Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Hating On Chris Brown And Mad At Nicki Minaj?


Chris Brown is the man in these streets still. Dude, these people are playing at such a high level, its hard to conceive. But, when you are at the top, you gotta play ball. The American Music Awards are a decidedly POP affair. Hence, why there was limited Hip-Hop and lots of Hip-Pop. Well, Chris Brown is pop like a MF now and therefore he performed last night along side Swizz Beatz. Well, Perez Hilton has apparently reported that Drake did some passive aggressive stuff as Chris Brown was rockin’ the house. He played on his cellphone while CB performed. Like the whole time. Nonstop. It would seem that he didn’t want to at like he was enjoying the show, but that is actually liking it more. The great Parish Smith said, “And like a sucka, yeah, you look the other way / that’s when I know you’re on my d**k kid, but its OK.” I’m not saying its all that, but that’s what they would be saying it is.

People that have studied the body language between Drake and Nicki are saying that there is beef between them. Did you see it? I didn’t.



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