Stevie J

Hip-Hop Rumors: Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Being Everything From DL To Pedo!

Stevie J has been quite a few things since he was dug up from obscurity by VH1. But, his girl Joseline has no regard for anything. She just dumbs out in Twitter and calls him everything from a Down Low Brother, to a drug user to inferring he may be some sort of Pedo! This is why you have to be aware and careful of who you lay down with. Both of these two seen crazy! What the EFF!






Long way down since Eve.


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  • therealest1

    Ignorant shit.

  • ycthedon

    Lmfao…….did I mention…..LMFAO!!!!!!

  • I am sure an article on Nas’ life would of been far more interesting. I pressed on this article like some imbecile and I am not impressed by my fingers actions!

  • Dayum! She eithered him!

  • james larger

    She did the same thing Byrnat McKinnie said he liked to get smash in the booty with strap-ons…and he sent some girl goons over and they beat the shit out of her…I guess this bitch will never learn about spreading rumors

  • it’s not gay when a woman plays with a man ass it’s only gay if a man has sexual contact with men. I stick my finger up my man ass and toss his salad time to time and he’s has no interest in men at all

    • is that what he tells you? lmfao!

    • Chris

      My wife even looks like she’s about to fiddle with my booty, I’m goin’ into bus driver mode and uppercuttin’ a b*tch. But do what you do.

      • 7inchblkman

        First off you sound gay!!! Your booty???!! Wtf

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        see nigga cant even talk about defending himself in a gay sitatuation and folks is still calling him gay LOL lose lose lol

      • Chris

        You know what’s really “gay”? A n*gga that calls himself “7inchblkman” actively ignoring my entire sentence just to focus on the word “booty”. Please don’t twist my sh*t to fit your filthy agenda. “To the left” with that sh*t, bruh.

      • 7inchblkman

        Man, Right when i thought you couldnt sound anymore gay. You quote destinys child??? Wtf!!!!! Did you really just say, ” To the left ” My nigga. Are you okay???

      • Chris

        Word? Quoting Beyonce joints makes you gay? Lilke I said, bruh. Don’t twist my sh*t for your own purposes.

    • Casor_Greener

      Ya man gay…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        right only a female would have that opinion …. females dont even know either A) your turning your man out and hes def gonna get bi-curious after pleasing him in that way OR …. B) that nigga already gay smashing mad dudes on the low !!!! RUN !!!!!!! lol

    • Terrance Goodman

      Riley. Voice gay

    • Ya man a batti bwoy sen!! You are weak for saying your man ain’t gay. You stick your finger up his ass. He likes dicks then. Wow just wow!

    • johnblacksad

      so you toss salad uh?!

    • ladynamor

      what about getting shit on your hands? this is why we should never eat at restaurants and why men should NEVER suck a woman’s fingers. Rotovirus anyone?

    • 1SOFLO1

      LMFAO!!! Really!!!

    • 7inchblkman

      Holla shantel!!! You know how to please a man .. Get at me!

    • Bobby Boulders

      thats a lie. if a man let u play with his ass and that dont make him feel akward then he aint gonna have no problem with a dude jammin his meat in there

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Exposed by his hooker / artist lol but he had nO car smfh where they
    Do. That at?!

  • Terrance Goodman

    Old rumor by the way

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  • Synista

    StevieGaY! no wonder EVE was dyking!

    if you are a butcher you never touch another man’s MEAT!

    if you are carpenter you never play with another man’s WOOD!

  • why is sydney lace signing in as illseed? homie need to change his password….

  • ladynamor

    Who are these people? (seriously, not joking) I mean I know Eve but who are the girl and guy?

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    after watching love and hip hop when Joseline was on there … i really
    dont even believe this bs she saying ……. 2 …….. shes been
    sleeping with this dude all this time and now all of the sudden he’s gay
    and all this other stuff …. and shes trying to give advice to little
    girls … after dealing with someone like stevie knowing he had a
    girl/baby momma and acted like its cool because soley cause she aint got
    nowhere else to go but the strip club ….. man f**k joseline ……..
    lol chances are stevie prob cut her off like he was trying to do before and shes just having a fit …….. i hate to say it but chicks like her need to be spit on when they walk by you ….. foh

  • Apollo Showtime

    I always felt like he looked like the type who would be 25-40+ hanging around high schools lookin for fresh pussy…RT he has that DL/sex offender look to him low key.

  • macmeez

    The bitch is illiterate.

  • Young Savvy

    This is some strange shit…. But anyway check me out on youtube and iTunes. Young $avvy.

    You know wut tho wasnt Stevie caught kissin on them Cash Money niggas and havin seizures and shit?