Chief Keef

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Threatens Lupe And Lupe Replies!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef Disses Lupe Fiasco! And Lupe Responds!


You remember what happened, right? Lupe did the unthinkable and commented on Chief Keef. She said the following in a radio interview:

“Chief Keef scares me. To hear the things he raps about, specifically [ ummm ]…with comparing it to, you open up the newspaper and there’s 22 shootings this weekend… It scares me”

Here is what Keef said.

And here is how Lupe responded.

And wow.

I just read that  Chief Keef laughed off the death of a 16-year-old kid that was murdered recently and right after Lupe’s prediction.

“Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO”

Hmmmmmm…Keef is on Interscope Records now.


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  • A threat with no @LupeFiasco? Ahh to be young, and dumb…. and a bitch

    • Choppaliss

      what? :S

      • Im saying he didnt even tag Lupe in the tweet

  • James

    When will the world finally be rid of dumb ass niggas?

    • Casor_Greener

      who the hell is chief keef?

      just googled his music…lyrics are pure garbage but them beats for real

      • James

        You know what? You’re right! Who the hell is chief keef?

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      when they stop f@cking and having kids.

    • AKA Sharpcrease27

      When we stop making them rich.

  • Chief Keef you ignorant black ass slave house nigga. Stop acting like a savage animal. I swear he sets us back a 1000 years.

    • wow, thats some racits shit,

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      He sets YOU back 1000 years. I am not associated with this coon.

      • Sean Peterson

        in the eyes of the white man u are….hell and every other race for that matter..

      • D_Ably

        Aslong as your alive and you got a voice you shouldn’t be livin in fear of the ‘white man’. Quit using it as an excuse already, get up and get yours.

      • Sean Peterson

        living in fear of the white man,,,dont know if that was to my comment,but if so ,what the hell are u talking bout…

      • Lol—-

      • Cory Evans


      • Adrian Barron

        like it or not – WE ARE ALL ASSOCIATED – just never on one accord

      • Mike Peterson

        lol, u tryna tell that nigga to speak for him self

      • It don’t work that way unfortunately.

  • ccwaterbound32

    dude got issues… all i got to say is when you laugh or make fun of someone else’s pain you ALWAYS get something 10x worse. chief keef, you better pray to god nothing happens to you. because if that really is how your heart is than you won’t make it far in life…

    • your right but i dont think him and people like him care if they live or die

      • ccwaterbound32

        he’d better… believe me or don’t believe me there is a god and there is a life after this life. choice is on you where you end up s*it you can’t save em all hopefully he was just playing when he said that comment.

      • imaman2012

        none of them do up until when they feel that burning sensation then they rethink that lifestyle. plenty of cats talk that rah rah, put a shootie in they face. either they cry or piss their pants.

        just like cats thinking i can do a bid. then the door slam and now it’s where’s the cheese.

        niggas think they tough. all fboys if you ask me.

        real gangsta don’t talk.

        it’s my generation fault for these youngstas. pussys all of them

  • E McArthur


  • Don’t make me laugh

    LUPE’S response was admirable.

    • Naledge77

      That’s because Lupe is an educated MC unlike Keef who rants about how much drugs he sells…locally at that!!! What a bum!!! #smdh

  • MadVillain

    dont fucc wit Chief Keef, dont you kno he got dem “rakes” on deck

    • blackfu

      u obviously have NO CLUE what the youngin means

  • Dadon850

    Chief Keef has all the symptoms of crack baby syndrome. Unfortunately there’s a lot of crack babies in Chicago.

    • disqus_CDlbQiAmGY

      like the drug epidemic is limited to chicago? gtfoh. I don’t agree with shit this lil goofy ass shorty says, but for you to shit on my city like that.. FU

      • Choppaliss

        hows that shitting if it true? my lil island i live on is in the top five in murders per capita annually in the world and its not shitting on us if somebody says that

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  • i’m sure lupe starting to wet the bed at night because of this kids threats. its funny lupe diss cheif which is set bet because if you fan and keef your probably not a fan of his. haha he didnt diss a fellow conscious rapper how safe.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Lupe cool on this fool

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  • if only keef was dope at rappin we mayhave something here

  • Whoah! Did he just say Nicks of Loud?

