50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather jr.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather – A Dynamic Duo?

50 Cent and Floyd have broken up for sure. Last night, 50 Cent went IN on Floyd in every way under the sun. It still reeks of a press stunt to me, but he was levying some zingers against his former friend. Well, he also “promoted” the hell out of several fights he wanted to push Floyd’s way, which I find funny. Why? Because, even though 50 Cent is a rider, the fights he was proposing seem to lean against his own! Floyd still going to beat just about anybody these days. There’s Manny and thats about it. ANYWAY, the point is…this remains interesting. Rumor has it Floyd and Rick Ross have been in some sort of conversation about teaming up. Rick Ross originally rapped “that Mayweather money look funny in the light” back in the day when they alleged Floyd was making it rain with fake bills. But, recently, he said a different rap that I cannot recall mentioning Floyd in a generic, non-confrontational way. So, word is, Rick is on the Money Team. What do you think? Isn’t this weird? Rozay was once cool with Manny Pacquiao and now he’s possibly down with Floyd? 50 Cent was down with Floyd and now he’s down with Manny Pacquiao? What is this? Musical Friends?

Floyd Mayweather’s tweets and re-tweets:


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  • therealest1

    Publicity stunt shit?

  • Eli Pinilla

    def publicity… no diff than when 50 and kanye had they’re “beef” to sell records on the same day..plus, Floyd had beef with ross a few years ago…

    • jboat123

      Its brilliant i love it.

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • 7yoyo7

    Remember the time when Floyd invited Rick Ross’ baby mama + kids + 50 so they could take pictures together?
    Funny times…

    • TonyMon

      LOL! I remember that, how can he do business with the man that done that to him.

      • NoGoBoi

        I guess the same way Nas can do business wit Jay after what happened. Hoes do what they suppose to do, U making money has nothing to do with what some dumb chic decides to do. All of it is BS anyways

      • Chris


  • PorchBoySlim

    this shit smells like a publicity stunt…and Ross gonna look stupid trying to pick sides lol

  • keylon jackson

    nah ross is doing good on this ish, 50 needs to sit down nobodu give 2 fucks about him

    • ross fake as shit tho, if u like rosss u like fake ish… 50 done sold more albums then ross can dream of… 50 dont need record sales no more, he make money all types of ways. ross will NEVER make an album better then GRODT thats a fact.

      • “ross will NEVER make an album better then GRODT thats a fact.”

        Neither will Fiddy #I’mJustSayin’

      • keylon jackson

        plz wat 50 is doing now?????????????? ntn sms ugh shit is wack 50 was good with dre watch wat is he doing now ntn ross is on the top with drake n kanye where is 50

      • andone

        plz wat 50 is doing now??????????????

        get out from under that rock dude… sk(feeds starving ppl), sms(wireless kleer tech no other brand offers plus donates to domestic food banks lol and u call that wack) , cheeta vision(100 mill deal no other rapper can rival), man i could keep goin but ima leave it @ that!

      • Keep going, I hate 5o, but he gets mega props for making moves. I can’t even front on him.

        50 = Winning

      • jboat123


      • keylon jackson

        he needed to feed ppl to get attention why he didnt do it after grodt oor after the massacre he did it right after he knew he wasnt bout to sale nomore ??? he did all that just to stay in ppl mind, but it’s weak to use ppl starvation to stay relevant don’t you think? sms to feed ppl? sk to feed ppl knowing that if they buy them, only $10 gunna go to the foundation to feed these ppl, the niqqa you like is a fake provider if i want to help ppl i dont put my brands out or on sale saying if you buy it you gunna help this or dat and i put my brands out, I make sure I only get 20% just to pay the workers so gtfoh, or I will do like bill gates or other stars i write a check period, hmm cheetah vision did wat ??? how many box offices? he raised 200 million he did 4 movies he didnt eaned over 20 millie n he spent 70 on them are you serious how do you want to call it? man i movies that only have 2 millie as budget n made 80 or 100 millie in box office, like madeas, paranormal and you can google it, freelancers made only 277 000 entries so wats up with it

