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Election Opinion: Why Mitt Romney Deserves Your Vote

Editor’s Note: The real beauty of living in a Democracy is the right to choose. And while the choice is clear to us at, there are always two sides to any story – and presidential election. The following is a respectable argument in favor of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. We highly suggest you read it, but with all due respect, it hasn’t swayed our vote! Election Day is just six days away – get to the polls…and Vote Early if you can!

Why Mitt Romney Deserves Your Vote by Wayne Bradley

When voting for your next President of The United States, don’t just think about the present economy, which is doing terribly; think about the future and what you want for yourself and your children.

Although in Hip-Hop circles and the urban community, President Obama is the “hip” pick in this election, with an endorsement from Jay-Z included, there is simply not much you can point to that has been good for urban communities and the future generations. Spending has gone up, along with the deficit that will be left for us to pay for, long after our parents and grandparents are gone. Simply based on resumes alone, Mitt Romney is far more qualified and has a better track record of “leadership,” which is the key word.

President Obama has blamed George Bush for the last four years, and that is not what a leader does. The national average of unemployment is at 8%, while African American unemployment is near 14% – these are the facts. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for African Americans between the ages of 16 and 19 reached 49 percent, up from 45.4 percent in August and 41.7 percent for the same period last year. A young person can’t even get a job at McDonald’s right now because older people are taking those jobs. This lack of opportunities is what fuels the crime, selling drugs, and lack of hope for our young people.

We need a leader with the business background to turn this country around, and Mitt Romney has those qualifications. From his days at Bain Capital, to turning around the Olympics in 2002 in Utah, and with a successful stint as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney is a proven leader. The country has been running in place for the last four years, and has not got better. Sure, President Obama has ensured it did not get worse in his tenure, but this country has to move forward, and President Obama has not shown in four years he is going to make that happen. Looking back now, President Obama did not have a leadership background, and that should have been more examined.

I appreciate as an African American male that President Obama has a proven to be a great family man, a role model, and a beacon of hope for a lot of young men. I just don’t think his policy and vision are all that great for America and, in particular, for urban America. The first four years of President Obama’s administration, Choice in Education initiatives, and the ridiculous war on drugs has been ignored, instead focusing on big campaign issues like Obama care and Green Energy, which have both contributed to job killing bills and reckless use of federal money on companies that were bad investments from the start. Even on social issues, his support of Gay Marriage was nothing more than a campaign tool. He only took that position to gain more votes, possibly recognizing the urban vote is not in his back pocket as in 2008.

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I encourage everyone to do your own research to determine the best candidate for yourself. If you want to one day own a business of your own, or are a business owner, I can confidently tell you Mitt is the better candidate for you. You want someone as President who understands how business is run, simply look at the resumes again – there is no comparison. You might like President Obama’s speeches and personality more, but I suggest you really look at the track records of both of these gentlemen.

As African Americans, we are not obligated to vote for Democrats as they suggest, but they should earn our vote, and quite simply, the vote has not been earned this time.  We can do better than 14% unemployment for African Americans and almost 50% for our youth looking for work. We have to do better. Don’t be fooled by all the distractions of fear mongering by the media and celebrity endorsements. Look at the records, and decide for yourself.  Get past the emotional attachment, and vote for what is best for this country, and that man is Mitt Romney.

Wayne Bradley is a conservative radio host and political pundit, and a serious Hip-Hop head. You can listen to his show HERE.

Visit Wayne Bradley’s official website, follow him on Twitter (@wbconservative), or send e-mail to

  • That is one fine house negro right there. Walks with his butt real tight no homo. Remember the old Eddie Murphy SNL skit when he dressed as a white man. This guy is doing such a good job for his people. Romney truly cares about black people! Blacks are rushing to the polls right now for Romney.

  • White people love Wayne Bradly so much because….he makes Barney Gumble look like Malcolm X

    • Hahahahaa! I was thinking the same thing! The exact same thing!


  • I can’t stomach Black Republicans.

    • $28825362

      Remember when Jay-Z and Nas had that song Black Republican. Funny how that joint is NEVER mentioned now. Bawhahahahahaha

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That’s because the song was AWFUL and I’m a big fan of both.

