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EXCLUSIVE: From "Pathetic" to "Kudos", Shyne and Kosha Dillz Weigh In on Rick Ross' Jewish Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) This week, Rick Ross released his highly publicized and controversial new mixtape project, The Black Bar Mitzvah. Its cover art pictures Rick Ross in the middle of the Jewish Star of David, adorned with fur and designer shades amidst a black and gold themed titling.

Ross has yet to comment on his faith; however, from whathe says in the intro of the project, the title appears to be a play on the common Jewish stereotypes of wealth and helping fellow members of their faith succeed in life socially and financially:

“Don’t put me on Forbes no more, my n*gga. If I’m not next to the Maloufs, or Tony Wynn, or them n*ggas that own Vegas. Don’t put me next to these lil’ broke n*ggas, n*gga. F*ck n*ggas happy with 10 million, my boat was 12 million n*gga [laughter].

“Black Bar Mitzvah, Black Hebrews, all my Jewish partners, all my business endeavors. Open your minds. We gettin’ mo money, we owners now. Follow the code, we on the road to riches. P*ssy n*ggas gotta wave now, when I look in they direction they gotta wave now…[laughter] I love it!”

Be it a compliment, joke, or simple nod to those of the Jewish faith, Jewish rappers Shyne and Kosha Dillz spoke with separately about their views on the title and premise behind the project.

Kosha Dillz has represented his Jewish heritage through Hip-Hop in many ways, as he even had a Shabbat tent at the Paid Dues Festival, since the festival coincided with Passover this past year.  In addition, Kosha frequently raps in Hebrew and is a practicing Jew with frequent contact with his Rabbi.

On Monday, Kosha Dillz spoke with from Washington, D.C. while on RZA’s “The Man with the Iron Fists” tour.

“I do make Jewish raps, but I also just rap and happen to be Kosha Dillz. People may not understand every bar that I spit, but people do understand what I’m representing and that I’m representing some sort of heritage. Like in the BET cypher, I rap in Hebrew because I want that to be felt,” Kosha Dillz explained.

“It’s so crazy because it’s a good title, just in general. I just met Rick Ross because I was at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in the front row, and I said what up to him. I had my yarmulke on, too, so I just thought it was crazy how he said peace to me, then a day later…Black Bar Mitzvah.

Said Kosha Dillz, “One, I think it’s a play that Jews get money, which kind of just permeates that stereotype. Also it’s cool in the sense that other Jewish kids that are listening to Rick Ross that didn’t want to have anything to do with the holidays that just passed will now think it’s cool. I spoke to my Rabbi about it, and we were just thinking it’s kind of crazy, because when I started, everyone was like, ‘Why is he doing that?’ And then slowly but surely, being Jewish is becoming cool, and now I think there may be a larger acceptance in certain communities.

“Like oh yeah, Rick Ross reps for the Jews. Whether it’s superficial or not, it still has an effect on the way people are perceived. We are here to share our culture, we get busy, we go this and that. Hip-Hop was invented by Black culture in the Bronx, so we are blessed to be contributing back and forth, so kudos to Rick Ross. The only thing that I am sad about is that I didn’t have a song on the project.”

Shyne, on the other hand, took Ross’ title personally, saying it was “sarcastic,” and that Ross had been mimicking his moves in the game for some time now.

“I felt he was being sarcastic or being – like, I didn’t really understand what he was trying to say, like he’s not Jewish, I thought he was Muslim. Anyone can be Jewish, it’s a faith, it’s not a race, but I never heard him proclaim his affinity to Judaism. All of the sudden, I come out with a record a few weeks ago with Pusha T called “Meyer Lansky,” and then he comes out with Black Bar Mitzvah. It’s like, nah, get off mine. I feel like he jockin, know what I’m saying?” Shyne explained.

“You can look at him on his YouTube saying how much he loves Shyne, and how he think my albums are classics and all that. It’s natural for people to be influenced by other people, and if he was anybody else, I would take it as a compliment. But what he stands for and represents disgusts me. Ya understand? It’s not the occupation. I known many descent people who were correctional officers, but none of them would become a rapper and start talking about thug life and gang life, you understand? If they did I would say they are disgusting as well,” Shyne remarked.