    >>>Chi-Town here I come : )

    • IG::TheRealStevieBee

      lol I know right

    • a gram is barely worth buying who wud buy a nic hahaha

  • nomikal

    Lol, He role with soulja boy who already got lyrical slapped by lupe on super lupe lyrical. Lupe should release some bars on “I don’t like” and put Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Chief Keef, and Lil Reese to shame.

  • The only way to get rid of these niggas is to stop paying attention to them. I don’t care bout Keef, Soujia, Waka, Gucci, or any other of these one hit wonders who think they like that. These dudes is wack. Stop saying their names. Stop writing stories about them. Stop listing to their music. and they wont be around.

    • kstaxx

      What does Gucci, Waka and Soulja Boy got to do with any of this? You jus a hater who wanna bring other rappers into the mix cause you dont like their music and I thought one hit wonders make a hit record and then are never heard from again, well Gucci (7 years strong) Waka 3 years strong) and Soulja Boy (5 years strong) all still doin their thing so you mistaken. Now MIMS, YC, are one hit wonders.Chief keef remains to be seen. Get you facts straight before you vent!

      • Eddy Jackson

        He said that they are wack and that would be very accurate.

      • kstaxx


      • God Body

        You sound stupid bru, bu++ hurt because someone called out your heroes. Intelligent people think they’re trash, take it like a man if you are one.

      • kstaxx

        lmao intelligent people? nigga you probably dont even have a degree jus cause you think you intelligent dont mean its true.

      • Nasir Isaac

        Hahahahahahahaha You call them rappers???? LMAO

      • kstaxx

        Yeah I did call them rappers thats what they are, I didnt call them MCs; do you know the difference Bozo the laughing clown?

      • Tony G.

        wow..u caught feelings cuz he talked about those clowns..he said they’re whack..its a fact…

      • kstaxx

        Well if they are so wack they gettin more money than your favorite rapper who more than likely is a back packer who is completly irrelevant in the rap game and thats a fact!!

      • jane kill

        Gettin $$$ and selling records dont make you less wacker you brainwashed idiot. Theres alot of rich cornballs in the game IJS Lames always tryin to equate $$$ to style and then call you a hater cause you know the difference lol

      • jane kill

        And If you say I’d rather be corny and rich, well if you a lame what other choice do you have other than to get rich off your wackness.

  • SMH….

  • Blackstallion777

    Wow, I’ve never checked out Keef’s music and now I never will

    • …don’t even bother cuz it pure garbage and a waste of tym…

    • johnblacksad

      if everything goes as planned, i will never hear Chief Keef’s music because i absolutely do not care to find out what he is about

  • that kid who got killed was somebody they had real beef with..somebody who was talkin bout killin them..not saying that excuses him laughing at that young brother’s death but it puts it in perspective..not like he was clowning the death of a stranger

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    more like queef cheif. dude is a clown

  • dayleedumped

    i dont think lupe dissed chief keef on any of the shit he said… and for chiefkeef to start dissing without even understanding lupe, shows that this nigga is dumb as rocks LOL i hate when niggas gotta act like they hard 24/7

    • …dude prolly not been to school b4 so he doesn’t even understand when someone is advising him…it a shame cuz lupe was jux tryna advise this lil ignorant dude…

  • Kenny Laveau

    Good job Lupe

    We are asking the Community to go on twitter and tweet @chiefkeef and let him know that it is wrong of him to laugh at the death of another young Brother. Also, tweet @interscope and demand that Keef make a public apology or be dropped from the label. Chicago is at the top of the list or close to it in regards to the senseless murders. WE SHOULD NOT LET THIS SLIDE!


      We are talking about INTERSCOPE RECORDS here… TUPAC SNOOP 50 and More…All that SHIT is more MONEY to them…I Bet 50 is going to manage that nigga career for now on… WATCH…

      • IG::TheRealStevieBee

        50 tweeted him telling him to come meet

      • NEWSKULL

        There you go… INTERSCOPE love contreversy they will never drop him…

    • breed500

      co sign like a mutha..

    • imaman2012

      You must be new. Welcome to the world of rap music.

      You see i didn’t say hip hop.

  • Kill Sosa.

