Rapper B.G. Drops His First Letter From Prison

(AllHipHop News) Representatives for B.G. have released the first letter written by the rapper, since he was sentenced to 14 years in prison on x.

B.G., a former artist on Cash Money Records who was a member of The Hot Boys, is currently serving the prison sentences for weapons possession and witness tampering charges.

Despite being incarcerated, B.G. seems to be in good spirits.

“I want everyone to kno that I truly appreciate all the Love + Prayers I have received over the past 15 months,” B.G. wrote. “I cant began to express how much I THANK Yall for the support you all have giving me through out this whole situation, Ive been going through. It’s finally over, I kno my fate, I know what’s in front of me, and Im ready to tackle it HEAD ON.

“It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, “DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA,” the rapper explained.

Although he’s over a year into the 14 year sentence, B.G. does not appear to be fazed by the length of time he will be spending behind bars.

“They can lock up My Body but they Cant lock up my Soul. I just been laying back writing handling this situation like a Real Nigga should. Im staying Prayed up, Keeping my head up,” B.G. said.

B.G. admitted he received a harsh sentence, but it was something he was consciously aware of during the whole ordeal, since he refused to cooperate.

“Always remember it’s DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Like I say DON’T RAT, DON’T SNITCH, DON’T BEND, DON’T FOLD,” B.G. advised. “To my street niggas if Nobody TALKS, Everybody WALKS. Remember that if you ever in
a JAM. Im signing off for Now.”

Check out B.G.’s full letter below:

To: “My Fans”
From: B. Gizzle

Greeting’s, Hot boys + Hot Girl’s, Soulja’s + Souljarette’s, Real niggas + Real Bitches, Ladies + Gentlemen.
I want everyone to kno that I truly appreciate all the Love + Prayers I have received over the past 15 months.
I cant began to express how much I THANK Yall for the support you all have giving me through out this whole
situation, Ive been going through. It’s finally over, I kno my fate, I know what’s in front of me, and Im ready to tackle
it HEAD ON. It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, “DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A
GANGSTA”. I kno alot of people wondering, why So much Time for gun’s? The answer is Naggas Like me “DON’T”
and “WANT”, Co-operate under No Circumstances, so they push for the Harshest sentence possible. It’s cool though.
They can lock up My Body but they Cant lock up my Soul. I just been laying back writing handling this situation
like a Real Nigga should. Im staying Prayed up, Keeping my head up. I kno my fans been asking for some
NEW SHIT, its coming Soon “PLEASE BELIEVE IT”. Just keep holding ya nigga down, and praying for Ya Boy.
I want yall to kno I miss + Love yall just as Much as yall miss + Love me. I Love the way my Real Niggas +
Bad Bitches been holding me down and keeping it 100 that’s what’s up. KEEP IT 100 is not just a Song of mine
it’s a Lifestyle. It’s how I get down all the way around the Board. If Im with you, Im with you 2 tha END. What’s
Understood don’t need to be explain. Real recognize Real and I Respect all of my fan’s because without any of
you I wouldn’t be who I am, “THA HEART OF THA STREET’Z”. I get some hot shit coming yall kno how I do. It’s
definitly gonna be a page turner, if you kno me you kno I tell great stories so stay tuned for my 1st Book. One
thing they Cant lock up is my mind that bitch on Full Blast. Shit don’t stop I owe it to my Family and Fans to Keep
going and I wont let yall down. I kno alot of my Fans been concerned and worried but Im GOOD. It is
What it is. Don’t feel sorry for me I CAN HANDLE IT. Once again THANKS for all the Love + support yall just don’t
Kno how that make a real Nigga feel. I should have been wrote yall but I just been waiting until the process was Over.
Im gonna start keeping in touch alot more through FACEBOOK and Twitter so stay tuned and stay in Contact. Im Down
but Im surely not Out. Im gonna leave it at that, Im bout to lay back in my Cell and do what I do. I salute all my
BAD Bitches and Real niggas. Always remember it’s DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Like I say DON’T RAT, DON’T SNITCH,
DON’T BEND, DON’T FOLD. To my street niggas if Nobody TALKS, Everybody WALKS. Remember that if you ever in
a JAM. Im signing off for Now.

Original *Hot* “Boy” B. Gizzle “Tha Heart of Tha Streetz” “Chopper City”

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    some crazy sh#t.

