Gunplay Robbery Footage Hits The Net; Rapper Faces Life

(AllHipHop News) Footage of a violent altercation that landed Miami rapper Gunplay behind bars has hit the Internet.

Surveillance footage of the April robbery was released by local news outlets earlier today (October 13).

The footage shows Gunplay, born Richard Morales Jr. and an accomplice named Randy Jones, striking and assaulting a man sitting behind a desk at a tax office in Miami.

Gunplay turned himself in over an outstanding arrest warrant for armed robbery and a second charge of aggravated assault with a firearm over the incident.

He is being held without bail, and faces life in prison.

  • and to think this clown was bragging bout his rapsheet.. here’s a lesson for the kids out there… when u do ur crime smart, u dont get caught… my rapsheet tiny as a mofo!! and freedom is something to brag about…..

    • Alf Capone

      my nigga………..u couldnt just tell the kids not to do the crime in the first place?…..really?……..u had to be like its okay to commit crimes just be smart about it? come on man! (in my mike ditka voice)

      • man u stole a soft ass tv character’s whole entity… that in itself is a crime.

      • Alf Capone

        i am being me……..its just a screen name………is ur real name seendadream?…….i dont get it………..werent u the same nigga that replied something like “ALFGANG IS BACK!!!” or some shit like that just the other day……….nigga u bipolar or some?

      • KMajor87

        aww he done he quit why you do that

      • Alf Capone

        i got shit to do my nigga………..sorry i cant respond at ur beckon

      • yeah i bust out laughing when i saw u on here… u used to be that clown screaming alf gang from the chain to the lifestyle on sohh.. but now its just a screenname huh… dont let the rest of ur gang see u posting shiit like that..

      • Alf Capone

        its all in fun…………niggas get it

    • ^ You still on some niggerish shit.

      • Southcidal

        You are a chink talking about “niggerish shit”? Wow…………..

    • Richie_Ochoa

      YO RAPSHEET tiny because you a square that only does traffic violations

      • damn look at all these niiggaz hating on a tiny rapsheet… yall truely love 3 hots and a cot huh… be the same ones that gotta wake up and look busy because if yo mama catch yo grown ass still sleeping at 1pm she flaming you.

    • BoldSpice

      Biyatch please! You aint got no rap sheet and you sound mad stupid with that nonsense. Wake up out that dream son.

  • Why would he face life?

    • Eli Pinilla

      Its florida homie, theyll throw the book at u and see what sticks

    • prolly b/c of his criminal history (maybe they have a three strikes law). thats my guess

  • Eli Pinilla

    Im sayin though, I aint no criminal and shit, but when I go to a place a few times, I peep where the cameras is at… how this ngga know her for 5 years and been in there all the time and dnt know that theres a camera at the corner of that small ass office??? He aint even try to get the tape?!?!?! U gotta wear that one homie

    • its because he is dumb as sh*t

    • Ft_green

      You gotta be a New York Nigga.LMAO!

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  • Alf Capone

    that boy dumb

  • Gunplay is not facing life in prison that was never said you just made that up and armed robbery isn’t a life sentence.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Well. At least he’ll get clean now. Sad to see any more brother getting looked up. Even sadder to see a brother involved in so much stuff that warrants being locked up though. They have that video, they have the BET HH Awards video which will be used against him. And they’ll have whatever’s in his system. Just when he was about to get his shot.

  • ladynamor

    Rozay booked him and fingerprinted him.

  • TonyMon

    You can get Life for that kinda crime in America? In UK you wouldn’t get life for murder.

  • Gutz40

    Yall know that boy be full of that blow.

  • therealest1

    This clown looked more like Girl Play in that surveillance video. This fool keeps taking losses by getting his ass whopped for running his mouth, now this.

  • Can’t wait to see the Vlog he posts for this.

  • KnockturnalNoiseBeats

    Crazy. He was in a position to set his self & his family up with legit money for life – and just like that it’s all in jeopardy. That’s what happens though. Don’t do dumb shit if you cant accept what might come a a result. Feel for his folks though

  • this all seems very odd to me, because of an incident at the bet awards this guys all of a sudden public enemy number 1, life??? if he has a serious criminal record than it would make sense, but something aint right here..