      • Guest

        two great artists, worst songs they ever made. up there w sunshine and braveheart party imho

      • Eli Pinilla

        braveheart party was atrocious!!!!

    • AfricanSoul

      For real! lol

  • timwest1000

    Romney was known for running up debt and forcing companies into bankruptcy and outsourcing jobs! Besides that, he wants to give a tax break to the rich and have it paid for with poor peoples earned income credit cuts and other “lower class” benefits. He claims giving the rich a “tax break” will encourage jobs which is proven to be NOT TRUE by plenty of experts! He also stated out of his own mouth “the lower 47% do not matter”, then retracted that statement like ALL OF HIS STATEMENTS. JUST THE FACT THAT HE IS A LIAR SHOULD DISQUALIFY HIM FOR “IN GOD WE TRUST” PLEDGES! **************Think about it, Romneys plan ADDS almost 5 trillion dollars to our debt, Thats hustling backwards!!!!! If we gain anything, we will still be further in the hole and he will benefit!!!!!!!THINK!!!!! Some of OUR DEBT is in the TAX RELIEF for him and his rich friends children to benefit from!!!! THINK!!!!!!!


    He allows his party to hate on women and minorities and sometimes eggs them on by making Sarah Palin fun of the sitting President (like him or not) MORMONISM IS STILL A CULT!, He “tolerates” anything from ANY ONE to get what he wants, He was born rich and has no idea what it is like to not have, so he does not relate on ANY personal levels. And so on and so on.

    People kill me trying to actually predict what Romney is going to do after he gets in office. YOU DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT ROMNEY IS GOING TO DO!!!!NOR DOES HE!!!!

    He ran the economy in the ground in Mass. as governor. 47th in the nation! Just go to hell with that Romney crap.. If you hate Obama, dont vote at all. It is like voting against yourself!!!

    Scroll back up and look at Romney…Now look at yourself…Does he even look like someone who wants you to have something? Does he really look like he would care about you more than Michelle Obama and Barack, honestly?

    Shady mouth bastard. I mean they are dressed like twins!!!!WTF?

    • jad42485

      @google-292b83647bb174c59dfc63509f011bc5:disqus Yo you killed that shit you said what needed to be said !!

    • suge380

      Real Talk

    • hoeyuno

      Good info.. Peace

    • scullyson

      If it walks like a duck and quack’s like a duck then it has to be a Duck. Well said tim.

  • You guys are the reason dictatorships exist. A Black person can vote for whoever they want, this is a democracy, isn’t it? Obama isn’t even Black. You mindless idiots. Is a Korean, Japanese? Is someone French considered German? Is a Nigerian the same thing as a South African? Most of you would probably reply yes to all those questions I posed. Don’t let the racist society in the U.S. determine your vote. Believe me, Africans and West Indians do not consider themselves Black or African American or whatever the descendants of African slaves to the U.S. choose to call themselves, as a matter of fact, a lot of them look down on African Americans. So don’t think someone is your brother and has your side just because they share the same color as you. If that was so, there would have been no WWI or WWII (fought by White Europeans), no Sino-Japanese War, no trans-Atlantic Slave trade (yes, Africans sold Africans, everybody in the world knows this) and no Rwandan Genocide (Black Hutu vs, Tutsi). Black people have the world all screwed up. Obama doesn’t share Black people’s history, culture or even beliefs. Obama’s grandparents weren’t discriminated against for being Black, enslaved, involved in the Civil Rights. Obama doesn’t share our CULTURE. His wife does but he doesn’t. Culture is what makes people who they are, not race. If you think I am lying carry your Black asses to Africa or the West Indies and you will see how out of place you are. If you are going to vote for him do so because you believe in what he stands for not because he is Black. Voting for him because of his color was understandable the first time because the gravity of the event but not the second time. Stop criticizing Blacks who no longer want to be a guaranteed vote for the Democrats. Who know that welfare and other Democratic policies have done nothing but create generational poverty and destroyed families. Wake Up!!!! Don’t you know that the descendants of slaves are never supposed to amount to anything? Have you read history books? Save yourselves!! No one is going to save you. The Jews saved themselves!! Why? They got tired of being murdered, discriminated against, being the black sheep of society, being USED. So they saved themselves, love them or hate them. THEY SAVED THEMSELVES. I do wonder, ten years from now, when Obama’s record can be fairly scrutinized what they will say the effect was on Black people. Wake Up!!! Vote for who you want to