      • andone

        lmao… ever heard of G-UNITY foundation ohh u forgot about that too right… and its called a new business model where charity is mandatory in major profitable ventures not jus for tax write off purpose’s either its called “setting an example” and or “being a role model” but i wouldnt expect u to understand that… and yes for every ONLINE domestic purchase of $100 or more thru their website SMS audio donates 250 meals to FEEDING AMERICA…. i thought u didnt know “plz wat 50 is doing now??????????????” hahaha man this is going in circles jus admit u hate 50 and keep it movin…

      • keylon jackson

        oh can you tell me the name of the foundation that feedin them ppl cause you suppose to be in one??? lies with your $100 even him couldnt put a price on it so where the hell did you get your info hannn?
        lol boy i dont hate fifty but i just dont like the way he tryna run business 1) where is the g-unit? 2) where is all the artist that been signed on it? mop? hot rod? lol boy cmon you need to learn one thing 50 get his money from a vitamin water, and lol wats up with cheetah vision? lol

      • andone

        u again… bruh i named the foundation(feeding america) above but i guess that flew over ur head as well…

        1) somewhere holdin mills

        2) hot rod in austria as we speak #passportgang

        3)shout out to coca cola

        4)straight to dvd= big $$$

        im done…

      • keylon jackson

        lol at austria to do what this is one of the smallest country in europe? cmon son , lol at dvd imma give the website to see the best dvd selling (50 made 7.5 millie selling so thats show me none of his movies was best selling how can you be best selling dvd when nobody went to see them huh

      • actually i think he does it thru the united way … but i could be wrong …….

      • Lyve Wire

        i dont mean to hop in the conversation, but how can a $100 purchase equate to 250 meals?? dont sound right. peanut butter sandwiches?
        and i do feel like he’s using sarvation to stay relevant. not really surprised. he does anything to keep ppl talking.

      • andone

        “i dont mean to hop in the conversation” smh u kno damn well thats a lie… only u would take the time to add such a worthless comment… do you really think hes handin out steak ninja lol… if u ever been grocery shoppin then u would know how cheap rice beans and other non perishable foods cost… and nobody cares how u feel with the way u spew out random hatin @ss opinions all the time talkin down on someone who is doing good things for others worldwide!

      • Lyve Wire

        boy, i swear 50 is feeding you. everytime somebody mention 50 on this site, the same cats run to his defense, like he wont treat like he treats everybody else thats close to him. just make sure you keep buying every product he release. make him richer, so he can care less and less about you. i swear yall sensitive cats get a bottle of Sk every month, as long as yall come on here and defend a complete stranger. smdh.

      • andone

        you know who 50 is feedin tho… the american families that show up to YOUR local food bank thats who… and i dont care wat everybody else is sayin im talkin directly to u… dont get mad cuz i called u out on dat obvious “i dont mean to hop in the conversation” lie goin off topic in every direction smh…look if haters showed up to sh!t on any other stand up dude i got respect for i would have took the time call them out too… tryin to make me out like im a stan, ninja im here statin facts and gettin co-signs for it so fall back wit all that extra ish you yappin!!

      • Lyve Wire

        i saw zero co-signs. and if you’re going to get sensitive about someone hoping in your personal conversations, this is the wrong place to be. and you just got finishing defending a guy that told a story about africa soldiers, but have the audacity to say that im going in every direction??? look, if you want to sack ride 50 at every opportunity, fine. i really can care less. good luck with getting as many co-signs as you can. apparently, they mean something to you.

      • andone

        so likes dont equal co-signs huh??

        while ur the one that cant handle gettin called out on a lie and im the one thats sensitive??

        and if someone is making a point thru citing an actual example… then they’re not gettin off topic… unlike u smh.

        jus leave it alone dude u not makin any valid statements, next time keep all the unnecessary hate to urself bruh and u wont have to be put on blast for it!!

      • Bulk purchases.
        Cut’s packaging & labor cost.
        Localization cuts cost further.
        Ramen Noodles = 4 for $1 X 100 = 400 Meals or 250 meals & some water

        I know one of the Lost Boys ( from Sudan…..not the rap group ) A Sudanese government soldier shot him with an AK when he was 5yrs old, killed his parents, etc. He had to walk across the dessert to Kenya, with those who could escape the carnage brought about by the discovery of oil on their tribal land.

