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Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd and 50 Cent Playing Manny Pacquiao Out?


We all know by now that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are suddenly not friends. According to 50 Cent, this is because Floyd some how changed while he was in the BING. But he was only in the bing for a second. I thought it maybe that 50 Cent didn’t like Floyd’s clothing or that he was hanging out with another rapper?

Anyway! Uhmmmmmmm….maybe it is something else?

Somebody that is a boxing insider said that these dudes are playing a chess game with Manny Pacquiao in the form of acting like they are enemies! It sounds outrageous, but that’s what I hear. Yep. 50 Cent is seemingly creeping his way into Manny’s camp as a sleeper cell!!!!! I don’t know for a fact, but it just seems odd that 50 Cent and Money May would just break up like that. That was one bromance that I thought would last! Damn! They were great!!!! Manny and 50 just ain’t the same.

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I heard Kanye is nominated for every single BET Hip-Hop Award and in some cases, multiple nominations in the same category.

Ghostface Killah is reportedly going to drop a new album called “12 Reasons To Die” on RZA’s label! This is great!

Meek Mill’s stylist was reportedly arrested for thievery. Rumor has it, she stole from Meek too. How? I don’t know.


Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Gina Torres and Jigsaw of AllHipHop interviewed DMX. They were getting his Top 5 Dead or Alive and suddenly he mentions Baby Girl…a follow up question about Aaliyah working with Drake and BOOM. DMX went off on Drake!

The video is pretty compelling and unwittingly funny. I think there DMX and Drake need to do an EP together. Call it “Ebony and Ivory.” Or “Rugged And Smooth.” Just kidding. Did you know that DMX also dissed Nicki Minaj? CLICK HERE!

I thought he was cool with Lil Wayne!

I’M OUT!!!!

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