    • scullyson


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  • Booker “Buddy” Beleth VI

    only an idiot would listen to any advice from this guy. Siriusly

  • DMV


  • Sosa_Limone

    this dude def got railroaded on these charges… 14 years is a long ass time for something that aint that serious… i am glad to see that he is in such positive spirits, but dissapointed he sending an ignorant ass message. Thank God most of his fans are grown ass men that know better and not lil teens… i believe in death before dshonor, but when niggas is past their late 20’s and early 30’s they shouldnt be doin no dumb ish anymore.

    • He had 10 open gun charges and was already a convicted felon..HE GOT OFF GOOD.

  • DubC

    Real recognize Real homie, Peace up A-Town down!!!!!!


    niggas so dumb,

  • maya

    Ummm… what about “DON’T DO CRIME”?

  • daRealMigos ▬|ι═══════ﺤ

    nigga plzz, snitchin’ is the way of life round here.

  • Lets see street nigga for life 14 years in prison not seeing my kids or my family, thats the move to make. If you never did dumb ass shit nobody would ever have reason to “snitch” on you. This is whats wrong in the Black Community, we are much better than this. The only bars you should stand behind is lyrics.

    • hoeyuno

      I like BG but I see your point. I think some people just never grasp the growing up concept. Jail is not fun. Some of us learn it early and others think there gonna out smart the cops this time over.

    • Southcidal

      So you have never done “dumb ass shit” in your life? Man its so easy to judge and put every person that is locked up into one pot. I grew up in uptown N.O. so I’ve been privied to the pitfalls that b.g. was up against. What’s wrong w/ the black community is that we don’t support each other. Those of us that make it, move away from our childhood communities as fast as we can. And once gone we sit on our high horses and talk down on brothers who have not been as lucky.

      • bigdoe6

        Nah u got it twisted. You’re part of the problem homie. You said the Black community don’t support each other, not true. I support my community 100%. That not snitching crap is what i don’t support. If you feel a certain way about him getting 14 years then maybe you should join him.

      • JDTruth

        You damn right you move out of that environment. Why would you stay in a place that is a toilet bowl of crime, drug use, and violence that only leads to two places (death and incarceration). What is there to support when you have people like you that want to keep the cycle rolling with excuses instead of doing the right thing.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        Its not a black community, its a poor community, and who wants to live in a poor community if youre not poor?

      • 504blacktravolta

        iv done dumb shit like drive without a licence.and thats a fine……not 14 years.and this was when i was like 14.not 30

      • They not our communities if we renting….repping some hood that some old dude named Goldstien should be repping!

        “West SIgh-Yi-YIDEeeee! Best Sigh-Yi-YiDEEeeee!”

      • Slaughtr

        All this shit about you from the hood and what you faced fck all that shit in the end you either make better for yourself or get what you have coming.It aint about being judgemental fact is fact you do crime nigga you get the bing fckin end of story.The problem with the black community is you think the fuckn hood is salvation so as long as you keep that cotton picking mindset you get what you deserve in society there are rules fckn period and damn if I’m giving sympathy because you sliped. All that caged monkey mentality shyt you support that,bg is a grown man who can’t blame how he grew up into a plight of support me. Bg fked up so shut it up!! So really if it was 14 years and snitchin what really would you do fkn hood layer.

      • Southcidal

        And the division continues. “You get what you deserve in society”. Huh? You must be a white boy. I have yet to get what I deserved from society and I bust my azz on the daily. Get off your high horse potna. BG was a heroin head at 13. That’s what I mean by product of his environment. How could he ever learn better if thats all that he was ever taught? But every child is self taught huh? The cotton picking mindset is talking bad about the ones in the field because you’ve made it to the cleaning the out house. And yes I am a “hood layer’ if aspire to build my own community instead of chasing behind crackers and their gentrification.


  • Guest


  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Dumb ignorant n*gga sh@t. B.G can hold on to that silly a$$ gangsters creed while he is locked up like a f@cking animal. I on the other hand will be taking my free a$$ out to grab dinner and a movie with my lady.

    • JDTruth

      You too. I’m about to head out to with my lady. while B.G. trying to keep some big ass dude off his ass, I’m about to play with some big ass DD’s lol

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        LOL play on my brother!

      • Play On Indeed!

        >>>Starts Hating on JDTruth 4 ‘dem DD’s!