“So that’s the problem, it’s a matter of OK, if that’s what you did, you should be rapping about reformation, rehabilitation, you should be rapping about getting kids off the streets. Rap about what you know. He goes too hard with the whole dope boy lifestyle, the whole Scarface thing. He’s like Donnie Brasco, he’s like Ice T from New Jack City, and that’s pathetic, man. It’s really outrageous that we live in a culture where he thinks it’s OK. Again, I’ve known many of C.O.s, but it’s about integrity. How does Sammy the Bull come out and talk about being a gangster? If you a C.O., rap about girls, be a backpack rapper, but how you gonna rap about gang life?”

At the time of print, Rick Ross has yet to comment on the project.

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58 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: From "Pathetic" to "Kudos", Shyne and Kosha Dillz Weigh In on Rick Ross' Jewish Mixtape”

  1. some random nigga

    I think Rick Ross is getting a bit above himself. But then again todays fans of hip hop are just a bit too influential and they buy into this kind of stuff. When I was younger the most controversal artist was Jay-Z and that was only because he called himself “Jay-hova” or “hova” which is a little disrespectful to people of the faith…but at the same time…who’s reallu fuc*ing with Jay anyway. Rick is good at best…it’s his publicist that make him seem bigger than life.

  2. Carlos

    glad he is getting publicity off the mixtape because it is garbage. I took the Good music album out my cd player and put this black bar mitzva and for a minute, I thought i hadnt changed the cd as he remade half the cruel summer cd in mixtape

  3. $17637591

    Blacks are the TRU ISRAELITES of the bible. Its the worlds biggest secret and for everyone that doesn’t know go read Deuteronomy chapter 28. It outlines all the curses God inflicted on the “True Israelites”. Says the Israelites will be brought on ships to a foreign land to be enslaved. Also check the songs of Solomon where he states his skin is black. After you read that and still don’t believe the truth google a slave fort in Africa that housed slaves called “Fort of Judah”. This is why slave traders erased our history so we wouldn’t know who we truly are. In the Bible Moses, the Apostle Paul & Joseph are all confused as Egyptians. And we all know the Ancient Egyptians were black.

    • Galactus

      YepBlacks, caribeans west indians, southand central Americans all have ties to the slave trade, and are denied their birthright, but we are all THE REAL ISRAELITES!

      • $17637591

        Yup your up on that knowledge too. All those you listed are the lost tribes of Israel and thats y all of us including american blacks have been and are still going through hell. Deuteronmy chapter 28 list almost every thing we go through. What really got me was that one verse says Israelites will be known as a BYWORD…and whats a byword?….”Nigga, Coon, Tarbaby, Spook”.

      • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

        You guys are the real israelites but what are you doing about it…..are you guys practicing the relgion? No you guys are worshipping allah the moon god and a blond myth name jesus. Cut the crap, blacks want to claim everything but yet remain in ignorance. I am not white neither would i want to be but blacks are a disgrace in this country, please dont try to claim judaism and smear it too. Judaism has evolved into a rich culture based on serving our God and keeping our communities and families close along with the mantra of being self sufficient through business etc. I wish more blacks would come over to judaism but fact is they are too indulged in vice and lust to walk a straight Godly path. They rather money and women and materialism.

    • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

      blacks are no damn Jews, stop that myth. The original Jews looks like the Yemenite Jews such as the Rabbi in my Avatar, not no damn black people. Even if blacks were the og Jews, what are they now? (Muslims and xtians), with the exception of the Ethopian jews and some black converts, its not about the past, its about now. If it wasn’t for the European Jews and middle eastern Jews, our religion would be extinct, no thanks to the blacks.

      • $17637591

        Ima teach you somthing on the way to learning something. Its no myth. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28. The whole chapter list curses the Israelites are throughout every generation. Almost every curse is what black slaves and their decendants have gone through. Your right it is about now, thats why I posted this knowledge for people like yourself to learn the tru identity of the real Israelites. Salem!!

