Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Meek Mill Going To Battle Cassidy On Pay-Per-View?

Everyone knows that Philly has one of the best battle rap scenes in the nation. One of the biggest rappers in the nation right now, Meek Mill, recently did an interview with our homie, journalist Shaheem Reid, where he talks about the art of battling and he goes into his rap battle background. Meek also mentions that he would want $100,000 to step back into the battle scene (which was reportedly already set to take place against battle rapper, DNA). You can check out the interview below:

While answering a question regarding who Meek Mill would like to see battle each other, Meek said he would like to see Cassidy and Murda Mook battle. But some media outlets interpreted his answer wrong and credited him as saying that he would want to battle either Cassidy or Murda Mook.

Cassidy heard about the rumors, too, and over the weekend, he jumped on the radio with Hot 107.9 and accepted the offer to battle Meek Mill. Check out what he said below:

“If it came down to do a battle thing, I would love to do that. Cause it’ll be beneficial. I would get some credibility for biting somebody head off, and I’d get a nice little check out of it.”

Cassidy seemed to have to whole fight planned out, from getting it on Pay-Per-View to getting sponsors to come in and pay that “chicken.” Apparently that’s a new slang phrase out of Philly meaning money.

“We definitely can get a nice crowd, get some crazy sponsors and get some chicken up. So it’ll be beneficial for me to do something like that.”

Did Cassidy imply that he would bite Meek’s head off in a battle? Meek heard Cassidy loud and clear and took to his Twitter to let Cassidy know he has to get his weight up before he can step into a battle with him.

Well, it looks like those battle plans are on hold for now. I for one would love to see this battle go down, but Meek is right – he has nothing to prove and is busy getting “arena” tour money. Maybe Swizzy can link back up with Cassidy and those two could cook up another few hits. I always liked their musical chemistry.

You can listen to Cassidy’s radio interview below.


But wait! Where does that leave DNA in this whole battle drama? The word in them battle streets is that Meek was set to get straight slaughtered by DNA, one of the best on the circuit right now.

So did Meek wise up and sweep that DNA challenge under the table? We’re not sure, but this battle stuff is getting interesting…

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  • Eli Pinilla

    u cant hold none of these rappers by what they say…so it dnt mean shit unless it actually happens

  • MadVillain

    fucc ppv, let Smack host it and post dat sh!t on youtube so the WORLD can see Meek gettin sonned.

    • bigdoe6

      Nah, Smack and his crew is too bias man. He might have to stay away from this battle. Let him promote it, but not be the host.

      • MadVillain

        dats true

      • PPV the Battle…. a smack PPV, with a BOXING / MMA match for celebrities.

        Gucci Mane vs ?????
        50 vs ?????

        Winner take all arrangement?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        right i was about to say do both smack and ppv … smack/url gotta be involved somehow someway

  • RichFromBX

    why would I order something on PPV when I can go down the block to hear nicer cats go in for nothing more than pride and respect…

    • Meek don’t want it with DNA.

  • disqus_E7MH35IweK

    Smack takes tooooo long to upload battles. If this battle happen on Christmas, We’ll probably see it next Christmas messin wit Smack.. If it happens PPV is the way to go

  • Thomas Smith

    If there was ever a battle cassidy would eat his ass alive nothing personal, I like both rappers, but cassidy would destroy that kid…….

  • Richard Savage

    yeah Milli dont need to battle rap no more. Leave it to them bottom feeders. Cassidy had his shot and he didnt have what it took to make HIT RECORDS. Dont get me wrong he is NASTY on the mic (no homo) but as far as making hit records that will sell he can’t do it

    • Troll_E_G

      I hate bitch niggaz like u who talk down on artist caUSE they aint mainstream…Meek is ass n his album prolly sell 100-200k in total while cass has plat n gold singles plus a gold plaque for his 1rst album, he caught a body n not in jail, he ate freeway, n still got a lil money plus his bars r allways up 2 par….fuck otta talking bout hit records when all meek singles got features

      • Mos High

        Why he is a bitch nigg*, because he gave his opinion. If your name is hot and things are going good, why would he step backwards to battle cassidy. Who cares if Cassidy has hot freestyle verses, he is no longer relivant in the larger picture. Yes we still need artists that keep basic’s going but why should they clash. Who has more to gain? obviously Cassidy. I never liked Cassidy just the courses of his tracks. Meek is a young man let him get his shine, Cassidy had his turn.

      • Cassidy didn’t catch the body…his man did & Cassidy plead guilty to giving his man the weapon.

