Hip-Hop Rumors: What The?! G Dep Says He's "Happy" With 15 Years To Life Prison Sentence

It sounds as if former Bad Boy artist-turned-PCP addict G-Dep has come to terms with spending the next 15 years of his life behind bars. As I’m sure you’ve heard, back in 1993 when G-Dep was only 18 years old, he robbed and shot a man and got away with it. The guilt of that crime had always haunted Dep and in late 2011, he decided to come clean.

Dep walked into a police precinct and confessed to the robbery and shooting, and unfortunately for him, it turned out that the man who Dep shot was actually killed. Dep went on trial for the murder of Job Henkel, and he was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

Now serving his time behind bars, G-Dep is at peace with his fate, and in a new interview with NY Magazine, he actually reveals that he is “happy” about his sentence. Check out what he said below:

“I was happy. It sounds crazy to say you were happy about getting a fifteen-to-life-sentence, but I was. It just seemed to me like the end of a nightmare…I was living in 1993 for seventeen years.”

I’m happy that G-Dep has found peace, and hopefully he can forgive himself for taking someone else’s life. The article is a really good read – you can read the full piece here.
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    • Chris

      Real Men take responsibility for their actions. Little boys don’t. I can tell which one you are. Now, please STFU.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Bwaa……..and u take responsibility for ur gayness like him

      • Celz

        That nigga is behind bars living more than you are.. Think about that

      • TALK_BOSS

        Nah I fam to feed and a life to live…..wrong guy buddy

      • TALK_BOSS

        U probably think jail the shit smh…….that’s where all the real men at right?

      • Chris

        Why are young n*ggas these days so infatuated with the word “gay”?

      • BlueRoc

        niggaz got rapped during slavery

      • TALK_BOSS

        Nah but the dude u think is ya pops did

      • >> In Rick James Voice : “Cold BloooDEDdddddd!”


      • TALK_BOSS

        What wud u rather I call u?

  • $28825362

    Much respect for Dep. I hope he’s able to do his bid in peace, read some good books, and continue having peace. Life is funny; just because you are free does not mean you have peace when you look in the mirror. Sometimes it takes coming to terms with the horrible things you’ve done in your life; truly asking for forgiveness and then trying to move on. Be easy Dep.

    • i hear you. But he should have taken that up with the Lord, not the state.

      • Weedras

        the sense of being punished for the crime can be said is his way of taking it up with the Lord, he accepted his sin, he confessed about it and he seems repentant… that’s basically taking it up with the Lord…

      • That’s a stretch. I see your point if i squint and turn down the lights. It only takes a second for the Lord to forgive him; the state is going to use him for 10 or 15 years.

      • the bilbe, the lord, says to obey the laws of your state or country or whatever

      • Yeah, but it don’t say snitch on yourself if you break them.
        Romans 12:19 “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!”

      • the lord is all about confessing your sins so yeah he did say snitch on yaself and g-dep doesnt want the lords vengeance, thats why he fessed up.

      • The Lord says to confess to another man? Or to the Lord? Who already knows what’s in your heart?

      • to the lord and the powers that be. u think god would cool if u confessed to him and not the law? God wants you to follow the laws of your land.

      • God was about the revolution, which is why the cross was used at Jesus Christ’s execution!

      • $28825362

        I don’t know. All I know is if someone murdered my Mother and was never caught then 15 years later they come around seeking forgiveness I would hope people would not just tell the person, “man don’t go snitch on yourself”. What Dep did was bring the family of the victim some sense of peace. You have to look at it from another angle.

      • 12 niggas killed my brother back in 2002. Eight of them got off. For a while, I had my ideas of what i wanted to happen to them. Jail never crossed my mind. If they all sat in there 100 years, it doesn’t make us even, it doesn’t bring my nigga back, and it doesn’t give them the opportunity to make something of their lives.

      • $28825362

        Man, my heart goes out to you dude. I’m really sorry for your lost my man. I can’t say how I would feel if I was in your shoes.

      • It’s not “cool”, but it’s cool. 5 of the 8 died similar deaths within 3 years. My sense of peace came with realizing people get murdered, people die in car wrecks, and people slip in the shower and break their necks. Death is promised…. But after watching what my mom went through, in a case like this, 15 or so years later; I’d honestly tell the murderer go on with your life. Don’t bring that back up.

      • That’s what the brother basically said.