      • johnblacksad

        “Deuteuronomy 28, verse 68, it all relates” -Killah Priest, One Step

      • Glasscut

        Judaism is a people, a culture.. saying that your jewish means your practicing the religion there is a difference.. Some not all blacks are from the tribe of judah.. Remember there were 12 tribes of israel.. when the holy land was attacked and the tribes dispersed remember we were scattered.. all over the earth.. alot of us stayed in the african region though and started other kingdoms but we maintain one thing.. The traditions the dances, the food.. also slavery didnt make things any better.. we were once again scattered further.. like i said above me i am from the tribe of Gad.. my ancestor is Eze Nri.. So yes blacks are israelites alot of us are hebrew, but also some others came from different areas and were civilized and accepted in the kingdom..

      • Glasscut

        I wish the term jewish will stop confusing people about what it means.. its a religion.. if you say your a jew then your saying your from the tribe of judah.. the mixing is confusing and its wrong. Matzo is not ritz crackers although broken down it might look the same but its not ritz crackers

      • The One And Only

        It’s obvious that you have little to no command of historical information. Modern day Jews are Zionist Jews. They are not indigenous Jews. The indigenous Jews looked very similar to what Ethiopian Jews look like. It’s apparent that you have simply taken information from your “White-Washed” history lessons and regurgitated it. No offense to you of course. I’m just simply speaking the truth. Of course, there are white Jews in the world but they are not the original Jews, just like white people are not the original Freemasons. They acquired all of this knowledge from their travels through North Africa and Asia. History did not begin in Europe. Jewish history did not begin in Europe. Remember that. No offense to my white brethren. The truth is the truth and it’s as simple as that.

      • Galactus

        @Eliyahu Are you “orthodox jewish”? What are you beliefs on WHO the black man is? Remember, the black man lost his identity the day he became a slave. And Not for nothing, but that rabbi in your AVI looks black to me…

      • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

        Yes i am an orthodox jew, i am not white. The rabbi is from Yemen, so he would be more sementic not black necessairly but im sure some where along the line black blood was mixed. I detest ppl saying og jews were black, yes slavery did alot to erase history but to say the original jews were all blk is crazy, there was 12 tribes and a mixed multitude, no way they were all blk. I know chinese, mexican, korean jews, etc. Fact is blk in this day and age are not jews neither do they care for the religion so the past is tge least of it…..right now matters and blk are more obsessed with islam and a blond hair myth of a man name jesus.

      • Galactus

        black as in skin color, ya rabbi looks black. If we want to get technical, he is from Yemen, but I know a couple Yemen brothas that refer to themselves as “black”, even though they also regard themselves “Arab” or “Middle-Eastern”, but I guess that’s an American thing. Since you are a practicing Orthodox jew, then I guess you can be considered a khazar? An ashenazi? Do you covet the star of David? Becuz bibically, that symbol is not christian, I believe it has ties to King Solomon, who was a practicing Kabbalist. But correct me if i’m wrong brotha.

      • Galactus

        I agree, they took the Legend of Yeshua, and made a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus for “Catholism”… TRUE. That Jesus was created by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Alot of People who deny Yeshua And The Almighty YHWH don’t know Catholism was Created as a DOPPLEGANGER of True Christianity as a means of SPIRITUAL CONTROL. Research Constantine The Great, Constantinople. The Catholic Church Has ADMITTED TO THIS, EVEN IN THIS DAY.

      • Slaughtr

        I know it hurts but you need to look deeper into your shit pale folks are not the original jews and if you want to make it frank white jews stold the religion so seal your fkn mouth. Respond back if you want cause I fall on def ears with anything you saying.Really you just exposed yourself and keep thinking black folks are just christians,muslims, and xtians we are the seed of the world but the pale hate to hear that shit.Oh yea there is no j in hebrew.

    • Glasscut

      90,000 Black africans from Niger delta, Calabar to be exact southeastern/western nigeria were brought to james madisons montepeller.. Google – Murder at Montpelier: Igbo Africans in Virginia.. Also if you are igbo and lost as of whom you are lookup this book. Nri Warriors of Peace. as per me myself i am descendant of Nri, 900 AD -14 carbon dated..the name of my village is Uruokwe, village.. Eze Nri the first king is from GAD one of the lost tribes.. We are a peaceful people and had traditions similar to uorthodox judaism or sufism.. We were not christians until the europeans came with lies and deception.. i can go on for days.. as i was born there in enugu-nigeria.. been in the US for 17yrs.. So to make a long story short as a black person brothers and sisters please try and respect one another.. you know death, war, and oppression is easy.. living with love and peace is the hardest things.. one can ever achieve in this life time.. call it what you want.. but then ask yourself why if all the addictions in the world why is peace not one of them.. Why cant we be addicted to peace..

