Lil Mouse: Signs The World Is Coming To An End

Hope you are happy, Hip-Hop.

This is what its come to huh? A rapper named Lil Mouse. This lil kid is on the new Lil Wayne mix tape. Nice. I never heard of the boy til he was trending on twitter though. And now….

I guess this is what Lupe was scared of with Chief Keef, a generation of young killers influenced by some other blind MF. A little kid talking about “Get Smoked.” Funny enough (if there is anything funny), this boy is from Chicago, which also bred Chief Keef. I wonder if Kanye, Pusha and the crew will lend a helping hand like Weezy? Enable him to spread his message all over the place?

Lil Mouse is 13 years old.

Now, ask yourself…is this cool?

The odd thing is that this isn’t truly new. There have been a few kid rappers that were talking that talk like Illegal in the 90s. Illegal had ties to heavies like Erick Sermon and Snoop Dogg. But, for some reason, this seems way to real and way too sad….pathetic even.

For the sake of history, here’s Illegal’s “Head Or Gut.”

Anyway, I hope somebody pulls this kid to the side before he looks like a different kind of mouse.

People in the Chi are charging that this boy is the victim of child abuse and neglect. Its really hard to argue the point.

  • TruthSerum

    I was just as bad as kids like this when I was that age, difference was I didnt have a microphone in front of me. Kids like this think there 10 foot tall & bulletproof until somebody else with a bad attitude see’s him on TV and wants to make a name for himself at his expense. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some 16 year old kid in chicage shoots Chief Keef, you get in over your head and put yourself out there like that you make yourself a target for people just like yourself with less to lose.

    • Negro Peligro

      Co Sign. I would’ve never made a video cause my mom would’ve made a video with her foot in my ass.

      • Hahahahaaa! So true!
        That’s what’s missing nowadays.

  • Nostra Don Vida

    There is no “stop” to this unless every single person in the world absolutely does no mind to any of them. Which is obviously impossible.

    Lil Wayne theaux out here putting him on his mixtape gassing him up and not making the situation any better. Now Wayne made the mistake and enlighten all of the 13 year old kids to start rapping to make it to Lil Wayne. Whatever theaux.

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    Come on illseed, this isnt world coming to an end. As you said illegal, shayim the rugged child, lil wayne…all been on this young and thuggin shit. hell, nas was only 16 when he said “when i was 12 i went to hell for snuffin jesus.” mobb deep was only 16 when they were rapping about murkin dudes…hell didnt tupac have that 11 year old kid on an album skit talking about how he bustin guns and banging hoes? this aint nothing new. don’t feed into this “hysteria” you better than that.

    violence among teens is at a 30 year low, in america. more urban youth are in college than ever before in american history.

    I’m not saying its all gravy, but dont take one kid making a dumb video make you think the world is coming to an end. this aint nothign new.

    • You make a valid point, I dont care who has done it in the past but this shit right here is on the table up for review the way its glorified and him promoting gun violence, drugs and talking bout some shit he never did other kids will listen and follow. THIS SHIT AINT KOOL JOE!

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        i agree, it aint cool at all. i would rather see 13 year old kids getting their grades up or playing sports or doing chores.

    • Celz

      It wasn’t on Youtube before either.

    • This shit is way more ignorant than Illegal

    • nothinlessdenSour

      i thought big l said that first

    • BTV Global, LLC

      You cannot compare Nas, Deep, or Pac skit to this bullshit right here. Those were lines in songs they said in REAL HIP HOP SONGS that wasn’t talking about no bull like this kid. even the young hip hop kids back in the day wasn’t this damn lost. 30 year low, yea tell that to Camden, Chicago, Detroit, Philly.

  • i was thinking the same thing when i hear this lil nigga on D4… somebody need to beat that lil nigga ass

  • bigdoe6

    None of the OGs aren’t stepping up to say anything. This is why shit like this goes on.

    • th og’s are scared to step up knowing they can get it too!!real

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Where are these kid’s parents?!?!?!

    • disqus_nOOtOSkjVV


  • bigdoe6

    Yummy Sandifer – Google him.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      damn. this world a crazy place, chicago in particular.

