EXCLUSIVE: Skeme on the Prevalence of Bloods and Crips in L.A. and the Industry

(AllHipHop News Feature) Recently sat down with newly crowned Breeding Ground Artist, Skeme, fresh off the heals of his recently released project, Alive and Living.

In the extensive interview with, Skeme spoke candidly about growing up in the gang infested streets of Inglewood, where he developed an affiliation with the Piru Blood gang, notorious for wearing their bright red colors.

While the perception is that gang violence has subsided in most parts of Los Angeles, Skeme explained that those views are based on a lack of information, as most people visit Hollywood and are actually never in the the roughest parts of the city like Compton or Inglewood.

Skeme also dished on his perspective of gang representation in the music industry as in recent years several artists have openly represented their gang affiliation.

“I’m from Inglewood, California, period. Most cats at my shows are Inglewood n*ggas or West L.A. n*ggas.  I kind of am one of the lucky n*ggas that gets love from both sides of the fence, like for real for real, like genuine love, so it’s a beautiful thing,” said Skeme.

“But, at the same time, you kind of have to have an eye for what the beauty in the situation. Some people don’t even get it and try to bash it and just tell n*ggas that we ignorant, and that n*ggas is *ssholes for what they dying for and shooting for. But at the end of the day, it’s really a respect thing for your n*ggas. Like that’s who you end up ridin’ with in the first place, and that’s how I look at, that’s how I always will look at it. I’ma ride for the homies.”

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  • Terrance Goodman

    I ride for my kids when prison comes 99.9 percent
    Will forget that ass between kush blunts n bottle

    • Bumpy Johnson

      they will forget you regardless …even without the kush blunts and bottles..and dont forget they gone try to fkk your wife and 80% of the time succeed…

      and as for your kids life????

      the streets is a muthufukka .

      My moms always knew that thats why she always prepared us if she had to ever go, thank god she still here. All you niggas in the game better get ur kids ready incase anything happens to you which is more than likely.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Real talk wife spreading her legs like the
        Red sea n ya main man’s doing the deed.
        We gotta stand up for our future Show them
        The Way . But instead most bend blocks
        Looking for hookers

    • “Quote of The Day”

  • Dadon850

    Damn! Yet another dumb dude willing to ride and die over respect. That street mentality have destroyed us. Drugs and gun violence and street respect is the reason young black males die at a higher rate than any other segment of society. And yes, soon as he goes to prison, his homie will be banging his wife. Better yet, his homie will probably set him up to save himself.

    • ThaShadowKing

      Real talk!

  • Terrance Goodman

    One ? Why would I want to see the roughest sections Of hollywood?!
    I’d stay home n see a local hood every hood the same. We need To
    Better our hood instead of repping the wrong ish. Banging a block but
    Owning no property on said block. Priorities is f up for real

    • doomcannonrainman

      This shit right here needs to be at the top.
      No one owns shit, yet everyone wants to rep. All bullshit

  • I love how rappers talk about they get respect from both sides. Honestly, if you get that much respect from both sides, that probably means you get no respect at all, and you’re not that involved with gangs, anyways.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      yea its always easy to like the nice guy while the true/real gangsta is hated by everybody but his crew.

  • Joenathan

    I ride for Jesus & all the Christian Martyrs who are quietly being murdered every year in muslim & communist countries where Bibles are illegal & Sunday school is underground , we die by the hundreds of thousands at least 160,000 followers of Jesus are killed for the faith & its coming to America slowly but surely true bloods the Blood of Jesus !!!!!!! The blood of God to live is Christ & to die is gain salute ! So if you really ready to die convert & be saved from this dieing world !

  • In the immortal words on Tim Dog “what the f*ck is a gang war we want to know what you fighting for. Fighting over colors that shit is for some dumb motherfuckas”

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Some of the realest comments Ive ever read on AHH!!

  • this dude skeme spelled it in big letters for everyone … the gangs out in cali are grabbing them young … little nigs cant even walk the store without getting harrassed, like some hood terrorist, little nigs end up joining a gang just so he/she can breath with out getting pressed … sad thing is its not just an LA thing this goes on in all hoods accross america … even in suburban areas except they dont have gangs they got the “popular” crowd … they arent as menacing like rolling with guns … but verbally outcasting a person is just as worse as shooting them … especially as a youth … cause most youth dont have the concept of time … but whats really crazy by times all of these kids turn into adults … the game flips …. now you cant rule anymore via strength or popularity …. now everything becomes a $$$$$ race because you cant survive as an adult without income …………………………….. so all of that gang affilation is out the window unless you happen to be in a gang thats getting alot of it ………