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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Lighty’s Brother “Wants The Truth To Come Out” About Alleged Suicide

The Hip-Hop community is still reeling over the loss of one of it’s business architects, Chris Lighty. Many in the industry are in disbelief, but none more than his immediate family and close brother, Dave Lighty. In a recent telephone interview with Fox 5’s Lisa Evers, Dave expresses his doubt about what really happened that morning at Chris Lighty’s Bronx, NY home.

“I’m surprised, shocked, and lost at this moment. I want the truth to come out. This isn’t my brother. My brother was a strong person, is a strong person. Nothing is adding up. I can’t get a direct answer from anybody…I understand there’s a process to be followed. I can’t even get clear answers from people I think I should be getting clear answers from.”

Dave Lighty goes on to say that money issues could not have been what drove his brother to take his own life.

“Everyone’s like ‘that’s not the Chris I know’ in no way, shape, or form. Things were popping. Primary wave was the biggest management company in America, what else could be going wrong. Yeah, we’re in a bad economy, that’s everywhere. Nah. Not this. We’ve been in way worse situations than this. I just want to know what really happened to my brother. If he did take his own life, alright, I just wish he could have reached out and spoken to us. We were all here for him. I just want the truth. The truth.”

You can listen to Dave Lighty’s interview below:

In related news, initial reports have said that Chris Lighty was arguing with his wife Veronica before he committed suicide. Veronica’s close friend Norman Downes, disputes that Chris or Veronica were in an argument before his suicide. Norman told the NY Daily News:

“He was in a lot of pain and he possibly had some financial difficulties…But they didn’t get into a fight that day. The only person that really knows is Chris, and he ain’t here.”

There are so many conflicting reports. I have to wonder if the truth surrounding Chris Lighty’s death will ever come to light. In a recent interview with MTV News, Lighty’s business partner, Michael “Blue” Williams, reveals his opinion that debt was not the root of Lighty’s problems:

“Chris’ debt is probably less important than the pressure that he was under. What people are missing and what people don’t see and what Chris is an example of is how much, as black men, we carry around and don’t always communicate….Some people will hear you’re in $2 million of debt and be like, ‘Aww he could’ve got out of that’. Other people will be like, ‘He’s been in debt before and then dug himself out,’ because managers get in debt sometimes and you got to dig yourself out when your artist gets hot.”

Williams continued:

“I know exactly what he was feeling when it comes to pressure and debt, trying to keep your company afloat and doing what you got to do, while also maintaining a certain perception out there. It was a combination of both, talking to him, my own experiences; I’m not just grabbing it out of the air.”

Williams isn’t sure if the rumored fight between Chris and Veronica took him off the edge, but did comment:
“No one can fight in the streets all day and then go home and fight all night, no matter what you do for a living, not just being specific to [Chris].”
The Lighty family has not released any funeral arrangements as of yet. R.I.P. Chris Lighty.

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  • Casor_Greener

    Hard for me to grieve for someone who committed suicide (except in the case of terminal illness, and extreme diagnosed depression) , but I hate to see anybody lose a loved one.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Daum… Hope his family can cope

  • understandingoverignorance

    I am sorry Chris’s brother needs to chill when it comes to the conspiracy theories surrounding his brothers suicide. This thing has been brewing for months maybe even years concerning his finances and other factors in his life.

    A man taking his life isn’t and easy thing to accept but in the case of Chris lets just thank god he didn’t kill his five kids and his wife in the process.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      he does not have a conspiracy theory just confused and wants answers preferably the truth about some one he felt he was closest to him… no one knows of the pressure he was dealing with and everyone finds the way he ended his life as unexpected.

    • Dadon850

      You sound like a fool telling his brother to chill. The only thing you know about Chris is what you read online. His brother was there and knows the entire story.

    • Nicer Day

      WTF is you talking about …He did not say anything about a conspiracy theory…He just wants to know what happen just like you would want to know what happen if it was your brother.

      • understandingoverignorance

        He is talking conspiracy because when you are asking for an investigation into a obvious suicide where the victim is found dead gun in his hand bullet in the side of his head then you are insinuating that something is a miff….Chris had his personal demons which lead him to cross that bridge asking for an investigation means someone out there should be held accountable.

        That is WTF I am talking about think.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i dont know…….. if he suspects foul play … why not ?? you acting like you know chris better than his own brother ?? ijs 😉

  • TruthSerum

    People never want to accept these kinds of situations, so they look for any and all loopholes in the story to try and make up a conspiracy theory about it. When Kurt Cobain blew his noodles out people wrote book after book with alternate theories, tried to get the handwriting of his suicide note discredited, and blah blah blah, all for nothing……. Fact is, for a grown man in his 40’s going through a messy divorce and financial problems, the idea of suicide isnt that ridiculous, it happens alot more often then you think. Until someone shows me some actual reason to doubt this I’ll just assume he couldn’t take the pressure. it is what is

    • TruLeo007

      The story just doesn’t add up, it was reported that Chris and his wife were arguing after him coming home early and seeing moving trucks, they argued upstairs, then the gunshot was heard, and she runs downstairs and says he shot himself, but how the hell did he end up in his backyard? Which is where the police found him.

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  • RIP

  • jamaicanbornanbread

    damn……he will be missed…who gives a fuk if he offed himself…he’s gone….lets keep this man’s memory clean and free of dubious hear-say

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  • King Cold


  • Reblogged this on The Music Business Revisionist and commented:
    I’m sure that there will be many accounts and much information to come out in the next few days and weeks. Truthfully, the Lighty family deserves closure and peace in this situation. I’m hoping that they can find both.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i dont know if it ironic or not but his wifes “close friend” is some dude ?? seems kind of fishy not saying females cant have male friends but def sounds fishy …..

  • D_Ably

    ‘what people don’t see and what Chris is an example of is how much, as black men, we carry around and don’t always communicate….’ Lack of communication which can lead to someone poppin ain’t no black thing mate, its a human thing.

  • timwest1000

    Why does it seem like people are trying to use this to make some kind of profit. Am I crazy or do we seem to thrive on peoples death in this world? Wanna be popular, kill yourself. This is sad. Dude seemed to be real sincere and cool. They need to gag this story and let him rest in peace.

  • AugustusPaulo

    I don’t believe he offed himself

  • Adrian Barron

    family members never accept it – especially a MOTHER – you know the saying “my baby ain’t never hurt nobody” but that’s the same baby that had a rap sheet longer than I-20

    i still hope it IS some sort of conspiracy because there’s no redemption, repentance, or forgiveness for offing yourself – peace n blessings to his wife and family both!

  • TupacLives

    This dude did a lot of dirt.. Karma’s a bitch.. shady managers take heed. R.I.P.

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