Hip-Hop Rumors: Cee Lo Sees Through The Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey Beef

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, both from New York are on the cover of today’s NY Daily News under the headline, “I FEAR FOR MY KID – Mariah beefs up security…” Really, I mean really? What is Nicki Minaj going to do to your kids, Mariah? This is just silly.

Well, Cee Lo, who just happens to be a judge himself on “American Idol” competitor, “The Voice”, thinks the beef between Mariah and Nicki smells like a publicity stunt. TMZ caught up with him on the streets of Los Angeles. where he said, “This is Hollywood, California. Hardly anything’s legit.”

Check out the video of Cee Lo below where he also touches on whether or not he’s “worried” about ratings:

Mariah reportedly beefed up her security while they were at an “American Idol” photo shoot yesterday. Both Nicki and Mariah kept it professional and took photos with the cast and even together. Hopefully, if the beef is real, these two can put business first and work together. Will you be watching “American Idol” this season?

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  • game213

    You have to be like 12 or 13 yrs old to actually believe this is reel or to even think it could be reel, im not mad at it though, its entertainment. Just cant believe ppl actually coud believe this is reel

    • Tom

      You have to be 12 or 13 years old to spell REAL as REEL. Lol. Smh.

      • Stay Phokus

        thats “reel” shit lmao

      • Sylvester Daniel

        Reeeeeel spit right their…lol

      • einstein


      • Negro Peligro

        Man you did him homie.

      • $28825362

        Man you “reel” F’ed up for that one. #CAN I LIVE

      • NEWSKULL

        lol.. that ain’t right bro!…

    • Oknas

      “Reel”? This aint films nigga

    • toreal

      You must have been in Special Ed?

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  • Pierre Elliott


    • Galactus

      i agree 1000%

  • Pierre Elliott

    and nikki is embarrassing to blacks and carribeans.

    • dominicancoke

      Im carribean she aint making no carribean people look bad except for trinidadians thats how chicken headed trinis are in queens and brooklyn for example foxxy brown another trinidadian chicken head and on the fellas side bang em smurf

  • Oknas

    Whatever the case is real or not they still look dumb and i dont give a fuk

  • Ratings all this was about ratings point blank period stop with the race card cuz there are plenty of blacks and carribbeans looking bad on their own hater

  • VentKing11

    I don’t care if it’s real…put em both in a cage with bathing suits on, let em cat fight, and I’ll pay mad money to watch it!!

    • hoeyuno

      Maria Carey farts like a trucker.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • einstein

    this fat fuckin dwarf must think that they want to waste millions of dollars to halt production…idiot

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  • I would get security too. Dumb rappers… Shooting at every event they go to…

  • Sosa_Limone

    only an idiot would beleive that this beef is real, or at least real to teh extent that they are making it out to be… millionaires threatening the lives of other milionaries in a television studio??? lol this is worse than the WWF.. but on another note, i was wathing that “I Kniw what you want” video by busta and maria and maria looked sooooooooooooooooooooo bad back in the day…

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