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Hip-Hop Rumors: What The?! Lupe Fiasco Says He Was Visited By Aliens As A Child

Lupe Fiasco is one interesting person. All of the musical geniuses are, aren’t they? Well, Lupe may have had a little help with his talent from an extraterrestrial visit as a child. According to the politically outspoken rapper, he has a mysterious scar on his ankle from what he describes as a  an “extra-worldly experience” in his hometown of Chicago when he was a kid. Check out what he told Power 106 in LA.

“When I was 11, I definitely had an extra-worldly experience,” he explained. “I got a scar on the bottom of my ankle, and I don’t know where it came from – I never had surgery there, I never remember falling there. I’ve done martial arts my whole life, it could be something from that…[but] I remember waking up and just being shocked, like I was surrounded by all this electricity. I was trying to call to wake my cousin up and roll out the bed and I couldn’t move, right? And then I was surrounded by this blue electricity, and then It stops and I look out the window and I see a black disc fly down in front of the window, sits there and then flies out.”

Okay, Lupe. Check out the video of the interview below.

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  • therealest1

    Delusional ass shit.

  • Dadon850

    That’s that boonk talking

  • maya

    trying to make himself sound crazy to seem more interesting (pulling a kanye)

    • johnblacksad


  • seveneightyseven

    i see why he’s called lupe now lol

  • Alf Capone

    lupe my nigga……..dont start to lose it on me

  • johnblacksad

    Bwahahaha… lol… ya’ll already know what i think about this ninja… ALIENS now?
    I rest my case right there.

    I had a kundalini experience in ’07… i call it my meeting with God… no aliens involved, just an extraordinary inner experience… may you all experience it one day.

  • Numbuh Four

    I f*cks with Lupe’s music heavily…but SMH

    Unless they needed to convert some of his corniness or goofiness into energy (I’m still a fan but you gotta be honest right?) to power their spaceship, I doubt he got visited by aliens…

    He’s either incredibly stoned or he suffers(ed) from sleep paralysis…sh*t happens to me every now and then, it stopped around the time I decided to talk mad sh*t to the “demon” I kept seeing…ain’t had the problem since…SMH again

    Still a fan but come on Lu…

    • Billions believe a virgin women was impregnated by a spirit and gave birth to its child, Lupe just saw some lights. If he’s crazy than so are most people.

      • Numbuh Four

        I’m agnostic bruh…those people are brainwashed, Lupe himself is delusional or simply ignorant to the truth(I know he loves that word) behind his “alien encounter”…all the dude had to do was a little research, instead of saying some wild sh*t like this

    • johnblacksad

      It’s jus Lupe doin Lupe : desperately crying for attention

    • you addressed something you kept seeing by talkn crazy to it & haven’t experienced sleep paralysis ever since..but you doubt Lupe experienced what he did..i’ont know, doesn’t seem to go hand-in-hand. Eastern cultures address right-brain activity, these Westernized cultures think everything is external, divided, and completely left-brain. Which is why it all sound crazy to us. What would I have learned about the Black Universe from my people if I wasn’t busy learning Christopher Columbus & George Washington. These concepts only new to us Westerners, Kemetians practically managed the celestial systems & governing bodies. It’s a whole world of knowledge & wisdom hidden from us.

  • toreal

    Lupe is starting to look nasty.

  • johnblacksad

    Freedom of Speech… i ain’t talkin bout Lupe… Freeway’s mixtape dropped today and made my day! Listen to ‘Beards R us’ and you won’t have trouble understanding that Free is my Top 10 D.O.A.!!! Pure fire

    • That ‘chet is Fiyah….never heard Free get down like that.

      Side Note: I believe in Aliens….they have to exist…..our supremacy just makes us overlook the possibility of their existence.

      ‘Chet is to big for us to be dolo….but I doubt they stepped to Lupe on some :
      “Take me to your leader” type ‘chet!

