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Hip-Hop Rumors: [Video] Joe Budden Goes In On SlaughterHouse Fans!

Damn Joe. You went and did a Fantasia.

A lot of people are not feeling the new SlaughterHouse CD, from what I have gathered. Now, AllHipHop gave it a cool 8/10, but it seems a lot of fans have a different opinion. Well, somebody asked the crew about it and Joe Budden went in – ON THE FANS. Wow.

Whoa. Blank stare.

I guess they peed in his Wheaties.
Personally, I blame Eminem! And with that, I present his new joint with Pink.

All respect due to Em for putting them on, but the fans know what they are talking about.

This isn’t new, but I had to process this. Did Chris Brown really tat a battered woman on his NECK?


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  • Tony G.

    Love Joe B for that comment..

    • Joey hella wing for that. if he doesnt care about the fans speaking truth and feeling cheated by a sub-par offering, he should not moan when he gets dropped and is back to making mixtapes. Budden was the voice of the Urban Weirdo, now he is becoming more & more of an idiot!

  • Guest

    no audio on video

  • Wow, the irony, I posted on my FB account that the mix tape was better than the album. IT’S A MAJOR LET DOWN! Someone over at Shady got it waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy wrong. The Mix-Tape should have been the album and Joey should have whipped his ass with Welcome To Our house. For him to say Eff the fans is BS, who doe’s he think bought those two toilets??!! The bitter truth is the album sucks, and I listened to it for a second time, and it still sucked! Em think he’s Dr. Dre and has an ear for music, and half the time Dre Doesn’t even have an ear for music! He did it to Yella Wolf, and now he’s doing it to the Slaughters, sad….

    • 7yoyo7

      I co-sign, the album was shit compared to the mixtape. I think they already knew that and thats why the put out the mixtape only 1 week before the album.

    • Chris

      Real talk. Eminem has a terrible ear for beats. He gets away with it because…he’s Eminem.

  • Super_Hero

    joe budden is a fraud. He talks about not selling as a solo artist because he doesn’t get the promotion $$ and label support. he got it now with a couple Em tracks and still can’t sell. how you sell out and still can’t sell. he is the most overrated in the group. I stop listening when he comes on. so boring. The other 3 i can definitely get into.


    LMBAO!!! These Slaughterhouse CLOWNS are mad because their CD SUCKS!!?! Maybe they should take a look in the mirror!! #LOSERS Their 1st CD sucked & this one sucked! They have loot but it’s not well earned!! #WackNiggas

  • KingChandler

    Leave it up to Joe to pretend he’s not affected by the fans opinion of the album, you can tell in his tone he’s hurt by that shit. Yelawolf’s album was better and that was just as commercial but he’s the type of artist that can pull that off, slaughter just needs to stay in their lane, gutter beats with no singing on the hooks. At least that’s what I want to hear.

    • real OG

      Yellawolf was probably the worst commercial rap release in years. I can find rednecks that rap better in almost every hick town in America. Yellawolf is garbage.

      • Yeah, but he’s right about SlaughterHouse staying in their lane….but they gotta eat.

        750K sales to Teeny Bopping Soccer Moms >>> 2 Million Free Downloads by Hip Hop Heads who appreciate their craft….Sad but true economically.

      • real OG

        100% true

      • real OG

        but at same time there have been plenty of hardcore releases that have had huge commercial success, they just have to have the quality which is easier said than done.

      • Super_Hero

        that album isn’t helping them eat. they sold out and failed.

      • Maybe…what are the numbers, compared to the mixtape’s downloads?
        Royce = Best, Crooked I = tie with Joe Budden.

        *Not calling the album a win…but it is…if it sold anything!

      • Southcidal

        You going off of reputation. Crooked and Ortiz are the best two spitters from that click.

      • Name track & I’ll check out

        Reputation? Maybe….I mean rep prevents me from listening…I forgot about Ortiz…can’t front, he has impressed, just not “COMMERCIALLY”.

        I mean look at Busta / YMCMB….garbage, even though Busta was top 5 & easily could be…but he’s chasing paper & I can’t blame him…but Busta from 90’s >>>Busta YMCMB

      • $18592567

        Joe better than all of them. He probably the softest too, but everybody know he got the best flow.