  • dominicancoke

    Unequivical example of chris rocks negguz vs black people rant!
    this kid represents the cancer that has been affecting black families and latinos for decades dont be surprise if he ends up as one more body laying in the chi town streetz jimmy iovine must be loving this since he specializes in artist who destroy minorities minds and gets blood money in his pockets while tv and radio spreads messages that are detrimental to the minority youth!

  • Dointer

    Anyone listened to this Chief Dicks music???? I have never been exposed to such rubbish in my life!!!! I am speechless how to people think that is Hip Hop..

    • Nasir Isaac

      Seriously bro!

  • dominicancoke

    I apologize for judging chief keef and allhiphop should too this poor kid has asperger syndrome a form of autism I feel sorry for him this kid is being used in the wrong way hes the functioning version of 50 tyson. Wikipedia him this is a fact

    • If he had Asperger’s Syndrome he’d be a genius. Chief Keef is flat out retarded.

      Retardation =/= Aspergers.

      Don’t be a dumbass and think one means the other. Research your shit.

  • El Chapo Gwapo

    Chief Keef a lil gangbangin ass nigga…. and he be dissin too much, all that “droppin the rakes” shit is gon get that boy hurt one day…..

  • kstaxx

    Everybody got something negative to say about Chief keef but best beleive this young dude mean what he say he BGD and can easily get Lupe murked if he come back to Chi-town, shit the guy that disrespected Chief keef moms jus got murked for it in the Chi, all you people on Allhiphop think its a game this not some Hip hop Canibus and Ll cool J type of shit the streets is real and real bullets kill. Lupe jus better stay away from this and leave it alone. He dont wanna become a casualty of the Chi-town steets that he never was apart of.

    • Fokie Bourne

      Man that’s the problem. YES EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT KEEF. ALL THAT SHIT IS NEGATIVE. BGD that thug shit all that dumb shit is killing us. You sound as dumb as him

    • breed500

      does that mean he should lay down for every idiot with a gun and some likeminded friends?..everyone can get it,that’s a fact of life..I don’t get your point,for real i don’t..i would hate to live in a place where you have to live on your knees because you can’t speak the truth. I guess you know more about this young man then I do but i hope you realize how sad of a statement this really is..this is not the streets,this a rapper vs another rapper when the first one didn’t come at him sideways or nothing..Keef’s reaction is overblown,immature and ignorant..don’t pat him on the back for that because he doesn’t think twice about murdering people that look like him..i’m not dissing you in any way,but i really have a problem with this fascination with ” the streets”..a murderer is a murderer i don’t care if he bangs or not..just my 2cents..

  • 7yoyo7

    Lupe just said the truth in the interview, he isn’t associated with any other rapper so thats why he can afford to say the actual truth to people. He is from Westside Chicago and trying to get his hood together (which fails since this is now the murder capital).
    I mean come on, no matter how entertaining trap/murder music can be we all know that the DUMB youth (not all youth) will try to emulate the sh1t.

    I saw a video of Chief Keef in studio with Soulja Boy recently…. O_O …. I was AMAZED at what rap music could put out these days. Don’t get me wrong I dont take offense to other people’s taste in music that just my opinion.

    Lupe’s verses are intelligent and well put together, they probably even hurt Keef’s brain whose recurrent ad-lib is “Bang Bang!!!”.

    • D_Ably

      ‘Lupe just said the truth in the interview, he isn’t associated with any other rapper so thats why he can afford to say the actual truth to people’ – Rappers don’t gag rappers, labels gag rappers, association has got little to do with it. And i don’t really buy the whole ‘Lupe is the saviour of the hood’ image with him being signed to a major.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    What Lupe said was 100% true

  • ChicagosHope

    Its real out here in chicago man. From the northpole to the wyld hundos its nothin but shots ringing out everyday man. I just had my son 6months ago and planon having him on this earth forever. Its gotten worse each year man. They can put make-up on the chi all they want but people are still going to see the ugliness shine through. I love my black ppl with all my heart but I hate the ignorance that is in the majority of us.


    Someone needs to get in Lil keefy ear cause he’s gonna find beefn wit every1 is not a good thing 4 his career ask 50, especially when u didn’t even drop ur 1st record yet

  • Kody Scott

    only in the windy city………….

  • Kody Scott

    ignorant shit ……..” thats that shit i do like.”