      • immackulate

        annunaki, nephilim, or JEDI
        aliens, angels, or WATCHMEN???

        i dont know if its our own supremacy more than our own ignorance
        it even speaks of it in our past history – maybe its
        because we dont whole heartedly believe the scribes on the walls, hieroglyphics on the pyramids, stories in the bible/torrah/quaran
        or dont just use enough common sense – there’s all types of sightings of ET activity but most get writing off as fake and fabricated or just plain looney
        however, its been confirmed that there is an AREA 51, there is life on other planets, there is reincarnation –

        Genesis 25:32

        lupe’s situation reminds me of this recurring dream i used to have as a teenager – i was asleep but still conscious couldnt move, couldnt yell out so i would just call on the MOST HIGH – highly doubt it was an alien abduction – definitely think that nigga just be buggin trying to associate himself with something BIGGER THAN THOU REALLY ARE – he bugged the phug out on the regular

      • Oh how I long for the day when MC’s made news because of good music.

        When you see an ant hill, do you try & make friends?
        Same if aliens land, they won’t give a fugg, were beneath them, and when an advance society bumps into a less advanced society…well, look at Cortez & the Indians for example….they wipe it out.

        Do we really wanna find ET with technology more advanced than ours?

        They are probably here, underwater, etc., in a different light spectrum …making them invisible to our eyes.

        Men In Black?

      • johnblacksad

        different light spectrum… i’ve been tellin ninjaz… that’s all it takes… being out of our ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ range… and them E.T. ninjaz could be right here chillin on my Futon, oglin on my sashimis! smh

        *opens a second Sake bottle***

      • That Mudda Chuckin’ Saki had your @$$ paralyzed, not no damn alien….unless your Butler snuck across the border illegally & ‘chet! LOL

        Seriously though, that light spectrum ‘chet & well, at the risk of sounding like Lupe’……you will see things you didn’t see before. Night Optical devices ( NODs ) will show you stuff in the sky that you won’t notice unless you…well here is a trick…..two cameras, one NOD , one regular, filming same area…..the NOD will pick up the extra ‘chet & you will see the differences.

        Dog whistles are a prime example of what your speaking about in regards to our detectable decibel range. Dogs can hear it…..we can’t.

      • johnblacksad

        Yo real talk, that has happened to me before… twice actually… woke up after a nap and couldn’t move for a good minute or two… even started laughin like wtf?! tried to call my brother to come see this sh!t, but couldn’t yell either… like whoa… WTF?! i dunno if it has a scientific explanation… maybe has to do with sleep/waking up… like for some reason my ‘mind’ awoke but not my ‘body’… i dunno… but i sure wasn’t delusional… that sh!t was plain weird… i’m talkin seven eight years ago

  • johnblacksad

    I insist… BEARDS R US… OMFG Freeway is just a mothafcukin CERTIFIED BEAST on the mic! Probably played the track more than 30 times today real talk!

  • Kevin Farley

    lookin like whoopi and dwayne wayne had a kid

  • PL

    Sounds like he was raped by some Crips…and he’s in denial..

  • hoeyuno

    Lupe looks like whoopI golgerg in that pic

  • warrenjae or burna mayne

    sleep paralysis is when your soul hasnt gone all the way back into your body…and i think when we go into spaceships only our soul can go not our body…cuz the body is stuck in this dimension…its a jail for our souls…in my humble opinion…

    • Numbuh Four


    • sakiru oresanwo

      I’ve experienced ‘sleep paralysis'(if thats the correct term for it) many times, dont think it has anything to do with ET though

  • esquecoast

    when it comes to the light that there are aliens out there for real, then you all gonna be on lupe’s balls

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  • True_Fan

    Lupe has been an idiot. The moment he said Obama was a terrorist I was like your done.

  • They visited him, seen what a wacko he is and said “these earth folk crazy, lets go back home”! Lupe saved us from an invasion

  • Million of people throughout the world have spiritual experience. The bible and other spiritual books are filled with story of people having experiences that are not common to mankind.

  • I believe him. Just because yall don’t believe doesn’t meant that they don’t exist.

  • jay

    I lost all respect for this dude even though he from my home town. His religion has clouded his thought process.

  • COCAINE is a hell of drug! This fool be GEEKED UP!

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  • it’s kinda sad that whenever we start growing our hair natural, somebody right there to call it ugly, or say he look like Whoopi. Whoopi is HERSELF & NATURAL. Half of these women wouldn’t even look like Whoopi if they took their makeup & weaves out. Ya’ll need to quit w/ the self-hate. These mofos do it for us

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