      • Weedras


      • Shotgun_Packa


      • The brother called him a dummy for coming forward.

      • $28825362

        Damn really. Man I can’t call then.

      • Nah, you called it right, they just didn’t! If it were my family, I’d agree %100 with you!

      • The brother called him a dummy & said he was stupid for bringing it back up. #IJS

      • Weedras

        you’re right but, the Lord works in mysterious ways so we might be speculating now but dude suffered 17yrs and now he’s in the slammer doing a bid he says he would have it any other way because he’s at peace… i mean dude was a rapper during that 17yrs living the life yet his demons drove him to drugs and he was basically tearing himself apart… vengeance right there in itself…

      • Hell yeah, plus Puffy’s deal….like he’s paying for it 2x. We’ll check back on him around year 8 & see if he feels the same.

      • Jesus broke laws, that’s why they didn’t like him. And when they were about to stone the chick, Jesus got her off the hook

      • he broke the laws of an ungodly empire to save our souls, g-dep shot a man and killed him.

      • Moses and David, both murderers, both pillars of the Christian religion

      • moses and david were NOT christians they were Old Testament saints of God who had their failings just as we do.

      • They were Jews…..but no correlation to G Dep…..not sure about David?

      • Stretch Armstrong / Mr. Fantastic stretch!

      • Weedras

        you’re forgetting the part where the book says no sin goes unpunished… you don’t just ask for forgiveness and GOD forgot you broke a commandment… Proverbs 11:21 can help you understand…

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha no doubt.

      • $28825362

        What you have to understand is you can’t tell another man HOW to cleanse his mind. I know for me; if I wrong someone I do pray about it and ask God to forgive me but I am also a man which means I go to that person. I look them in the eye and I say I was wrong. Now if that leads to legal action then as a man I have to bear that. If I am man enough to sow negative seeds may I be man enough to reap whatever comes from it.

      • That’s admirable….. But sometimes, you learn from your mistakes, cut your losses, and keep it moving.

      • I had to laugh…& co sign!

      • TALK_BOSS


    • Celz

      Real Talk. Reminds me of the new Denzel movie Flight.. That’s a must see classic right there..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    hold ya head homey now this is some real grown man ish … took alot of power to do this … and i hope this news gets out to everyone … cause so many people got virtual dead bodies all over the place based on thier style of rap entertainment … with no kind of concious …. heres a guy who really has a body on his gun and got away with it and let you know that ish been haunting him for 17years … so much that he was happy to tell the truth !! thats something none of these “entertainers” could tell you cause they dont really live it … however they do thier research and im sure a few of them will add G Deps experiences into thier vitual gangster 😉

  • stupid ass

  • Good for him. Respect.

  • hoeyuno

    Puffy has created some of the oddest ex rappers in the industry.

    • >>QQ’s hoeyuno in the eye & in Biggie Voice: “You dead wrong!”

      Real Spill, but this is a somber thread, no room for too much funny ‘chet!

      • hoeyuno

        No I understand why dude did it. But why does every rapper that was on bad boys roster in the 90’s do something extreme or become extremely religious??? Maybe I shoulda chose my words differently but there is something to be said there…

      • It’s called “Puff Love”.

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    I agree on that “take that up with the lord not the state” but when the D evil’s are talking to you who knows. I hope the homey is at peace though because child of the ghetto was the shit. But on the real side of things as long as he happy then I am.

  • Oknas

    Damn If i had that guilt I’d just do good deeds and help people for the rest of my life instead of going to jail

  • i’mreloaded!

    I can see what he’s sayin. It’s about whatever makes you sleep at night I guess.

  • dre

    Amen and well done. I know you did what was right based on what God wanted you to do:-)

  • … I feel breh on repentance, but the police are hardly the keepers of heaven’s gate. He might have been better served to have kept that between him and the lord…

  • Antoine Islam

    If he is at peace with his decision then so be it…good for him!
    Me myself..I feel “the Law” has committed far worse crimes for me to hand myself over to them to make atonement. I would have looked into other things I could do to be at peace with the actions I committed whenIi was an 18 year old kid. He didnt even know he killed the person before he turned himself in. Besides, I have a daughter now that I didnt have when I was 18. My responsibilities to her are more important then me being “at peace” with actionsIi took before her birth. I guess it depends on the individual’s opinion!

  • i wonder if that a new pic of g dep if it is he looks like a muslim

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