50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is 50 Cent Talking Badly About Floyd Mayweather Again?

With friends like 50 Cent, who needs enemies? The rapper, who has previously claimed that boxer Floyd Mayweather was his best friend, was caught tweeting that his “best friend” was “not very bright.” 50 didn’t drop any names, but it’s common knowledge that he and Floyd have had a very recent falling out.

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Check out 50’s tweet below:

How long before Floyd knocks 50 the f*ck out?! He’s really going overboard. First, forming a company with Floyd’s arch enemy, Manny Paquiao, and now, talking constant crap about him with any media outlet that will listen.

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So, you guys have been emailing me asking me to bring up the “real” reason why Floyd and 50 are no longer friends. You twisted my arm, so I will! Rumor has it that 50 Cent and Floyd’s fiancée, Ms. Jackson, got extra close while Mayweather was in the bing, and Floyd did not like that one bit.

People were chattering that 50 and Ms. Jackson were allegedly seeing each other behind Floyd’s back while he was in prison. I don’t know what to tell you about this one, except that I have heard it whispered before.

C’est la vie!!! Are you going to miss this bromance?

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  • Antoine Hart

    they are clearly setting up for the pacman mayweather fight…u guys cant be that oblivious..

    • Hussle


    • TonyMon

      Its too obvious..but there are ppl out there that will fall for it.

    • Negro Peligro

      THANK YOU.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      yeah great promotion with out spending a penny…..

    • Doe Boy

      i hope so…

    • Jizzah!

      True that! People are trying to read into something else that ain’t there. It’s all about marketing, promoting & profits!!

  • Sometimes you have to take things for what they are…..People fight, it’s not the end of the world.

  • Tril Beats

    Damn 50… u didn’t hafto go at his chic tho, but she is L…. dayammm lol!


    hmmm… what if he was talking about yayo?….i am just saying

    • TonyMon

      That’s what i thought aswell. It sounds more like he is refering to Yayo.

    • Doe Boy

      i didn think of that…

  • Ghetto Suburbia

    50 can’t keep a friend for shit. He can’t hang with people with less money than him because he feels like everybody is using him. Then he can’t hang with anybody with more than him because he still feels like he is superior to them but aint nobody kissing his ass. Let Mayweather have his own legacy like you have yours. He’s still a #1 fighter in his career and youre like a #99 Rapper in your career. Floyd don’t want to get involved in your business ways. He got bread. You have a reputation of kickin it with people and then airing they ass out after your done with them. Dr. Dre, Game, Young Buck, Banks, Yayo, Floyd, Nas, Jayz, Kanye just to name a few. Anybody that fucks with 50 can’t be right in the head because the proof is in the pudding. Now his Wife, she was put in the middle of this because Men don’t trust Women to be around highly successful people because money can’t make any chick a groupie and pictures tells a thousand lies. Floyd could always buy another wife. But my point is, you’ll never know why they beefing, so please stop reaching for the stars.


    50 practices his 50 Laws and incorporates other public figures to partake in the act to consumes many of you and ultimately this scenes in his deception becomes your obsession. Because most of you who post here are just members of the audience watching these celebrities manipulate you with their simplistic and contrived scripts and you will continue to keep these rapper/actors popular and relevant. Its all a ploy.

    • i agree with you except it’s the media writing the scripts. This is a three or four paragraph article about a “sentence.”

      • Jizzah!

        Who is the media? Me, you & the mass public. It’s people who want to see & hear everything thats going on with these celebs. That’s the only reason why people like 50 & so many other celebs does stunts like this to keep getting attention. I give him he due props he KNOWS how to market and promote his-self big time and staying relevent. Even after no ones checking for his music anymore.

      • allhiphop is the media. sydney lace is the media. me, you, and the mass public are the consumers. Chances are you didn’t know anything about the tweet until you read about it here or some other site. The title could have mentioned something like “50 clowning around on twitter” and the article would have had a much different undertone. Believe it or not, websites like this are telling you who to think about and what to think about them. 50 didn’t write the article

      • Jizzah!

        True bro, thats why as Im older now. I don’t care much about this or that anymore. Just pure entertainment for the mean time, then forget about it. It’s sad how there using they knowledge to control the masses. But this day & age nothing much surprises me. Like what I teach my kids (keep ur mind right and if your too busy worried about what the next 1 is doing thats taking away time from you doing you). Funny tho I cameup on Hiphop and I steer my kids away from certain music like rap.
        Most is just pure brain washing like now how all these kids now are living lost on hiphop.

    • Yeah, but if Pac & May box, it’s part of the fun!

      Hopefully it is a ploy & they all make mega $$$.

  • King Cold

    aint shit new here…we all knew floyd was a batch when he dodged pac man

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  • dominicancoke

    Floyd was mad because 50 cheated on him with his fiance u must be on bath salts if you cant see these 2 are downlow

  • Wil Btvglobal Ty


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  • greeneyedbandit

    “Real friends don’t carry knives.”

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  • TJ da DJ

    I’m pretty shure 50 dune fukd Sydney Lace who cant tell ya rumors without putting an opinion mixed in prolly does this job part time and his a full time writer for Chelsea Handler either way stop hating and do yo job leave da hating to us!

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