Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Takes MMG Beef To New Levels! Diddy And Cassie Engaged! Illseed Lashes Back!


Last night, down in the DC area, 50 Cent participated in some Radio One bowling event. I’m not sure of all the details, but the man was seen wearing Gunplay’s MMG chain. What in the world is 50 thinking? This has to be bad for the game, because…ahhhhhh…. I know Ross is not feeling this kind of beef. Back when they were beefing, Ross didn’t fully engage with Fif head on. It was more slick talk and work ethic. Here is the video of 50 bowling and you can see the chain.

Oh and 50 Cent went in on French Montana after he said beef doesn’t work like when Fif did it in Complex magazine.


Please – no more. I tap out.

Why were more of the cyphers lame? There were some that were dope, but most were poo sandwiches.


Apparently, Diddy’s ex dropped the dime and said that Diddy is engaged to Cassie! Congrats! Cassie hung in there and got her guy.


I know Stevie Nicks and I know Fleetwood Mac. And, guess what? I don’t care! She said she would KILL Nicki Minaj over her talking back to her at the American Idol judging. Really? So, you all about to defend comments like this:

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She said she would “strangle,” and “kill” Nicki in front of “all those people.” Nah. I’m not cool with that. I’m not even a big Nicki fan. And clearly you fools aren’t either since you want to condone the comments. Not once did I comment on anybody’s musical legacy or albums sold. WHO CARES. You bums with the comments must be KKK members in disguise trying to cause ruckus and then all the lil’ future TOMS follow from your tree house’s wifi with a “yeah you right man!” SHADDUP! If she said it about Talib or Mos Def (who have sold less than Nicki), you would be snuggled up in the JOCK STRAP in protest. Sydney Lace doesn’t write for me. I write for me. And you are GRADE A CORNY if you defend Stevie Nicks.

FOH! Y’all a new breed of Coonberry Cap’n Crunch.


Check out this interview with Pharaohe Monch courtesy of “I Don’t Camouflage.” Apparently, he answers some rumors in here.

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  • That_N

    So….basically….you mad at Stevie Nicks? Over something she said about Nicki Minaj. Over something Nicki Minaj said to Mariah Carey. Really??

    • illseed

      Stop trying to be intelligent.

      • That_N

        You are really invested in this Stevie Nicks/Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey stuff huh??? Like….really??? Get over it illseed.

      • illseed

        I wrote. People popped off. I respond. That’s the way this is going to work on this day.

      • Eli Pinilla

        just let it go illseed…u supposed to be bigger than that

      • immackulate

        i bet you like roasting marshmellows by the camp fire –

      • Eli Pinilla


      • mike malarkey

        u hide behind a fake persona… shut up sydney lace

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Malarkey, we have unfinished business. I will let you be while you are calling this present sh’t out.

      • mike malarkey

        man who the hell are you? muthafcuking ron o neal or something? no u must be judah, m.u. troy dawkins or alvin… either way idgaf sucka ass nigga

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        No Malarkey, its that female that had you strung up on this site when you couldn’t access your whole vocab. For some reason you stuck on thinking you are talking to a dude, or a gay dude, and I played you with your own string of insults. You were so stuck in your head that you could think but one of two ways. We’ll catch-up on the next one. For now its Ill’s day to fall back.

      • mike malarkey

        so ur a nobody…… u dont even want to announce urself….. rightfully so because u are beneath me……. so go suck on a hot exhaust pipe skeezer

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Thank you for responding Malarkey. It’s the very thing that turns a nobody into somebody, right? Right.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        You poor thing. Need a rope or will you just let it go and kick rocks?

      • water_ur_seeds

        yo this the original illseed? cant imagine you going off like this on some bullschitt lol

        people like theprophet, boss up, blkpeople1, mush, butterflygirl, 2pacfan chick, sears, and others ive forgotten thru the years of excessive weed smoking lol… i been here since day 1, before all the commenting!

        we used to all chop it up on good subjects, with no beef or anything, daum they where the good ol days on the board… my bad if i spelt the names wrong…

        now full of wastemen beefing smh

      • You and that sydney lace b****need to stop promoting coonery and ignorance you corporate ass puppet ALLHIPHOP & WORLDSTAR IS A BUNCH OF HIPNO-BULLSHIT YOU SELLOUT

      • meizy

        U are a straight up bitch. No musical knowledge. Talking about beating on a woman for messing with ur fantasy girl? Beating women is cool now? Trying to make it racial? U would get dropped faster than a used condom u sissy little fan boy.

