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Hip-Hop Rumors: Ja Rule's Comeback Is COMING! Movies, Music And Church Girls!

WELL! WELL! WELL! Ja Rule has been incarcerated since June of 2011, but the rapper already has made preparations for his career after his release, set for February 2013. He’s set to appear in a movie called “I’m In Love With A Church Girl,” a move that fits nicely with his new jail look. I don’t know if you can tell from these pix posted on YBF, but dude has gotten diesel! This generally happens when you don’t have much to do but skip meals and do calisthenics. But Ja has don’t some stuff. Peep:


Ja Rule‘s prison sentence is coming to an end. The sentence began on June 7th 2011. During that time he is gained his high school diploma and released his 7th studio album Pain is love 2 (PIL2) with the help of long time producer 7 Aurelius. He is expected to be released on 02/21/2013. And above, he posed with producers from his new film project called I’m In Love With A Church Girl, which will hit theaters in “Spring/Summer 2013. Well this should be a big change up from what we’re used to.”


How many people can say they did all that? I need to go to jail so I can get my college diploma. I know that sounds ignorant but I never finished and I don’t seem to have time. Anyway, shout out to Ja and hopefully he’ll stay of 50 Cent’s radar forever.

He seems to have twitter in jail, but what about a decent camera. By the way, Ja was in jail for carrying a gat. Kids, the only heat you need is the kind that keeps your house and car warm.
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  • David Gonz


    • 7yoyo7


  • anthonyward1


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  • greeneyedbandit

    I miss Ja Rule…..i was a fan of him and 50. I wish both of them peace between each other, much love to both.

    • YungKizz

      50 too childish he still wanna act like a little boy
      he is

      • Griss

        lol they stabbed that nigga some shit just cant be forgotten ,,,,

    • hoeyuno

      the only song I ever liked with ja was it’s murda with ja z and dmx.the rest of his corny raps with alicia keys on the hook were pretty Disney if you ask me.

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  • YungKizz

    free ja rule ef u haters 50 lovers lol ja plz comeback

  • Negro Peligro

    Man them niggas look mad gay. You can’t be that close to me in jail smelling like shitsicles .

    • Negro Peligro

      What’s up with the big teapot white dude.

      • Bumpy Johnson


  • hoeyuno

    ja rule was wack before fifty got to him. I remember him and dmx came out around the same time and it appeared that he was on x’s nuts. then dude goes and does some corny seagull movies just like x. I think we need one more “backdown” just to keep this jailhouse bait in his place.

    • the 1st time i seen the video for jayz & amil bounce wit me, & ja was dressed w bandana & looked & sounded just like dmx. i thought it was dmx until i realized he was copying all of dmx’s style

      • I think Ja was X’s Hypeman at that time.

    • Ja was X’s hypeman?

      • hoeyuno

        i don’t think so.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Wow…. I hope this doesn’t happen…..a ja rule comeback???????? Laughable.

    • Darren Myt Collins

      think about it….is he really that much worse then the crap out now? he is better in alot of cases……

      • Definitely better, but still wack!

  • Ja rule has always been a real dude. I am not a fake nigga. Just because 50 popped on the scene was hot cracked jokes he felt like he was God and people rode the bandwagon. Now no one fks with 50 his rap career is finished. Karma! People got tired of him. 50 did the same thing he said Ja was doing which was singing. I swear to me 50 is more bipolar than game at times. I fk’s with 50 old shit. Power of the dollar. 50 is a real snake type nigga like Jay who shits on his own people. The recent sh*t Ja put out I must admit is dope. He is on the old cash money clik days. Keep ya head up Ja.

    • get real/ ja sang pop songs & sounded like cookie monster. he was 1 of weakest rappers ever & 50 put him on blast & it was how every hip hop fan felt so thats why it was easy for 50 to kill his career.

      • What does that have to do with being a real stand up dude? I know people from Queens that is home that knows him. That sounds kind of immature coming from a grown man. You sound like a stan or some shit. Music is music. 50 has no career now so what is your point. Being a fan and being a stan is different. People love rick ross he is on top does it mean if he disses 50 again are you going to be a Ross stan because that is what you said man? I am just saying you danced in the clubs to Ja shit so don’t front on here. Again Ja had been out since the 90’s and he wasn’t singing. I will say at this point I have heard 50’s shit and it is pure trash. He is done like over cooked steak. Weak is shawty lo, wacka flocka, 2 chains etc. He went multi platinum I am not saying I look for his shit but his recent songs were dope and 10 times better than 50.

      • 50 is trash now, but with GRODT…he either-ed Ja!

        No way around that!

        Did he crook Ja’s Hook? Yeah!

      • Jas1ne

        When 50 was poppin, Ja debuted a video on 106. When free & aj went to the crowd to get their thoughts of the video, it was ALL negative responses. I laughed my ass off knowing right then and there Ja was done son

      • You know that hurt Ja.

