Nas and Jay Electronica

Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-E Further Ethers Nas Rumors! More KimYe! Epic Fails!

Jay Electronica Puts The Damn Thing Down For Nas!

MTV interviewed Jay-E at the Made In America tour and he made it very clear about the ghostwriting claims by writer Dream Hampton.

Nas is one of the gods—one of the greatest of all time [and] one of the godfathers of even my own style. I met Nas on a humble submission. Nas is one of the greatest ever. He never has or never will need a ghostwriter. He’s legendary, his pen game is unquestionable; salute to Nas. All of the other bullshit, is just bullshit.”

After what he’s had to say and’s explanation, there is no doubt that those ghostwriter claims are BS. And the thing is, Jay-E is on Jay-Z’s team so there’s no need to fake claims.

Kim Kardashian: Kanye Is The Love Of My Life!

Kim Kakes was on “The View” today. Really nothing came out of it, but she did say that at this stage in her life, she was looking for a “forever” scenario with Yeezy. It was pretty basic and straight up. She wants to get married and have kids

According to TMZ, Kanye and them gave a copy of a song from Cruel Summer and that resulted in them finding a line where he raps about Kim K.

“Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

“Home movie.” Interesting way Kanye works it out in his mind, me thinks. Whatever keeps him sane. Anyway, the name of the song is “Clique”
and its on the way.

Epic Fail Of The Day: Chad Johnson

RELATED: Sydney covered this, but I had to make it official: EPIC FAIL.

My homey OchoCinco is the fail of the day. I know that he’s f**ked up in the game…or is that out the game? But, nevertheless, he’s gone and done a the move of a super fool! He tatted the face of his ex-wiz on his leg!!!!!!! He tweeted the following yesterday. Honestly, I didn’t write about it then because I thought it was photoshopped or tatted before the headbutt that got him an assault charge.


  • Nostra Don Vida

    I don’t read anything Silkseed (Sydney’s fabrication of articles) writes.

    I keep telling myself Kanye ain’t stupid, so I’m just hoping for the best for him.

  • iamKingG

    Kanye is a pure idiot to wife this chick. Same thing for Ochocinco, let that h*@ go. You f8cked up now deal with it

    • Contraverse77

      I think this is all publicity for YE. I mean Kim is a media whore and also a literal one. Her interview on the View shows that even she’s unsure of this relationship which leads me to think that hunting season will begin soon.

      All in all though, if they find true love with each other than so be it. Me though, that home movie she did will stay in the back of my mind all the time and I would find it extremely hard to trust her or even take her seriously.

      I think YE is bangin’ her moms and is probably the reason why he’s sticking around!

      Just my opinion though.

  • Tony G.

    im sure Ye knows he aint marry no many of us do…she had sex, she videotaped it, she blew up..her only issue is that she has a turnstyle on that cat cuz nuggas is in and out like a subway station…if Ye cool wit that then so be it

  • Guest

    He said Nas had never NEEDED a ghostwriter. He didn’t say he never USED one. You can except ideas, concepts, hooks, and even verses. it doesn’t mean you need it. You may just elect to go that route

    • Yeah, in that sense, but Dream was talking some lyric for lyric BS.

      If I say ” Do a song about this….. ” that’s ghostwriting in that sense, not the same a Canibus tearing a page out my rhyme book to do battle.

      • Adrian Barron

        Bouncing Idea’s

      • Basically!

  • Guest

    LOL at Chad’s tattoo of his target a.k.a Evelyn’s head.

  • Synista

    More ignant nigga suckaz for love shyt! niggas get so,me money and lose their minds.

  • King Cold

    lmao @ kim kakes hahaha…

  • juz sayin

    Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • >>No Chance!

    • Contraverse77

      hmmmmm kind of sad that they haven’t won a superbowl since 1996

      G-men all day !!!

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Scenario….when Yeezy is at the hip hop awards wit his bytch and Ray J sitting like 4 seats away how does he feel knowing everyone knows in that auditorium that Ray J splashed off in her on videotape…what happens when Ray J spots them and gives them both the headnod wit that arrogant smirk on his face…how doesbthat make him feel…like U let Brandy lil brother have that one up on you…and half the niggas in ya high profile circle got the video at home in the porn collection …when niggaz see yawl together U gotta know mafukkaz is straight clowning U…cuz me and my niggaz would be clowning for real…where’s his pride…damn Yeezy…I aint mad you smashin but that is where it should have stayed

    • Contraverse77

      YE should’ve just pulled a hit and run on this broad.

  • Jakne

    Nas album Life Is A Good Is A Classic! A true hip-hop person would agree w/ me.