      • illseed

        What are you a complete idiot? Nobody is talking about beating up anything. Stevie Nicks is talking about killing somebody. Shut that hole that your mother calls a mouth.

      • meizy

        U said u would “mollywoop” stevie for messing with ur fantasy girl. Stand behind what u say punk.

      • lmao

      • She isn’t going to kill her seed calm down.

      • mike malarkey

        shut up bitch

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I see the people have several seats for you to take. Good night Illseed.

      • nicki was talking bout killin maraiah doe….. what the diff? huh? change ya tampon


      • Bumpy Johnson

        ill seed dont care bout the kids he just another one of them lame ass reporters or bloggers or w.e they cal’em.

      • Vikram662

        And Nicki’s raps are all about church and butterflies right? Rap is nothing but talking about killing people but you’re getting you panties knotted because why?

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        “so you are not going to fall for the banana in the tail pipe”
        (((((Ill rrrruns to mommie))))))

      • Guest

        Ill Homie you shouldn’t even respond to these coons on this site if theres anything on this site about Nicki, Ross, or Drake watch the Lame haters come out…. And im not no blogger I’m a 28 Year old 3x felon. Real street n!gga. We dont breed hate..

      • J. Jordan

        LOL @ THIS GUY ^^^^^^^

        I’m sure you are EXACTLY what illseed needs in his corner,lol…

      • Richie_Ochoa

        Im not in nobodys corner I just keep it Real you bloggers on this site Love to hate

      • Numbuh Four

        “I’m a 28 Year old 3x felon. Real street n!gga”….SMH

        Does that give you some sort of superiority over someone? A 3X felon who f*cked up and then f*cked up two more times (n*ggas never learn); at least you’re consistent with your f*ck ups. Then you’re a “real street n*gga”..I’m not even gonna comment on that ridiculous sh*t, it’s too easy.

        You got the balls to jump up and flaunt all of your mistakes and flaws and then insinuate that your opinion is somewhat superior to everyone else’s? Oh..ok…honestly, I think that makes you the coon since you embodied the stereotypical black male so well..

        I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

      • Dadon850

        You not a blogger, yet you blogging. You a 3x felon?? That means you got caught 3 times so crime might not be your thing. You ain’t too bright either. Read a book, stay off the streets before the cops turn you into a rat if they haven’t already. Clumsy fool like you getting caught all the time is damaged goods on the street. Peace fool

      • johnblacksad

        You are being lamer than illseed right now… F.O.H. with that 3xfelon sh!t… n!gga lyin anyways… prolly just bumped that Westside Connection album this morning and felt like runnin with that

      • Josh Sykes

        so basically what you are saying is that you are a YMCMB/MMG dick rider. Oh ok just clarifying. You are a 3x felon? I’m Batman. There, we can be anything on the internet

      • hahahah Wow my comments made illseed go off the deep end huh. You responding in the comment sections again. This is the old AHH I know. Who cares just report. You are the one mad at Stevie Nicks. You think Nicki cares about your feelings no. Where is ED OG, El bark and the rest to see this hahaha.

      • I’m hear man!….We be on facebook, El, ISK & most of the old heads! iLLseed is a member too, but you got him on some ‘chet!

        Link up ~

        From Ahh to Fb
        The Immortals
        Free World One Power

        ( Fugg around & put iLLseed spazzin’ on 4UMF )

        Tweet it, etc.

      • Man I subscribed on there. Where do you cats talk on there? There is 3 Allhiphop sites I see one is blank the other two I don’t know but one I subcribed to.

      • “From Ahh to FB”
        but might be some invisible / invite only ‘chet, that is for the “E” Wars, Judah Naz going off as usual, add me & I’ll send you links:


      • immackulate

        erbody playing friendly huh

      • Not everybody……..’chet gets hectic, but it’s all fun!

      • EL_BARK

        I seen that how shet, lol
        Yo I been on his coin head for a minute. Begging for a back and forth.
        And in true how form. He peeks his head out, like always when the coast is clear. Say a hoe ass line to somebody, and this disappear…
        His hoeass only do it for hits……. Illcoon not dumb….

      • EL_BARK

        U gay

      • Big Upz El!

        I see you seen the Bark signal!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        AHH should stop giving you press to post. You are DOA.

      • HipHopStalker

        illseed keep getting these clowns. After all the bullshit Sydney puts on this site with her washed up,recycled or fabricated stories we need some real entertainment.