        During the course of the walk, lions would jump out & grab people, with the few militia soldiers posted in the front, middle & rear…of this deep human convoy, trying to guard against attack. Shooting lion & screaming for help = Risk alerting troops intent on committing genocide.

        Best defense / choice when lion grabs your friend or family…is to keep it moving?

        5,000 people or 5 miles long? Either way, they were deep, like deep enough, when they hit Kenya……..that ‘chet closed. (The country closed, it was overwhelmed by the refugees, who they assisted outside their border, as well as established camps inside their border, etc.

        Woo Woo, the “Lost Boy” got stuck up, at 5yrs old, on the march, by his own militia soldier who was supposed to be protecting him…..at gunpoint.

        Now why would a soldier need to point an ak at a 5yr old to stick him up? Sounds like some real Bool chet? Then again, so was the government soldiers…or Jan Jah Ween’? actually shooting him with the AK.
        ( I saw & felt his AK wound, and compared it to Sgt. Mack’s ( AKA: “DUNN” IE: “Yo! Dunn!” – – > > ( Dun Dun Language:) AK wound.
        Saw and felt that & mentally compared the two.

        Same wound.
        ( Scar / Hole size after healing. )

        *Can’t remember what the Mack ( Mc ) stood for, or if it was just Mack?

        I think it was just “MACK”? ( Due to the amount of ‘chet talking related to the name )

        The soldier robbed him and his friend of their piss. Made them both piss in a cup……& then the soldier drank it to slake his thirst.

        Anyway, my point is, yeas, it is possible to provide 250 meals off $100 USD.

        Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches?

        Them Ninjaz would bank you for one…..in a heartbeat…..& then apologize for having to do so, & offer the excuse that it was to save their infant…….& be dead fuggin’ serious!

      • Lyve Wire

        you said all of that to say what? it was a yes or no question. ppl claim to do way more and way less. and thats if you believe eveything you see and hear. ppl donate money and food every day. and most damn sure dont feel like thay have to avertise their good deeds.

      • andone

        hey genius… that was a yes… and ppl do advertise/promote their social concerns all the time to get others to do the same and join the cause… politics/world hunger/breast cancer/aids/disaster relief/ect… like i said only u would speak such ignorance, so predictable!!

      • Lyve Wire

        you feel the need to defend him too? an essay wasnt needed to say yes or no. get a life dude. and promoting a social cause to get the word out isnt the same as a ‘look at me’ campaign. if you took 50s nuts out of your face long enough to see it, you’d understand.

      • andone

        lol @edogz818 can hold his own, im gettin @ u… for talkin so foolishly wit no good reason watsoever other than being a 50 cent hater and u kno it stop frontin son… talkin bout get a life… when ur the one gettin real pathetic wit no come backs or facts for that matter…

      • But he’s doing something!

      • 5o is trash, and it’s ironic that he’s with Mayweather, for the same reason….not saying May is trash, but when you have $$$$, you lose that Hunger.

        The 50 from GRODT & Mayweather from the Castillio fight, are long gone…..they getting more $$$$, yeah, but are no where near as hungry as they were during that time period.

        50 getting $$$$, no disputing that, so is Mayweather.

        Hope they invest it right!

      • andone

        fif is trash… not sure about that?

        never cared for may regardless if 50 is cool wit him past, present or future…

        “i got a mill out da deal and im still on the grind” -50

        and dont plan on either of them going broke… ever!

      • IDK? i haven’t heard anything from fif since GRODT that made me feel his music.

        On going broke?

        They always go broke.
        Fif & May might be the exceptions, only because they branched out & developed residual income, but even a rich kid can go broke living off the capital, instead of the interest.

        Album sales? I doubt 50 even considering them, he’s above that, music doesn’t pay the bills anymore….more $$$ = More Bills.

        *Industry designed to keep the artist in debt

      • andone

        man dont get me wrong 50 does put out sub par music every now and then, im not denying that nor am i tryin to defend him… but lets be real dude the mass went in, curtis had me gettin play wit the ladies, bisd has a few bangers… plus fif isnt scared to put out a mixtape theres plenty of content to make up for the so so music he sells…

        also they are the exception along wit rozay hes forever rich lol, williams jus wont ever be wealthy tho but not to bad for a C.O right…

        and when u go from 1mill to being on the forbes list 10 yrs in a row dats enough said!