    • timwest1000

      who said anything about race? romney is a liar man, period. the biggest liar. and seriously, your ideology is foggy. makes hardly no sense where you are going with it. people are waaaaaay passed what you are talking about. black people never stuck together, what are you talking about? they wouldnt vote for obama just because he is black, where you been? have you paid attention to what the gop has done for the last 25 years. bush and his friends got us here! Obama won because a percentage of white people decided to do what was right, not because black people sided with a black guy. Obama showed promise and was reasonable and educated, just because romney is not black doesnt mean he is better for the job. thats what you need to learn, mr freedom.

      • @google-292b83647bb174c59dfc63509f011bc5:disqus Who says Black people don’t stick together? How do you know Romney is a liar? Who told you that? Do you know the man personally? No, you don’t. You get your “selected” information from the media just like everyone else. Blacks did overwhelmingly vote for Obama because he was Black. Bush and his policies didn’t get us here. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither did it fall in a day. You don’t know what you are talking about. Do some more research before you offer a rebuttal. The economic crisis took many years in the making. Going back to deregulation during the Clinton years. Black people don’t stick together. SMDH. You believe whatever racist ideology is sent your way. I bet you believe that only Blacks commit crimes too. No one said because Romney isn’t Black that he is better for the job. Talking about quoting out of context. Also, just to inform you. When whites vote they are almost split 50/50 so the vote of minorities are often the decided factor. Step your game up before you try to dance with me.

      • timwest1000

        Step MY game up? LMAO You got to be kidding! Do you read? Go to YOUTUBE where you get your news and type in Newt Gingrich on Mitt Romney. Newt is a southern white Republican. Listen to him during the Republican debates and HE will describe Romney for your ignorant ass. Romney has been on both sides of EVERY issue, I dont have to know him personally. I can read! Ive seen him flip flop in person though!!!You are defending a party that actually mocked and made fun of the sitting President and insisted on his birth certificate on several occasions. I wonder how they would treat your broke ass. Go slice your tongue out of your sick uneducated, uninformed mouth. BTW IF you are not white, you should consider it, you type just like them. EVERYONE knows that if the black minority made the difference, Mitt Romney would have declared his blackness a long time ago. Mitt knows the black people dont believe in Bigfoot either.

      • I didn’t say Blacks made the difference I said MINORITIES. Blacks being the second largest minorities behind Hispanics surely do make a BIG difference. You know why he flip flops? He flip flops because the Republican party is overtaken by fundamentalist and he must pander to them. The same way Obama panders to the Hispanic and LGBT communities. Obama doesn’t pander to Blacks because Blacks are the black sheep of America and he knows they will vote for him regardless. They are an abused people who have been mistreated and ridiculed for the majority of their history. When an immigrant comes to the U.S. they learn from the gate that the Blacks are on the bottom. For the record, I am not defending the republican party, I am raging against a group of people who continue to be loyal to a party that hasn’t done anything for them. Twenty-five percent of Blacks are in poverty, that has been consistent going on for more than a decade. Are you pleased about that? Half of Black children are born out of wedlock are you happy about that? You get nothing. You people expect a country that for the majority of its history oppressed you to sweep down and save you. Fools! I type like I am white, what does that mean? How does a white person type versus someone Black? You will never get it. I am done going back and forth with you. You all hate the rich but if you had a chance you would be one of them. GTFOH. You all use the label “rich” to slander Mitt Romney. What world do you live in when being rich is bad. This is Communist China under Mao. If you forgot, Obama isn’t exactly middle class either. What does my race have to do with anything. Black, White, Mexican, Chinese I would still wear your sorry ass out if we met.

      • timwest1000

        You people expect a country that for the majority of its history oppressed you to sweep down and save you. Fools!

        you people? man just sit down. you are out of line and out of ideas. you really think that an election will change the issues you are talking about? start a family and raise them how you want to. some of us already know how to survive in america like myself. i never said i havent succeeded in life, YOU are the one who doesnt get it. you are uninformed and lacking on information about black people.