      • wtf

        so its ok for nicki to say she wants to shoot mariah, but not ok for stevie to say she wants to kill nicki?? and anyone that says otherwise is a racist? and yet the only one that turned this into a racial issue is you??

      • maya

        Easy for you to say. lol

      • Bumpy Johnson

        i just wana say ::: ur site is called all-hip-hop but all you do is post bout these faggy lame ass watered down rappers…barely any hip hop and never reply on here you make yourself look dumb as hell bruh!…..

        ey Just pull your skirt down and you be ight son.

      • your an advocate of coonery Lately you and your site have just been advocating homos in our society and loose/disrespectful evil false idol “bitches” (nikki garbaj)

  • The 2nd Coming

    So you saying its alright for Dicki Garbaj to say if she had a gun she would have shot Mariah? Come on son, you sounding like a hypocrite now. I think you mad cause you got Ethered on your own blog.

  • The 2nd Coming

    Maybe you should do your homework before posting son, and start TRYING to sound intelligent

  • Really, you’re going to compare Nicki Minaj’s scenario with a made up situation involving Black Star? Nobody should wish death on anybody, but Nicki needs to either stop or evolve her career. I don’t want a bunch of females with some crap rapping, inspired by Nicki and her annoying delivery. By the way, Stevie Nicks is a way more experience artist and performer.

    • illseed

      You point is completely lost. I don’t even listen to Minaj. She can do whatever she wants. I listen to a different brand of music.

      • EL_BARK

        You gay

      • mike malarkey


      • johnblacksad

        so now you read the comments huh?! was the L that hard to swallow?! c’mon pull yourself together illseed, it’s not a good look right now

  • Cory Evans

    Bullsh!t Illseed…i can defend Stevie nicks….you are just ont cultured. I grew up Hip Hop junkie but i know Rock because MTV didnt play Hip Hop all day and neith did BET. I am not sure i will know the lyrics to nicki’s songs in 20 years…but i sure know Stevie Nicks !!! #message

    • illseed

      LOL – well good for you. I’m glad you know Stevie Nicks. She sold enough records and has music that is quite ubiquitous. I used the word ubiquitous just for you.

      • Cory Evans

        I am sure i know the meaning of the word…but it doesn’t help you. You kinda sound like Big Sean..saying he made u pa flow or something one of these children would say. Nicki Minaj needs to respect the fact that although she is not that young in this game she’s a baby !! Str8 like that

      • NEWSKULL


      • EL_BARK

        U gay

      • johnblacksad

        Ubiquitous or not, please just dont be leavin your oestrogens all over the place, i don’t like that sh!t… i used oestrogens just for you!
        And work on editing your sh!t properly before you make yourself look stupid like one of nicki minaj’s faces tryin ta drop knaledge n sh!t… you are the definition of pathetic right now… i also used pathetic just for you

  • Good rumors Sidney Lace…..cough, I mean Illseed, cough.

    • illseed

      And Sydney is my homegirl. It took some time to get used to another person doing the rumors wiht me. Now, its manageable.

      • manageable is putting it VERY lightly…..

      • mike malarkey

        both yall suck

      • EL_BARK

        You gay

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Nah, dude, don’t put that on gay…this is straight up b’tch-a$$, trying to float some authority. Please tell me that one of y’all got the owner of this site on speed dial. Ill is smelling himself and need to be 86’d.

      • Johnny Sanchez

        You and Sydney should then go back to your bunkbeds and and gossip. Illseed, this just done it… you are wack my dude.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Oh jesus dude, really?

  • Carlos

    first of all, that stevie nicks siht shouldnt have been posted in AHH. second, everyone says stuff like that, i.e. I would have killed her, doesnt mean nothing especially coming from someone who never killed. If someone, like lets say zimmerman said that then take it serious.

    • illseed

      LOL @ Zimmerman.

      • johnblacksad

        the good ol’ laugh it off technique… so see thru… smh

  • PL

    ILLSEED Lashes Back? Really? Izzat a rumor now?…LOL Illseed knows he fucked up…that’s why he gettin’ so defensive now…This is what happens when people pop shit on the internet…

    • johnblacksad

      i ain’t seen no lash back… all i see is one b!tch n!gga drownin more n more with every move he is tryin to make…
      and yes, he knows he fcuked up… lacks the realness to admit it

  • NotYourAverage

    This 20 y.o. undergrad, intern chick that now writes as illseed got AHH f’d up. Crazy how that ish backfired, and now shorty is writing responses? What part of the illseed game is that. AHH you should pay your staff! We see this ugly budwieser ish everywhere…you got ad money. Give the real illseed the money he wants and get him back for the AHH fans. This college girl is a fraud. And don’t act like you knew who Stevie Nicks was before you wrote that dumb ish! No one is backing Stevie Nicks because of what she said, people are replying to you calling her irrelevant…smh…you lame!