      • Yeah, fif doing it & I hope he continues ( Hate aside ) & as long as he continues to make smart moves he will continue to prosper.

        Charity = Good Look

        On Fawlse – Nah, Meek looking for $100K to battle DNA, needs a sponsor….why Fawlse isn’t? Good promo, etc?

        Money isn’t in music anymore, every 1 downloading, etc.

        MMG music sucks….he needs an endorsement deal or he’ll starve.

        ( *Not really, but…. )

        Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, TLC, etc….
        All went broke.

      • truuuuueeee and aint none of these dudes sitting on TLC or MJ or HAMMER $$$$ yet ….. def gotta watch it cause when you up TIME MOVES FAST …. before you know it ….. you lookin like justin timberlake sitting on the curb while they come grab your stuff ….. but this wont be an episode of PUNK ………

      • ha ha take a step further and say AMERICA is designed to keep americans in debt 😉

      • Quote of the day right HERE! ^^^^

      • jboat123


      • Well Castillio did his damn thing though!

      • ur right, but at least he made the 1st one lol… plus ross will never mae a better album then before i self destruct, that album got some dope tracks

      • GRODT had like 3 tracks that were “NOT” dope!

        Certified banger, through & through.

        “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” was a classic, not you Rich & trying to Die? You a stupid Bastich!”…Jada ( 50 Diss << LOL~N – Jada got him with that 'chet!"

      • jboat123

        he already did u dick wag lol.

      • no he didnt.

      • Future Patrick

        im so sick and tired of ppl saying ross is fake. coming from the biggest pac fan I KNOW pac aint shoot no district attny or spray a judge like he claimed. its entertainment ppl!!! none of your favorite rappers have actually done half the crap they say they have….they are all liars that make you bob your headz. get over it.

      • pac made real music, he didnt have a fake name, fake image. pac was himself, when he got mad or emotional he put it on wax, ross doesnt rap about anything but fake ish

      • jboat123


      • Terrance Goodman

        N they say PAC bi polar no we all have different
        Emotions , days , n sides to a person. Real shit
        He spoke the real

      • But he did shoot 2 cops in Atl, beat up the Hughes? or Hudlin brothers ( Higher Learning ), herbed Dr. Dre, got shot 5x by Notorious thugs, & ……..didn’t lie about it.

        Officer Ricky lied in his raps….ok, cool, call it artistic licence, he can get a pass for that, but lying off wax, dissing Trick Daddy….I mean, he ‘chetted on a stand up dude….to cover up his own lie……& then ‘chet on the stand up dude by mistake. Trick kept it Trill & never spoke upon him being a CO……The Fawlse got gassed……

        Then the whole identity theft issue……no comparison to Tupac.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Damn right no comparison to PAC lol
        N I remember Ross when he was wit suave house
        They dropped him later he popped up in the all
        About the Benjamins video clean shaven. Trick
        Did keep it funky n silent but in some trill shit. They
        Say trick daddy chills wit Sammy’s n birds = rat

      • IDK about Trick upon that….but Officer Ricky = Fail

      • andone

        idc for ur debate but plz dont ever put pac and the cop in da same sentence/post again…thankx

      • Hahahahaahaha! True indeed!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Um PAC showed his g busting at cops

      • Bumpy Johnson

        “ross fake as shit tho, if u like rosss u like fake ish” – i beeeeen sayin this.

      • great minds think alike

      • Bumpy Johnson

        word to motha!!

    • jboat123


  • Eli Pinilla

    this shit is such a nut hugging industry… how u had beef with a ngga, and almost fought each other, but now yall hash tagging each other and a retweeting shit?!?!?!…fuckin homos man…. karen civil be suckin these rappers off decent too

    • i was thinking the same thing …. this is the definition of being FAKE !!

    • Griss

      nigga had his kids clowining him if rick does that he is labeled not only the fakest rapper but person …. i mean pull ya skirt down b and drop the pom poms…. what banks say all u missin is the wig and bra….