      • I know more about you and your people than you do. You don’t even know who you are. I have nothing against Blacks. I respect the leadership you all had in the past, the Black Power Movement and the Nationalists because I feel that any man, regardless of color, would react similarly to oppression. You all now a days are a far cry from those guys. Believe me, yall have digressed. Now, do I respect you? No. You will never move mountains, only sit idly by while other great people do so. Out of line? You are out of your mind. Cowardly Tom trying to be Pro Black. If we met you would open the door for me. SMDH.

  • Joseph Incredulous Huggy

    I know this sellout ass clown from facebook. He is the worst kind of self hating jackass there is. He shuffles and coons for white racists, while putting his own people down. F**K this punk ass nigga.

  • Lakers21

    The economy is improving and contrary to popular belief their are jobs out here. I read an article a couple of months ago about these companies setting the minimum qualifications too high. Therefore, companies are requiring that you have an associates degree for a job that you only need a high school diploma. The same with bachelors and masters degrees, they are requiring you have it when you dont need it for the job. You Republicans want to take all of these polls and throw unemployment numbers out, how about you guys take a poll on that. Go on to these job websites (Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed or Dice) and watch how a job stays posted for months and months at a time. Majority of the companies aren’t into training and retaining talent anymore. They want someone who already has 5-10 years experience and will just leave the company for another job after a year or two. That’s why even if you have a degree your not getting hired because you don’t have any experience.

    Romney got successful by other people losing their jobs. Do your research homie (I can talk to you like your black right?), the private equity business is all about buying up other businesses and cutting costs and then selling for a profit. Cutting cost means people losing their jobs. On on your “We need a leader” statement. This dude doesn’t know what he believes. One day he wants to get rid of FEMA (we just had a hurricane too, but that was before Sandy so I’m sure he’s changed his mind on that too), Planned Parenthood, Romneycare in MA, 47% are looking for handouts and then the next day he has changed his mind. You want to follow a leader who is like we need to go north…then after yall have walked 10 miles he changes his mind and says “ok, I made a mistake. I didn’t mean north, I meant northwest.” Obama isn’t the best president ever, by no means, but he means what he says. I, and even you, have to respect that.

    Here’s something for you Mr. Bradley, I suggest you look at Romney’s track record. Besides him and his investors getting filthy rich, what other stats do you have? How many US employees does he have? How many people has helped become millionaires like him? How many jobs has Bain Capital cut? How many foreign employees does he have? Just cause your successful at business, especially when its for self gain, doesn’t mean your ready to lead a country. In that case Diddy, Birdman or 50 Cent should run for president.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This mthr fkr here…if this douche gets elected president, hes going to sandusky the whole U.S. You really wan’t a rich prick who has no idea to be pres?

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Would you want romney to talk over you like you are a dog if you were talking to him??? To have that sneering grin on his face?? Makes me want to hit him in his jaw and knock his bitch ass out if I ever see him.

  • I love how people tell us that “we should do our own research”, as if we haven’t. Romney and the GOP have made it clear that they think the road to the White House involves courting the vote of angry white men. Some black people claim superior intellect because they vote Republican but, where’s your Black, Latino, Asian,woman candidate for President? You had one woman VP candidate 4 years ago and found the dumbest one you could get, thinking that just being a woman was good enough. That was an utter failure. How about your Senate candidates? How about Governors? How’s that minority outreach effort working?

    Generally speaking, black Republicans are treated like waterboys or “equipment managers” on the GOP team. Yeah, you get to ride along, as long as you know you are there to serve, not to be a real player, much less team captain.

    • No one’s fault but your own. Look at the Chinese, Jews and other communities. Their communities flourish. This is the legacy of MLK, leaders like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Huey Newton advocated Black self sufficiency, but no, you all wanted to be accepted. Accepted by peers that always treated you all like shit. You all made your bed now sleep in it. Stop complaining. Jews were enslaved. The Indians freed themselves. The Chinese did it, Vietnamese did it, Iraqis did it, stop complaining. Maybe you all should pick a different avenue because this isn’t working. It just amazes me how a group of people can just put their destiny in the hands of another.

      • So, in other words, you can’t answer my question. You’re right…the truth does hurt. It stung you so bad you had to change the subject. Also, when you have to type in all caps, you’re losing.