  • meizy

    Ur reply is filled with so many holes and contradictiins its not even funny. But the worse part is u calling over 100 posters on this sights toms and coons when people been pulling ur card on that shit for years now. U been owned on ur own blog. Take an L like a man

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah Illseed a chump talking about coons and KKK. The #1 tactic of a black man defeated online is to call the other person white or an uncle tom. He defends all these rappers talking beef and threatening each other but gets mad when Stevie Nicks said it. Like she really said she would lynch Nicki. Man this dude is a sucker.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man all them old soul heads say that stuff. Etta James, Aretha Franklin, ETC. That’s just how they are. They tell it like it is. That ain’t racist man at all. That’s how REAL WOMEN got down in that generation.

  • Peter Morris

    50 gonna be bowling with French’s shit soon.

    • johnblacksad

      you think he gonna have that big bear coverin his head too?

      • Now if French gets rushed & 50 pops up with the bear on his head, I will literally cry while I cop 50’s new release! LOL

      • Peter Morris

        Definitely. And probably Montana’s bitch too. The one he couldn’t keep when “fame” got to him. C’mon Son! (In my Ed Lover voice)

  • AK

    french sucks ass glad someone put his lame ass on the spot, if diddy has the weakest roster with him and mgk being the main artists thats a L both of them combined wouldnt go wood in free downloads.

  • Stay Phokus

    done with all hip hop PCE!

  • J. Jordan

    Yo illseed, Mos Def and/or Talib would NEVER act like Nicki Minaj does in public, so the point is moot…Nicki is disrespectful so she got disrespected. You just don’t like it coming from an older white rock musician, that doesn’t make everyone who disagrees with you a “KKK member in disguise”, I mean, what the hell does Stevie Nicks have to do with the KKK? Because she’s white? C’mon man you cannot be this ignorant…PLEASE DON’T be this ignorant…Why are you going in on your own readers anyway? SMH

    • Celz

      How is someone defending Stevie a KKK member in disguise when Stevie was defending a mixed race person who is married to a black man. Who has been on more classic Hip-Hop songs than Minaj ever will. I never knew of the KKK to defend non-whites in an attempt to be racist.

  • brotha_man

    “those people” she is refering to is the audience and just ’cause we are tired of Nicki’s act does not make us sell outs. If we side with Stevie that does not make us sell out. if any one is a sell out its nicki and her blonde wigs….im not sure she knows who she is. if anything she is the KKK in disguise siding with Romney who has been slick talking our community from day 1. Ill Seed you sound like a Jump off sometimes

  • 2012Industry1

    Illseed, I still roll with you, but you know she didn’t mean that literal. The reason cats (including myself) went off like that because Stevie was talking more on the blatant disrespect she had towards Mariah and the disrespects she has in general being so new and unproven in the game of MUSIC, not just Hip Hop. If Mariah was more human than Pop it would have jumped off in there, not saying anyone would have killed anyone, but the overall statement that Stevie made was, you don’t go the hell off like that saying what she said how she said it in all the woman has accomplished. You know damn well she really wasn’t gonna choke the girl to death illseed.

    • johnblacksad

      That was just illseed stretchin like pizza dough… if anybody actin like an old white b!tch in this situation, it’s illseed actin like he is so shocked he can’t get over it!
      smh at this b!gga

  • mikemacs

    yall needa hop off dudes dick…it was one rumor tht was a lil weak and barley hiphop related..illseed usually holds ish down n gives us good info…sydney lace on the otherhand……bitch needs a new career or needs to write for some stupid tabloid magazine or some shit

    • johnblacksad

      illseed has a MAG account too?