  • andone

    so when 50 and floyd are friends its a bromance… but IF rozay and floyd are friends its a dynamic duo… im not sure if i should lol or smh… either these writers are in on it( so called pub stunt) or their jus blatant 50 haters wit no shame…but im leaning towards the latter!!

    • 50 wack

    • jboat123

      50 just salty cause his career is washed up floyd teaming with ross is smart

  • Peter Morris

    There will be a day when Manny Pacquiao and Rick Ross are saying “WTF happen? They used us.” As 50 and Floyd laugh their way to the bank.

    • jboat123

      U GODDAAMNN RIGHT!!!! AND AFTER HE beat mannys ass all u gonna hear is………….. AND STILL!!! UNDEFEATED MONEY MAAAAYWEATHER!! 45-0

  • Joel Griffin

    Floyd Vs. Curtis, 10 rounds.
    Curtis ”If you look real close I don’t backdown” Jackson versus Floyd ”Dodger” Mayweather
    My crystal balls telling me Floyd is getting played out by the time this is over

    • Nah, everyone else is getting played.

      Imagine 50 coming out for Pac Man & Ross for 50?

      That is some WWF ‘chet right there…..people who would have never tuned in to boxing, will be on the Pac / May fight.

  • keylon jackson

    all hiphop is fake blocking the truth and link im givin abt 50 go on the smock gun n see whos fake

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Rick Ross stay winning

  • uh oh… new yorkers dont like people doing nothing to wack ass 50… many hate cmments to come… 50 MAKES NEW YORK LOOK BAD..yall shouldnt be supporting that wack nigga

  • “oooh this shit gay!” – Riley Freeman voice

  • jacksjus

    Floyd can’t win this one, because 50 is by far wealthier. Nuff said.

  • ThaShadowKing

    The enemy of my enemy…is my friend.

  • black tarzan

    lmao yall got too much time on your hands… its entertainment…. I must say the level of hate for rick ross is unreal…. to all his haterz… GET OFF HIS DICK.. yall find anything ross is on just to comment negative about. If you dont like someone… then dont listen to them or read about them its that simple…. who are the clowns that are dick riding 50. face it.. he is a hasbeen…. he has not went gold since his 3rd CD.. around the time he caught beef with ross… I understand yall being mad but numbers dont lie. in hiphop 50cent is irrelevant… his last hit was when?????? dont worry i will wait..lol

    • BigHomie337

      Where u get that from? BISD went Gold. How many platinum albums William has? If u said the same amount as me and u combined u r correct. Plus 50 can care less bout rap. Only ppl making money off of selling albums are the labels. 50 go be rich forever( John legend voice)

    • for an irrelivant person 50 sure gets talk about alot around these parts … when was the last time we seen an article on ahh with 50 names on it 2001 ????? lol 😉 more like every week since 2001 to todays date 11/4/2012 … yall want to really know who is IRRELIVANT !!!!!! lol WE ARE yup US the comment makers lol we define irrelivant …. LOL 😉

  • 50s worst selling album sold more than your favorite rappers album…..fuck floyd

  • Moe Hennessey

    all you broke niggaz talking shit about 50 nigga your life savings is 50’s ass wipping money rick ross a cop turnt BIG MEECH, frank white,gangster deciple,teflon don, freeway rick ross you niggaz aint gangsta floyd merryweather is another joke full of himself 5’3 short midget ~

  • water_ur_seeds

    publicity stunt for sure

  • TheBigCheeFa

    50 cent is never happy.dude need some friends.all that damn money and he beefin

  • Alf Capone

    im truly asking………….ross albums dont sell anything great right?………..im asking………i know they do decent………but they dont sell like kanyes , drakes, waynes, jays and slim shadys……………right?……….am i wrong?

    • Peter Morris

      He’s doing good for a cop.

  • Hector G

    floyd, ross, fighthype girls/scared/retarded

  • hoeyuno

    Young and the restless. I could give a fuk about Floyd mayweathe. Next.

  • brollya

    WEL i guess ya gotta make another article cuz they jus said all of it was fake….. hahahahaha

  • 50 net worth is over hundred million, and officer ricky is on at 20 mill barely so who is winning ?