    • Southcidal

      You are the definition of a busta. B.G. is a product of his envirnonment. To knock him is to knock the majority of our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated. You are a “sir” so you might have grown up in a whole different type of enviornment from b.g.. If “sir” shiit is all you know that’s all you’ll be. As for B.G. he has been living this gangsta lifestyle his whole life, what else do you expect him to do? Start knitting for a living or crocheting? Divisive tactics work on us the easiest. Get off your high horse, puzzy.

      • bigdoe6

        BG ain’t the only person in the world with a felony or that caught a gun charge. It’s 2012 and he’s still caught up in a illusion. You see one of his homies cooperated right? His homies don’t want to do time for him. I know some dudes who did time just like BG, but the difference they ain’t never been back since they got out. When you get older and grown you supposed to set examples. He got too many chances my friend, this time the law had to set the example.

      • Celz

        Real spit right there..

        B.G. has a point in “No one talks everyone walks” because cops will try to create crime out of thin air. You could go to prison for “terrorist threats” just by saying some of these comments to someones face.

        But the much, much bigger point is… Don’t be in that position.

      • What this dude SHOULD be doing is learning from his mistakes and writing letters to his people telling them to do better than him. He should use his mistakes as a lesson for both himself and provide them as lesson tool to his fans. You do dumb shit, you get locked up. Don’t start with that “product of the environment” shit. That’s only true up to a certain point. At a certain point, you are old enough to know that the environment you grew up in taught you a lot of fucked up shit and you should try to correct it.

      • Slaughtr


      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        You sir, much like your “hero” B.G are the definition of a silly, low life, ignorant, n@gga. Only the lowest of the low life ignorant n@ggas would defend this fool. I don’t care what you say because you are nothing. I will continue to knock anyone “Brothers” or “sisters” that are on the same silly $h@t that this dude is on. That product of my environment defense is NOTHING but a cop out. An excuse by the weak and stupid to behave like animals. This is why black folks are where they are at. Our community is full of those not taking responsibility for their actions and then when they get caught, blaming it on everybody else but themselves.You stated that he has no other choice but to be a gangster. That statement alone tells me that you have no knowledge of self. You act just as THEY want you to so you can fill up their prisons and make them rich. You and others like you are pathetic, filthy cockroaches that spread the disease of ignorance and violence to our people. You are part of the problem in our communities and should be wiped off of the face of the Earth. Now let me get back on my high horse and ride all over your silly field n@gga a$$.

      • 504blacktravolta

        you’r spot on nigga.14 years behind bars is not gangsta.taking care of ur fam is gangsta.B.G gonna come out when he almost 50.and i’m guessing most of his friends will either be dead or locked up too.

      • Southcidal

        What part of the 504 are you from? Old Metairie?

      • Southcidal

        Calm down my brother. Stop being so quick to judge and ridicule my brother. If I’m a low life, ignorant n@gga what does coming on a website and poking fun at another man getting incarcerated make you? You don’t know the man, nor what he was going through, but you get on a website and badger him as if you do. Its easy for you white boys to talk about whats going on in the black community and talk shiit about the product of an evironment being a cop out. You are a product of your suburban environment believe it or not. BG was a heroin addict at 13. Should he have known better then? BG phucked up. The results are obvious, care to dig deeper and discuss the causes? Sir?

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        White Boy? I am black. Suburban? I am from the south side of Chicago. You argument is as flawed as B.G’s prison letter. Stop making excuses for dumb n@gaa sh@t man.

      • YaheardSyndicate

        B.G is like almost 40 years old. I think he’s been rapping and making money at this point, longer then he hasn’t. At what point does one have to take responsibility for his own actions?

    • TheOnlyCoop

      The key is your not doing anything illegal so move on enjoy life. Now for those that are in the life choose it for whatever reason. So with any life choice know the risk and reward and except them as they come.

      So in translation if you get caught don’t scream out “Mike come on back they got us”

  • BG is a real one he gonna do his time like a real nigga would, he the dopest rapper from new orleans in my opinion. I salute you big homie, FREE GIZZLE!

    • kev

      fool he aint never the dopest rapper out of new orleans, he prolly 4th or 5th, that gangsta shit aint bout shit…..look at his last line, he say” if no one talks everbody walks” uhhhh ur dumb ass aint walkin nowhere

  • Dointer

    Sympathy for this idiot = 0

  • sc_realness

    well,by these comments we kno who will snitch if dey have a chance to.yea,he got fucked up an some dumb shit,but he did wat real niggas do,take his time like a man.half of yall probaly neva got into any trouble.

