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Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Mitt Romney Is Devastated Over Loss

Damn. This kind of sheds a different light on Mittens. Make no mistake about it, dude was a colossal DOUCHE. (For the record, I reserve “douche” for the most vile and villainous of people.) But, the fact is it was Mitt’s life’s dream to be president. He’s tried time and time again. And he failed. Straight up failed. And this ain’t a failure like us. There is no retaking this test. All the money he’s amassed will not let him get in that White House.

So, the word out there is that Mitt is all mentally f*cked up over the loss. He’s in a perpetual state of shock, they say. They are saying that Mitt and Crew were never ready to lose. That’s why dude had me up all night waiting for him to admit defeat. But, yeah…Mitt is devastated. I don’t think all those pictures helped.

They freakin cancelled their staffs credit cards before they woke up in the morn! FOUL! MoFo’s went to Denny’s and got declined after they worked that hard for Mittens Romney! Damn, son!

Last laugh, h0es!

  • therealest1

    Not important shit.

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  • fuckyou814

    that nigga is still wealthy as f* whos really laughin???

    • Negro Peligro

      And Obama gone cut his taxes.

      • Sean Taylor

        Oh no, please dont take 20% of his 20mil. LOL @ negro peligro, Nigga you dont even know what 7 zeros look like let alone 8

      • Celz

        Barely.. Most of his losses will come from potential earnings when Obama doesn’t Multi-National Corps do whatever the hell they want.. They still got Obama in they pocket though.. Mittens was just INSIDE they trousers

      • The deepest analogy of this years election! +1

    • ladynamor

      BUT he aint worth investing in. People lost a lot of money believing in his sorry ass. They like, “You couldn’t even beat a black dude in a sh!tty economy Mitt, You have a losers streak that wont quit!”
      Its embarrassing for him at his banquets and Church functions. I find pleasure in that. LMAO

      • Real Talk

        What makes Romney sorry? You could have Jesus running against Obama, Obama will still win

      • Cereal Killa

        They invested in him because they thought they could buy the presidency.Mitt is a puppet that’s the only reason you even know his name,because he’ll do anything big money tells him to do,and as for losing ha he lost nothing.he flew in the finest aircraft,ate at the finest resturaunts,slept with bad bitches on someone elses ticket and he’s still a millionaire

    • obama.

    • Roberto Ciamora

      For real people act like he’s gonna go hang himself now because he lost. Dude has more money then just about everybody who works for or visits this site, if he is shedding tears at all rest assured he’s drying his eyes with $100 dollar bills and will be over it by tomorrow

    • AfricanSoul

      If he was content with what he had, he wouldn’t have gone through what he did. It is all about legacy for people like Mitt. They throw tons of money into the machine that will either spit out in their favor or devour their money and give them the middle finger.

  • planet gracie

    we dodged a bullet there

  • I’ve never been more ashamed to be an american than on election night when all the racists took to the internet to let their true colors show..after the raucous on election night can’t no one on earth deny that racism in this country is alive and strong as ever. We’ve taken to making them folks immortal, oh you wanna be on twitter calling the president the N word? No problem that next employer doing a background search on you is going to find the real you via us 😀

    • Guest

      amen!!! although i also didnt care for black dudes saying they voted for obama just cause he black, i mean at least say u agree with something he saying lol.. but it is what it is.

      • AfricanSoul

        All things being equal, you would be right, race shouldn’t have been a factor. However, when you put it all in context and look at just how much African Americans were kept out of leaderships and all then I would say voting for your own makes sense.

      • RichFromBX

        regardless of any one group being kept out of leadership it’s just as dangerous voting for someone based entirely on their ethnicity as it is not voting for them based entirely on their ethnicity…I will say though the media’s attention given to just how white people were voting was deplorable…at they end of the day neither one of them wasn’t getting elected if they didn’t have support across the board…at it’s most basic, Obama wouldn’t have won without the support of white people and Romney wouldn’t have won without the support of black people which he didn’t have and why he lost…

        as far as all of the racist that came out after the election, I’m sorry but in all fairness it would’ve been black people coming out in the same way if Romney had won…you’ve had all types of conspiracy theories about how the Illuminati fixed the election to keep Obama out…

      • Alf Capone

        thank u……………ur last paragraph………..ive been saying this…………even during the campaign i saw all kinds of conspiracy theories………..i saw tons of black people saying racist shit about mitt………..just like i saw tons of white people saying racist shit about obama

      • AfricanSoul

        It is dangerous if the candidates’ policies were detrimental to the African American segment of society, for instance. Although I don’t have the statistics but I am willing to bet that the amount of black officials who were voted into office all while promoting dangerous policies is astoundingly minimal. For instance, would Clarence Thomas have enjoyed a considerable black support, on the mere basis of his skin color, if he were running for a senate seat or presidency? My point is that if Obama’s policies were actually hurtful, his skin color would have very little impact on garnering black votes.

