Hip-Hop Rumors: Video – MGK Versus Microsoft? Rapper Says “F*ck These Computers”

Machine Gun Kelly is really a wild boy, and unfortunately, it looks like he just ruined a corporate relationship with computer giant Microsoft. The Bad boy was hired to perform at the Microsoft store at Atlanta’s Lenox Mall on Friday for The Source magazine’s Power 30 Issue, and he went H.A.M. during his performance.

During his performance, the rapper began jumping on tables in the store which housed brand new and expensive computers and laptops. MGK ignored the pleas of the Microsoft staff to get down, and instead hit them with the middle finger and said:

“Suck my d*ck, I’m up in this motherf*cker. MGK in this b*tch. F*ck these computers.”

After about 40 seconds into his first song and after stomping on at least five computers, the staff cut off his music and his mic.

We hear the staff also allegedly called the cops on MGK! Check out the exclusive footage from the boys at Hip Hop Wired:

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83 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Video – MGK Versus Microsoft? Rapper Says “F*ck These Computers””

    • Dynomite

      It worked. He just took a small in-store performance in front of a couple hundred people, and put it in front of thousands. You probably wouldn’t have known anything about that show if he hadn’t acted a fool. He may or may not have pissed off microsoft, but his fans will eat that up.

  1. Nemesis_Enforcer

    This is one of those cornballs that thinks acting “black” means acting IGNORANT! We’re partly to blame though. smh.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      thats not acting black, what black artist you know thats gonna jump up on the table with good computers, if any thing they gonna have lil bangbang from the hood tossing laptops in the bag while they distract them while performing.

  2. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    don’t blame MGK, gotta blame Microsoft for not knowing about the artist they chose to perform at their event. they thought it would be safe to have a white rapper because those Negros always shot the place up after the show. well they got what they asked for no guns just trampled computers and disrespectful lyrics.

  3. Chris Breezy

    Come on what they think was gonna happen you get a dude like MGK he is known for doing some crazy shit on stage in a upity white store where they’re all scared of getting rowdy of course boy gon wild out.

  4. lused_dreamer

    Really expensive computers u gotta be kidding me? Microsoft is literally making billions as we speak..I was more mainstream artists would say “fcuk you” to this corporate power structure dominating this country. Either way people are still talking about microsoft and mgk so fcuk it

  5. Paul Disastro

    Apparently he’s like the male version of Tiffany, because I only ever see his bullshit antics happening at malls. (You likely will only understand this comment if you were born in the 70’s-early 80’s. MGK was born in 1990) He started a flash mob in one of the whitest, bland, culture-less malls in Ohio. (South Park Mall, Strongsville, OH, about 40 min from anything remotely “urban” and/or “hood”) Had he done that on the east side, he’d not only get laughed at, he’d probably get robbed and beat while doing it. He’s on that list of reasons of why I’m ashamed of being from Cleveland.

  6. R.k. Myroup

    Do you really think this was “going HAM” or just damn good marketing. I didn’t know who this toad was five minutes ago. Now he’s going to be everywhere in the media because that’s what they feed on. So ask yourself, art or calculated action?

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