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ABSOLUTE REASON: Pass the ROC Already!

We’re living in “The Detox Era”. We want what we seemingly can’t have, when we should focus on what’s right in front of us. Sounds like my love life, but that’s a different story. The Hip-Hop culture forces upon us the notion that the next big thing is the only thing. So once this “Big Thing” arrives, we drop what we’re doing, plug in our high-end headphones and place our entire internal history of Rap music on the shoulders of a newbie.

Feels like forever since we’ve first heard about Detox. And in that time, we, as fans of the craft went from pandemonium to wanting to forget about Dre altogether. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard publicists close to his camp say, “Deshair, you can’t speak of this to no one but, Detox is dropping this fall.” That was back in 2009. After a while, I felt the album was nothing more than bait to talk about his headphones. I finally met Dr. Dre when the Diddybeats were released. Guess what we talked about…

Speaking of Diddy, around that time became a co-sign standout for the underground talent by the name of Jay Electronica. “As we proceed, to give you what you need,” screamed at the beginning of ‘Exhibit C’. Diddy’s calling card had it right. Jay Electronica was exactly what Hip-Hop needed. He embodied everything Rap enthusiasts required from a new artist:

  1. Cadence (full vocals which made the beat better)
  2. Sharp delivery
  3. Heartfelt storytelling
  4. Religious references to galvanize a larger base

Jay Electronica wasn’t new to the game. Every name dropped on that record was accurate to his story. On a mainstream Hip-Hop level, Diddy’s co-sign launched him above ground, presenting a sound reminiscent to his most successful artist. Analyze it as you may, but “Exhibit C” was “Juicy” reincarnated. Rap fans gravitated at first listen. Unauthorized remakes of “Exhibit C” flooded the market. But none of them held a candle to the original. We had the next big thing on our hands.


Jay Electronica continued on Diddy’s sunken path with ‘The Ghost of Christopher Wallace’. But we didn’t need another Biggie. And maybe that factored into Jay Electronica’s decision to sign with Jay-Z at Roc Nation (wait, nevermind). Diddy took his disappointment and failure to Twitter where Hip-Hop heads slandered the executive without prejudice. Overall, Hip-Hop was pleased with the results. Jay Electronica, a lyricist in every sense of the word, signed with one of the best to ever do it. While Diddy acquired a mild case of bronchitis. That was two years ago.

Since then, we’ve seen Jay Electronica everywhere except on the shelves. We’ve seen him in the studio, on a camel, in a Mountain Dew commercial, an alledged love triangle, everywhere except on the shelves. The tracklisting for his debut studio album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), was released earlier this year. And the hopeful release for the album came and went. So what’s the hold up?

If you’re over the age of 28, pull up a chair for this one. Let’s be absolute here… if Jay Electronica signed to Bad Boy Entertainment, not only would he have a signature pair of headphones by now, you’d be on Twitter harassing Diddy about this. You’d swear Diddy was holding him hostage for tax purposes. But what about Jay-Z? *opens up the Book of Hovito*

Jay-Z was busy in Paris with his ‘upstanding brethren’. He came back to America and put on a successful festival. He’s campaigning for the President and recently christened the Barclays Center with gold bottles. On Tuesday, his wife, Beyonce was named the Halftime performer for the Superbowl. So yes, Shawn Carter’s plate is full. But does he owe Jay Electronica a release date before the end of the year?

Here is my Absolute Reason:

Let’s get this over with. Jay Electronica deserves a release date and Super Tuesday would do just fine. And furthermore, I’m growing tired of Strip-Hop. All day, every song sounds like ‘Peaches McGee’ is about to hit the pole. I could go for some modern, backpack influenced raps right about now. So I ask of Michael Jordan to please pass the damn ROC to “Afro” Kobe. Thanks.

Oh, before I forget. Did anybody else notice the influences “Exhibit C” had on “Otis”? Or is it just me? Again.

