Charles Hamilton on Eminem, the Choice for President, and Why His Voice Doesn’t Matter


(AllHipHop News) Embattled rapper Charles Hamilton recently took a break from his production efforts to speak with about many questions fans have had over the last few months – from his stint in prison to his recently released 2012 Election-themed record, produced by Eminem.

When an unexpected Eminem-produced record landed earlier this year from Hamilton, members of the rap industry were curious about how it came about.

Hamilton cleared it up by explaining that the record came from a 2008 studio session between the two.

“Yeah, we were in the studio together. It was an old record for me; I did it in 2008,” said Hamilton. “I decided to put it on a project just ’cause I can. Em was cool, he’s a cool cat. I made it very clear I was a fanatic about him, and because I worked with him, it was like I don’t have much to do or prove …that did it for me.”

Hamilton also spoke on the impending election race between President Obama and Mitt Romney:

“People have the choice they wanna make. Without getting into to many technicals, people can pick whoever makes them happy. I can’t say I don’t care but, you know, everyone has a decision they have to make. Be wise about your decision, and don’t complain two years from now if the person you voted for now doesn’t do what they said they were goin’ to do to make you happy in the first place.”

When asked about his selection for the presidency, Hamilton added, “The person who I always say I wanna vote for isn’t running. Y’all have to pick who you want to vote for. I don’t really think my voice matters in this whole thing as far as who I wanna vote for. I don’t think it matters.”

Watch the exclusive interview with Charles Hamilton below:

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