        NJ Stand Up!!!

      • Crooked is better than Joe is the weakest out of the crew. Crooked I then Joel then royce then Joe Beezy!

      • $18592567

        Knock it off!

        1.) Joe Budden (Only one of them to have any kind of buzz on his own. EVER.
        2.) Royce (Eminem’s sparring buddy).
        3.) Joel Ortiz (Dope af, but has ZERO to NEGATIVE commercial appeal).
        4.) Crooked I (He’s from CALIFORNIA).

        Simple math…

      • VASPLIFF

        you smokin that crack? joes got the worst flow out of the whole group. he’s an ill lyricist, but he can’t ride the beat as well as the other 3.

      • Abrasive Angel

        Speaking of rednecks, I’m still waiting on Bubba Sparxx to drop a new joint.

      • BoldSpice

        Dude please! Cracker just as good as Eminem. Where your album at? You can’t rap don’t call somebody else garbage. Keep it moving son. Since Yelawolf getting paid you might want to sign these rednecks you talking about and get paid too homie. Ha ha ha!

      • YellaWolf is no where near as good as Em. *Stop it!
        “Ems commercial ‘chet might be wack, but neither Yella nor Buddens fuggin with him.

      • Church!!

      • I co-sign ED!!!!

      • BoldSpice

        Yeah i might have went a lil overboard with the just as good thing.

      • no u couldnt, yelawolfs tha shit n u kno it

    • Co-Sign

    • yes!!! i agree!!! they got 4 dope artists one of them can do a hook, they dont need no swizz beats coming and doing just a hook for them (all swizz does is repeat a couple words over and over and over again anyway) and they dont need any features at all!!!

    • modenine

      spot on!!!!!!

    • gentron33

      ^^ Agree 110%. Yelawolf’s album was a lil more well rounded than slaughterhouse’s. They did go way too hard with them gutter hip hop/rock joints they shoulda just experimented with a few of those cuts like that instead about 60% of the album is like that. Better luck next time.

  • That’s what I hate about rappers…Fans complain about their product and instead of listening and applying some kind of change, they go ranting about how much more money they have than the average person….Point is fans are realizing rappers don’t give a shit about their own product they only want you’re money then they turn their backs….Stop spending you’re money on these Rappers, when the music stop selling and the demand of certain artists decrease then they will realize that they need us more than we need them.

  • real OG

    They had no idea what to do with Slaughterhouse thats why there cd sounds round in a square box. Crooked I murders whole cd while Royce brings out his C- lyrical effort teamed together with the worst most commercial sounding shady beats. No one likes Yellawolf NO ONE unless Eminem told u to like him. Still for the most part compared to most CDs that come out nowadays its a great album which is sad but reality. 90% of shit released now is EP so props for doing an album that is atleast halfway decent. Maybe next time you will just find some 18 year old making grimey old school beats and just use his cheap simple production and the album would be 10x better. Also Royce I know you made it now but please try next CD.

    • Grimy 18yr old = Answer

      Hungry MC’s go the hardest.
      “It’s hard waking up at 5am to do roadwork after sleeping on silk sheets all night!”…Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    • royce prolly the best between them crooked sure ant, crooked will have a couple dope lines but hes the “lyrical spirtual genis” type, always rhyming corny words together

  • Buddens needs to sit his @$$ down!


  • Shalove2

    “Fan” is short for fanatic. Fanatics are irrational and emotional. One day the love you and the next day they hate you. If you spend your career just trying to please fans you will lose the love of your art. I have yet to hear a rational explanation of why the album is not as good as the mix tape and, so what. I once heard Miles Davis say similar things about his fans, Miles said that they want you to do what you use to and “I can’t play that shit”. Artist have a need to change and grow and fans have a desire to hear the familiar. Those 2 things don’t necessarily go together. If you like the mix tape listen to that and if you don’t like the album, don’t listen.

    • Nah, stick to your core audience Fugg the rest of the market…..may not bring profits, but it will bring longevity.

  • Guest

    I co-sign, the album was shit compared to the mixtape. I think they already knew that and thats why the put out the mixtape only a week before the album.

  • Dios De La Muertos = Breezy’s Tattoo

    Em & Pink >>> SlaughterHouse = SMDH

    Sad part = SlaughterHouse could do better, but real Hip Hop will only get you deeper into debt.