    • Warrant was issued before BET awards, 5mnths before?

  • bigdoe6

    Convicted felon on video with a gun assaulting someone? He’s fucked.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Oh richard, time to act like a man, and not a thug. Time to face the music! I promise you will not be getting what you want in jail and you won’t be able to point a gun in anyones face either! #justanotherlamegoingtojail

  • So uhhhh, after some research… 1) In Florida, the armed robbery carries 3 years and the assault with a firearm carries 3 years (unless the weapon is discharged and serious injury occurs which in most cases would result in an attempted murder/murder charge)… If he’s a felon? The armed robbery carries a minimum 10 years… Usually run concurrently and not consecutively, this man isn’t realistically facing anything more than 10-12 years between the two charges when it all siphons down… A charge or plea bargain will knock it down way further then that. 2) This was an armed robbery by definition but seemed to be more of an argument that got heated and badly out of hand… And the victim didn’t report the crime, either… All of which could have a positive affect for Mr. Morales, Jr. 3) He has a no bail hold most likely because he hasn’t been arraigned, yet. Bail is set at arraignment for serious felonies, in most cases. 4) Most of the journalists on this website seem to have the journalistic skill of junior high schoolers… Please know your shi* before reporting… That goes for the news anchor who reported that this charge carries no bail… Bail is a guaranteed right under the constitution, unless there is valid reason to deny… In this case, there is no valid reason for denying bail. He’s employed. And he hasn’t been reportedly involved in any incidents lately (although he got beat up last month)… In short, the man will receive a bail.

    • TruthSerum

      I live in florida and I have no idea where your getting your facts from, using a gun in comission of a felony you face life down here bruh, not saying he’ll get that but its possible

      • Co-Sign

      • I covered the 10-20-Life law implicitly in point 1 of the parent post. I specifically stated “The armed robbery carries a minimum 10 years…”

      • BoldSpice

        Co-Sign? You live in FL? Gun in commission of a felony is 20 yrs. Add that convicted felon with a gun and past record he might be looking at life. 10-20-Life is how they do it.

      • Add in the Flash bashing (assault with deadly weapon ) & his rap sheet…..= the life part,flash bash=shooting? A meat cap anyway.

      • Check this out… I don’t know where YOU’RE getting your facts from. It’s the 10-20-Life law (Florida Statute 775.08)… The mandatory minimum for shooting someone during the commission of a felony is 25-to-life. Discharging the firearm during the commission of a crime is a mando 20… Pulling a gun (which is what happened in this case) is 10… Pending an outright conviction. So, get your facts straight. I’m for real with the law game. We ain’t playin’ in California.

    • Oh… And… Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    • Calico Joe

      Not true at all. Just him pulling the gun out, that’s 5 years, using that gun to commit a crime is 10 years. Plus he a felon, that boy fucked.

      • Plus being in Florida = Fugged

    • Not really, “Armed Robbery” is with a weapon, separate from Armed Robbery with a firearm, which makes it a 1st degree felony, maximum = life in prison and because of that, no bail can be granted. ( Although Arthur Hearing may change that. )

      Bill boards all over the state…
      Use a gun: 10 years minimum
      Fire the gun: 20 years minimum
      Shoot someone in the commission of
      a crime: Life
      Flash Bash / Gun Butt / Shoot = Assault

      • I specifically stated “The armed robbery carries a minimum 10 years…”

      • From the insightful and thoroughly on point men over at Falk & Ross Lawfirm of Florida: “Armed robbery in Florida is defined as committing robbery while carrying a firearm or other deadly weapon.”

      • Agreed, “or other deadly weapon”, but there is a difference between waving a pot of hot fish grease & a hammer……that’s all I’m saying, & flash bashing is like a meat cap, so the assault aggravates it further, but check Rick Fawlse, er, uh, Fawlk & Ross, & see if they differentiated.

    • Reason

      Hes a convicted felon, that plays a huge role in any sentencing How do you not know this? You not in the US or something? You dont get the “recommended” sentances, and you got that shit from the internet homey that isn’t f*cking research. Dont trust what you read on the internet.