  • FleetwoodMacin

    Illseed feelings hurt took that one personally

  • Eli Pinilla

    50 aint playin. he about to start shuttin shit down

  • Eli Pinilla

    and ahh needs to stop this moderation shit. how yall gone be about freedom and fight the power and all this shit but when a muthafucka wanna post some shit, yall wanna “moderate” the comment and never post it. thats some bullshit censorship comin from a hiphop site

  • carlos way

    so you didn’t say “I’d molly wop Stevie Nicks for touching my fantasy girl!” and you said, “Stevie is beyond fallen off”. So you can attack Stevie but Stevie can’t attack Nicki and apparently someone who still sells out arenas has fallen off…just take the loss (to whoever wrote the rumor or blog) and admit you came out your mouth before you did your information

  • TruthSerum

    Illseed is acting like a little girl. First of all, your throwing way too much emotion into a cat fight between two females you’ve never met, and 2nd of all you suppose to be a professional arguing with your readers isn’t a very good way to go about your business

    • johnblacksad

      a little b!tch…

  • Willis Deqfedt

    the untouchable MMG……their Boss was a cop, them triple c dudes have taken ass whoopings on cam, been filmed sleep,, the so called street N8gga Meek, got punked by roscoe dash??? roscoe dash??? and you got wale who’s never had a violent pr thug verse ever…….no more music til somebody they beefing wit takes an L, these N8ggas resume is SUSPECT…how can your music be hot when you rapping about shit you never do, and steady be having it done to you,…but niggaz pressed up kreyshawn…

  • Ah man! Ya’ll done woke the beast in Illseed up!


    • hahahah He did that some years back when I said something one time plus illseedkiller cat was going off on him daily deleting his accounts and all.

  • urmoms

    Damn Ur the most sensitive asshole ever to dedicate ur tyme to that Kudos Bitch and compared to u we Geniuses

  • aye dat niigga 50 said french aint never had a song by himself… BWAH HA HA HAAAAA

  • X-Ray

    The only issue I took with the Stevie Nicks rumor is that you wrote “She’s a rock chick that is beyond fallen off” and I don’t think that’s the case. I didn’t try to justify what she said because yea, what she said was a bit over the top as was what Nicki said and the way she acted. I’m not one of these trolls and I have supported this site for years, and I’m not one of these dudes who think it’s cool to call you, Sydney or anyone who writes on this site a “bitch” if they make a mistake a post something that seems irrelevant. Thats corny, but to me, so is losing your professionalism over some of the dumb stuff that people comment. I don’t think it was right for you to label us “bums” or “KKK” members because then you’re just stooping to the level of the ignorant people who comment. I am 27, half Puerto Rican/Cape Verdean, and it’s nothing much but I’m a warehouse manager and carpenter so I am far from either of the labels you placed on me because of my comment. I don’t take it personal enough to be angry but I wanted to let you know where I’m coming from, that’s all. I’m going to still support this site and I am not going to judge you by a few comments and you shouldn’t either, but I’ll admit, there are a lot of racists lames who sit on here all day acting tough, I am just not one of them.

    • 4BlkLuv

      Thank you X-Ray, your comment echos my feelings as well,

    • johnblacksad

      i have a better idea : fcuk illseed.

  • Ross tried to engage 50, does anyone remember those wack ass 60 second long “freestyle” disses… I think he did one to “Know The Ledge”, he was barraged by 50 in the news cycle, with videos of music, videos of his baby mama on shopping sprees, songs… dudes at Khaled’s Mom’s work… I think 50 got bored of it… it was like beating someone who just lays on the floor covering there head…. Ross has the team behind him, but are they really riding with him like that? I don’t think this is like the past when 50 almost forced beef on people, this just landed in his lap…with the whole chain thing, and French talking about him. Should be interesting. Hopefully some good music comes of it, not just twitter talk.

  • Hector G

    ahahahaha….i remember reading an interview when french first showed up
    on the scene and they asked him what his favorite rappers were……he
    said 50 man…..”nobodys done in the game what hes done”……this guy
    is a true moron….jokes on you frenchie


    Also you got to be from sub lamest of lame parts in Delaware for using the term
    “Home girl” lol

    Negro it’s 2012

    • immackulate

      i was just scrolling down waiting for some more ill gotten remarks about illseed on your behalf BARK – but you let him off kindah easy – it must be cold in PHILLY today


    • mike malarkey

      thats ur man lol u better chill b4 he come c u in philly lol

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    @twitter-16276561:disqus seems to be feeling a bit butt hurt.

  • Lol you read the comments illseed? Good so i can tell you your trash now and you have fallen of completely.

    • johnblacksad

      Officially, he doesn’t….. bwahahahah

  • Peter Morris

    I gotta say this racial shit is lame. Whether it’s Illseed, a blogger, black, white, purple.. this racial shit is trash. I feel like I’m on Media Take Out.