      • You brothers always bypass the hard questions. SMDH

      • No, it’s called a “red herring”. The is when someone is losing an argument and tries to change the subject, which is what you’re doing now. There are a lot of “brothers” like myself who are focused and can stay on point. So, I repeat, did the “truth hurt” you so bad that you needed to change the subject? From your second response/non-answer, I’d have to say “yes”.


      • JDot

        Aint none. We waiting on the magician to fix the ills of the nation while ignoring black folk. lol.

      • You see they don’t like when you say stuff like that. They want to be portrayed as the poor victims.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    “It is the absolute folly to believe that multi-billion dollar corporate-financier interests would subject their collective fate to the whims of the ignorant, uninformed, and essentially powerless voting masses every four years. Instead, what plays out every four years is theater designed to give the general public the illusion that they have some means of addressing their grievances without actually ever changing the prevailing balance of power in any meaningful way.

    The foreign policy of both Obama and Romney is written by the exact same corporate-financier funded think-tanks that have written the script for America’s destiny for the last several decades.

    Bush = Obama = Romney

    As was previously reported, while the corporate media focuses on non-issues, and political pundits accentuate petty political rivalries between the “left” and the “right,” a look deeper into presidential cabinets and the authors of domestic and foreign policy reveals just how accurate the equation of “Bush = Obama = Romney”.

    No matter who you vote for in 2012 – until we change the balance of power currently tipped in favor of the Fortune 500, fed daily by our money, time, energy, and attention, nothing will change but the rhetoric with which this singular agenda is sold to the public. Romney would continue exactly where Obama left off, just as Obama continued exactly where Bush left off. And even during the presidencies of Bill Clinton and Bush Sr., it was the same agenda meted out by the same corporate-financier interests that have been driving American, and increasingly Western destiny, since US Marine General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket” in 1935.”

    • Celz

      no body heard you

    • $28825362

      Due to the truth of this post please ban this user. Nothing to see here folks. Remember Black Friday is coming so get ready to spend spend spend and max out your cards. You don’t want your kids to be disappointed do you?

    • i been saying the same shit, they dont want to hear it though..much easier to just play the ‘red vs blue, right vs left, liberal vs conservative’ game i guess

    • Q.

      Truest comment on this board. Truth is seldom pretty or popular, however.

    • Q.

      Truest post yet! The truth is seldom pretty or popular though.

  • Ironsights81

    I thank you very much ALLHIHOP for showing both candidates even after endorsing Obama I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. everyone talks about Romney being rich, you guys really believe Obama is broke this man is no poor no poorly will very be in the White House and when they leave the White House you better believe they will be raking in that cash from friends they have help out during the presidency I don’t care if they are republicans or demacrats there has never been a broke president or ex president. Come people just vote for who you agree with and not by skin color or because your expected too.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Look up Harry Truman he was not a very wealthy man. Then look up FDR he was a very wealthy man, but he didn’t mind sacrificing in the form of raising taxes on himself and others like him if it meant helping this country and the less fortunate in it. That is why I will vote for Obama over people like Romney.

  • Imamu Hunter

    This post is all fine and dandy but the one thing you absolutly fail to realize is the United States is NOT a business. Running this country like a business is what got us in this mess in the first place. The first and the last rule of business is to make money. A business logic doesn’t focus on quality of life, The US has way more issues than just money issues.
    Here’s an example of where the business logic ruins things. Look at hip hop today. Hip hop has been raped by the business mentality. Sure some people got paid. But now you can’t hear anything new on the radio unless you pay huge money to get your song in rotation. Business logic dictates that a brand new artist is has to look a certain way, Has to follow the latest trend. Long story short. In today’s market MOST of Hip Hops legends would never of been.
    Bottom line is you have one candidate thats trying to throw a bandaid on the US. And another who’s doing a full operation on the US. Try throwing a bandaid on a grenage wound.

  • Preachthe

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    A corporation that calls itself the ‘Federal’ reserve loans money to another corporation, the United States … and you people actually think that the borrower is king … and that the men issuing the loans don’t call all of the shots. I’m done.



    • Q.

      Hard to argue with this point.

      BTW, I ilke how you said “MORON.” LOL

    • juan

      did you really scream all of this or do you just feel like ppl will pay mind to you if you put in caps ?

