Sean Price Set to Bully Airwaves with New Release “Mic Tyson”, Trades Words with Dr. Cornel West

(AllHipHop News) Sean Price is back to bruise his competitors with his new album, Mic Tyson, to be released on Duck Down Records this Halloween Eve, October 30.

The Brownsville Brooklyn MC’s third solo album will feature appearances from labelmate Buckshot, along with Ill Bill, Torae, Ruste Juxx, and King of the Dot/Grindtime battle MC, Pumpkinhead, to assist in the beat brutality.

Beats are not the only things on Price’s list of things to address. This past Thursday, Price took to Twitter to call philosopher/activist Dr. Cornel West the “devil.” During an interview with The Village Voice, Price went on to say that the famed Princeton professor’s calls to action were the reasons for giving West his satanic label.

“I don’t think he’s intentionally poisoning us; he thinks he’s doing good but he’s a puppet like the rest of them,” said Price.

Dr. West later responded on Twitter, stating that, although he respected Price’s freedom of speech, he was, in fact, not God’s fallen angel.

“I am sad that brother Sean P. trusts no one, and that he believes in nothing,” tweeted West.  “My humble advice is to try Jesus or at least #Love!”

View the tracklist for Sean Price’s Mic Tyson below:

1. The Genesis of the Omega
2. Bar-Barian
3. Pyrex
4. Price & Shining Armor (feat. Ruste Juxx)
5. Title Track
6. Straight Music
7. STFU, Pt. 2
8. Hush
9. Solomon Grundy (feat. Ike Eyes & Ill Bill)
10. Frankenberry (feat. Buckshot)
11. BBQ Sauce (feat. Pharoahe Monch)
12. Bully Rap (feat. Realm Reality)
13. By the Way (feat. Torae)
14. Battering Bars (feat. Pumpkin Head)
15. The Hardest N***a Out

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39 Responses to “Sean Price Set to Bully Airwaves with New Release “Mic Tyson”, Trades Words with Dr. Cornel West”

  1. Pierre Elliott

    I dont think Mr. Price has fully heard what Mr. West has to say.
    On top of him having a Album cover, where he has beaten other “apes” down.
    And for some reason that makes him the “alpha Ape”
    I just dont understand brothas mannnnn…

    • Pierre Elliott

      And I guarantee the album will be subpar, like the rest of these scared NY nggas.
      Scared to make something different and ill. Lot of these dudes need to get out the way…

      • Pierre Elliott

        well then if its hot then itl be worth it..but if it isnt……

      • Gamer

        Oh I take it you like your hip-hop in tight jeans with a bit of sugar in the tank..Hip-hop is like an alcohol my dude..they can mix it with juice..they can relabel it all they want..but nothing and I do mean nothing beats the original…i’ll take mine sucker free with no chaser.

      • johnblacksad


        Sh!t came from da Bx but Bk perfected that craft!

        Definitely no chaser when Brownsville is rappin… that sh!t be sushi raw!

      • Pierre Elliott


      • breed500

        you’re not even gonna listen before you start shitting on it?

      • johnblacksad

        You know what, i let the first two stupid comments slide… talkin bout you guarantee the album will be subpar… where do i even begin answerin this sh!t?! when did Sean Price ever drop a subpar album… you obviously aint never listen to one… second, you obviously ain’t listen to this one but you have an opinion already… uh?!… then i dont know where you comin from with that ‘alpha male’ sh!t and neither do i know where you are tryin to go with it… then you tryin to take a shot at a whole coast/city whatever… ‘rest of these scared NY nggas’… not from NY but you sound lame right there… soundin like a spandex-wearin Lil Wayne talkin bout he don’t like NY… i bet you have Mack Maine & Gudda gudda’s albums… honestly i couldn’t even tell you what them covers look like…

        Bottom line… swallow that opinion of yours…. nobody believes you! Shaq face n!gga… Sean Price is 99.99% straight heat… no Chris Bosh…

        and oh yeah, i’m dislikin that sh!t… Herb n!gga

      • MadVillain

        fucc is wrong with you man? i dont think you even kno who Sean Price is…

  2. louis

    if you all heard the interview on shade 45 this was a laugh to sean price he said it was not serious and he would not let no one talk shit about cornell west on the air

  3. shucky

    Due to the same strength of hurricane Sandy Sean Price’s long awaited album “Mic Tyson” is still coming out tomorrow! Problem is the city is taking to many hits, Jabs, head blows and ear munching. sooooo the album release party has been rescheduled until further notice. Row your ass over to best buy ASAP and cop it. You need it! Or else He’s going to make your mom suck his d*ck with blue cheese on his balls! Warning!

  4. Miss Anita

    I have respect for both these brothers for what they do. But I dl’d Mic Tyson this morning and it’s classic Sean Peeeeeeee…so needed in the game right now. Big up!

  5. Guest

    this Pierre Elliott nigga
    sound like a real faggot
    ol’ ball bitin – buttercup – buttermilk biscuit eatin

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