      • Tarik Asim


      • Tarik Asim

        what body did Cass catch? That was one of his “new” homies murkin his “old” homie. Now he didn’t tell and that’s why he sat in jail. Was he being a real nigga or just scared of getting murked next? I can’t answer that one. He didn’t pull the trigger and that’s a fact and on record. He like most of these rappers in Philly and all over who get on. They sold a little coke nickle and diming, got a deal and got bigger work, then found out they wasn’t built for the game and had to bitch or snitch their way out the trap game. I don’t think Meek ass and I don’t think Cass ass. They both nice “artists” that talk that street shit. If you know the real streets and what really goes down in Philly like I do or any other city for that matter, most rappers who claim that street life, boss shit was either workers or corner boys who only flipped a quarter or a once at time and never cracked no blocks for real. niggas aint see no bricks until they got advance money and didn’t know how to maintain once the shit got real. the real hustlers know who be getting it for real in their city and it aint the rappers! It’s their homies, local “record label” owner aka drug dealer who got a label or cats they look up to from their hood. I can think of so many non drug dealers or petty corner boys who took on the persona’s of real hustlers or gangsters and made a career out of that. I know plenty of rappers who are getting it in the streets but they don’t be the ones who get on cause by the time they do get a little name, the snitches do them in. Example: The bol Filthy Rich outta Philly! he was doing major things with major cats and getting major mooga, but guess what? He doin numbers in the feds now for a major case. Guess who snitched on him? Another rapper! LOL

  • Why is that pic of him and Diz right there?Diz won that battle if not, it was damn sure a tie lol

    • Nah, Damn close though, minus the Canada comments & Diz may have barely won….as it stands, he clearly lost….the crowd.

      • Round 1 Diz ate him apart.
        Round 2 Diz edged him
        3 Dna dick rode canada and won.

        And they both had the crowd. DNA just happen to go last and used that to his advantage. “something something” trash

      • A come from behind, late round KO!

        No shame for Diz….he is a beast!

        “They got all kinda foundations to get their guap up! I put change in the big jar on the counter every Starbucks!”


        Diz won even when he lost……much better battle than Canibus!


    Meek not a battle rapper. He just talking shet

  • brotha_man

    millz know that cass would kill him and make him look foolish as a lyricist or lack thereof

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  • Tarik Asim

    chicken is a new slang word for money in Philly? Allhiphop is late with that one. We been saying that in Philly since the 80’s! chicken, cheese, gravy, muulah, mugga, change, chedda. the list goes on and on. Nothing is new under the sun, it’s all already been done!

    • Galactus

      I’m In North Philly, Never heard chicken before…

  • King Cold

    Lmfao is it me or meek sounds scared?

  • Alf Capone

    did anyone really ever think any kinda of battle with meek involved would happen?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      meek and dna maybe .. but i didnt think meek was crazy enuff to jump in the ring with cass

      • Alf Capone

        no…………… rap battle involving meek is gonna happen…………he has too much to lose…………nothing to gain………..its just not gonna happen

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        He def has a lot to lose but I don’t think u can say he has “nothing” to gain????if he thinks his buzz is crazy now …. imagine how it will be after he beats someone like DNA or Cassidy in a battle ..

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    This nigga (Meek) scared….no confidence at all….wack nigga….and loom at niggaz making excuses like, “he got too much to lose”….are you serious, he gonna eat regardless, win or lose…losing don’t stop Lebron from eating…Nas bodied Jay with Ether (and Im a die hard Hov fan) but getting bodied did him no damage…he eating lovely…I think Meek a sucker for punking out…he definitely DO NOT WANT TO SEE CASSIDY…AT ALL…lets get back to the essence…I think if more mainstream rappers did this it would weed out the dope MCs from the wack niggaz who write rhymes cuz the corner too real for them…Real MCing needs to come back to the forfront and battling would make that happen….HIP HOP NEEDS A RIGHTS OF PASSAGE…you gotta prove you worthy of these mills yawl making….and alot of these niggaz making doo doo raps over doo doo beats calling it hip hop….lets get back to the real

  • sound like another big mouth rapper talking then when he get pressed he back out.. lol smh this is why hip hop suck..bak in the good days ppl would battle for free just to see whos the best of the its oh u not as hot as u were once so im not doing it smh thats a clown move fer real

    • BoldSpice

      I must have missed those days. Because i don’t remember no rappers battling.

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  • BoldSpice

    Cassidy? Niccuh please. Cat searching for some relevance. How wack you gotta be to get signed to Carmello label?

  • Galactus

    “Cassidy seemed to have to whole fight planned out, from getting it on
    Pay-Per-View to getting sponsors to come in and pay that “chicken.”
    Apparently that’s a new slang phrase out of Philly meaning money.”
    I’m in Philly & I Ain’t NEVER HEAR THAT BEFORE. Must be hipster/yung bul slang… BTW Sydney Mcdonald’s is Hiring…

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