    • ll3acdafukup

      Hey stupid nlgga we not suppose to get into trouble we not suppose to go to jail.

    • JDTruth

      Listen to his advice. You will end up in the same place he is in with the rest of the “real niggas”

    • Doe Boy

      lol…these nigga killin me…if u in the streets u shouldn snithch

  • bigdoe6

    14 years? Let me think. My son is 2 years old, who’s gonna raise him. Who’s gonna protect him? My mom has a disability who’s gonna help her out??? Im snitching to the fullest. Middle finger to this clown.

    • Doe Boy

      or cuz u got a 2yr old and need 2 be out 4 yo mom…you shouldn be runin the street get out the life….get a job…but dont send a nigga 2 jail cuz you got in a jam..that street life aint 4 u…what u gona do if them ppl say..fuck that we wont u…fuck who u can give us…how u gone get out that jam

      • bigdoe6

        How many chances did they give him? Besides he got 14 years only and could’ve got more tim than that. He still got a slap on the wrist. How many chances did he think they was going to keep giving him. I truly don’t feel sorry for him. Do i like his music? Yes i’m a fan of some of this body of work but this has nothing to do with music that he’s put out. He made his bed now he has to lay in it, that’s what grown folks do. Gangsters need to do that same.

      • Doe Boy

        we say the samething….DO YO TIME…but putin sumbody els in jail n yo place is bitch shit….. into me that what i thought u was sayin

  • bigdoe6

    His dumb ass said if nobody talks, everybody walks. Your dumb ass refused to talk, and you still didn’t walk. So what’s your point BG????? These kids out here aint listening to your street sermons. These kids out here smarter than you. So what u made a couple hit records but the fact remains you destroyed yourself, no one else did it but you. Now you have 14 years to decide how you’re going to live your life once you touch down. What he should be telling these youngsters is stay out of trouble and do something positive. It seems he supports the negative aspect of life and he wants the young cats to respect it too. There is no way i would’ve posted this article.

  • JDTruth

    How about don’t do the crime and you won’t have to do the time. What an idiot. Worry about not dropping the soap and stop trying to teach these kids the wrong thing.

    • Doe Boy

      he did the crime that why he doin the a MAN….he a idiot 4 not sendin the next nigga to jail?

      • JDTruth

        He is an idiot for not seeing the BIG picture. If you don’t do wrong in the first place you don’t have to worry about someone snitching.

      • Doe Boy wit u 100%…but if u doin wrong it a bitch move 2 snitch…that all im tryin 2 say

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      what u mean dont do the crime if you have felonies how are going to get a good job stfu u could make a mistake 1 years ago n it will still count against you america needs to start employing convicted felons like drug dealers

      • kev

        do u cats really trippin thinkin that crime or a job is the only way to make a living. this is the dam United States of America……….with his music money he could be flipping houses, this is a buyers market..a real estate investor dont need any credentials and it doesnt matter if ur a convicted felon………get ya;; head out the movies and open ur eyes to opportunities….I mean…thats What US REAL Hustlers do, that have felonies

      • was he born with a felony ?? was the first felony he caught unavoidable ?? we put ourselves in these tuff spots then make excuses why we are here … of course the enviroment makes you get that desperate @ times but its 2012 it aint the 70s 80s or 90s no more by now we done seen a million dudes get caught in the mouse trap … how many more do we need to see fall for the cheese before dudes smarten up ??

      • JDTruth

        Should have thought about that before you got that felony. Everyone has to held accountable for there actions. You reap what you sow!!!

  • Doe Boy

    he did what real niggaz do (key word) REAL NIGGAZ….alota these duds aint real…if a nigga get jam wit a banger in do his time like a MAN yall sayin that dumb…how?…i dont respect these nigga runin the streets but scared of jail…niggaz get jam in be like john and them doin this tho…if it aint the life 4 u get out

    • kev

      homie…u got it twisted…real niggas do wat they gotta do to be there for their kids…thats what real niggas do… his son aint got his father, so what happens? its a greater chance he follows his daddy….