      • I know because I’ve been through the system and fought cases. Have you? I’ve seen cats try to leverage the law and lose, and I’ve met some guys who were sharp… I happen to know this stuff through and through from spending 7 years on paperwork. Please… This isn’t internet research as much as it’s a man who has seen 100’s of cases.

      • You need to understand two things… Determinate sentencing and Indeterminate sentencing. Florida has a determinate sentencing policy… In affect, a judge does not have the authority to sentence outside the legislated guidelines where determinate sentencing is employed… Hypothetically speaking, say a crime in Florida has a sentencing guideline of 5, 10, or 15 (a low, mid, and high term) for a specific crime… The default term upon outright conviction would 10 years under determinate sentencing… If the defense demonstrates valid points of mitigation during sentencing? Then the judge has the discretion of rendering a sentence of as low as 5 years. If the prosecution demonstrates valid points of aggravation that do not amount to a higher level offense and the judge accepts these points, then the judge has the discretion of rendering a sentence of as high as 15 years… In any case, the sentence is hard and final… In states with indeterminate sentencing is where you see sentences of 3 – 18 years or some odd shi* like that…. Like I said… I’m not an ignorant teen. My word is bond… I do this for real.

      • “If the prosecution demonstrates valid points of aggravation that do not amount to a higher level offense”

        If it does amount to more : IE: Flash Bashing = assault with a deadly weapon, firearm, …actually, isn’t it a fed crime? Felon in possession?

      • On fed crimes and state crimes: Assimilative Crimes Act…

        The man was charged with the assault, so again, it wouldn’t be a point of aggravation during the sentencing phase… It’s a separate crime in itself… One that adds more to his possible sentence. But all of these things are issues left to lawyers who litigate in a court of law.

      • Assault for punching in face……with fist = 90 days?
        Assault with a firearm by flash bashing = assault with a deadly weapon + Firearm

        Are you from Florida? It has lax? gun laws, but punishes violators severely.

        Your acting like no firearm was used.

        Understand, I don’t want this turkey locked up for life…..just off the mic.
        Only way out = Buying witness

        Robbery & assault with a firearm, criminal possession of a firearm, and assuming he doesn’t have a valid ccw permit, carrying a concealed weapon, prohibited possession, simple assault, harassment, terroristic threats, extortion if he made any demands? Do this or I’ll do that,etc.., intimidating a witness & obstruction if he told him not to report it, etc., they got him cold, with the video, “the state becomes the victim”.

        *****14TH Amendment comes into play. ^^^^

        The state will issue material witness warrants and lock up it’s own witnesses to get him off the street. BET cops fugged up detaining him & not running his name.
        BET the BET cops got chewed out for that.

        Video does him in.

      • Whether he posts bond or not, he’s going to pay the piper on this one… I think that’s a foregone conclusion.

      • Stick a fork in Richard The Chin Morales….he’s done!

  • nigga say my back lmfoa

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    From the looks of it this nicca thuggin fa real!

    • He looked mad cheeks in the video….#I’mJustSayin’

  • Paula Reba

    So Gunplany faces life while Zimmerman commited a hate crime and murder and he is out on bail Florida sucks

    • The man will post bail… Bail is a constitutional right (see: the 8th Amendment) and bail for serious felonies is set at arraignment. His arraignment won’t be until early this week… So, he’ll be free by midweek… For certain.

      • No bail for armed robbery in Fla.

      • Reason

        Hes fucked man. Hes in Fla, convicted felon with a gun assaulting someone? Thats a rap, hes gonna be in prison for life or close to it. As Edogz818 said, no bail for armed robbery in Fla, plus even if he was in a diff state they gonna set bail at some ridiculously high number and dont think rick ross is putting up that money for a stupid rapper on his f*cking label.

      • There is bail is every state… 8th Amendment… Pay attention… And the max bail on an Armed Robbery count without aggravation in Florida is $15k + another $10k for the assault… He’s looking at paying 10% of that to a bondsman to get out… In any case, he’ll be free by Wednesday.

