Freeway Ricky Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Freeway Ricky Ross All Up In Rick Ross’ ‘Hood!

This is Freeway and Rick Ross having a party. Add them together and you have something else. Freeway Ricky Ross at a party!

I’m not sure what is going on here, but let me tell you what was told to me. Freeway Ricky Ross, the former real life super drug dealer, was down in MIA, yo. What was he doing there? PARTYING, from what I was told. But…it was interesting. I heard he was in the company of Miami OG JT Money and the notorious ZOE Pound crew. What does this all mean? I’m not sure and since its all a rumor. Still, it feels like something could be going on. Could this be a play to usurp Rick Ross in his own hood? I really don’t know, but….that’s what I heard.

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57 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Freeway Ricky Ross All Up In Rick Ross’ ‘Hood!”

  1. Dadon850

    Although I don’t condone the fake Rick Ross and his bafoonery, I have to wonder what hustle JT Money is working on right now. I know JT and I know he is dead broke. Hmmmm

  2. 1SOFLO1

    Zoe pound is for hired. You got the money, they have the goons. JT money is one of the realest miami rapper, but he is broke now with zero street power. I am not seeing, what you are seeing illseed.

  3. Joenathan

    This is living proof that the lifestyle is more inspired by the music than the music is by the lifestyle . What is Freeway Ricky Ross doing with his life now other than trying to bring Rick Ross to shame ? Hopefully he isn’t in the streets again too much attention is on his name & he’s hanging with people who are about that life . He’s a joke.

  4. brotha_man

    Real rick ross gets a pass where ever he goes. but hanging round the wrong people he gonna fall back in that trap (pun intended)

      • johnblacksad

        something tells me you are referring to a ‘notorious’ real n!gga who tragically died in Las Vegas at age 25… jus a feelin

      • Chrisblackusa

        Word e…..after 26 with no bids he straight feds friend…..

    • Reason

      You joking right? I admit its not a word you (not just you i mean anybody) uses in their daily day. Its sort of like a synonym of Coup (as in coup d`etate). Both in simple terms mean to take power, or take a government office (not a physical office of course i mean the position i.e. president), or a vaguer form of leadership by force without legal right or legitimacy. So if there was an organization, and a lower level member took power/leadership by killing the leader/leaders you would call him a usurper. Usurp is more broad in what it applies to (meaning to gangs, corporations, could even be like the head of a family) where Coup D`etate always and only applies to overthrowing a government or regime. Coup D`etate deals with killing the leader of a government/nation or forcing him/her and their staff into exile.