    • water_ur_seeds

      well said bro

  • Tackmoney

    AHH always promoting beefs on here…. You tried to make it racial and it backfird. you thought we would not know Stevie Nicks and it backfired. I think you don’t know your demographic. We are smarter and more cultured than you think.
    Not for nothing you said “not Stevie Wonder, Stevie J but…. Stevie Nicks.
    So you place Stevie J in a class w/ Stevie Wonder and think we don’t know Stevie Nicks.
    Nice one.
    Fail you are going to lose alot of traffic from the 1st post but your responses will turn away the other folks who were willing to hang on.

    • LetsBeRealpeople


    • Galactus

      Exactly. Amen.

  • water_ur_seeds

    like i said in last page, im sure 50 aint stupid enough to wear stolen property, i woulda thought hes clever enough to of got a fake one made up…

    i dont wanna jump in, but the amount of times a hip hop artist has threaten to kill enough artist and no1 mentions it lol im sure stevie nicks didnt mean it, i would wanna strangle someone on them x factor shows the way they speak to some of them lol

    anyways who gives a schitt


      Well he found it! … he did not steal it lol

      • water_ur_seeds

        lol he in the daum video stomping on that crackhead though, aint no way he can say he found it… 50 a funny dude though

      • Eli Pinilla

        yea, but gunplay just turned himself in, he aint in no position to be pressin charges. shits only stolen if he files that report…that’s 50 chain at this point

      • water_ur_seeds

        the hip hop police know what went on, they are just as up to date on schitt as everyone on here, theres enough evidence to question him just off that video

  • HAHAHAHA! The comments bother him…but its woman drama lol! Hilarious! I wonder if your this engaged in topics truly worth bickering over? cause this aint it bruh lol…

  • immackulate


  • Troublesome2012

    illseed getting “Ethered” on his home site lmaoooo. This website falling off now, especially when you got the authors arguing with the fans.

  • Weedras

    lol!! @twitter-16276561:disqus Your’re taking names today lol!! man i can agree with that it’s overtly biased and hypocritcal to ignore logic and principle and support someone just because they’re dissing somebody you don’t like… while the Nicki shooting allegation is only hearsay and has been denied by those involved with the show… Nicks comments are on video… as proof…

  • mike malarkey

    illseed shut up bitch

  • Lyve Wire

    “If she said it about Talib or Mos Def (who have sold less than Nicki), you would be snuggled up in the JOCK STRAP in protest.”

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Wackseed, keep on writing, you just digging your hole deeper. (here is where Wackseed and Sydney Lame hold hands and think of their next gossip girl column)

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Sanchez for the 3!

      • johnblacksad


  • immackulate

    i bet illseed likes to watch sydney get “raped by a pack of niggahs”

  • dominicancoke

    Ayo french garbage fif is right. French is a disgrace to the south bronx especially the mott haven area this nigga raps like hes from georgia like waka gucci and them.

  • andone

    If she said it about Talib or Mos Def (who have sold less than Nicki),

    first of all she wouldnt say that to either of them cuz theres no chance those two class act artists would have popped off @ the mouth to an AMERICAN IDOL unlike nikki so…

    and i really didnt see how fm dissed 50???

  • water_ur_seeds

    yo this the original illseed? cant imagine him going off like this on some bullschitt lol the

    prophet, boss up, blkpeople1, mush, butterflygirl, 2pacfan chick, sears, and others ive forgotten thru the years of excessive weed smoking lol… we used to all chop it up on good subjects, with no beef or anything, daum they where the good ol days on the board… my bad if i spelt the names wrong…

    now full of wastemen beefing smh

  • 8Galaxy5

    Illseed took a HUGE LOSS here.Admit it so we can all move on.You got OWNED on your own blog bitch.
    Over to 50 cent and that french fuck.50 will kill this sucka.I hate when these new punk ass artist are gonna give advice to a man who`s been in the game for 10 years selling millions of records and having huge hits.French never had a song popping on his own,he needs guests on his shit for it to blow up.French is a sucka and should have kept his mouth shut.I hope 50 will take this bum down.

  • water_ur_seeds

    yo this the original illseed? cant imagine him going off like this on some bullschitt lol the
    prophet, boss up, blkpeople1, mush, butterflygirl, 2pacfan chick, sears, and others ive forgotten thru the years of excessive weed smoking lol… we used to all chop it up on good subjects, with no beef or anything, daum they where the good ol days on the board… my bad if i spelt the names wrong…
    now full of wastemen beefing smh

  • Lyve Wire

    50 says that french never had a song by himself….
    when was the last hit song 50 had with eminem, justin timberlake or dre? when was his last hit without a dre beat? where was 50 before the shady/aftermath/intrscope deal?
    columbia 50 and konvit french had the same street buzz.
    50 wouldve had more features ifhe didnt beef with 93% of the industry…. see how that cauht up with him?