        In terms of conspiracy theories; the “illuminati” is a joke to me. I am more convinced that, that in itself is a smoke and mirror for the REAL power play that these corporates put in motion to craft out the type of system that benefits them. These silly illuminati stories are thrown around to keep people off the track…from actually uncovering what these Super Pacs, which are REAL organizations, have been doing throughout the election season and worse, what they will be coming up with next. This is neither a theory nor a conspiracy; it is a clever and malicious maneuver.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        tell them man we aint that stupid …. oh imma vote for the devil just cause hes black foh ……. lol 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lets just be happy that outside of “im voting cause hes black” luckily he was the better candidate so reguardless they voted for the right one …. that like someone who plays the lottery and they play thier birthdate … yeah you might lose but if your birthdate happens to come out … win win !! it is what it is …. it aint like obama wasnt a top candidate … that like being mad @ folks like jordan just cause hes black ….. ok cool but outside of that hes one of the best too …. so it dont matter how you are drawn to that person … as long as your drawn towards a winner …………….

      • J Fuller

        Democrats have been overwhelmingly winning the black vote for decades. Obama, Gore, Clinton…

        But you must’s a sense of pride for African Americans to vote for Obama. US citizens have the right to vote..and exercise that right as they see fit.

  • Frank

    eh.. yeah I’d feel a certain way too. He lost. He thought he’d win. Sorry, try again.

  • ladynamor

    This whole story was hilarious. Pics and all. This was really entertaining. Good work Seed.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Yea this was too funny real talk!!!

  • silver spoons dont buy white houses

  • Real Talk

    It’s a double standard in the United States, black people, can say “I’m voting for Obama because he black”, some black celebrities say “Vote black”…but soon as Bill O’Reily say “Vote White” he is called a racist, he will be force to be fired…or just white people in general say “I’m voting for Romney because he is white” they get blacklash, but black people get cheers.

    • True, but Black people only = 13%

      • Real Talk

        Still, Jeezy makes a song My President is black, but can a white person make a song My President is White, without being racist? Black people are quick to call out white people for being racist ex. (Don Imus), but black people are just as bad. I’m not taking sides, but It’s Real Talk

      • That may be “REAL TALK”, but I doubt White people want to switch with Blacks for the right to say “N-Word”. All were white presidents before & I doubt they would agree to all being Black for the right to say N Word….but that isn’t racist…..saying it is bigoted & the person may be prejudice, but without the power to affect them, it isn’t racism.

        Bigotry & prejudice is a right that goes both ways…racism itself is wrong.

        IE: Not hiring Blacks or not hiring whites.

    • AK

      i wish oriley was fired he is the most stubborn idiot in cnn history, they just keep him around to piss off minorities

  • LOL-N

    Damn, iLLseed eithered Mitt!

  • Hector G

    illseed you couldn’t write a professional article if your life depended on it… least try to not sound like a complete preacher you’ll recieve more credibility. I’m not a republican or anything but sometimes ppl act like Barrack or most of the democrats don’t have any money and they are just these all around awsome people. Stop beaing so full of yourself illseed every political figure is money hungry…to the republican’s credit at least they dont pretend like it isn’t all about money. I just find it a little backwards that everyone in the hip hop culture is all about money yet hates a conservative sided political party with a passion????

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Mitt Romney is a mormon, they don’t get depressed, I lived in Washington State for 2 years and met plenty of them, there optimistic to a sickening extent. A relative could die in a car accident and they say “Well, I guess that’s what god wanted”, put their smile back on and carry about their day. Mitt Romney is probably at home with his family playing scrabble or something right now, lol

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    he should meet with donald thrump to discuss donating 10 mil to a charitable foundation if Obama care doesn’t care in the next 4 yrs.

  • AfricanSoul

    If the credit card part of this story is true, that has got to be one of the funniest shit ever lol

    These cats feel entitled. Romney didn’t just lose an election; he shape shifted and lied his way throughout the campaign and his integrity is in tatters (in the eyes of fair minded people).

  • ATLWood

    All these people talkin about “he’s fine cause he’s rich as shit!” or “why does he give a shit he’s still a millionaire” or “if he’s cryin, he’s wipin his eyes with $100’s” dont get it and are missing the point entirely!! People like Mitt who are born wealthy and have never known any other life than not worrying about money at all and just having it to buy anything you want need do not find pleasure or happiness in it the way some of us who have never had that kind of wealth would. A person like Mitt wont be “drying his tears with $100 bills” or even thinking about $100 bills at all the way you or I would. A $100 bill means absolutely nothing to a person like him. Someone with wealth like Romney is accustomed to getting ANYTHING they want and these type of people do not deal well AT ALL with being told no or denied something they want. So it’s entirely plausible and even likely to think that Romney is devastated about not being able to buy the one thing he wanted most in his entire life and even thought was his “god-given birthright”! And you can be sure that he will find absolutely no solace or happiness in the fact that he has a ton of money. Thats just something that he expects and has NEVER been without, so its just a normal part of his life and nothing to get excited/happy about.

  • Lmfao! Mitt’s the Buffalo Bill of politics.

  • i’mreloaded!

    I don’t see how he thought he was gonna win? Dat nigga lie more than a security guard in a bank robbery.

  • sean okeefe

    I’m a white man who grew up in a very mixed culture and I didin’t believe in racism till I moved to a very racist part of our country! I can tell you personally as a white man that racism is alive and well between white Americans that I know! It’s disgusting and i do not support that kind of activity!


  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    if he put that much into it prob will take sometime to get over it … but just to be the last man standing imo is a feat in it self … not many make it that far … and imo he went up against one of the best and came close …… tips hat to romney !! 😉

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