Hip-Hop Rumors: Video: Hopsin Goes At Lil Wayne And Soulja Boy!

This is funny. I never really heard of Hopsin until the other day and now I see him all over the place! I need to step my game up. Now, watch somebody say, “illseed – you need to step your GAME UP!” Idiots. Anyway.

READ: Hopsin and Soulja Boy: Did Somebody Get Sonned?

Hopsin seems to be a good dude, but maybe a bit too honest for the rap game. He’s now saying that skaters don’t like Lil Wayne! Well, check out the video and you will see his reasoning. He also has some words about Soulja Boy and Lil B. A rapper taking accountability for things he may have done wrong? Get out! The video is below!

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53 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Video: Hopsin Goes At Lil Wayne And Soulja Boy!”

    • TruthSerum

      Keep in mind Hopsin has songs titled “Kill Her”……… This dude is nobodies role model, and his favorite rapper is Eminem so he’s the last one should be preaching about rappers setting examples. His music is straight tho

      • DiscoverDior.com

        I do believe that artists can get away with one or two songs that are just straight out disrespectful…But if you’re entire catalog is the same then you are in my opinion considered to be poisonous.

      • TruthSerum

        Personally I feel entertainment is entertainment and being an artist should mean you can do what you want without being judged by the morality police

        But, if your gonna preach, lead by example….. The whole “Its okay to be a poisonous bad role model once in a while” thing is a contradiction…… Its like saying I can snort cocaine once in a while but I’m still allowed to go around and pass judgement on drug addicts, I disagree, if your gonna open your mouth and act high & mighty, lead by example, or dont speak

  1. hoeyuno

    I heard of this kid about a couple weeks ago right before yall did. I don’t think we gotta step are old asses up to the youngins cause we are not really there market anyways. I think what some if us do have to do is stop hating on these kids who are doing hip hop formatted to there genrration.

  2. johnblacksad

    this n!gga better get rid of his muthafuggin gay azz homo look before i click on any link related to his azz… c’mon seriously… from this n!gga looks i CAN NOT listen to what he has to say… this is how we give passes to the point ninjaz feel confy ‘coming out’ and sh!t… ya’ll can say i’m crazy all ya’ll want… am i really the only one seeing that?!

    Ok, method man wore a fantasy lens once, but the point was to look grimy/hard… this muthafuggin fruit pebble right here got them gay cut eyebrows, wearin lenses, gay pierced, earrings, the whole package!

    Shame on ya’ll for paying this n!gga any attention… you can tell his whole life/gimmick/style is wack from the get go!
    I’ma stay on my P’s…. that’s Sean and Styles for you! at leat they won’t let me down!

    and oh… Illseed, you really need to step your game up!

    • johnblacksad

      “He also has some words about Soulja Boy and Lil B”

      OMG… and he has some words for Soulja Boy and Lil’ B?! wtf was i just sayin…?! i knew it, i knew it, i knew it…. gay gay gay… think alike, diss alike… all these ninjaz style is fuggin gay!

      Besides a random rhyme in a song maybe, when is the last time you heard Styles or Sean P take time out to discuss Soulja Boy and Lil B, that right there let’s me know they all in the same lane!

      Fugg it… i’ve spent too much time here already… i swear i don’t wanna find out what this hopsin dude sounds like! If he’s any good, well that’s too bad!

      • johnblacksad

        fugg you and yo momma fuggboy! i see you tryin to stretch like a ballerina b!tch but miss me with that sad attempt… if you’re all into this hopsin b!tch n!gga, that’s cool for you… what b!tch ever said anything about “cute” or “ugly”?

        I said i listen to Styles P and Sean P… are they the definition of “cute” rappers to you? or is your lame azz really tryin to stretch my words… fuggin fake azz troll… learn how to troll before you try to come at me b!tch n!gga!

        I said and i’m repeatin… i can’t listen to a n!gga with cuts in his eyebrows, whole bunch of earrings, all kinds of female accessories, fantasy lenses and sh!t, and on top of that, he’s adressin Souljaboy and Lil B ‘issues’…. both of you need to fugg outta here with that bullsh!t…. if your fruity azz is supporting that sh!t, cool for you, just don’t speak to me!

        b!tch n!gga… how you like me now?! no homo

      • Thought Dog

        You seem a little to worried about the appearance of other males. Mister Cee had no cuts in his eyebrows..Your mind has to be blown right now.