    • Contraverse77

      Best “Hip Hop” album of the year!!!

      Best Rap album probably would go to Rick Ross. I don’t like his spit game but production was superb!!!

      • Jakne

        Totally agree! I like GFID(Ross Album)he has a mean production team, but in my heart I don’t think it’s better than Big’s Life After Death. I heard somewhere Rick put hisself in the log w/ BIG. I wasn’t feeling the homie on that!

      • Contraverse77

        Man Rick comparing himself to BIG is like Lil Wayne comparing himself to Nas. These rappers now a days get away with saying slick punchlines and having catchy hooks, but their lyrics lack substance and meaning. Big and Nas were able to do both, spit some street shit or kick knowledge. Although BIG was more of a flashy street rapper, he still was able to capture people with his lyrics. Rick on the other hand is continuously talking about the same crap. Maybachs, waterfront houses, his glasses, and the drug game that he was in(rather the jail house he worked at). All in all Rick has improved as an artist but most of these dudes lack what real MC’s like Nas, Lupe, immortal technique, and few others have….SUBSTANCE!!!

      • Jakne

        Homie I fool with you. I listen for lyrics first, the beat is just extra. To be honest, I respect Rick as a artist(PERIOD), for the reason of me not knowing his story. He never gave the William ____(don’t know his last name) story! Check out the interview he did w/ the breakfast club, Charlemagne tried to get him, he trapped Rick, but he wiggled his way around the question. Charlamagne should’ve went hard at dude.

      • Contraverse77

        See this is why I respect Charlamagne because dude is REAL. If he knows some fake shit about you whether your an artist or not he will expose you. Now that shit he said about Busta wasn’t cool and I could agree with Busta checking him and putting him in his place. 50 cent is another dude that exposes these fake ass rappers or rather be clowning em. Making other rappers get emotional and shit. The shit that bothers me the most about Rick Ross is that dude stole Freeway Ricky’s real name and lifestyle and isn’t even crediting the founder of that shit!!! Real Dudes do real things and if a real dude took someone’s identity you know for sure that dude is going to look out for homey he swagger jacked! I know I would…real talk!!!

      • Jakne

        I feel Rick is a established artist so he should return all rights back to freeway w/ interest. He can start going by Rozay. My thing is, real recognize real, than the cats on Rick label must be suckers, or there just using Rick for the ride in the rap game. I wonder what’s going through the minds of Wale, Meek, Stalley etc…….knowing that dude is a phony, how can they look at Rick as a man/street dude…….we all know he isn’t a street dude! But when it surfaced he was a CO, why lie about it? I wouldn’t care if a rapper worked on the back of a dump truck, if the homie has bars and bottom aka meaning, I’ll support.

      • Contraverse77

        @jakne:disqus Fam I agree 100%. Funny thing is that he actually admitted that he worked as a C.O.. But yeah if he would’ve just admitted it from the jump then he may have gotten more props for being a stand up dude, but maybe it would’ve also hurt him because he wasn’t buzzin’ like that and he also doesn’t have bars like that, and he knows it. Personally I think Meek and Stalley are the realest cats on MMG. Wale looks like he just doesn’t belong there. He should be with GOOD music or something. Meek is a straight up street dude with bars and Stalley has some quality bars as well. Over all though I would go with MMG over YMCMB anyday. Now those dudes are all frauds except for Gudda, Mack Maine, Birdman and his brother Slim.

      • Jakne

        I’ll go w/ MMG also. Speaking from what my two eyes have seen to present, Baby and Slim are the only street cats over at YMCMB, that’s law. I’m out the city. BG and Turk also. But there were some true street cats on the label before it went nation, solid homies. That’s on me homie! They were apart of building Cash Money. MMG has rhymes and beats, but I can’t totally turn my back on the homies. Cash Money is a power house. I just wish dudes stay in there lane. If your a cool cat, be the dude. But don’t be this one week, then a new season come in, now you done shift gears. Homie I mess w/ Jay hard. Jay switched to the SnapBacks on me, he didn’t stay w/ the Yankee Fitted. Now I give Baby that respect, the homie didn’t cross over to the snaps, he’s staying true to the fitted joints. You have to love the homie for that. The snaps are cool, fitted show cats you aren’t easily influenced. And NO tight cloths!

  • johnblacksad

    These ninjaz are actin like they’re only 16, just discoverin puzzy and sh!t…

    These hoes are winning fa sho!

  • Don’t make me laugh

    I’m not mad at the fella.Be happy for that man instead of ridiculing. Maybe it’s part of his self therapy. GET BETTER!