  • scullyson


  • pain1030

    I think we were all defending Stevie Nicks in the fact that you said she was “beyond fallen off”. Musically she is a legend. No one was defending what she said about Nicki Minaj.

    • Chris


  • Jas1ne

    HAHAHAHAHA Illseed! YOU MAD!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Wow. Illseed is really goin’ HAM for Nicki. Callin’ folk “KKK members” and “Toms”. Now I see why ninjas used to get at you hard-body on this site before the revamp. You already know most hip-hop fans ain’t f*ckin’ with Nicki like that. You should have seen this one comin’. What you should do is take a few days off to get ya’ mind right, humble yourself, take that L, and keep it movin’, bruh. SMH.

    • Jizzah!

      Churchhhhhhhh, ahhahaha

    • churchboy2

      Churchboy co-signs this powerful post.
      This is the wisest post in this entire saga.
      At this point, Illseed would do well to fall back and re-evaluate…

      • Chris

        Appreciate that, brotha’.

  • Jizzah!

    Senseless argument. Illseeed I respect you and your work here on this site. But this battle……….let it go…………you just lost one! lol

    • johnblacksad

      in my Slick Pulla voice : fo’ real!

  • hoeyuno

    Wow. I like French and I thought him and fifty were cool. French ain’t nothin to play with either tho. So this should be interesting. I don’t know what to make of fifty anymore. This beef is huge.

    Jezzy vs Ross vs 50 vs gunplay and now French. Yayo and French were always cool to. And this ain’t 2003 the boys don’t go to war for fif like they use ti.

    • Jizzah!

      I don’t think Fif real cares, dude just loves beef & drama. Guess he’s staying in his lane.

  • BXironlunz28

    Damn…illseed goin crazy on this….u betta b careful b4 u get chased in2 a building like Charlamagne tha god!!!

  • Chris

    Cassie a bad chick, doe.

  • RalphDC

    I’m pretty sure that mos a talib together have sold more than nicky. After all these years your still jocking these bitches. Get a girl already.


  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    How did illseed take all these L’s? I thought yall loved the homie. Welp. More Syndey Lace I guess. That’s what yall want?

  • Anthonyd Smith

    Stevie Nicks by herself without Fleetwood Mac, has sold more arenas than Nicki ever will. This talentless bitch is disprepectful! She will be collecting food stamps within 2 and a half years! Watch.

  • Brock Gunny Samson

    so wait…. u saying because u got corrected on some bullshit u mad?

  • johnblacksad

    Whoa… Illseed super lame right now… build a bridge and get over it…

  • johnblacksad

    “Not once did I comment on anybody’s musical legacy or albums sold. WHO CARES.” : “Nicki is lucky Stevie isn’t relevant enough to judge “American Idol.”

    If this doesn’t come from a b!tch azz n!gga then wtf is that?! You a fcukin punk for that illseed… n!gga is more confused than The Game. You are going to regret this like Nicki Garbaj leaving twitter. Bums with the comments? kkk? future toms? whoa slow down pa… you see how bummy YOU lookin right now?
    Why you bringin Talib n Mos into dis? Somebody drownin will hang on to anything… i can understand ya! I’m even startin to feel a lil sad for your unprofessional azz so i don’t wanna go in on ya no homo…
    Hope u follows homeboy’s advice… few days off until you hormones come back down to normal, and then re-evaluate! Next time, take that L like a real girl and keep it movin.

  • johnblacksad

    pull yourself together illseed

  • ladynamor

    You could have used Big Bird and people would have sided with him. People are tired of your hero Nicki.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    “Coonberry” oh really?
    Ill’ may we never find out that we are in the same network. Real talk. The world is a small place and for me its get smaller by every half hour. I just put you on blast son. If my network come back with your ID, I am putting you on blast on this site.

  • n n

    Lol damn most of you all are stupid illseed included stevie nicks would get hurt by niki minaj and two this crap is a bogus idol beef and three illseed nothing but dumb white boys on most of these sites now. One of the reasons hip hop f……: u p. Lol

  • illseed go ahead man and put the pen down. You are the weakest link……goodbye.