  • Synista

    Romney!!!??? You mean the same romney who is invested in the company SHUT DOWN a few weeks ago and that made US workers train chinese who will be taking over THEIR jobs IN CHINA,Romney who has money in offshore accounts and doe not want to reveal his tax records because he obviously has something to hide???Romney who can’t offer any specific plan but thinks he is the man for the job of being president of the united states??Or the romney who believe s47% of americans just want handouts so he is not concerned with them or the Romney who after the word got out suddenly cares about all americans?? Who in their right mind would vote for this guy who changes like the weather ??? well with the exception of the rich,people who hate obama because is too black or not carlton banks enough or the new KKK aka the tea party???
    Romney can’t even pretend to be human,did anyone see this moron handing out canned foods and moving boxes for the hurricane victims??? probably the first time he ever touched a box in his life ,he looks like a robot,would not be surprised if he short circuits.

  • Guest

    If black people are voting for Obama just because he is black then it is fair to say white people are voting for Romney because he is white……

  • Votebcusitsdritethang2do

    Because of the fear that Obama will win the election, republicans really sounding ignorant by saying that black people are only voting for Obama because he is black. C’mon really. If black people are voting for Obama just because he is black then it is fair to say white people are voting for Romney because he is white……

  • Synista

    for those who said blacks voted for obama because he is black,PLEASE tell me this,when the other 40 odd presidents were elected did blacks vote for them because they were white or did they just say ‘I’m gonna wait for a black man before i vote” or did they not vote at all???

    And after voting for all those white presidents who were WHITE ,would it seem so far fetched to vote for a candidate who could possibly identify with some of the things they have endured ??
    Or is wrong in your views??

    • Nick

      cuz all black ppl are the same right? and blacks have to vote democrat and stay poor to continue doing so…or else they might vote otherwise, but left or right you’re still stuck in that paradigm.

      • Synista

        people are people,everyone is different.I never said or claimed that all black people were the same ! people can vote for whoever they want to vote for,but for me personally romney just does not appeal to me in any way ,and with all the findings i have on the guy i will not vote for him.
        fact is this Politicians win elections,voters are merely stepping stones.

    • First, Obama can’t identify with Black people at all, just like a Nigerian can’t and you can’t relate to a Jamaican. Secondly, Blacks didn’t have the right to vote for the majority of the presidential elections in the U.S. Go back to the drawing board.

      • Synista

        So obama cant identify with black people because…??

        And i take it romney in your view can identify with black people?
        Romney in my view only identifies with people like himself,the filthy stinking rich who never had to work hard for anything,people who have more money than they know what to do with,people who are set financially for generations,people who think they are entitled to everything.

        by the way i CAN relate to Jamaican! and although may not have had to the right to vote all throughout elections Obama is not the first time blacks voted.

      • juan

        bitch you had the right to vote in every election you were alive for. Get over it look back on history and you’ll find every race at some point being slaves. Grow up and move on. quit lookin for hand outs.

      • Synista

        bitch? How very classy of you.

        First of all ever since i was old enough to vote I did have the right to do so.
        And as for history the15 th amendment gave blacks the right to vote,most exercised this in the late 1890’s.
        and you think i need to grow up yet you were the one who felt it necessary to call me a bitch!
        as for looking for hand outs i have been working all my life ,worked for everything i own,never had to beg or borrow from anyone.
        Evidently it is you who needs to grow up and stop making hasty judgments based on an individuals comments!

      • juan

        listen perhaps i was worked up over all the questionable comments. I apologize for the harsh words, however the 15th amendment was passed well before the 1890’s. And even if you started voting in 1900. you’d be 112 years old. Now your story is getting to be a bit suspect if you ask me. As far as blacks voting. Listen you know as well as I that the majority of blacks who voted for Obama did not know the MAJORITY of the politics but rather ban wagoned Obama into presidency. If you want to even argue that fact then your just being plan ignorant.

