Election Opinion: Why Mitt Romney Deserves Your Vote


Editor’s Note: The real beauty of living in a Democracy is the right to choose. And while the choice is clear to us at AllHipHop.com, there are always two sides to any story – and presidential election. The following is a respectable argument in favor of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. We highly suggest you read it, but with all due respect, it hasn’t swayed our vote! Election Day is just six days away – get to the polls…and Vote Early if you can!

Why Mitt Romney Deserves Your Vote by Wayne Bradley

When voting for your next President of The United States, don’t just think about the present economy, which is doing terribly; think about the future and what you want for yourself and your children.

Although in Hip-Hop circles and the urban community, President Obama is the “hip” pick in this election, with an endorsement from Jay-Z included, there is simply not much you can point to that has been good for urban communities and the future generations. Spending has gone up, along with the deficit that will be left for us to pay for, long after our parents and grandparents are gone. Simply based on resumes alone, Mitt Romney is far more qualified and has a better track record of “leadership,” which is the key word.

President Obama has blamed George Bush for the last four years, and that is not what a leader does. The national average of unemployment is at 8%, while African American unemployment is near 14% – these are the facts. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for African Americans between the ages of 16 and 19 reached 49 percent, up from 45.4 percent in August and 41.7 percent for the same period last year. A young person can’t even get a job at McDonald’s right now because older people are taking those jobs. This lack of opportunities is what fuels the crime, selling drugs, and lack of hope for our young people.

We need a leader with the business background to turn this country around, and Mitt Romney has those qualifications. From his days at Bain Capital, to turning around the Olympics in 2002 in Utah, and with a successful stint as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney is a proven leader. The country has been running in place for the last four years, and has not got better. Sure, President Obama has ensured it did not get worse in his tenure, but this country has to move forward, and President Obama has not shown in four years he is going to make that happen. Looking back now, President Obama did not have a leadership background, and that should have been more examined.

I appreciate as an African American male that President Obama has a proven to be a great family man, a role model, and a beacon of hope for a lot of young men. I just don’t think his policy and vision are all that great for America and, in particular, for urban America. The first four years of President Obama’s administration, Choice in Education initiatives, and the ridiculous war on drugs has been ignored, instead focusing on big campaign issues like Obama care and Green Energy, which have both contributed to job killing bills and reckless use of federal money on companies that were bad investments from the start. Even on social issues, his support of Gay Marriage was nothing more than a campaign tool. He only took that position to gain more votes, possibly recognizing the urban vote is not in his back pocket as in 2008.

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I encourage everyone to do your own research to determine the best candidate for yourself. If you want to one day own a business of your own, or are a business owner, I can confidently tell you Mitt is the better candidate for you. You want someone as President who understands how business is run, simply look at the resumes again – there is no comparison. You might like President Obama’s speeches and personality more, but I suggest you really look at the track records of both of these gentlemen.

As African Americans, we are not obligated to vote for Democrats as they suggest, but they should earn our vote, and quite simply, the vote has not been earned this time.  We can do better than 14% unemployment for African Americans and almost 50% for our youth looking for work. We have to do better. Don’t be fooled by all the distractions of fear mongering by the media and celebrity endorsements. Look at the records, and decide for yourself.  Get past the emotional attachment, and vote for what is best for this country, and that man is Mitt Romney.

Wayne Bradley is a conservative radio host and political pundit, and a serious Hip-Hop head. You can listen to his show HERE.

Visit Wayne Bradley’s official website, follow him on Twitter (@wbconservative), or send e-mail to wb@conservativeiscool.com.