      • Doe Boy

        4real..i’m cut from a different cloth..shit lookin at these comments thay dont make that cloth nomo…u get jam up u send the next nigga to jail cuz u got kids is that what u sayin?….n why nigga think about thay kids after the get booked?…one mo time i’m cut from a different cloth…u dont wont yo son following yo footsteps stop doin what u doin…cuz even if u free runin the streets..yo son gone run the streets to…

      • David Marthaniel

        REAL SHIT

      • i think he was saying if you was a true “real nigga” and if your really thinking about your “Fam” you wouldnt even put yourself in the position to be in jail period and having to deal with the whole “snitching” thing … he would focus on breaking records, performing, collabing or what ever he can do legit wise to get $$$$ and stay on these streets and help feed and raise his fam …..

      • Doe Boy

        ok get i it….so we sayin the same shit..dont run the street..o in when i say real nigga i dont mean jus street niggaz….i kno a lota real niggaz that aint street niggaz….runin the street dont make u real…..shit helf these street nigga snitchin whan thay get jamed i fill like thay aint real…thay should get a job or go to shcool…cuz runin the streets dont make u a MAN…like thay say it aint what u do its how u do it….jus dont take the bitch way out…

      • def!!

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    thats my nicca he a real nicca but gangstas dont go 2 jail black ppl minds are backwards as far as gangsterism we black jail is slavery 4 us gangsters dont go to jail they shootout with police and die or kill cops and escape jail is not a option 4 a gangsta how can u call yourself gangsta when u have to bend over buttnaked 4 anotha man

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    when u locked up you do what the co’s tell you to do and that is not gangsta

  • Pharaoh Corner

    Ignorant Coon! smh

  • Southcidal

    There’s either a lot of white boyz posing tonight or a lot of fake brothers commneting on this link. B.G. was an addict at age 12 growing up in a broken home and very crime-ridden neighborhood. He had success as an artist and could have gotten away from his childhood community, but did what most black people don’t do and stayed. We are the only group of people that are looking to “make it out” instead of looking to “make it better”. That is the problem with the black community. We are expecting somebody that is not black to save the black community because obviously we’re not willing to save it because we’re looking to get as far away from it as possible, and then talk badly about the ones that couldn’t escape it.

    • that def happens cause folks find out the more you help the more you find out people dont want it … some folks are good with being fucked up … which is why its mainly about the youth … guys like BG will be stuck in thier ways until old age … if you aint changed by now you not … so its all about educating the youth and letting them know the oppurtunities are there as long as you open youself to it … dont try to be jayz @ age 13 …. be you be a kid dont worry about trying to rock a chain that cost more than your neighborhood …. just be a kid have fun learn a hobby … as long as there is a roof over your head …. and big prey to those kids that are growing up in a broken home … stay strong and find a real role model to look up to there by now there more than enuff …. there are people who are severly handicap and succeeded in life to the kid with a broken home or even the underage girl who got prego …. there are success stories for all of those …. no doubt its harder for them but outside of the kid from the broken home alot of the responsibility is asked for …. so becarefull what you ask for before your old enuff to handle it …… life is already hard enuff …..

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    I hope he makes it out and does well for himself.

  • ulostatlife

    This moron could have took the time to tell his hood which is always considered one of the most poverty stricken and crime ridden areas in the world to look to his situation and do something positive..Instead he chooses to let his ignorance shine bright by being the stereotypical “ignant”rapper and demanding praise for keeping it real..The more things change the more they stay the same..No one feels sorry for you btw..We are actually laughing at how ridiculous you are and how poetic it is your dumb azz will be wasting away while the world continues on without you..


    TYC(take your charges)He Talked That Shit An Walked That Shit!!! Way To Take Your Time Like A Man/G!!!

    • Doe Boy

      thats what im tryin 2 say to these goofys

  • This dude is a fool.

  • messias3

    It is funny that people think the street life is a adolescent Fad!

  • chevy_weight_champ

    I feel B.G. on certain things he said, but the other half I’m like nicca if you cool with 10 plus yrs. then do you my nicca, don’t come out like shyne confused ass bklood/muslim jew/deportee/diddy hata ha!!

  • Synista

    Although I can understand the not snitching and all that other street shyt…I seriously would have to reconsider if it meant the possibility of being sent to MAN CAMP for any amount of time! I cannot even fathom the thought of being away from WOMEN more than a few days much less 14 years HELL NOOOO!!! But i guess some dudes just enjoy the company of men so much that they would much rather not talk and get a long jail sentence just to show how”real” or “gangsta” they are,but while you are in jail being “gangsta” somebody who is FREE is tapping your girl or wife,all the conjugal visits aint even gonna matter.