  4. $17637591

    I respect Shyne becaues he has knowledge thats been hidden from us. I think Ross knows too cuz he said “Black Hebrews”. Todays People claiming to be Jews like Kosha Dillz are “Khazars” a European tribe that converted to Judaism in the dark ages. Thats one of the reasons Hitler tried to exterminate them. These fake Jews are the richest people on earth but Deuteronomy chapter 28 tells us the tru israelites will always be poor an unable to stand against their enemies.
    Revelations 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty-yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    Revelations 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars-I will make them come and fall down at your feet
    and acknowledge that I have loved you.
    I know this knowledge will go over alot of your heads but know there is a reason no other pepole in the history of the Earth have been subject to horrors black poeple have seen. This whole thing was orchistrated carried out by the synogogue of Satan.
    Detroit Hard Headz

    • johnblacksad

      “no other pepole in the history of the Earth have been subject to horrors black poeple have seen”…. i dunno… the people that Hitler went after are up here with black folks on the horrific tip… i’m black tho… but i’m not sure the gas chambers weren’t at least as horrible as the slave trade! jus sayin….
      I dunno if people realize what Hitler really did : for the first time in history MAN built INDUSTRIAL FACTORIES WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF KILLING… you know how you have a plant producin cars… Hitler built plants which where only there to be able to kill as much people as possible with the most efficiency… 10k a day! Thank about it!

      • $17637591

        Naw homie Holocaust wasn’t worst. Its estimated that 5 millions “fake” Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Estimated that 15 million slaves were captured and dispursed in the slave trade. During the boat ride 3 million slaves died and are in the Atlantic Ocean. Thats just the slave trade, if you count those lynched and those that have died and continue to die in the streets that tips the scale as far as total murdered. Thats just totaling the number of lives lost but when you include the horrors of slavery and the oppression we continue to endure the Holocaust don’t compare.

      • Galactus

        Basically, The Zionists sacrificed themselves for the sake of world domination. Who funded WW1 & WW2? The Rothschilds, a Zionist Banking family who CONTROL EUROPE, Even to this day. Who do you think is funding the war against Palestine, why is that region on the news day in and day out?? Who or what do you think inspired men with absolutely nothing to lose to write about worldly atrocities to warn his fellow man? do not be deceived. the spirit of satan, who wants to be GOD, will manipulate what he can to maintain control over your soul. We’ve been bamboozled into believing “we ain’t shi*t”, when in fact, we are the children of God. If u don’t know God, how can we know ourselves?? Are we as “openminded” as we think we are when we reject truth and pass it off as “some bitter power hungry european aristricrats” wrote the bible? wise up, we ain’t totally right, but we def ain’t WRONG. Do The Math.

      • johnblacksad

        yo, real talk, i’m not sure… it’s not the numbers… it’s the fact THEY BUILT FACTORIES JUST TO KILL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE… they had a use of the slaves… just how i feel about it… but i guess your numberz beat me

  5. Harriet__Tubman

    He’s exploiting the Jeweish Heritage just to make money its obvious. He thinks that shit is cool . Its pathetic. This guy jumps around from C.O to mimicking the coke life and the real Ross, now its on to this

  6. eddieknucks

    Anybody ever wonder what kind of c.o. officer Rickey was. Did he let you keep an apple from chow or violate a brotha for wearing flip flops on the b ball court. As far as shyne one minute he on sum good righteous shit the next he on sum they all jocking I could’ve been a contender ass shit. Pick a lane ninja.

  7. hoeyuno

    So there you go. A real Jewish dude cosigns rosss wack mixtape. Shynes opinion is as irrelevant as his rap career. But I ain’t sidding until I hear necro and ill bill….. Just kidding who gives a shit.

    • EDOGZ818

      A real Jewish dude?

      Dude was on Officer Roberts Nutz as hard as Officer Ricky was on his…..and he trying to get on, so his opinion is about as suspect as his chin / raps.