      • Synista

        alright,I am aware the 15th amendment was passed before the 1890’s but at that time there was intimidation from certain factions(eg.kkk)

        but some blacks voted even with that form of suppression,when you posed the question of “you voting” I was speaking for myself and voting,I know that blacks have not been voting since day one,the point i was driving at was the fact that there were plenty off blacks who voted in the 20 century for predominantly white candidates!And I am sure that some portion of blacks voted for Obama because he was black,but again if you have been voting for white people all along why not give a minority a chance? Now if a woman is running for the presidency and majority of women vote for her would that be so far fetched as well. When white people vote for a white candidate it’s great but if a black person votes for a black person especially in a country that still has a mindset of blacks as being only good for three things all of a sudden it is such a big deal.

        as for my story being suspect that’s entirely your opinion,i voice mine.

  • hollaatchaboynahmean123

    Obama for President

  • JBostic

    If you handed this in for a college class, as a reason to vote for Romney, you would get a D or maybe even fail. Poor effort, poor research, poor essay.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    AHH don’t you all ever put another silly unthoughtful article like again.

  • JaymezDeuce

    Yall some hoes for posting this shit on a hip hop site.

    • Guest

      yeah i agree , im wondering how much they got paid for this

  • Q.


    I admit, I came to see y’all go in with the comments, intelligent and ignorant alike.

    My 2¢ : A vulture has two wings–a right and a left. At the end of the day, it’s still a VULTURE.

    That’s all.

  • What have Democrats done for Blacks except give them welfare which contributes to the destruction of the Black family and generational poverty?

  • Eli Pinilla

    is wayne bradley gonna have to choke a bitch?!?!?!? i kid i kid

  • Both romney and obama are globalist NWO filth, Vote gary johnson 2012.

  • AfricanSoul

    Mr. Bradley, explain these numbers please!
    Aug 2008 – 334,000 jobs were lost
    Sep 2008 – 458,000 jobs were lost
    Oct 2008 – 554,000 jobs were lost
    Nov 2008 – 728,000 jobs were lost
    Dec 2008 – 673,000 jobs were lost
    Jan 2009 – 779,000 jobs were lost

    Tell me how these massive job losses at the heels of Obama’s presidency are his fault and I swear to you, I will vote for Romney.

    • juan

      If the president is not pro business(the people who hire us regular lower and middle class individuals) then no jobs are created. When is the last time you hired someone to work for you ? whens the last time you hired 1000 people to work for you ? Presumably never. Why? We don’t have money to do so. Its up to businesses to hire because they have capital. If the government doesn’t let them make money by taxing the shit out of them, then they have no incentive to hire us.

      • AfricanSoul

        Juan, I invite you to please follow an excellent series on History channel called “The Men Who Built America”. It chronicles how giants like Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan and others amassed their wealth. But, most strikingly, how they have manipulated, abused and oppressed the working class of this country. Romney & Company sprout from the culture that promotes self-interest and their own bottom line. The fact that labor laws and unions exist in this country is a testament to the brave Americans who stood up (and died, in many instances) to protect the defenseless without whom, this great nation wouldn’t have come to exist. There is a serious lapse in judgment and understanding of what those of us who won’t stand for the oligarchy believe: business is good. Yes, absolutely. These people create jobs. Yes, absolutely. However, they are not some mystical power that operate independently and who came down onto this earth to bestow their generosity on everyone. They exist because of the working class. They exist because of the middle class. Heck, they even exist because of the poor…just examine how all of these “classes” feed into a single pipe.

        When you have the 400 wealthy people of this nation amassing a wealth equivalent to that of 150 million plus average Americans, where exactly is the unfairness in demanding that they employ ethical business practices? That they don’t ship jobs overseas and yet benefit from tax loopholes. That they don’t run corporations that have little to no disregard to the integrity of the workers? Watch how these basic, fundamental questions are painted as “socialism”. How the sweat of the average working class is vilified. The movement for just economic and social equity is not an assault on wealth or the wealthy; it is a fundamental call for a just system. A system that we Americans, whether immigrants or rooted here, believe should be safeguarded.

        If the call for justice doesn’t appeal to you, then the historical facts may. So, I suggest that you sift through the consequences of deregulation in this country. You don’t even have to venture back too far, start with the Reagan era “trickle down economy”. How did that work out for the poor and middle class in the 1980s? Tell me how the unbelievably reckless practices and policies under Bush work out for the country? The figures of job losses I posted above are the direct consequences of what Bush’s policies brought about. The oligarchy will always dangle a carrot on one hand and a stick on the other: they will tell you you can get that carrot if you just hand over your soul and if you don’t..well, look at the stick. Do your research and check out how big business CEOs throughout this country have been communicated a thinly veiled threats to their employees; stating that voting for Obama means job losses. All of this while they are actually profitable! Several companies in this country who shed jobs citing economic downturn didn’t bother to hire back because they can now put out the same if not more production on the backs of frightened employees. Wake up and smell the tyranny, brother.