      • johnblacksad

        If you’re gay, keep that sh!t tucked! Pause.
        You were right about my mind being blown, but again, fugg you for tryin to pull some stretchy sh!t just to call my comment gay!
        You probably are the type to easily fit in a gay parade along with that hopsin n!gga… bunch of female accessories wearin n!ggaz… do what ya’ll want, keep that sh!t away from me… you do you, i’m not interested in finding out about this hopsin dude…

        Mister Cee a legend, i can give a fugg about what he does in parked cars… as long as you keep that sh!t away from me

      • Adrian Barron

        man you just needed a ZIPPER to hop on today, huh?

        smh at “it’s an old photo…Get over it”

        guess im the UNLUCKY guy …
        and its obvious yo retarded azz didnt PUSH PLAY cuz he has them on in the YOUTUBE video
        “but, but, but WAIT – it get’s worse” in my Sticky Fingaz voice –
        he has them on in the 2012 XXL Freshman Class cypher video as well

        you just hopped on his statement with a co-sign cuz he on some WEIRDO shyt just as WORSE as Wayne

        so kick rox N roll, phag

      • Adrian Barron

        of course you dont HERB – i speak LOGIC …
        and LOGIC tells us any MALE that nicknames himself “DIOR”
        is more than likely a CROSS DRESSER

        “grad h/school just to drop outta college – who wouldah tought i’d make it “big” like mrs. wallace”

      • johnblacksad

        what can i say? fruits will support fruits… that’s how it goes…

        and Dior really is a name fit for a b!tch

      • johnblacksad

        “Perhaps logging off and enroll into a College of you’re choice”

        You have got to be kidding with that ‘i don’t understand your language’ sh!t…. do you even understand the very own language you speak? cause you sure don’t seem like it

        fuggin fake troll…. learn how to troll if that’s what you wanna do

      • Adrian Barron

        trying to play dumb – just made him look even DUMBER – using “you’re” in the wrong way and missing the “ing” on enroll

    • TruthSerum

      I always think of Marilyn Manson when I see them contacts, back in the 90’s he use to rock them and all the goth kids in my Jr. High/High School days would wear them just to annoy the teachers, lol

      • Adrian Barron

        WORD and i aint even think of marilyn manson but you hit that on the head that GOTH shyt got hella play back in the 90’s too – mf’s was wearing BLACK TRENCH COATS AND KNEE HIGH DOC MARTENS in the summertime

  3. dayleedumped

    Lil wayne: *calling Tyler the creator* .. sup bro, i heard you dont like me?
    Lil wayne: *calling Lupe fiasco* .. sup bro i heard you dont like me?

  4. Charlie Kelly

    well im very glad he is outing wayne, and dude actually can do tricks on his board n what not.. but i cant take him serious untill he loses them damn contacts.. lol… idk, i get a disney channel vibe..

  5. Duse

    Hopsin been going at wack ass main stream rappers of today. This is nothing new yall n!ggas are so late to this damn party, that you showed up when everyone went home and the janitors are cleaning up are the only ones left. I ccan’t even belive you are just now hearing or even finding out who hopsin is.


  6. digitallife

    I’m sorry but dude eyebrow piercing and contacts..what part of the game is that? Not a fan of anybody he’s going at but damn..I mean before we discuss that can we talk about homies sisqo look? Damn I miss the 90’s!!!

  7. KingChandler

    Dont know why these people are leavin emotional ass comments about Hopsins contacts amd eyebrow cuts. The kid is a talented artist regardless of his image. It still boggles my mind that people judge rappers based on shit other than their musical talent. If an artist nowadays said the line Biggie said when said a bitch looked so good, he would s*ck on her daddy’s…..well you know, if an artist today said that shit, there would be comments for days callin dude a homo and shit, new school hip-hop fans are so lame and caught up with “SWAG” they are blind to musical talent, smh.

    • Negro Peligro

      Hopsin wack as fudge dawg. DUDE rhyme a bunch of words but his punchlines is trash. Dude is trash. Seriously i don’t put dude much higher than soulja boy. I mean at least he can make two words rhymes. BUT HE’S A WANNA BE LYRICAL TROLL HATER that ain’t that smart.

    • Negro Peligro

      The nigga dissed Lupe cause he can’t do an OLLIE. Come on man. DUDE IS TRASH. In the 90’s they’d take his skateboard and slap him with it.

