Shyne Unleashes Free “Gangland” Album on 12th Anniversary of Debut Album

(AllHipHop News) Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne is back with Gangland, his first full effort since his departure from the industry to serve a nearly 10-year prison sentence, and he declared, “I run New York…even from an island.”

The release comes on the 12th anniversary of his debut Bad Boy Records album, Shyne. The new release offers up 18 original cuts from a stash box of producers, bringing what they consider to be a different sound than fans are accustomed to.

Shyne touches on just about every subject after his hefty sentence, from politics to the jail system, celebrity murder and criminals beating their cases, to keeping to the street code.

When asked Shyne how he judges the Gangland project among his others, he said he looks at it as his “best work yet.”

Download Shyne’s new Gangland album HERE

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    not checcin 4 it an I can bet my life that there’s alot of people who feel the same way, shyne wuz that dude @ one point, but now homie needs 2 just let it go an maybe try finding new fresh talent an make money behind the scene!! no hate, real spit!!

  • This dude need to take his medication…..One week he is a Gangsta rapper, the next week he is an Orthodox Jew…You just can’t mix the two, pick one and stick with it.

  • I was hoping for a video, but definitely wasn’t clogging up my bandwith or hardrive with a free brick!
    Then again, not saying it’s gonna be all middle eastern instruments as the baseline, but it might be.

    He runs NY? From an Island?
    Might be a power move to go platinum first, or even gold…….but I’ll check for him.

    Shyne never really had flow, he just sounded like BIG on “BAD BOYS”, then again, Barrington Levy on the hook smashed it.

    Shyne kept it real, lived it, etc, but that life ends to make way for the next up & comer in the game.

  • Oh ‘Chet! $hyne dropped some heat!

    With wack samples / hooks, but flow & beats = tight.

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  • ” I need an uptown wife, you a downtown orthadox!” – Super Doll

    LOL-N $hyne do be bugging sometimes, sometimes with the wack flow, usually with the wack flow though.

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  • johnblacksad

    i don’t understand this ninja’s career…

  • Synista

    מזל טוב (mazal tov) ……….. La Chaim !!!Ninja went to jail as a gangsta and came out as a jew LOL