  • Joey

    I’m in the urban community and the idea that I’m voting Obama because he’s “hip” is fatuous.

    And Mitt Romney had a “successful stint as Governor of Massachusetts”? How? Being 47 out of 50 States in job creation? Passing a health care bill but lacks the backbone to stand behind it because it goes against the GOP narrative of repeal a similarly structured bill passed by Obama? Taking credit for “binders full of women” that was already put together by a bi-partisan women’s group? Someone please explain to me the “success” in his stint as Massachusetts governor.

    Governor Romney is known to spread blatant lies, gutting the work requirement, Benghazi issue, and now Jeep production, this guy is a shameless liar, does he take all of us for fool??

    It boggles my mind that Mitt Romney is still in the running after the 47% remarks he made behind closed doors. Analyze it the way you want but those comments were vile and in no way presidential. 47% refuse to take personal responsibility? I’m an independent college student, 21yrs old. Moved to America 2007, I now hold dual citizenship. One year left in my engineering program, working toward the American dream. Last year I earned $11,000 just enough to pay rent and other essential needs, I didn’t pay income taxes. I’m a 47%er, I take a great deal of personal responsibility, I am not a moocher suckling on the government tit like Mitt Romney says.

  • suge380

    This MF is retarded. Just another Rich Person looking for a tax break. Republicans don’t look out for no one but other rich people. Im not Rich but im not broke, I fall in that catagory where i make to much to qualify for any of the things that Obama has put in place, but im damn sure not stupid enough to go Republican. Romney (Racist Punk Azz) is not gonna do anything but undo anything that helps the less fortunate (not just blacks). It will be Bush’s dumb azz all over again. I will be voting OBAMA because selfish azz Republicans just keep taking and taking, then when then when bottom falls out its alway because Unemployment is too high or its to many MF’s on Wellfare. Yea this might be a true statement, but its not the reason our economy crashed. Its because you Rich Fcukers was to greedy and kept stealing off the top. Keep your Hands out the Cookie Jar.
    Man Fcuk Romeny!


    this is a joke right

  • keepitreal05

    There is something wrong when as a Black man you not only ignore the facts and lack any clear policy position because neither you nor your Romney have a clear policy position to have a clear policy position about but by that definition, your position makes you a weak Black man. That’s exactly where the Romney etch a sketch shakes out to for you, Bradley and anybody else Black even thinking about voting for Romney/Lyan. I mean Ryan. It’s one thing to claim that everybody has a right to their own opinion. But don’t confuse that with our right to call you out for being dumb as hell ok..? Romney has no position other than the “multiple” positions he keeps dragging you dumb asses along the ground after. He’s now been caught lying enough times for us to understand that this is the lying type of person who tells lies to the point where as a kid he would have repeatedly gotten his ass beat with an extension cord. But he didn’t because if he did, trust that he wouldn’t be the dishonest dumb person he is today. Bradley, you are a sad sad excuse for a Black man. There are NOT many of us out there like you and never will be. Your support for Mitt Romney makes you a “Dumb Dude.” “One Dumb Dude.”

    • Knlegend1

      In my opinion both Obama and Romney suck. Just have to pick the one right for you. I would love for Obama to be president and putting Romney on the payroll.

  • dexterthegreat

    How much did this uncle tom get paid to make his plea to vote for Romney? Probally sold out for next to nothing.

  • Knlegend1

    We don’t live in a democracy we live in a republic. Fact check ALLHIPHOP if you don’t believe me. In a republic you appoint someone to represent YOU. Basically giving up your voice. This is a United States of America a Republic country.

  • scullyson

    Supporting Romney is almost equivalent to supporting Donald “Toupee” Trump if yah ask me…smh

  • Best article on this entire website

  • 75% of all US deaths in Afghanistan have been under Obama
    the war is 11 years long…..think about it