      Don’t sleep on Shyne, he may be wack, but he is no dummy!

      He did his time among dudes with serious knowledge….does he keep getting a fugged up hair cut? Yeah, but he be on point on the low!

  8. MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao….u niggaz need to knock it off….u read the Bible which by the way has over 50000 lies, inaccuracies and contradictions in it, as proven by Ahmed Deedat, who was a religious theologian, RENOWNED I should say. There are 1500 different versions of the Bible all of which contradict one another in it’s text….but anyway…my point is this…if most of you are imparting knowledge and passing it off as truth…HOW MANY OF YOU ARE PRACTICING THIS TRUTH…WHO HAS CONVERTED HIS LIFESTYLE TO THAT OF AN ISREALITE…AND IF YOU HAVEN’T CONVERTED TO THIS TRUTH THEN YOU ALL ARE NOTHING BUT PARROTS MIMICKING WHAT YOU’VE READ JUST TO SOUND INTELLIGENT AND THAT MAKES YOU WORST THAN A FOOL…these are just my thoughts…I’m just saying…that Bible has been corrupted…it’s whole verses and chapters missing so how can you take something that is incomplete and adulterated and pass it off as truth..and these are facts and truisms that aren’t mine…the scholars who are learned have stated these very facts

    • $17637591

      MiiUziWeighsATon im sorry but your ideas are very ignorant. You make it sound as if this information is worthless. Yes its great if gaining the truth about Israelites brings a person closer to rightousness but its also about having KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Evidently someone thought this information was so VALUABLE that our entire history and identity was erased. The Bible interprets and supports itself and is the most CREDIBLE account of world histroy to date so I wont argue its validity. The identity of the true Israelites is not only supported by the Bible but also by historical events and documented history. Google the “Khazars” and you’ll learn something about these so called “Jews”. Then Google “Fort de Judah”. Ther is so much you are ignorant to. I suggest you do some research on this subject and shake that “Slave mentality” that has your mind in bondage.

      • dahigh1

        You sound like that lady on the insurance commercial.They can’t lie on the”Internet”

      • Galactus

        These niggas won’t believe becuz the TV telling them “THE INTERNET IS FULL OF LIES”. Even The devil spoke some truth. Just mention Yashua to him, and watch how he folds.

    • johnblacksad

      i’m whitchu 100%… i dunno how people manage to validate one theory more than the other one…. i honestly don’t kno where The Bible comes from and only thing i kno is that it’s been tampered so much sh!t aint even funny! No dis…

    • Galactus

      It Sounds like your doing the same. It’s written in the book AS PROPHECY. so you telling me Man is so perfect, that he controls thousands of coincidences throughout time, and is correct EVERYTIME, and He Documented what is bound to happened to slaves who were not even conceived yet??? Not possible for ANY MAN to Achieve this. You may not believe, but i think it’s because you fail to acknowledge The Most High. Aren’t we supposed to take all knowledge with a grain of salt? And what if it does add up? I think you need to research who you really are brotha, You don’t have to use Google, go the the public library, Even the devils know God is Almighty.

    • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

      What bible? You must be referring to xtians. Us jews stick to torah and tanak, which is written in hebrew not new testament. Our scriptures were preserved in the original hebrew not a million different translations or transliteration. We read hebrew its original language.

  9. dahigh1

    Shyne is a hater.It’s a known fact that C.O’s make G moves on the regular.You have C.O’s that do way more street sh*t than n*ggas that run the street on a daily basis.I see no reason for any rapper to pay homage to Shyne.You was a pawn lil man.

  10. johnblacksad

    I dont understand the whole talk this sh!t is stirrin up… this ain’t no worse than Raekwon, Nas and em runnin the Mafioso theme… The mafioso theme was huge in the 90’s… then Hov made the jewish theme popular in the 2000’s… Ross just runnin with that… imo

  11. Slaughtr


  12. $11625525

    “OK, if that’s what you did, you should be rapping about reformation, rehabilitation, you should be rapping about getting kids off the streets. Rap about what you know. He goes too hard with the whole dope boy lifestyle, the whole Scarface thing.” – Probably the truest shit Shine ever spoke!

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