“Exhibit C”:


  • Mskhill

    Jay Elec is plain dope on mic… And no one ask him to do features because he absolutely will outshine whomever track he is on. I haven’t honestly heard a song where i said, “he didn’t come will it”.. Usually I’m rewinding the song like did he say that. I would surely like to see him drop a album. I think it will be CLASSIC

  • Abrasive Angel

    Some of the songs on that tracklist is already out but I know what you mean. Patents of Nobility is another fabled Detox album. I don’t think that was a true tracklist anyway.

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    While diddy did give him a co=sign, isn’t it Just Blaze that is doing the shouting on Exhibit C?

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I am shocked that AHH let you post this. Foskey. You done good.

  • Recordpusher

    Great article. Yes, we need that album. Who cares if it doesn’t have any singles? Exhibit C wasn’t even a single. It was a real good Hip Hop record. Look at the charts, all the artist with giant singles don’t even sell gold. Last week, an indie album sold more then MGK. Lets all tweet Jay to drop the album already. @S_C_

  • Recordpusher

    Even saw Jay in an interview a couple months back saying that it’s his favorite album.. just doesn’t have any singles. Jay, we don’t want singles. We want a dope Hip Hop album.

  • brotha_man

    Biggie didnt look that BIG in that video. Still Bump ready to die “suicidal thoughts”

  • brotha_man

    Jayz at the time was a good look but he is too focused on other projects (getting money) to invest in Jay E…..should have stayed indie and connected with 9th wonder. Jay E is one of the more talented rappers today. Just shows the rap industry has falling in love with bubble gum rap. Hip hop has lost its roots, we need to go back to rapping in the park. I remember growing my and my crew we would freestyle everywhere anywhere….nowa days kids got they xboxes and facebooks (ol’ man voice) #lost roots
    exhibit C is better than “Otis” *slowly nods head*

    • Glasscut

      Jay-z does not need money to invest in jay electronica wtf.. are you saying.. Are you serious.. Advertising and marketing does not cost as much as it used to and if you don’t believe that your just lazy and know nil about technology.. heck we even go 3D printers now.. for my iPhone 5 i got 10 free iPhone cases for it.. Free 3D printing at schools.. bam iPhone 5 case.. gimmie 5 grand .. Total and i can market anybodies album heavy.. you must be smoking or letting the label do everything to think you need 100k to market an album successfully for an artist like Jay-Electronica.. please stop it.. Not only that kids will buy Jay Elecs album grown folks like me will buy it.. Well maybe not 100k.. Posters, Vans, a team of hungry-ass people. Not like your driving the record to the store yourself.. record labels ship records.. via fedex and ups.. lol sorry worked at tower records before.

      • brotha_man

        you are an idiot…..ummmm..yes marketing maybe cheap but it’s not free. the reason you got 10 free Iphone cases is cause apple is no dummy, it cost around $100 to make a Iphone but they charge you $400-$600 so them little 10 cent cases are not a loss for them(Apple). Kids will not buy Jay Electronica old heads will by Jay Elec…..the same old heads that by Brother Ali. Advertising and Marketing only work when people buy into the product and guess what genius everybody is not sold (‘cept us old heads) if marketing is free and goes hand in hand with technology why isnt he (jay elec out yet?) oh I guess he did make head lines with that white woman and Jay z still stayed mum on that….why? because he was putting together his concert. if its so easy in the grand skeem of things where is the Jay elec mixtape the one they put out, but pulled back…where are his singles (excluding exhibit A, B C, shinny suit theory, ghost of B.I.G)I dont even hear “New” singles on the radio.
        Jay-z co-signed so jay z needs to stand by his product becuase the record companies wont without his approval. Its like opening a new store but never unlocking the doors up for the public for fear that customers wont buy any of the product. Like my uncle used to tell it takes money to make money.

        you know why Apple gave your foolish ass 10 free cases….crumbs to keep you hungry enough to keep coming back for more dumbass.
        *Drops Mic and exits the stage*