  • daveofthematthews

    Man all you people that are saying The Album is crap are just trend followers as it seems to be cool now days to not like anything considered slightly commercial. most of y’all probably didn’t even buy the album and now your hating before you even listened to their lyrics properly, “Goodbye” is a great song one of the best hip hop songs i have herd this year and their album has many other well produced songs with great lyrics so give it a chance and formulate your own well reasoned opinion rather than just fitting in with common perception.

    • no the trend followers like the comercial ish.. cmon now.

      • Yea cuz hipsters are all in line for the new Justin Bieber album. The “cool” crowd hates anything commercial.

      • thats not true at all. the “cool” crowd likes slaughterhouse, the point is the album just isnt as good as it could have been.

      • hipsters are in line for the new weezy CD, the new drakeCD, and nicki minaj, and big sean, whatever they can wear tight jeans, snap backs and prentend to skateboard to lmfao

    • Frank

      Goodbye is a great song. One of the 4 good ones on the album.

    • therealjjohnson

      i just dont like the album. downloaded it from the net. bought it legally too just to support. but i really dont like it. havent listened to it again. not my type of music.

  • Stay Phokus

    either way ya all downloaded both for free
    just be glad you got good music to listen to
    i personally like them both

  • Abrasive Angel

    I only own one mixtape from Slaughterhouse and wasn’t really impressed but I’m still a Royce fan.

  • John

    for anyone here sweating slaugthterhouses dick… THERE SUPPOSED TO SAVE HIPHOP.. did anyone forget thats what they were rapping about the entire time… and then dropped a garbage album… 1. wasn’t worth the wait 2. 3 years ago these mother fuckers were rapping their hearts out, why not put the effort in your major debut.. just saying

  • John


    • felix cartagena

      i got both the album and mixtape. both are dope. slaughterhouse is the shit. but nobody is doing it better then my boys d-block/the lox. but whoever dont like slaughterhouse or there album go jump off a bridge or go buy a gay ass ymcmb or mmg album. SLAUGHTERHOUSE ALL DAY!!!!

  • real OG

    Why does allhippop hate on my comments that it has to delete them. Cowards

  • Simon Adebisi


  • joe take off the glasses, u look like an cranky old blind man with a tiny tiny head hahahahaha

  • the 1st album was dope!!!

  • Frank

    I’m going to bootleg everything any one of these dudes put out. it’s a wrap.

  • Southcidal

    Joe Budden is a lame for responding to the young lady’s question that way. Very disrespectful. That’s somebody’s mom, sister or daughter. She might just be kin to Raekwon.. ……..

  • Listen let’s be real, they have to put out the album to stay on the good side to get on the tour..they’ll give you the mixtape to do shows but the album for the tours. I can’t blame eminem on this because you as an artist have the option to say nah i’m not doing that..might get you shelved but you have the choice. Let see these dudes were seeing some money off they are doing stadiums with eminem..sometimes you have to sacrifice the short money for the long money. These guys are all 30 plus and we cannot deny each member is sick on their own so they can put out this type of album and be long as their mixtapes and solo albums don’t go this route I personally as a fan don’t hold it against them..sales don’t feed artists do. I’m sure they are all living much better today after this album then they were on indie selling about the same…because again indie sales=short money..major=National and global tour money in the millions.

  • Sean Peterson


  • I gave both a couple listens. The mixtape is 1000% better because it’s authentic. SH would never get on some of those “slim shady” beats. Eminem exec producing the album was a horrible idea. The album is difficult to listen to front to back and is erratic in it’s sound. The order of the songs is bad but mainly Eminem tried to mold the unmoldable. These are all unique artists who are comfortable in their lane and won’t change that for anybody. It’s sad that the album was so poorly received but it was almost completely doomed from the start, That being said, I “liked” the album as a release, just not as a Slaughterhouse album. I understand Joe’s frustration though. Being an up and down dude myself, I know what that kind of disappointment feels like after being excited about something for months.

  • AK

    I cant stand buddens depressed ass, and ortiz is annoying as hell. Royce and Crooked are lyrical beasts and carry the group but the other 2 holding them back.

