Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana Says Rap Beef Is Dead

French Montana really is a man of the people, isn’t he? First being signed to Akon, and now being jointly signed to Bad Boy and MMG. He also works with YMCMB and Brick Squad. The only crew he hasn’t infiltrated is G.O.O.D. Music – oh wait, he has tons of songs with 2 Chainz dating back to when he was Tity Boy. No wonder he dislikes beef – his hustle is being able to float from crew-to-crew to stay hot at all times. I like his “lick” – that means “a hustle” if you didn’t know.

In a recent interview with Complex, French details why he dislikes beef and why you stay away from it at all costs:

“You should avoid beef if you trying to make money. People get scared when you try to beef with people. In general, [even in street shit] nobody want to stand next to you if somebody about to shoot you, unless you have a a big lick. They [used to] do that with 50 because 50 was the bank. They knew he was going to win. People ain’t doing that [anymore] … [The rap game’s not built like that anymore]. No, it’s over for that. It’s gone, big time. They’ll get you out so fast.”

Wait, did he just diss 50 Cent?

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40 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana Says Rap Beef Is Dead”

  1. Eli Pinilla

    funny shit is, b4 he started dick hopin, he was around 50 and them when max b was out. and was even with 50 during a cocaine city video a few years back. guess he was one of them nggz that was around 50 cuz he was the bank …. and dont he got beef with jim jones?!?!?!….

    • Eli Pinilla

      and seriously, i’d rather stand on my own 2 and have beef with nggz and make 50 cent money than be cool with half the industry and have them rape me for my royalties while they smile in my face…the nggz he signed to eatin off his plate more than he is. especially if he dealin with puff

    • Bumpy Johnson

      french gone b iight. as long as hip hop got some beef essence in it niggas gone beef. and com’on french just coz ur friends ditched u when them niggas wanted to get at you coz they was shook dont mean everybody boyz get shook.

  2. Alf Capone

    i dont care for this dude at all…………i mean good luck to him and all that………but his music is sooooooooooooooo wack

  3. brotha_man

    he speaking for himself….he is signed to too many people to beef. First being signed to Akon, and now being jointly signed to Bad Boy and MMG….stfu

  4. Hector G

    honestly this guy says some of the stupisest shit in the history of the rap game….real philosophical….how bout 50 keep it real even if it costs him…..you’re a poser fake faggot fence jumper so why dont you jus go make some more shit for people that listen to the flavor of the month…and by the way you look like you have down syndrome

    • andone

      i agree wit the 50 part… but i gotta say this dude got his hands dirty… how much, im not sure but it was enough to get him a bullet to the head… thats pretty serious if u ask me… and while many ppl may not like his bars french has a few cuts i knock “henny & my 44” “lay down” jus to name a few… but to each his own!!

    • PhilW

      lol did you just say 50 kept it real!?!?!? When!?!? WHen he made up fake beef with everybody to sell records? you must be one of his Gunit dick riders…the dumbest shit I have ever heard

      • Southcidal

        That’s what I always thought. All of these other meanings are new to me.

      • andone

        @SC i kno right same here but i do want to include…

        lick= outta town/state trip/trap

        ie: “got this lick on the other side”

      • andone

        pretty much thats wat i meant jus re-worded ur version to further explain ur point!!

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, never heard ” I like his lick”…I guess that’s chick slang?

        I heard “He caught / got / a lick”.

        I guess we old & corny….

        >>>>Starts shopping for matching Leggings / Jeggings to be cool now

      • EDOGZ818

        But that would be a “VIC”
        But yeah, hitting a lick would be that, catching one would be like a sale.

        Damn sure isn’t ” I like his lick!”


        Unless he was licking Sydney’s cooch…then she is %100 correct!

  5. andone

    lmao jus another example of how much ahh likes to throw 50 under the bus… c’mon 2 days in a row tho… SMH… where was the diss???

  6. TruthSerum

    I got tired of beef after high school, a bunch of grown men arguing with each other seems corny to me. If you got problems meet up somewhere, throw hands and move on with your life.

  7. messias3

    “The rap game’s not built like that anymore. No, it’s over for that. It’s gone, big time. They’ll get you out so fast.” … I would agree … it used to be a time when they/labels shielded there artist … from all … That’s why you can’t get a deal … real Guns in entertainment is non profitable … now Hiphop police and shit … Stop beefing and lets get this paper … O but please do battle that is what HIPHOP is built on … Peace my G

  8. immackulate

    i aint mad at frenchie for that — honestly, its the same route JAY took when he started getting bigger checks, fame, and notoriety — french far from a JAY check but its the natural progression “get money leave the bullshyt for the niggas stuck on that bullshyt” back when he was riding MAX B’s wave and flipping them cocaine city dvd’s he was trying to beef with dipset on Max behalf (cuz i dont think french ever really wanted problems with nobody) but max somewhere in a maximum prison and french aint built for no problems (i mean how many times can a niggah actually survive a shot to the head) plus he call NYC home the rest of them mmg cats down south – pretty sure he decided to stay DIPLOMATIC about the situation cuz he dont wanna get ran up on every where he’s seen at – not like that niggah ever gonna get a release date anyway — so he’ll be back at home in the rotten apple soon enough

  9. msdor

    y can’t they just make gud rap music and be happy teach the black kids that they can over cum at the whites say they cant be and have teach them that to stay in school and become someone then going to jail and smoking and carring a gun and each them that just because you dont have two parent you still can have a gud life what is wrong they are still going to buy your music and love you the same now that u all are haveing kids how would you like if your children date someone like you

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