@GuddaGudda “The Vent Pt. 2”


  • chevy_weight_champ

    Ok Truth my nicca the beat is bangin so it carried you, you spittin real shit from ya life experience so a nicca can respect this tracc, but honestly my nicca rappin aint 4 you cuzzo, I’m pretty sure wayne got you reguardless if he a real homie, but the N.O. in my opinion aint been the same since yall niccaz went from street soldiers to industry bkloods an thatz just real spit!! you nicca went from whut up whodie to I throw up bklood wit my hands, but no hate you went in on this tracc!!

    • sick beat gudda did his thank on it … but hey @ chevy shoot wether hes ment for the industry or not that doesnt change your love to make music … just caus4e you didnt make it to the pro dont mean i cant hit the local court and get my ball on …. #4daloveofdagame 😉