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I don’t blame em

  • I bought it and it still sucks (production wise)! The only reason that I’m not mad that I waisted my money on that album is because of the mixtape! I don’t blame them… I blame eminem!

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  • johnblacksad

    I would gladly glaze her grill… no sugarcoat

  • D_Ably

    Slaughterhouse had this cool sense of independence when they first come out but signin to shady records killed that dead. Too many articles and rumours about them kissin eminems ass killed it to. They didn’t need Eminem at all. and whats with them emo fuckboy glasses man, you gettin the commerical wardrobe treatment or what.

  • The album is the coolest rap album so far this year. Although its not perfect every song has one moment on top, right now. Our house, Joel killed it, coffin great concept nice vibe,throw … is the only song i cant fucx with, hammerdance in my opinion nailed the anthem kind of ish.. the get up has an insane beat plus a fucxin great beginning by royce,my life we did it, flip a bird throw it away rescue me and frat house are the necessary songs in every album, precisely the shit that no one likes but everyone kind of listens when the hommies are not around. Goodbye fuckin epic. and the rest of the album is a nice pleasent ending. these 4 guys are in my opinion, once again, the rappers that in the follow year or so, will make me beg for some new shit. i understand that opinions are free but honestly beeing from a country that doesnt have rap cd selling on stands, i think that you are all being spoiled.

  • Contraverse77

    I have to say that after watching the video I sort of agree with Joe, although the vein in his forehead was starting to pulsate as his anger became more noticeable. I have to say though that I prefer anything Slaughterhouse drops over the crap that is being handed out by MMG, YMCMB, Etc… Although I did like “God forgives and I don’t”, just having good production doesn’t cut for me. Slaughterhouse’s mix-tape may have been somewhat better than the album , but remember Em did executively produce the album so it did have that Eminem kind of feel to it. All tracks were pretty much lyrically on point, but I felt the production was lacking a little. Also the fact that they used Skylar was cheesy and has Eminem written all over that decision. Don’t get me wrong Skylar is phenomenal, but why only use her the entire album. To me Coffin, Rescue me and Goodbye were probably the best tracks on the album, although I thoroughly enjoyed them all. They’ve brought humor and witty metaphors, as well as conviction to their verses. While most of these rappers are talking about all the shit that they own and etc, etc, etc….

    I never believed Slaughterhouse would save Hip Hop, but I do believe that people that support and follow these real MC’s can!!!

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    Bottom line… Niggas is weak as a collective unit… AND Joe buddens Salty right now… GTFOH with that half ass Common look.

  • wow you people jus following shit .. reall talk i listened to the album 1st time. i thought nahhhh this aint what i was expecting ,, then i LISTENED to the album ,, and understood yeah its a album they can sell for the money ,, they waited fuckin how long to get on a major so go for it , the album feel is a summer / kinda celebration album , and shows versatilty and change rather then everything else they put out ..some tunes sounds the same / some sound d12 ish // and some sound heart felt but they all appealed to me and ive grown to love it … yes they prob new the fans wouldnt enjoy it so they put out the mixtapes for you ( plus most of the ”fans” probably downloaded the album any way ) so the album is not for you its for people that appreciate what there tryna do …the only bad things have to say about this album …1. there single choices let them down after hearin the album ya thinking nahh ‘my life , and throw it away” shudnt be out there 2. royce was like on everytrk but 1 ,, but joe was gettin shafeted alot … at times i dont think he even needed to .. eminems my no 1. rapper … but ig he had taken out sum of dem unneeded bridges etc .. joe could got his verse in …3. crooked always seem 2 be second on most of the tracks ,., and the same kinda line up was annoying .. but other then that i love the album and the mixtape ( think ‘gone ‘ shoulda be on the album though ) … the thing i have 2 say about all artist out now .. they assume the pop shits gonna sell then the shit we wanna hear so dey fob us of wit the mixtape ,,DO A NAS and take the risk n try realse a HIP HOP ALBUM lol #imdone follow lol

  • mike

    Joe is an immature dude man.

  • brotha_man

    somebody need to gon’ head and ether these cats

  • They album went #1 on the hiphop charts. Illseed eat a dick. Blaming eminem for what? Making them money as he’s supposed to? Oh guess he should apologize for hyping their album and helping it sell. Your a joke