    • damn 23 felonies and we was only 9 smh….

      • bigdoe6

        Yea he was a pawn, wannabee. Gangbangers used him to do hits and when the police caught up to him his own gang members killed him so he wouldn’t talk. These kids are pawns out here. It’s sad.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        this shit is sadder than the whole lil jojo, keef or lil mouse shits. those dudes aint have to kill that little 11 year old like that. using little shorty to do they dirt then they kill him. he had more heart then those dudes did.

    • Yeah, big news & much heat behind him.
      Sad cycle!

  • Pierre Elliott


  • Pierre Elliott


    • Negro Peligro

      That’s how I always imagined Sydney and Illseed.

  • How the hell are they are grown men out there rockin to that shit it’s a shame cuz it’s really the adults around these kids that are pushin thisbullshit now we will officially creates some form of genocide among us with black adults killing black adults now you have black kids killing black kids. Oh yeah it’s the mans fault righ?.

  • Ill stick with “Hot cheetos and Takis”.

  • Ike

    Jamal and Malik-Illegal

  • realnigga23

    i think lil wayne saved this lil dude life now he go get out of the hood now.

    • ace

      Thank you. In an interview lil mouse said “its not my fault that i have to live here , so why not rap about what i see and do , then later when i get big, i will talk about things that will help kids not go trough what i am going trough”

  • Isaac Ally

    As long as the producers and investor’s keep promoting this shit its never going to stop. And when I say producer’s I’m speaking of the one’s from the very start of promotion and that starts with the Parent’s, Grandparent’s, Brothers, Sisters,Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and other family-friends that influence to follow a path of destruction and manipulation of the mind set of these kids. They are literally raping the minds of the youth by instilling self-hatred and oppression. Folks need to Lead by Example instead of Falling Astray.

  • Ravishing Quinc Rude

    This little niggas lyrics really are killing me tho. “Hella bands, hella bands… in the club throwin’ hella bands”… Unless you talking Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, I just don’t see it.

  • water_ur_seeds

    rappers in the 80s and 90s though actually had hip hop skills and sounded like men, like memphis bleek spitting at 15 and had real role models looking out for them and a movement… nas, ll cool j, snoop, warren all of them young rappers, you wouldnt even know they where young rappers… they where genuine mc’s… philly had loads of young rappers… at least rappers like shyhiem and chi ali had real mc skills, even if they did ended up getting locked…

  • Southcidal

    One word: SAD.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    The fact that you got grown a$$ n@ggas in this video co-signing all of that foolishness is worse than anything Lil mouse said. These were grown a$$ men that mixed the audio, shot the video, edited the video etc. and they should know better.

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    Don’t support this type of music & image #Downgrade

  • disqus_nOOtOSkjVV

    Ilelgal did have ties to hiphop, and there song was more of shit talking and a diss to kris kross, but these retards keef and mouse is jus doin this for falsified hype and the morons in Chicago are buyin into this crap….

  • RBG4Life

    The moment somebody kid or mama get smoked by one of the ignorant n!ggas this kind of sh!t creates everyone will be crying and wondering why it had to happen. Its time to grow up and evolve. We’ve played in fantasyland for decades for escapism and hiding from the real work that got to be done and where has it gotten us? Have we just decided to quit, eat ourselves, and implode? What we doin?

  • okay this little kid is more realer then half these wack ass niggas rappign he speaks the truth wtf dose snap back and tattos speak?? niggas is faggots now adays rap is suppose to be tellign stories not wack shit tu pac bigie big pun greatest rappers ever and they talked about this shti lil wayne when he was 14 was rapping about this whats the diffrence i rather listen to this liddo niggas then wack shit liek snap back tattos drink in my cupo and corny ass fake rappers be happy rappers liek this make me have hope in hip hop

  • look up Too Low aka The Funky Lil brother ..

  • WOLF

    <:3 )~ lil mouse WOW

  • Darnell Dunson

    You know what these kids are going to talk about this life style regardless and i dont see any reviews about these rock bands with these crazy names and attire speak on that….

  • ned nedhard

    Lil Mouse is simply a new part of the link that is slowly decimating the young black male and female.It is fascinating to watch the slow disintegration of young black America.