Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Hating On Chris Brown And Mad At Nicki Minaj?

Chris Brown is the man in these streets still. Dude, these people are playing at such a high level, its hard to conceive. But, when you are at the top, you gotta play ball. The American Music Awards are a decidedly POP affair. Hence, why there was limited Hip-Hop and lots of Hip-Pop. Well, Chris Brown is pop like a MF now and therefore he performed last night along side Swizz Beatz. Well, Perez Hilton has apparently reported that Drake did some passive aggressive stuff as Chris Brown was rockin’ the house. He played on his cellphone while CB performed. Like the whole time. Nonstop. It would seem that he didn’t want to at like he was enjoying the show, but that is actually liking it more. The great Parish Smith said, “And like a sucka, yeah, you look the other way / that’s when I know you’re on my d**k kid, but its OK.” I’m not saying its all that, but that’s what they would be saying it is.

People that have studied the body language between Drake and Nicki are saying that there is beef between them. Did you see it? I didn’t.



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  • H. U. S.

    Stupid childish sh!t! Drake lookin mad weak, he should’ve fought Breezy and loss like a man…nah, he’d rather throw shots through playing with his phone. Ok, what’s next?

    • 123itzme

      Shut up he look like a man ignoring that lil mollied out boy dancing on stage with a preErected pen!! Why would he pay him any attention???

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        come on yo, actively playing on your phone when you know tv cameras or ppl in crowd will be looking at you to see what you are doing, is gossip girl stuff, b. passive aggressive games. if you really feel that way about it do something real to, dont play with ur phone while he performing to show him u being disrespectful. go all the way with it so there is no question.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      exactly. stand up and boo, or get your goons to throw more bottles, or something. dont be playing on your phone like you a 17 year old girl.

      • BlueRoc

        drake has got a female soul living inside his body. okay? hahahaah

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      mind you, im not advocating violence. i’m just saying as a man, go all the way with it, or let it go, but this passive agressiveness does nothing but drag it out needlessly. he did it just so someone can ask him about it and he can play it off like “oh naw i was texting my mom” then his next album he will say somethign like “i text my mom rather than listen to your wack performance…” that kinda shit.

      • BlueRoc

        you are chatting shit sit your ass down

      • H. U. S.

        All this ”We don’t fight in Canada, we throw bottles round here. Oh shyt, let me check my phone to see if my vote for Romney counted in Canada.” Needs to stop! If they ain’t gonna handle the situation like men, then let it go!

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  • Jes Loves

    Drake take it easy, you yeaaaar! Chris still loves you. Let by-gone be by-gone, there is nothing to gain but everything to loss. Lets stay positive as always.

  • what a pathetic ‘article..’ my god…

  • Recordpusher

    Best part of this article is the EPMD quote… Salute to Eric and Parrish

    • That ‘chet eithered Drake! Youngin’s missed it!

    • Antoine Islam

      True story lol

    • Nasir Isaac

      Seriously, haha

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      “Keep the Crossover!” – EPMD

  • fuck_white_people

    drake what are you a girl or something?

  • james larger

    so what if he was texting that man owes chris brown nothing he dont have to watch the performance hes f n drake chris bron performing to him is probrably nothing it boring artist do not enjoy other artist perform itsnothing he cant do being who he is and i think the media play right nto this dead beef itsstupid rivalry that didnt help chris brown sell records

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  • so this was written cause drake was on his cell phone? lol.. the artical should be called “While Chris Brown performed….” and the article should read… “…drake was on his cellphone” and thats it lol.. cause thats the only thing to be taken out of this god awful pathetic ass article lol

  • i bet drake was just surfing the net looking for his next figure skating outfit to order..

  • greeneyedbandit

    sucka strokin over somebody that don’t even like you like that….I was done with him after the bottle throwin incident.

  • illymac

    illseed fell off…
    when allhiphop start writing up articles,
    based off hear say and body language??

  • i’mreloaded!

    At what point does the media finally admit they’re making stuff up becuz they have no news?

  • Joe Joe

    Why is anybody focused on the body language between Nicki Minaj & Drake. People a need to get lives of their own for real!

  • That_N

    What exactly should Drake have done?? Jump up and scream “I love you Chris”?? I really don’t see the big deal in him texting (or whatever) while anybody was performing. If I was there, I probably would’ve had my phone out for the majority of the show.

  • ??Angry Birds & Body Language?? o_O

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  • what is up with these spys that be reporting all these bs rumors all of the sudden … studying body language and ish lol smh

  • Darkfather504

    Why you mad son!!!


    Perez Hilton Should Never Be Referenced On This WebSite Again, Come On SOn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Sanchez

    allhiphop is phony b… they delete what is inconvenient to them. i said their site is going down the drain by the day and they delete it.

  • slow rumor day? smh

  • mike malarkey


  • Drake fans don’t know what epmd is..they think it’s a new killstreak in call of duty..a mispelled emp of sorts. Drake the man in the streets? Lol..if it wasn’t for JPrince you’d be like wheelchair jimmy from tv trying to rap? Let’s be perfectly honest, the kid is ok musically but he got a ton of co-signs for stripes he hadn’t earned in the game all thanks to Mr. James Prince. When was the last time you see Jay-Z put someone he ain’t caking off on to do a hook on his album?

  • Southcidal

    Oh yeah, and Elmo quit. GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • plsDontreply

    I remember a performance when Jim Jones did the “we fly high” song and everyone stood up and jay-z and Tata stayed seated…

  • brotha_man

    just like a broad