      • Firearm = Aggravation
        Flash Bash= Assault with a deadly weapon

      • Aggravation in the legal term refers to circumstance… i.e. the premeditation of a crime based on some sort of flagrancy. That’s aggravation, in the legal sense of the term… Smh… I see it’s easier for you to argue than to actually learn these things for yourself.

      • Wow! Really?

        So returning with the hammer isn’t premeditated? Pistol whipping ins’t flagrant?

        Only one way to tell who is right in this debate….which started with you saying $25K bail Vs me stating “NO BAIL”.

        You make good points & are very knowledgeable no doubt, but your mistake is not understanding that this is a FIREARM case, which is different than “ARMED ROBBERY”,it is AR / W Firearm, that flash bashing / gunbutting is assault with a firearm, which opens up new areas of law.

        Hence, no bail sans Arthur hearing.

        Stick around because we always legal minds on here.

        There can be no progress without dissension.

        Let’s agree to disagree & if anything, a friendly wager on bail?

        I got 5 Big Ones ($5 USD) >>>Pulls out & counts five singles like Mayweather counts Benji’s) No bail without Arthur hearing.

        EDOGZ818@YAHOO.COM = MyPaypal

        Drop yours if you taking the bet!

        John Black can hold the $$$ &provide security for it.

        >>>>Uncuffs silver briefcase containing $5 & hands to JBS’s armed goons.

        “Any circumstances surrounding the commission of a crime that increase its seriousness or add to its injurious consequences.
        Such circumstances are not essential elements of the crime but go above and beyond them. The aggravation of a crime is usually a result of intentional actions of the perpetrator. Such crimes are punished more severely than the crime itself. One of the most common crimes that is caused by aggravation is aggravated assault.”

      • I think you missed part of what I said… “Aggravation THAT DOES NOT AMOUNT TO A NEW CRIME”… Aggravated assault is another charge… But you’re right… At this point, we’ll see if the guy get’s free or not. Great debate though. This is how a blog battle is supposed to go… An attempt at fact finding.

      • Ok, I got that, true indeed, not a new crime, just enhancing the severity, or “aggravating the circumstances”, so we’ll call it a draw, till Thursday & bail gets decided.

      • Free on bail. lol

      • >>Hi Fives Jordan Pauley

        “I got 5 Big Ones ($5 USD) >>>Pulls out & counts five singles like Mayweather counts Benji’s) No bail without Arthur hearing.”

        Now if there was no Arthur Hearing…you just won 5, count ’em, 1,2,3,4,5 BIG ONES!
        $5 USD

      • johnblacksad

        Thought you only did NY but i see you up on Fla laws too… you should open a consulting office or sumthin

      • AHH’s legal team….

        “Get a life…or we’ll get it for you”>>> Slogan

  • Blackstallion777

    “huge in the world of rap and hip-hop???”

    since when?

    • Since his #1 video hit youtube… bad it was the Robbery & not a song that got so many views.

  • Weedras

    Maybe jail time will do him some good his ass needs to be away from that coke…

  • AK

    thats whack it was just becoming entertaining hope he beats it

  • Mos High

    Im surprised with the comments. I thought for sure people wouldnt be commenting that this is real, Gunplay is real G etc and that he isnt soft like Drake. For all the time some of you talk smack about you would do this and that etc. I also love my freedom, I never want to see the inside of a cage again. Definitely not do anything that could land me in there for a extended period of time. Life and freedom is to damn precious, did you see that brothers face when he was taking those chains off to his family it look like reality hit home hard that he maybe in them cages for a while.

    • Southcidal

      If nobody else commented that way, why did you? It seems as if you were looking for somebody to go against. Well ok, gunplay went out like a g!!!

      • Dumbest statement ever. You can’t act like a nigga around white people in places of business. He should have saw dude OUTSIDE of the office and hemmed him up.

      • Mos High

        i guess you didnt read what i said. I said “Im surprised” Im not looking to battle anyone of the internet. I rather uplift when I can. But I must say I usually see a bunch of stupid comments from posters thats why I said that. Did you read the rest of my comment?. Anyways you are free to feel how you like about my post. Maybe you are one of them who usually talk that mess and my comment bothered you.