      • Griss

        so u think he’s gonna make this big comeback after hes been in for a while when he tried to restart plenty a times… his shit is finished and how do u know if 50 is a snake or not … damn i mean even preme asked for his testimony never said 50 snitched on anyone no one has been locked up behind bars and came out… its been damn near 20 years… that snitch shit is lame… his career cant be finished if hes on some of the most popular collabs… i dont like the songs like that ut up bitch remix that shit wit yg and down on me killed the charts g…. can he doit for a whole album thats yet to b seen … yall all got these guidelines wit 50 tho he sold out go back to old 50 hes to rich to rap like that reinvent urself …. n when he does hes phony … hes a snake but no gunit memebers past or present said 50 fucked them over wit money..buck tried to and then asked to come back with gunit… death row cash money bad boy all them niggas was dickin they artist … 50 actually helped niggas….. and hell only thing i can say about 50 is he need all new producers and shouldnt to respond to niggas all the time and he need to stop signing niggas like kidd kidd and shit … ja will never blow again like u said thats the 90’s these kids dont know shit these days and will only remember ja n murder inc being the niggas 50 ended flat out

  • kids dont listen to dude/ everyone needs a gun, learn how to use them & get your permit to carry

    • or learn how to hide one!

    • atle fjeldstad

      Guns suck

  • BXWarrior

    Ja had cookie monster raps…but maybe his skill has evolved since he’s had time to polish up the flow. Only time will tell.

  • why they all dressed like its 1995 tho?

    • That was the year they got locked up!

    • Jizzah!

      Real men don’t wear skinny jeans in jail

    • Bumpy Johnson

      real men dont wear that stuff u leave ur house with daily….capri pants, skinny jeans, short ass shirts that have your draws everywhere….u talkin niggas that did they work here, not some 1/3 gay 1/3 emo 1/3 wana bes here.

      • >> In Rick James Voice : “Cold…BlooodeddddDDDDD!”


  • greeneyedbandit

    Yeah 50 is full of surprises now…..anyway, I think i liked Ja Rules deep voice more than anything. lol

  • Looks like Ja is being served extra portions of chicken. LOL

  • Darren Myt Collins

    yo I’m going to say this…VIENNI VETTI VECCI>GET RICH OR DIE TRYING

    • BulldogCG

      definitely a conversation I agree, I still bang both, I might have to give it to 50 myself, but that venni vetti vicci is some fire.

    • atle fjeldstad

      It`s funny he didn`t call his album Veni vidi vici…

    • Tony G.

      not a whack album..but couldnt knock it from start to finish like GRODT

  • Darren Myt Collins

    Why do people diss Ja-rule for singing? seems to me he was just ahead of his time….lets see who bee singing these days……lil wayne, drake, nicki menaj, TI, 50 cent, kirko bangs, kendric lamar, big krit, busta rhymes, eminem t-pain was the “rapper ternt sanga”,…………..rap fans are so fickle…..yall don’t know what ya’ll like. But yet ya’ll diss ja-rule for singing?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      real talk

  • a comeback? why didnt he try that before he went to jail? oh he thinks he has some street cred now lol.. smfh “no soup for you, NEXT!!”

  • actually ja did have the best line ever directed at eminem, ” your moms a crackhead kims a known slut, so tell me, whats haily gonna be when she grows up”

    • that line was under the belt. just like jay’s line from “super ugly”

  • Listen to “Thug Life” featuring Case from a while back…that was Ja at his best..He was virtually talking as if he as supreme on that track but that joint speaks to those clearly living that life..

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  • lol @ college diploma yeah word you most def need one lol 😉

  • MadVillain

    Ja aint making no comeback, but he had a pretty successful run that spanned across 5 years.

    • Griss


  • Alf Capone

    niggas changing their lives in prison…………..smh

  • i’mreloaded!

    I personally liked Ja Rule’s music. He wrote good songs and he was good for a radio and club hit. I’m not saying he was on my all time favorite list by any means, but at one point, Ja had the game on lock.

  • Derek Yisrael

    The reality is that Ja-Rule was never wack

    He just let a wankster named @50Cent who was envious of Rule style convince him he was wack and promptly jacked him for his style. Cuz what did @50Cent do after Ja-Rule fell off, started making/singing R&B hip-hop songs just like Ja-Rule did but the songs were wacker. And he could never be Rule with the R&B/Hip-Hop

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  • hittin theaters huh…..

  • Vi6

    I think there is a difference for dissing a nigga for singing, and dissing a nigga for singing with that raspy ass voice sounding like the cookie monster. Real talk I’d rather hear Em and fif sing than ja. No Homo!!!

  • Smashit

    Ja should stick to movies when he get out – nobody miss his music and Fifty real bored these days



    Fucc that bitch assnigga he will never get love again. Leave this dead fish alone

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