  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    Kudos to Lupe’s response…

  • hes basically still a kid what do you expect ?? and hes getting compensated for his ratchetness … it aint gonna stop … why would it … its getting paid to continue on ……. IJS … sad but true ………. would you stop ??? … sn some of these young cats need to google the name DG YOLA … its real out there … everyone think they gangster until that life knocks @ the door then they gonna be singing for jesus ….

  • Kody Scott

    wow… be deleting my real nigga comments………square ass niggas

  • Nasir Isaac

    We need more rappers like Lupe, full stop!!!

  • he is no chief dat a boy that hide be hind a gun i bet he cant box put my soul on it

  • RazaBladeKing

    Well, this is a tough one.
    On the one hand, Lupe Fiasco is a better lyricist than 95% of the rappers on radio/tv, and unlike 95% of them, actually raps about social, economic and political issues rather than finding new ways to say how shiny his chain is. BUT… he got the voice of a 12 year old, and i reeeeeally dislike the “revolutionary-when-its-convenient” approach. He suddenly grows some n*ts and calls President Obama a terrorist (…), but like everybody else, sat quiet for 8 years while W, Cheney, and Rumsfeld waged war crimes from the white house, also looting public education, medicare/medicaid, and anything else they could get their hands on. Plus, he’s got a b*tch name (Lupe), he strikes me as a b*tch, and his last CD was so pop that i thought “Show Goes On” was Lil Bow Wow’s Cash Money debut for the first 3 weeks it was in rotation.
    On the other hand, from what little I’ve seen/heard from Chief Keef, he cant rap, and I’m not even sure he can read.
    So I’d say this one’s a tie. They both lose. In other words, I aint buyin either one of their CDs. And as one of the last remaining PAYING customers of hip hop, that’ll hurt them more than anything I can say on a message board.

  • Naledge77

    Chief Keef is a fuckin’ tool for the machine that glorifies his violent antics and then pays him for it. I understand what being real is about and this ain’t it. Keef getting mad at for Lupe expressing himself and also trying to educate the people of the truth is exactly the type of response that would be expected from this street hood with no sense of decency and respect. Dude wont last long..another one hit wonder. Now that’s that shit I don’t like!!!!

  • tab58064

    It’s sad to see that the industry or any label would want to be associated with this nigga. Rap music has just taken another hit. 16 years old and all he’s spreading is bullshit violence and shit that will get kids killed or put in jail. And these 25-35 year old rap niggaz don’t even have the balls to either try to school this fool or black-ball him from the game.

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  • LupeTheKilla

    chiefbetter not roll up on lupe like that cause lupe is a black belt….he’ll get messed up

  • Tony G.

    Lupe’s the hoe..but this guy goes on Twitter to speak his peace…thats some real cowardly ish right there..smh

  • TheBigCheeFa

    chief keef,is immature.lupe got mad respect for you but he out here cooning for the camera.

  • kstaxx

    Chief keef gonna get Lupe Bang Banged all you people on Allhiphop jus fanning the flames, when they find Lupe Fiasco slumped dont be mad because all you people thats running your mouth are gonna be the cause of it. One duide jus got killed for talkng reckless about Chief keef in Chicago, Lupe better hope he not the next one. Bang bang

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Folks always mention how”real” rappers need to be. This young dude is doing just that by the definition the public gives. He could care less what anyone thinks because he’s a “real nicca” right? And Jimmie Iovine gets the check off the destruction lil homie perpetuates. People saying fawk Chief Keef but I say FAWK JIMMIE IOVINE for allowing his employee to be so calloused and blatantly disrespectful.


    Cheif Keef is pure ignorance. That nigga album gone flop anyway I dont know why niggaz act like he gone be around for a while. He succs and interscope should be ashamed for signing that bullshit ass nigga. FUCC CHEIF KEEF

  • Alf Capone

    i wonder how many kids are out there exactly like chief keef……….it hurts my brain to think about it

  • Damn he stay playin himself. Fronts on Kanye AND Lupe??? SMH Another rapper 2 months removed from livin in piss and grocery shopping at Save A Lot now acting like he some boss nigga. Only a snot nose BG would talk shit to the best surrogates he could EVER have.

  • I had to Google this Chief Keef guy because I have never heard of him and I work in a Hip Hop Club on weekends. I understand now why I never heard of this dude.

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