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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chief Keef Headed To Jail Over An Interview?!

Troubled Chicago rapper Chief Keef has been making headlines ever since Kanye West jumped on his street single, “I Don’t Like” – but most of those headlines have been geared towards the negative. The teen rapper was previously in the news after an insensitive tweet he sent out after the death of rival rapper Lil’ JoJo sparked a police investigation into whether he had anything to do with the murder.

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Well, now the rapper may be headed back to prison over his infamous gun range interview with Pitchfork. According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Chief Keef is on probation and having a firearm is in direct violation of his probation. In the interview which was video recorded, Keef shot a firearm – a no-no when you’re on probation.

Chicago prosecutors have requested that Chief Keef be put back behind bars for this violation, and the Chief of police has said that “anytime he is in Chicago, he is a potential target and anyone around him is in jeopardy, including innocent kids.”

Check out the interview/freestyle video below that has Chief Keef potentially going back to jail:

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  • TonyMon

    Well Damn!!!!

  • Simon Adebisi

    HA HAH!

  • Damn, over a Ruger 1022? ( .22 )

    Not a good look, neither is his shooting posture, he better learn to tuck that right elbow in or risk losing it to a shot that would have missed!

    >>>In the Realest1’s voice : Dumb Gun ‘chet!

    • 7yoyo7

      Toy gun…. He might as well record videos with pellet rifles, that wouldn’t have sent his dumbass to jail.
      Too bad for him but is the rap game gonna miss him? H-E-L-L NO!
      (He might sell more records once out though).

      • Nah, that 1022 is a beast, takes Tec 22 clips & drums, far from a toy, but there is no chain of custody for the video, so Probation violation at best & they can violate him for no reason, but in the end, it’s utmost stupidity, but good defense, he can say it was a toy / prop.

        1022 = Excellent for small game & survival….obviously not for combat, but you can carry 1,000 rds in your pocket & hit a milk jug from Goal Line to goal line….if you calculate for the 7 inch drop….or 5.6 inches with Remington Gold Hollow Point ammo.

      • Black Exodus

        What’s up Dog…I see you are on your guns! Educate…brother…do educate! Been making some life changes but new music coming real soon brother! OH yeah…lil chief keef…is the worst representation of black youth…being pushed to the world as a representation of us. All of there guys need to walk into a black hoe and disappear forever.

      • Black Mudda Chuckin’ Exodus!

        Long time no hear…no new tracks or news etc… Hip Hop needs your type of Music!

        When you ready…hit me up for a feature…you know I got you!


        >>>Would drop a link to “Problems” or “Diamonds” but the new upgrade don’t allow links >>>SMDH!

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      • cool man i sent u a message
        thaNorthernLightz ( dot ( com)
        is going to be for acts im associated with
        tell a friend

      • Northern Lightz? I like that!

        You definitely in Playa!
        Good Look!

      • johnblacksad

        The homie TIP should have holla’d at you instead… not sayin that you sell anything.

      • >>>Retired 🙂

  • Yeah right he going Back to jail.That’s Crook County

  • harlemsown21

    Nigga’s need to smarten up .. so now he might go back to jail for something simple that he shouldn’t have went to jail for in the first place.. 1) if you gonna get a gun.. why not go get the permit so you can carry it legally .. 2) if you on paper why would you let someone record you doing an interview shooting a gun.. now this is time of this young mans freedom.. we need to start thinking

    • Ike

      But when you are on papers for pointing a gun at the police, he’s lucky they put him on papers instead of the ground 6 ft deep.

  • NoGoBoi

    yung dumb mofo’… if 50 the big homie 4 him he sendin’ all these yungin’s off, 1st soulja boy now keef, man sprinkle some game on these lil niggaz cause they all fucked up

  • i dont see how they can prove that is him on a video wtf LAME
    even lupe said he looks like every kid in tha CHI

    • harlemsown21

      If you was him why would you even put yourself in a situation (being at a gun range on cam) giving them a reason to look at you like your in the wrong ijs

    • Ike

      That sounds like an excuse, a piss poor one at that to get him off. Now you want to use Lupe for his escape-go, when you probably bashed Lupe for saying what he said.

  • someone practicing w a gun in a safe environment is a good thing

    • Not for the beast!

      • Doe Boy

        n not when u on papers

      • “period” The System, all criminals, love a defenseless victim.

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  • Ronlg1

    A dumb niggaaa, that’s that shit I don’t like!!

  • World Wide

    The worst thing that could happen to Hip Hop is for this lil nigga to die because if he does (God Forbid) these idiots that look up to him are going to compare him to Tupac. Lets just hope this lil niggas fades away.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    I guess we will neverlly learn!!!

  • Doe Boy

    we talkin bout cook county…for ppl who dont kno chicago its crook county…i think thay wanted for that murder couldn get it sooo thay goin say he violated…o in i dont kno how true it is but the CPD been try to get dude…thay say he shot it out wit the police…in the CPD is the biggest gang here…so like i say i dont kno how true that is tho…jus nigga on the street talkin…why he shootin guns on the internet in he on papers..

    • harlemsown21

      If a group like CPD out to get you why would you give them a reason to put you back behind bars..

  • n griffin

    thank god, hope they keep him for life

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Ho shit. You want that real? Will Vetter Who is Your Producer? Over 100+ Instrumentals up, come get ur free tracks.

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  • bigbeeinthebuilding

    Of course he’s going, throwing up that VL in photos, shooting guns on the range. What a stupid lil muthaf**ker

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Sadly, it’s only a matter of time………..

  • Ike

    And if anybody thinks that a .22 ain’t nothing but a toy gun. Hit a person in the right spot that small caliber fragment travels and keeps traveling into the body, unlike a larger caliber.