Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Mitt Romney Is Devastated Over Loss


Damn. This kind of sheds a different light on Mittens. Make no mistake about it, dude was a colossal D#####. (For the record, I reserve “d#####” for the most vile and villainous of people.) But, the fact is it was Mitt’s life’s dream to be president. He’s tried time and time again. And he failed. Straight up failed. And this ain’t a failure like us. There is no retaking this test. All the money he’s amassed will not let him get in that White House.

So, the word out there is that Mitt is all mentally f*cked up over the loss. He’s in a perpetual state of shock, they say. They are saying that Mitt and Crew were never ready to lose. That’s why dude had me up all night waiting for him to admit defeat. But, yeah…Mitt is devastated. I don’t think all those pictures helped.

They freakin cancelled their staffs credit cards before they woke up in the morn! FOUL! M###’s went to Denny’s and got declined after they worked that hard for Mittens Romney! Damn, son!

Last laugh, h0es!