  • “It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, “DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA,” the rapper explained.

    It feels good to be a gangster?

    I was about to type : “FREE B.G.”…but not, because I don’t want to mess up his “GOOD feeling!


  • @ the end of the day there is no honor amongst thieves … its 2012 folks … how many more suppose “street guys” “wise guys” “criminals” “gangsters” etc … do we need to see snitching before folks realize there is no honor amongst thieves ?? 1st you gotta think about what kind of person takes an easy malicious route to get $$ such as drug dealing robbing etc …. you really gotta think about the character of a person who would do something like that … there are some stand up guys doing crime but its a very small percentage and history shows this … just like thier actions when it comes to getting $$$$ (easy way out) … what makes you think they will take the HARD way out if they get caught ?? you really really really really gotta think about that ………. so if your gonna do crime …. @least listen to that boy Treach …. I DO MY DIRT ALL BY MY LONELY !!!!!!! 😉 …… which is why i just choose to just chase what yall consider slow money …. 9 to 5 and whatever legit side hustles i can come up with … i mean i seen dudes ball for maybe 5 years straight … then due 3 to 5 years in jail …. come out and go legit (start a business, contruction, house rebuild, promoter etc…) or fall off or falls into that cicle of doing the same ish going back to jail then back home etc… shit ive been legit through out that whole times on a steady incline … during his first 5 years i was still riding the bus but by time he got out of jail i was pushing a benz and looking to buy a home with money in my hand … waving @ the cops while i drive by with my after taxes money 😉 #cantnoonestopmyhustle … im @ a point where i got a clean record and the oppurtunity to continue to stack $$ of my 9 to 5 or start investing the money ive been getting into my own business 😉 …… its 2012 folks smarten up !!!!!!!! if you dont do it for yourself @least do it for the kids …. lead by example … we aint gotta do much talking they see our every move 😉

  • Terrance Goodman

    Shit niggss can be ignorant . Leave the street
    Shit alone, get real cake.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Bg pissed life away smfh

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  • The only thing I Iearned from this is that…B.G understands his situation, and he is man enough to step up to the plate and admitt it…….He is a street dude and thats all he knows…So his advice is for street dudes much like who he is.

    • i can dig it he did the crime and is maning up to it … def can salute that

  • Lyve Wire

    seems like a lot of these cats out here love to point and laugh at people in BGs situation. its sad, really. like people in BGs situation make yall feel good about yall self. ‘criminals’ shouldnt have to validate your high horse status. when did BG cry that he didnt do it, or any other thing like that? he basically said that he’s going to the his time like a man. he did the crimes, and that people that live that life know the risks; deal with it, with your head up.
    BG stood for baby gangsta… oh, you thought he was joking? lol. it dont stand for baby GOD. its not his responsibility to save anybody. how many other more popular entertainers have went to jail and said the cliche ‘dont do drugs, dont do crime? did it work? heck no. if you live that lifestyle, you’d know it aint that easy. its an eye for an eye world out there, and most just cant ‘walk away’.
    keep your head up BG. let the negative energy of these ‘brothers’ out here keep you positive. 2 wrongs dont make a right. and for yall cats out here, realize that you are ONE bad choice for being BG. act like it.

    • Southcidal

      Lyve Wire you’re talking to a bunch of lames that think because they’re sitting at their plush computers that shiit is all sweet. Most of their lives are probably more phucked up than BG’s and they’re free. LMAO!!

  • imaman2012

    some may say he’s dumb and other say he’s real.

    i say this. he chose to ride around strapped knowing the consequences and he took it on the chin.

    i see a man who took responsibility for his actions.

    not a real nigga. not a dumb nigga.

    just a man who made his bed and now laying in it without taking anyone else with him.

    it’s too late for him or us to say he shouldn’t been strapped.

    judged by 12 or carried by 6?

    • Took it on chin…by trying to get the kid in the car to eat the charges?

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  • eddieknucks

    Hold ya head b.g. He may sound ig to some of y’all cats but he just psyching his self up to eat them numbers. Folks gotta realize he been on the streets since he 10,what else he know. Yes men sorrounded him as an adult. Not excusing, just understanding.

    • True!

    • Southcidal

      Man these dudes act like they have never been remotely close to the hood. Maybe none of them have. Good post ed.