      • KingChandler

        OK bruh, no need to post multiple times, I get how u feel, loosen up your superblogger cape, this is the emotional shit I was talkin about in my first post. lol, all that puttin’ words in all caps to add exclamation is corny, go jock hop someone elses post please.


      They didn’t have social networking when Notorious B.I.G. said that shit. I bet if youtue was around there would be a lot of comments about that line. Think about it, let it marinate in your brain before you try to dishonor a whole generation of people based on what they like. What was poppin back then? Being a gangbanger in L.A.? East coast verse west coast? Times change homie, you sound like the old bitter grandpa on the porch who everybody avoids, because shit just so happin to be, “more poppin” back in your days.

      • KingChandler

        Ok lame-o, next time you try to kick some knowledge change your name first so I can at least take you a little bit serious, moving on, first of all, the only people that would have commented on that Biggie line if youtube was around back then would be the same corny dudes like yourself that probably still say no homo after every sentence, second, if your uneducated ass read the post properly you would have seen that I never insulted or as you put it “dishonored” a whole generation of people anywhere in that comment, I was only talking about the simps like yourself that care more about style and image than lyrical talent and diversity as an artist. And last but not least, times change but talent means the same now as it did back then, the fact that you took my stand about hating simple minded hip-hop and viewed it as someone being old and bitter is the reason I had to give you this free lesson in hip hop 101, by the way I’m 26, next time you post a reply, step your vocab up so I don’t feel like I’m typing to a fourth grader. (P.S. the 90’s was the golden era of hip-hop, ask any of the living legends like Nas, Jay or Cube, how many really CLASSIC albums can you name from the last ten years? so music really was “more poppin” in my days comin’ up. lol)

  8. King Cold

    funny how the same people in here dissin hopsin for his image are silent as hell on lil wayne, birdman , game and rick ross pages.when wayne and birdman kiss eachother, …crickets…when game dyed his hair red and walked around lookin like sisqo….crickets….when Ross is rockin’ fake name brand shades…..crickets….yall need to stfu and pay attention to the music

    • TruthSerum

      I dunno where you were at but just as many people made fun of the people you mentioned for said foolishness, lol, I know I did at least

      The thing that bothers me about the contacts is that it wasn’t even his idea, Marilyn Manson was rocking lenses that look exactly like those in the 90’s, the kid borrows alot of things from other people. He’s good at what he does but I dont think he’s had an original idea in his life

    • johnblacksad

      i know it’s all about the music but damn, if you want me to listen to your freestyle, at least please don’t stand in front of me like you just got off a gay parade… jus sayin…


      This man knows real hip hop because he is a WU fan. Well go suck method man and red mans dick and when you try to call them for a repeat date the next day, you know what your going to get on the other line?? *CRICKETS*

  9. Negro Peligro

    HOPSIN IS WACK. Fake EMINEM. Weak Punch lines. And all dude do is hate on other people. Nobody said nothing to Hopsin. Dude ain’t scaring nobody cause he look like Avatar. Weak Punchline example who cares if none of the “REAL SKATEBOARDERS” like Wayne. What kind of diss is that. Dude is wack. IllSeed your game was already at higher level listening to this dude and giving him time is getting damn near SYDNEY LACE. He do the same thing. Spread rumors for publicity. Charles Hamilton was better and never got this much press. I mean CHARLES HAMILTON WOULD AT LEAST GO UP TO THE DUDE NOT ON YOUTUBE AND BATTLE YOU ANYWHERE. This dude gets no respect.


      oh and i wouldn even resply because im this website is straght shit lol i just made this account like 5 mins ago just to let you know your ignorant thank you

  10. Harsh Reality

    lmmfao at everything in the world……..like how ya moms got broke into like some fresh pair of sneeks…..or how your dad just recently started going to the gym to get rid of his bubble belly….or how your sister is pregnant at 8 and your whole family is buying diapers for the baby on the way n your sister hasnt started having periods yet…..just laughing at your whole life and how you wish you were paid more money an hour but still dont realize what your really getting paid an hour now is still to much to pay on an hourly bases to a worthless son of a bitch like yourself…….(just laughing for no reason basically)

  11. Anonomus

    I’ve been listening to Hopsin since he first started rapping and he said in an interview that he wouldn’t jeopardize the fame he has by taking a shot at them again, I stand by Hopsin 100% because he doesn’t say anything that isn’t true, along with the fact he wont give you any bullshit. Hopsin has got sick beats, go check him out before you start hating.

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