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  • TJ da DJ

    ILL SEED get of RICK ROSS dick ….IF ITS EVEN DA REAL ILL why u hating on 50 when a rapper called Gunplay who been talkin shit bout Gunit even when he wasnt involved gets his ass punkd in jumped for talking reckless gets his chain snatched the diffrence between them are ones are in the streets for real and the others are being CEO’d by and x CO the untouchable Maybach just got toched! n Ricky started it the only reason hes still relevant is cuz he got def jam n mad ghost writers!

  • Tony G.

    wow..nuccas going in on seed

  • TheObvious

    So it’s not about musical legacies and albums sold – it’s strictly about race. If it had been – say – Beyonce – who’d said what Nicks said, you’d be okay with it? It’s only all KKK and UncleTom-ish because of Stevie Nicks’ skin color?! Please keep on walking with that pathetic nonsense. If it was wrong to say, it was wrong to say. Period. Doesn’t matter who said it, to whom it was said, and to what it was in reference. Wrong is wrong is wrong. But if you want to imply accusations of racism, you might want to take your racist behind to the nearest mirror and have a long hard look at your own reflection before you start throwing ignorant salt in every other direction.

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  • n n

    Too many white people in hip hop now keep saying that

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  • Guest

    Of course my last comment will be moderated. You, Illseed, are a douche to the highest degree. You obviously had no idea who you were talking about when you called her an “old rock chick” who was “beyond fallen off”. Keep writing for you, and the brainless tards that read your nonsense. You’re an idiot who writes for the TMZ of Hip Hop sites. Go die.

  • Guest

    and from all the comments under here, looks like you might be coming up short of a job soon.

  • Clint Barnett

    haha all my comments get moderated. Dude, don’t try to act like you knew who she was. The way you wrote about the woman made it obvious you had no clue who Stevie Nicks was when you put that together. And didn’t Nicki make an offhanded threat about shooting someone herself? Then you say you would “mollywhop” a woman for threatening your “dreamgirl” (ew). Then try and act like you didn’t when it’s in print. You are a sad excuse for a “journalist”, along with alot of others on this site.

  • Lyve Wire

    what is gunplay supposed to do? its a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation. if he does/says nothing, he’s looked at like a sucker. if he retaliates, 50 will snitch like he normally does, and thats if he can get pass his security. if he physically harmed 50 and ended up in jail, he’ll get the same internet treatment as boosie. a bunch of suckers talking about how lame he is for taking a rap battle serious, even though 50 started it. yall dont know what yall want.

  • Deran Baker

    Illseed ur an idiot … I was just listening to FM yesterday… Classic, Timeless Hits! Then she went solo and made more great music! Nicki can rap , but c’mon son! She s a black girl who wants to be a white Barbie! I think that helps the “kkk” more than a Rock Chick being on some hiphop shit! Whitney Probly woulda said the same thing!( ” Hell to the naw!”) And arent you white, anyway? Stop making yourself look like A Stan Idiot!

  • bowdavy

    the difference between Nicki Minaj and Talib and Mos Def is Talib are Mos Def HIP HOP Nicki Minaj is just pop and for a site calling it-self allhiphop let’s have a bit of HIP HOP instead of just pop pop i mean come on you come to a site with HIP HOP name in it that what you expect HIP HOP not some Lil Kim Stan that music can’t even shine the shoes of the nineties never mind seriously be considered a music legacy and why is Stevie Nicks and Lil Kim Stan being mention in something call HIP HOP rumors

  • Dunzo

    I’m reposting this from the other article because we obviously struck a nerve…

    LOL. This is definitely NOT Illseed. I remember a year or so ago, maybe two, when Chuck was talking about selling the site. Has that happened yet? See this feaux “Illseed” is mad because I touched on facts, that BOTH HE and I know. This site made a huge mistake with the timing of the redesign and losing all the old comments/illcommunity… I only came back to see if there were any responses to this. Whoa look what I started. It’s cool… this rumors section is mostly payola anyways lol we see how you guys get down, since I know how to touch “Illseed’s” button’s I think i’ll stick around a bit 🙂 FYI I’ve been reading this site for over 5 years, I know it hurts “Illseed” but it will be ok in the end. This too shall pass. Oh BTW if you knew who she was you wouldn’t have written the article in that tone anyways unless YMCMB paid you to discredit Stevie Nicks… and as others have said Nicki said she’d kill Mariah… where were you then? It seems to me that it’s a race thing embedden in Illseed’s argument… Stevie Nicks is white Nicki “black”… The comments section RULES on ALLHIPHOP you guys are some educated folk. LOVE YALL FREAL!!!! Thought I was the only one that felt the way I did…

    Yo EDOGZ didn’t you contribute to this site at one point??