Charles Hamilton on Eminem, the Choice for President, and Why His Voice Doesn’t Matter

(AllHipHop News) Embattled rapper Charles Hamilton recently took a break from his production efforts to speak with about many questions fans have had over the last few months – from his stint in prison to his recently released 2012 Election-themed record, produced by Eminem.

When an unexpected Eminem-produced record landed earlier this year from Hamilton, members of the rap industry were curious about how it came about.

Hamilton cleared it up by explaining that the record came from a 2008 studio session between the two.

“Yeah, we were in the studio together. It was an old record for me; I did it in 2008,” said Hamilton. “I decided to put it on a project just ’cause I can. Em was cool, he’s a cool cat. I made it very clear I was a fanatic about him, and because I worked with him, it was like I don’t have much to do or prove …that did it for me.”

Hamilton also spoke on the impending election race between President Obama and Mitt Romney:

“People have the choice they wanna make. Without getting into to many technicals, people can pick whoever makes them happy. I can’t say I don’t care but, you know, everyone has a decision they have to make. Be wise about your decision, and don’t complain two years from now if the person you voted for now doesn’t do what they said they were goin’ to do to make you happy in the first place.”

When asked about his selection for the presidency, Hamilton added, “The person who I always say I wanna vote for isn’t running. Y’all have to pick who you want to vote for. I don’t really think my voice matters in this whole thing as far as who I wanna vote for. I don’t think it matters.”

Watch the exclusive interview with Charles Hamilton below:

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  • Casor_Greener

    Another rapper pretending to be smart

    • Let me get this straight. You got the name Amen_Ra so I assume you claim to be conscious. A wise man or real wise man is not concerned with another mans intelligence he only enlightens a brother in positive constant elevation. Another self righteous cat. You are not building but destroying by that comment. Charles may seem to be out there at times but he doesn’t seem to be a moron. I am not a fan of him either but he is no ignorant ass gucci mane.

      • Southcidal

        You spilled a good bucket of milk and totally contradicted the first couple sentences in your post with the Gucci Mane comment.

      • I never said I was righteous man though. I never claimed to be a holy man. I am for my people but I am not walking on water homie. If you are then you let me know. He has 10 dislikes so people saw my point. If you find me saying that then yeah your point is valid. Glad you been stalking me on my comments to also because you looked for it so I am on your mind. You must be sour about a comment I said to you awhile back. I am free to my opinion but saying another person is pretending to be smart who is to say they are dumb my point was he is no gucci mane and you tried to make me into some other person.

  • he’s getting his booths mixed up.. ur voice doesnt matter in the vocal booth son… it matters in the voting booth…

  • 7yoyo7

    Why His Voice Doesn’t Matter?
    —> He disappeared after some girl smashed her knuckles into his face.

    If Rick Ross is “one of the best current rappers” (quotation marks INTENDED) after being exposed as a C.O., Hamilton could have come back from that….

  • disqus_E7MH35IweK

    Wait.. Is dis nigga nails painted??? Dat punched fucked him up

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  • deshair

    Charles is right… his voice and choice are his own. And it shouldn’t matter who he chooses since he will close a curtain behind him, as we all will.

  • Shi*, if you care enough to render your meaningless ass opinions, it would only make sense that you would care enough to vote in a sanctioned event.

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  • is that a coffe maker on top of a microwave on top of a mini-fridge? ya ur pockets are hurtin! u ol’ kitchen in the bedroom, bedroom in the livin room mofuca!!! HaHa

    • Willuminati☆Imortali

      LMAO ” u ol’ kitchen in the bedroom, bedroom in the livin room mofuca!!” that made my fuckin day!!

  • Guest

    i love him. people don’t give him the credit he deserves. he has something that many of the people who are popping right now don’t. lots of talent & passion. within the last year he’s put out more mixtapes/projects that most musicians do in their entire career. andddd…he keeps em coming. all of them might not have been A+ work (but majority of it…fuccnig genius.) but…people, especially those incapable of doing what he does, stay shitting on him? why? because he’s not conventional? because he paints his nails black? shit at least he’s not painting them pink. what does charles hamilton painting his nails black have to do with you or his music? lol. it because he has an affinity for sonic? ironically sonic also happens to mean sound and the dude is ridiculous when it comes to shaping, manipulating and working with it. is it because he stays true to himself and doesn’t want to follow society’s mold? like do yall listen to this nigga’s bars? the shit he says? he spittts. we’ve been conditioned. maybe that’s why people can’t see the picture he’s trying to paint. i embrace his against-the-grain-ness. we’re too used to seeing and hearing the same shit. when something is so different and doesnt seem familiar or isn’t like you, niggas get scared. not saying the world must like him but he’s definitely not trash and has a lot of great music worth listening to. this interview was great. nothing wrong with it at all.

    • veesonic

      Agree 100%. #starchasers niggas stay sleeping on a legend…