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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent Try Breaking Up Floyd Mayweather's Big Business?

Everybody was very curious about what happened with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. There have been a number of conspiracies, ranging from reasonable to outrageous. A new theory is moving to the front and there is a lot to back up the claims. The good dudes at FightHype.com have some damning information that suggests that 50 Cent and a man named Tommy Summers attempted to break Floyd away from his long time business advisor Al Hayman. Hayman is one of the biggest background players in the boxing game and he’s made Floyd a LOT of money. These new allegations suggest that these others felt they could make him even more.

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There is actually a lot more to this.

Check it out at FightHype if you should happen to care about more details. Tell you this, it looks like there is a lot more than meets the eye with this.

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  • wtf lol

  • The sharpie adds a nice business touch!!

    • Smashit

      Yeah save all that professional typing shit for twitter beefs and for real business just grab that sharpie

      • In Living Color voice : “Here’s my card…<<>> My number is on the back. ( Written in crayon )

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        each character in a different color….

  • TonyMon

    This is all a ploy to gain attention to floyd Vs pacquiou fight…50 and floyd are still good friends. Don’t fall for this.

    • Celz

      Boxing is dead the Pacqiuao upset, and don’t forget the Olympics with Azerbaijan paying off refs and judges. Mayweather and Pacman are going to take one last pay day and leave the sport for dead.

      The hired the biggest drama king to generate publicity. When it’s all said and done they could easily generate half a billion or more.

      Speakin of fighting who saw Anderson Silva get down?? Him and Jon Jones need to get 50 after Mayweather and Pac are done…

      • Southcidal

        That chicken fighting called mixed martial arts will die before boxing does. Boxing will never die.

      • Celz

        Anderson Silva will literally kill any boxer with his barehands. And I’m not saying one is better than the other they are different. But boxing is dead because of the greed and corruption. After Mayweather and Pacqiuao fight who are waiting for lol??? There are no big names left. I’m just as pissed as you that there aren’t any heavy weights to root for.

      • boxing is just about dead as is…

  • Glasscut

    If you read it though Tommy Summers is right.. he never added himself to the equation he is just breaking down the math he did for mayweather.. I mean its all about signing deals.. And honestly Tommy Summers is on point.. Because that MGM shit is weak when floyd can market himself and make more money.. Than signing with the same people and staying boxed in at MGM.. its time to diversify i mean if he fights and loses he still makes money.. Hes a brand all by himself thats all Tommy Summers is saying.. I dont understand why people always think 50 is out to destroy someone.. I think the person that wrote this article is reading into this all the wrong way because at the end of the day floyd signs the deals.. He has to put his ink on it.. Not 50 or Summers.. I wish i had 50 as a friend.. the person that wrote this article is a hater.. Just read it and think about it..


      I don’t think YOU read it cauz 50 didn’t write it… Summers did and he is mentionning 50 Cent twice in the whole thing saying 50 had a meeting with HBO that’s it…
      Now I agree that 50 is not out to destroy someone but some gotta give Man!
      I think that Summers and prolly 50 are trying to insult Mayweather Intelligence… Any Nigga talking about making billions especially when you are BRAND NEW to the game is out of their god damn mind or think you are a SUCKER…
      Al Haymon is like the C.I.A of boxing dude been in the shadow since the Ali Act he got mad connects, he is the most influencial dude in the boxing game… How the hell Floyd is going to part ways with him plus it is not like he is not handsomely well paid… Of course he can fill out more seats and get a higher cut else where but it is a lot of risk to take…
      You go Mayweather! stick with Al Haymon and your 40 Mill a fight guarantee!…

      • arthur higgins

        You wright I dint read it all.Im about to scroll back up and read it!I dont who they talking about I never heard of dude,I like boxing but I really dont do my home work like I should!So im going to go and just take my time and read the entire lil subject.

      • Glasscut

        Yes.. i did read it.. and have corrected my errors.. I was just rather emotional when it comes to people trying to destroy a successful black mans image..

    • arthur higgins

      Well said!You wright on point!Man ppl really dont get it 50 a stright up business man!He really not even thinking about the music game anymore,thats why he giving the music away for free!He got rich off of it and now he out!Everybody know the game have changed,the internet changed alot of things!Who and the hell still buy cd now??Im mean I still do…but im old school im 42yrs old!..Not going to front I buy them boot leg or I burn them My damn self!Im not riding his jock(50)I just admire and respect dudes hustle!!Im like you …HELL yeah I wish that was my home boy!!Man I would be on point working for that cat stacken my doe Rich as hell,stacken my chips,seeing the world straight up networking,Have my 3 sons going to privat schools getting the best education they can get!Harvard,yale grads!!LOL!Real talk!I woulnt be that dude buying a 150$ car,man I would own so many houses,apartment building complexs,stores,invested in stocks,etc!!LMFAO…YOU feel me!!

  • Bumpy Johnson


  • water_ur_seeds

    50 could of said all of this to Floyd in person, and not in A letter which leaves evidence…

    • YaheardSyndicate

      50 didnt say this. Did you read the letter? its not even from 50

      • water_ur_seeds

        i know he didnt, i never said he did… but im saying 50 could of said all this to floyd, and im sure he has… its like its written on 50s behalf to benefit 50… al hayman the most powerful man in boxing, hes the godfather, im saying why put all this in writing… i think this just a ploy to create more of a buzz and keep their names out there, its all fake…

      • NEWSKULL

        LMAOOO… Admit it you didn’t read it!

      • water_ur_seeds

        lol i wouldnt click on it if i didnt wanna read it… i massive boxing fan, and find this more interesting then reading about gucci mane and most the schitt on this website these days

  • $18559328

    love the boxing game

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    if this is true, there gonna be some dead bodies buried in the desert next to the MGM grand.

  • Novi Saprano

    50cent should stick to movies and rapping! ATTENTION GOT YOUTUBE AND TYPE

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  • Phillip Tavernier

    To me, Tommy Summers sounds more like a turncoat. Neither Al Haymon nor Mayweather are perfect but they definitely made a perfect combination. Without Al Haymon, Floyd Mayweather would be just that, without the “Money” in the middle. If its just about the “bread”, then maybe moving on would be a good move. But since the “love” of money is the root of all evil, chasing the bread is usually the quickest way to lose it. I think there’s a whole lot more to this than just the numbers. Mayweather is arguably one of the most powerful men in boxing history, who happens to be Black, that has never been the case in boxing history yet a great many of the Champs have been black and have died broke and battered. Mayweather is his own guy and maybe he should reconsider the structure of his deals with Al Haymon. If he bounces on Al Haymon for a few more dollars and promises without looking what his partnership with this cat Haymon did for him and the sport and how it can continue to grow, is real shortsighted.