      • Glasscut

        First of all you cannot read correctly and i am not saying this to disrespect you.. When did i ever say apple gave me anything brother ?? Jay-Z has assets in the excess of 500 million. And you are right that jay-z was putting together a concert but the concert mainly featured jay-z. Not jay electronica okay. And another thing your right on is the fact that you said they pulled back the mixtapes why brother ??.. But honestly after weaving through your crooked arrow you call a train of thought i believe we are saying the samething.. Jay Electronica shouldnt have signed to Rocnation if this was going to happen.. He could have sold records of the strength of his own work ethic.. Thanks for disrespecting me though and sadly your probably older than me.. smh..

      • Pierre Elliott


      • dpo

        Actually, an Iphone actually cost more to make than the $400-$600 it sells for. The companies make their money back when you buy games and services for the phone. Same goes for PC’s, video game systems, cell phones, etc.

      • brotha_man

        that is false: The 32 GB version costs Apple $209 to make, while the 64 GB is estimated to cost $230. With carrier subsidies, the iPhone 5 retails at $199, $299 and $399. While there’s no unlocked version of the iPhone 5 for sale, carriers list the full prices of the device at $649.99, $749.99 and $849.99 without a contract.

  • Dave Williams

    hell of a article. think of it like this and if any of you are under 30 dont take this the wrong way. if i was Jay z why would i put out somebody thats spits just as better as me? second im ready for real mceeing. ive been ready since dirthy south rap took over (sorry i hate dirty south rap not all but alot of it ) so i feel you on what your saying. and im tired of this swagg strip club rap myself

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  • AK

    it wouldnt hurt jay to just drop the album he dropped j cole and j cole is boring as hell.

  • Pierre Elliott

    It wont be Jay Electronica, it is someone else altogether. An unknown will rise up from
    no where blowing all this CORPorate crap right out of the water.

    And I already know who that person is…….The question is do any of you?

  • Pierre Elliott



    • Glasscut

      Yep he attached to Jay-Z the killer of dreams.. The man is almost 50 and still rapping GTFO..

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Exhibit C was what, several years ago? I have no faith that he’ll ever drop an album. These new school artists wait so late to drop an album that they lose their buzz indefinitely. Dropping 3 to 4 mixtapes after a big single??? C’mon. Artists like J. Cole had his biggest single with “Who Dat”, Meek Mill had “I’m a Boss”, Jay Elec “Exhibit C”………..and they get shelved; or shelve themselves possibly? I don’t know. The politics of this game sucks!

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  • It’s over for this fool! He’s to busy running around with that white chick instead of dropping an album! He might as well do something else in life because Hip Hop is tired of waiting for cats like him! His lack of success is his fault! The nicer they are the worst their work ethic is! I had high hopes for him too! SMH!

    • Glasscut

      Might not be his work ethic might be that hubris head of a boss he has.. Jay-Z..

  • Sosa_Limone

    i know its old but iam diggin that OTIS video… it just looks like they are having mad fun filming it

  • Sosa_Limone

    Jay elect is the truth though

  • Glasscut

    Okay first off.. Jay-Z paid to get his record played ( remember reasonable doubt )…. I mean cmon jay-z give it up 500 million in assets.. Really and you can’t even retain artists like joe budden now jay-electronica’s album is in limbo.. if i was jay i would’ve left the days of slavery are over.. seriously its time artists start speaking their mind truly.. pretty pathetic if you ask me a man of jay-electronica’s stature is sitting around waiting for some other man.. To play daddy to his album he doesn’t even respond on twitter.. really.. I am starting to think he’s not coming out.. Or he’s too shook.. not only that if he does drop and releases some bubble gum, strip club bullshit.. I am really done with hiphop.. I think 2012 is the last chance i am giving hiphop.. cashmoney and mmg ruined hiphop for me sadly enough jayz pulled strings for rick ross ( biggest fraud in the game ).. to get on.. I am starting to see a connection here.. I would advise again even signing with anything jay-z is behind hubris is a powerful emotion.. seems like the only person still releasing albums is jay-z..

