these hoes life man these b!tches is like candy man say they names 5 times and will keep re-appearing shes famous for.sucking multiple rappers dicks so? Thats why we have the kat staxx supa heads and kim kardashians

  • Adrian Barron

    “the worse kindah whore, that gets phucked once and quits cuz her vagina’s sore”

  • Who gives a fk!?! Why is this hip-hop? These damn sites are going to sh*t.

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  • Global_Mission

    Is this really a Hip-Hop Story?

  • Tarik Asim

    That getting married thing doesn’t work with I.C.E. anymore. If you are convicted on crimes of moral turpitude which she has been convicted of (fraud, ID theft, prostitution, etc.) you can and will be deported. She can seek Asylum on grounds of Political Persecution and some other angles but the marriage angle don’t cut it anymore due to so many people gettting caught by doing the fake marriage, etc. I wish her luck though because where there’s a will, there’s a way. But typically, these things can last for years in the Immigration system when you fight deportation.

  • Logan Claws


  • Guest

    She has a good chance of winning her appeal because the Judge admitted that she qualifies because she was a sex slave, but he denied her relief based on her alter ego Kat Stacks which the courts feel is a very bad examply for others and is a bad role model

  • itsyungdymcmb

    she a wack bitch and so is he his twitter @officialdjlucky lol go clown his ass

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