  • IG::TheRealStevieBee

    good riddance… but he won’t do life… that’s just preposterous. try again buddy.

  • Dointer

    He looks so shook in his nice white shirt… The big boys in prison gonna love his skinny legs….

  • what does that say about you if u have to take a gun out to beat up an accountant ?? ACCOUNTANT??? …HAHAHA WHY NOT ON 50 CENT ???..

  • scullyson

    He better hope this ish dont go to trial because if they keep using his stage name “GUNPLAY” (pow!)….He is as good as gone as far as the jury is concern….smh

    • Bumpy Johnson

      even if your name was church play …with that footage all i can say is “u know you done fkked up right”

      • scullyson

        Yeah Souf He’s done like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey….LOL

  • This is a well executed plan. From the robbery to the ass whooping. And he faces LIFE!? He’s trying to platinum.

    • Irvin Findlay


  • Sean Taylor

    Pointing a gun at somebody and robbing them. Yeah lawyer youre right, its just a big ol’ misunderstand. Sh*t happens….

  • Rico Killebrew

    Get your ass whooped and then go to jail…. WOW!!!

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  • brotha_man

    if he goes to prison he will be able to see rick ross every single day….during count

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  • Pierre Elliott

    “On the streets he was tough—- Locked up, he was sweet stuff—-


  • mac boogie149

    life for armed robbery and aggrevated assault??? that shit is off the wall..niggas bet not do shit in florida..

  • this suppose to be Ross boy but since he got Wale and Meek he don’t even let CCC tour with them to make some money. Well OFficer Ricky didn’t want to do it but he sworn in as a man of the blue to turn Gunplay in.

  • yo if this nigga get out max b gotta come home!! or ross might have the charges dropped co shit!! smh free max b

  • $11625525

    And the moral of the story is, don’t Play with Guns!

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i wasnt no fan of gunplay music but damn its fuked up i hate to see any man behind bars all u cowards out there go kill urself talking bout 50 cent 50 is a punk gunplay was suppose to get his azz whipped he got jumped by like 7 ppl n stillwas getting back up n still punded somebody face in all u 50 cent riders go kill urself 50 never touch game cam fat joe jadakiss he touch gunplay 8 deep with security gaurds n tony gayo but i feel sad 4 gunplay

    • First off: Learn to use punctuation…and use Google. They have a spellcheck.

      Second, 50 had nothing to do with this fuckboy doing what he did. The only thing that involved 50 was when this dude got lifted up off his fee and Gunplay started that

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  • Terrance Goodman

    ” what nigga I spent what on coke?! I need it
    Run that chain”
    This bum can t get a break

  • andone

    now i see why def jam gave him a deal… they knew dude was going off to jail… so sign him right b4 to help boost william roberts label… lol he bout to sell and extra 5k copies cuz of this now… but with it not being reported till one month later he deff stands a chance @ beating this wit the right legal team… plus add in witness tampering the testimony against him might change up… either way he will be doin time its jus a matter of how much??

  • SDS_Overfiend

    The name in alone ensure you going down……Fool ass Nigga.

  • Black_Tarzan

    I guess that give you losers something else to talk about… Yall bitchass losers always hating on rick ross & MMG yall know he is and never was a cop… a CO is an over hyped security guard.. He couldnt lock no one up and still cant.. ask a CO can they use their badge outside of the prison..smh.. But since it gives yall a reason to hate yall will.. You dumb ignorant haters… there are no “real rappers” that rap what they live.. its “entertainment” music… at the end of the day “EVERY” rapper do it for the money.. Show me a rapper that dont and i bet you will see a broke rapper.

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    every video they showed of this nicca he wuz actin like a pure ignorant nicca, so the jury aint gonna think twice about his ass an the fight where he wuz making it seem like he got jumped an wuz whoopin niccaz asses, nah homie you got jumped, but you wuz gettin yo ass stomped so stop frontin,ol fake ass haitian cuzz!!

  • Zom

    wow. and he was really about to take off too. smh

  • Joseph Thomas

    i smell 50 behind this

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    Cocaine is a one hell of a drug!

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