T.I. Unveils "Trouble Man" Artwork And Tracklisting

(AllHipHop News) T.I. has revealed the track listing and artwork for his highly anticipated album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head.

The rapper released the information on his official website and he’s been making numerous appearances promoting the new album, due December 11.

In a previous interview with AllHipHop.com, T.I. said that his new opus was representative of his past tribulations.

“Nothing worth having comes easy… The [troubles] taught me the right time and the right people to say ‘f*ck you’ to,” said T.I.
The rapper has received early praise for Trouble Man and the Grand Hustle CEO said he has not missed a step since the release of 2010’s No Mercy.

“To assume the title [King] is bigger than music,” offered T.I. “I’m very secure in what I do. I welcome all challengers.”

Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head Tracklisting
1. “The Introduction”
2. “G Season” feat. Meek Mill
3. “Trap Back Jumpin”
4. “Wildside” feat. A$AP Rocky
5. “Ball” feat. Lil Wayne
6. “Sorry” feat. André 3000
7. “Can You Learn” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Go Get It”
9. “Guns and Roses” feat. P!nk
10. “The Way We Ride”
11. “Cruisin’”
12. “Addresses”
13. “Hello” feat. CeeLo Green
14. “Who Want Some”
15. “Wonderful Life” feat. Akon
16. “Hallelujah”

  • Swaggout


    • andone

      lol that was a joke right??

      • Bumpy Johnson

        He look like a cop…the informant ass nigga.

      • andone

        naww my G ignore them officer ricky shades… he da trouble man(sarcasm)… lmao!!

      • MadVillain


      • That ‘chet was mad funny!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        5 thumbs down from other informant ass niggas and dry snitches

      • Swaggout

        Not at all. He has just created one of the best Hip Hop album covers in the last decade. In fact, I’ll go ‘head and give it the Number 1 spot.

        I’m taking all comers. Put yo LP’s up n*gga!

      • andone

        “He has just created one of the best Hip Hop album covers in the last decade”…

        hahaha now i know ur joking, there are mixtape covers better than that… good one dude!!

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Luda destroyed him with the line “stay off my T.I.P”

    • Future Patrick

      destroyed him tho?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        He should stay off 222 tips too…he is a real street nigga right?!? -_-

    • MadVillain

      Luda then went on to destroy himself by co-starring on that Bieber track

    • NJ

      And yet who is more relevant now?

  • $20434212

    Seriously the best album cover in a long time.

    • brotha_man

      I think Brother Ali cover is better

      • That don’t count….but Yeah!

      • brotha_man

        why dont that count

      • brotha_man

        actually any outkast album cover is dope……this is alight

      • Because you always expect a dope cover by Brother Ali, etc.

        Now if Gucci Mane or Lil B did it, it would count!

      • andone

        and thats jus one example… ninjas even puttin out free music wit better covers year round, no lie!!

    • hoeyuno

      I think every no limit cover from 1997 is better then this guys album cover

    • Bumpy Johnson

      you like informant ass niggas.

  • Hope the music is as good as the cover!

    • MadVillain

      it wont be

    • brotha_man

      with pink as a feature i doubt it

      • Pink harder than 1/2 the other features.

        We shall see!

      • brotha_man

        after review his track list ill co-sign that….’cept 3000 stacks verse will be the best verse on the whole album. but if i was in a street fight and needed back up and had to choose from this list a partner to fight next to me i would choose pink.

      • Damn sure wouldn’t be Cee Lo Green, 3k, R Kelly or Akon!

      • Bigg Bizness

        U forget now cee Lo is dungeon family, goodie mob, now don’t let da fancy clothes and glasses fool u, dats a real swat nigga (south west ATLANTA) & stacks is too.

      • Yeah, but they both buggin’ now!
        Cee-Lo with wearing womens shoes ( That is SwAT? ) & 3K dressing like a Kanye West on crack ( Kanye dresses like a gay homeless person ), I mean, lately, them dudes be trippin’, & I used to roll with them hard. ( B.O.B = 3k, Crazy = Cee Lo )

        Mega Talent, but Hollyweird is….well, weird.

        Hopefully they can shine with TI, I’ll be expecting them too!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        she probably put in more work than rick ross

      • Without question!

