50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent Among The Celebrities Taking Part In CNN's "Heroes" Special

(AllHipHop News) Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent is among the celebrities taking part in CNN’s annual special, “CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute.”

50 Cent will join celebrities like Harvey Keitel, Maria Bello, David Spade, Rainn Wilson, Susan Sarandon and others, during the special, which will be hosted by CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper.

R&B star Ne-Yo has been tapped as the performer during the one hour presentation, which will air live on CNN this Sunday.

“CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute” honors 10 every day “heroes,” who do extraordinary work in their communities.

This year, the “CNN Heroes” initiative received over 45,000 nominations from over 100 countries around the world.

“CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute” is slated to air live from the shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on December 2.

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    50 is to big for hip hop

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he is a hip hop traitor still..but good for him for helpin the hungry.hopefully he did it out the kindness of his heart tho

      • Wtf

        Traitor….The man still puts out mix tapes and currently has a album on the way, if anything he’s setting himself up for success in the future…if that’s being a traitor then hip hop is full of em. LL, Will Smith, Lil Wayne and any other rapper that does other things with their time

      • Bumpy Johnson

        he came from loving the quality of music to the quantity he sells..thats what i ment.

      • brotha_man

        @souf are you Ja Rule? as much as people hate fif he is doing his thang. rappers and non-rappers alike know you dont eat well rapping. whether he is profiting off the feed the hungry campaign or not….its still more than what you favorite rapper (jay-z) is doing for the poor,or the hood.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        my favorite rapper is not jay z….and i didnt mean he is a hip hop traitor because he is feeding the poor or not making album…he went from loving the quality of music to the quantity of it….from sayin niggas is too commercial to doing the same damn thing.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        im not ja rule…im souf west prince

  • shockman203

    Just a little smarter than most rappers