      Hitler and his supporters did this, though the difference in that case is that Hitler was actually elected Reich Chancellor of Germany, which is the head position. Though he did this through use of an incredible level of violence, paranoia, fear, lies, false accusations and distrust. Hitler had his competitors “purged” AKA killed. This was aimed at communists (which could be anyone, you just accuse them of being a communist and they are done for, former and current government officials, politicians, government employees and certain recent allies who were responsible for his rise to power in Germany (the SA, commonly referred to as the “brown shirts” cause their uniforms were brown). Its referred to as “The Night of the Long Knives” about 1930-1934 (during his rise to power, he was elected Fuhrer in 34). The SA was Hitlers own personal army (and also the origins of the SS who had the same exact roll essentially). When Hitler was getting closer to being a legitimate politician and had a great chance if not a sure thing that he would be elected Reich Chancellor of Germany he knew the SA were going to be a problem for him in this transition. The problem is the SA saw themselves as the core of the army under the Nazi regime, were as the current Germany Army saw themselves the same way. If Hitler could not get the support of the German Army he could not have done what he was able to do, not just in fighting the west and Russia but being able to come to complete unquestionable power (under really shady circumstances like the Reich building burning down, Hitler blaming communists and other types of subversion (Jews, the current government/politicians, the SA and “undesirables”) without any evidence and it turned out the Nazis burned down the Reich because they knew this was scare the people that their current government cannot protect Germany or that their current government is so corrupt and infiltrated by Communists that their is no way to trust them. Hitler was already a big figure in Germany, and well liked by the people. He convinced the Germans that he will protect Germany and the German people and he would squash any further attacks on the state by communists and the like, and bring Germany back to its former glory (i.e. stop following the rules that Germany had agreed to when they signed the Treat of Versailles at the end of WW1, a treaty that completely blamed Germany for WW1 and put them solely on the hook to financially pay for the entire war’s costs and damages in all the allied countries. Oh and the treaty severely limited Germany’s armed forces and reduced the maximum amount of soldiers and weapons allowed to a incredibly ridiculously low number. And other random stupid shit the allies put in like Germany isn’t allowed to have a navy in any sense more or less. Back then having a large navy was incredibly important. though it turned out 20-30 years after the end of WW1 the navy in the old sense, of having battleships or other types of ships with big guns were almost worthless because of how incredibly effective and lethal the aircraft carrier was (which no nation thought would catch on or even work). Most people know that in pearl harbor, when it was attacked, the aircraft carrier were actually on patrols so they were not in the harbor. Our battleships, destroyers and other types of ships were heavily damage and several destroyed. But we found out quickly (because we had to) that the aircraft carrier were clearly the most important type of ship and by a very large margin. And luckily we had several carrier already and Americas industrial industries had potential and the versatility to change to manufacturing arms, ammo and vehicles was very strong. Philly especially, its America’s Arsenal. Only nation that is maybe slightly comparable to Americas was Russia, late in the war, and their ability to manufacture t34 Tanks which without them the war would have been lost without a f*cking doubt. Amazing tank too, first tank with slopped armor which increases thickness, decreases weight so you got much faster speeds and allows shells to deflect off the armor. Every other tank (of every other nation) had essentially flat fronts, sides and backs which we now know is the worst way to have the armor angled as it completely takes the full force of the round, you have to use much thicker armor to get the same thickness of angled armor (may sound weird, id explain but its slightly complex and lengthy explanation and i just realized i went into political science mode and went off on a rant about Hitler and shit on a comment section for a story about freeway Ricky Ross being in Miami so ill stop cause im rambling, i blame the drugs sorry.

  5. Alf Capone

    whatever……….freeway ricky………the real rick ross………is a scumbag……..he was a crack dealer……..he sold crack to parents……….that he knew damn well were buying crack instead of feeding their children………he made money off other peoples paine…….i have no love for him……….i have no love for that fat bearded f*ck either……..he promotes that nonsense like its cool………with his non rapping azz

    • Kevin Washington

      @least hes learned from that and trying to reverse the evils he put out there with someting positive moves ……. rick ross is haulting it tho ….. @least in his eyes …. cause the real rick ross wants to promote the new him ….. but the william roberts rick ross wants to continue promoting the old OG rick ross ……

  6. Jay

    All that says is that the man that put in Ronald Regan’s dirty work on minorities is still hanging out with gangs that do nothing but sells poison to and kills other minorities.The title should say..”One of the biggest government conspiracy subsidized organizations that put in dirty work, kills, and poison minorities in hood is still going on strong, meets in Miami”!!!! SMH

  7. 305 Designs

    I am the camera man, 305 Designs & Slugfest Ent., who covered the event with JT Money & Freeway Rick Ross. It was a great night. The actual video would tell the real story.

  8. AK

    there was a vid on worldstar that the gds are gonna go after rawse lol, i got feeling he gonna step his security up like 50 had 6 years ago

  9. Tiger King

    What this means?…hmmmm, two 50 year old has beens hanging out together still thinking their in their 20’s and that people actually think they matter

  10. westbmorecee

    freeway and freeway ricky ross is 2 different people thats freeway from state property in the picture with rick ross freeway ricky ross is the other picture dont post rumors if u dont even know who u posting about dumass

  11. Carlos

    I am tired of hearing about hood passes. no one gets a hood pass, even ppl who live in that hood. anyone can get it anywhere, who giving these out anyway

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