  • Ema-Lee

    What i need to know is this how do we petition because the people always had the power its why its best to distract us and separate us so how about we get be focused come together and sign a petition how about Allhiphop you hit up the rest of your hiphop blog friends to push. a petition for this album because there is fans of allhiphop but people are fans of other blogs lets quit the blogging competition and ALL hiphop blogs including people CREATE A PETITION! to draw this album out

  • It’s the phantom of the chakra, slumdog opera..rap radar, nahrite? okayplayer moshup…. I went from nothin 2 somethin just like the planet Earth, show these label execs how ta make a man from dirt, and breathe in his nostrils……
    uuugghhh, sickness. song my ish rite there..Patents of Nobility, got Ali goin in on some tv host on the song “ALL OF YOU ARE TRICKY!”

  • Darren Myt Collins

    to me . Jay electronica has done nothing to create a buzz for himself besides drop a song every blue moon. The only thing i ever hear about him LATELY is him running around with some rich european white girl. And dude is super nice….but he’s got to do more. Where are the interviews? where is the press?. Hell he could film himself in the studio and film his creative process…he has done nothing to get people excited about his project. Jay-z does not hold peoples hands….He did’nt hold j-coles hands….but you can clearly see who works HARDER BETWEEN J-COLE AND JAY-ELECT.

    • Darren Myt Collins


  • Donovan C. Bradley

    Wow, this is THE BEST article that I have read on here in years. Thanks for the great read! My next post is something that I just wrote earlier tonight. I thought that it seemed fitting to what you were speaking on. To anyone reading, let me know what you think.

  • Sean Power

    the only thing jay-z has done wrong is giving this artist the freedom to do what they want and not pressure them to release they cd on a deadline you can’t blame jay-z if jay took year to record album and waited until his buzz died tp submit his album

  • If you slide back that rock youre living under you will see where even he said he is still working on his album. Then if you actually crawl out from under it you would know he’s been dating an original illuminati rolthchild heiress lately. Leave him be and let him experience this new life. Im sure the music will be even better once he decides to release it. Also that bit about if he would have signed to diddy he would have all of this merch is a joke. You cant name me one hot artist diddy ever had to do that. none. Diddy had always been the dame dash of bad boy. The main focus always has to be him. Very few of the “stars” we know because of him have anything good to say about him and are 9 times out of 10 no longer stars lol. He has like a 95% rate of killing stars lol. true story.Nicki tried just to do business with him for 5 minutes lol.mario winans,total,dream,112,dannity kane,day 26,da band,mary j collabos,early jodeci,mase,biggie,faith,carl thomas,black robb,g-dep,mark curry,lil kim,graph,red cafe,MGK,french montana,cassie,the lox,dirty money, faith evans,aubrey oday,shyne,craig mac,gina thompson,i could go on for days lol. Thats where hip hop goes to die lol

  • Slaughtr

    Jay E is the shyt tru fckn MC what true purist need to hear right now fck Diddy co signing Jay.don’t need that pssy advertising for him.


    man im say this jay had a couple of good joints but his flame is extinguished he gotta drop some hot shit b4 he can even say a date i mean put that work in or keep ghost writing

  • JoJoRich

    Jay E lives in London now and is dating a Rothschild (Bilderberg) which basically makes him down with the illuminati so he could probably give a damn about dropping an album, his chick has set him up with a label and he is over there doing him. If he was really concerned about dropping he would be in the US doing promos but apparently that is not on his priority list. Just Blaze said in interview that it is hard now to get up with Jay Elec because he mails his shit in or you got to go to London to get with him. In the words of B. Hop how do you fight like a hungry man when your refrigerator is full? Jay has no reason to be hungry right now not like he just came off the corner or was coming out the bing like a Meek Mill who really was hungry for a shot. Maybe Jay E was hungry a couple years ago but by now that hunger is long gone, his belly is full.

  • shiny suit theory truth…

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