      • hoeyuno

        don’t forget r Kelly

      • brotha_man

        r kelly in a fight i’ll just take the “L” cuz soon as somebody pulls the mase out we finished

      • NJ

        Doesn’t matter. T.I.’s best songs are the ones without features anyway. He doesn’t have to rely on a bunch of features like ALOT of rappers nowadays.

    • NJ

      It will be

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  • Dun Tha Cloudster Smith

    he should make a movie to go wit it be dope

    • brotha_man

      only to u

  • eddieklown

    Nice artwork!!

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  • dayleedumped

    why tip holdin a gun that nigga aint packin

    • NJ

      Are u with him 24/7? Do u sleep with him or something.

  • damn thats 3 albums with a track name Hallelujah

  • This cover is amazing, I can’t hate on that. Look like some Quentin Tarantino type of shit.

    • andone

      this is wat u refer to as amazing??

      a watercolor background ft. a gta character holding a gun( made of dice, a money sign, couple prostitutes, pitbulls, cars and other typical n!gga sh!t) wit a 1970’s foxy brown movie cover(my point exactly) type font… that has been rehashed 100x’s over, qualifies as amazing?

      look im not sayin its bad either, never said/implied that… but when u have a guy who u think would/should be passed being a so called “trouble man” its simply not as impressive if u cant actually take him serious… @ least u said why u think its a very decent layout tho, instead of making a blank statement without reason like the other guy did SMH… i could keep going but theres jus to much ground to cover wit this debate… bottom line imo to label it “amazing” or “fantastic” is deff a reach if i ever seen one.. !!

      • I feel where you coming from, a 2nd look and I agree. But I have to say this is his best cover. Paper trail was a cool cover.

      • andone

        i respect ur opinion… and i would agree that this may be his best album cover as well… to agree to disagree is wat these forums are about… but d!ckr!ders who jus co-sign blank statements and down mine without speakin up is straight weak and thats wat i cant respect… no hate!!

      • Hell yeah lol. I hate cats who dick ride or claim they love something with no real reason or anything. Just doing it because they jizz to the artist.

      • andone

        theres no doubt the concept was executed well… but @ the same time it is a shame when ppl cant think for themselves… and even tho its not my fault, i still feel sorry for them!

      • In a way though, I can’t take T.I serious anymore. I mean it’s not the cover or anything. Just his antics since he’s been out

      • steve

        you have no idea what went into to make the cover. the art director may have had 1 day to come up with a cover and execute it. if you had to put all the work youve ever done on a blog and had people comment on it you’d prolly say well they dont have any idea what it took to create that and get it APPROVED (by the artist, by the label, by the marketing people) so before you quickly dissect a covers design you should consider that. you should also probably consider that the people making these covers are more talented and better at this shit then you ever will be.

      • You obviously didn’t read anything I said about the cover, so your comment is excused.

  • i saw tha cover yesterday on his twiiter and all i gotta say is i like it

    • brotha_man

      smh….on his twitter? read a book sometime

      • MadVillain


      • NJ

        And yet you took the time to comment. How lame

  • hoeyuno

    more like luckyman. If he wasn’t rich he woulda never seen the outside world again for the arsenal of weapons he had. most military peoples don’t ever get to play with the guns this man had. I don’t think tip is a rat the dude had money for a johny cochrane. end of story

  • hoeyuno

    I think tip breaching his conditions with that fake gun in his hand.

    • NJ

      The nigga is off probation. U sound ignorant, its just artwork dumbass.

      • hoeyuno

        it was a joke. how was it ignorant

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  • sosa tha plug

    its fkd up wen stans cant find anything else to lowrate so they attack the….cd cover? bitch i hope whatever ass suckin job you do for a living comes with the same level of critisism u lazy bitch

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  • iamKingG

    This is going to be a classic! youtube King G – shake it The K.O.M.I.N.G coming soon..

  • MontyCc

    That album cover is so BOSS. I might go get a hard copy instead

  • MontyCc

    @Andone guy is going on every body post who likes the cover to say why he thinks you are wrong. Never seen such blatant thirst and hate. Geez my dude. Chill

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