  • ladynamor

    My thing is, when you are blessed enough to receive fame and fortune, why go back? All the other kids in the neighborhood wish they could just have enough money to get out of the projects. Why even need guns and drugs when you could move away and show a positive transition to your next generation? On the other hand, If you choose to be gangster, you should take it like a man and NOT depend on your fame or snitching to make it easy on you. He made his bed and he is willing to lay in it, cant hate on that. He should start his letters by telling kids, I MADE A MISTAKE. DONT DO WHAT I DID. Now thats a real gangster’s way.

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  • …”If nobody talks… Everybody walks!” Realist advice in the letter.


      Uh, actually it should be “if nobody talks, it don’t matter because we got enough evidence to lock all you ignant nigras up, so the first one who talks, walks sooner”. Yeah, that’s bout right.

  • toreal

    Turks about to get out and this nigga just went in. Now I got to wait 14 years for a Hotboyz album.

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  • Erik Harvey

    The advice B.G is dropping is for street niccas. This advice is not for 9-5 straight living people. This advice is for the people getting money out the streets. And the advice he giving is true. If you a G be true to the life you chose and don’t snitch and be a rat. Really be about that life style. So for people working everyday and that don’t have to live like that or choose not too just disregard. This advice ain’t for you. Sir Salty has some good points also but environment my brother is definitely a factor. When you decided to buy a house and try to raise your kids, i am sure you won’t go to the worst part of town to shop first. What we should all focus on is unity and educate each other, not degrading with name calling because one’s perception of life and background is different.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    someone write this lame back and tell him not to bend over, being a “gangster” is not “cool” I hope he gets a life sentence so he can think about how much of a “b.g.” he is. #DONTBENDOVER,DONTFOLDOVER,DONTDROPTHESOAP.

  • $18592567

    BG is a fuckin moron.

  • Bigdogg

    Man big ups 2 u gizzle u a real nigga 2 da bone street life aint fo me but I cant stand wen a nigga talk alot of bs and he get caught up he take everybody down 2 I respect those who preach what dey practice so I got much luv fo u for dat u a true soldier

  • Abrasive Angel

    Maybe prison will rehabilitate him so he can make better choices in the fut….never mind.


    Unfortunately, B.G. is right about the “don’t snitch” stance. BUT, and I do mean BUT, it only should apply to the game. If you and ya boys are in it, and someone gets caught, you need to man up and take YOUR charge. Get a lawyer to get your time reduced as much as possible. But, if you ain’t in the game, and someone commits a crime against you or a loved one, by all means, get on that horn and call the police. You see, a soldier and a citizen ain’t under the same laws so you can’t get mad if a cititzen does his job. The problem is that the lines have been crossed. And here’s another problem… Most of these guys hustle to buy cars and jewelry. Not to feed their family or raise capital to start a legit business. But there aren’t any elders teaching the game of life to the youth, so it will continue to get worse.

  • Bless Graphics

    We all knew B.G. was a little off when his heroin addiction surfaced. Some people grow up and some don’t. B.G’s allegiance to the streets has been a gift and a curse. His decisions haven’t been the best but he’s still alive and able to make the proper changes to help mold him into a better person in the future. I could pass judgement and point fingers like some on here have but all of us have made mistakes in the past. He who is without sin cast the first stone. As good brothers and sisters we should say a prayer for our brother and his family instead of condemn him.


    b.g i only have 2 words for u ” dumb azz”

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  • Yep

    He really is not that gangsta he tried to get one of his codee’s to say it was their gun dummies

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  • LilOne

    look at the sandy shooting…DUMBASS wHITE PEOPLE DOING crzy shit

  • gud to see a real g stick to tha code cuz it lets me no im not the last real g breathing

  • gsxr

    1 luv to tht man BG… got mad love for his music keep ur head higher than these lame niggas shitting on ur name like on this post… cause these are the same niggas tht would turncoat and snitch on they partners these bitch niggas time be hard while “G’s” have it as easy as it can possibly be in there

  • Tommy

    i think its bullshit nigga got 14 years and T.I i the same shit happen to him..that nigga only got what a year?? wtf free this nigga after a year!!!

    • Ol’ Smooth MF

      t.i a snitch

  • Shabba

    What an idiot. If nobody talks, everybody walks. Ya, straight to jail for 14 years ya fuckin moron!!

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  • Jarrod SpekTak Wilson

    One of the few rappers that didnt fabricate in his rhymes..I fucks wit the homie from day one

  • LadyFrosty95