Young Turk

EXCLUSIVE: Turk Reunites With Lil Wayne On Track "Zip It"; Discusses New Mixtape "Blame It on The System"

(AllHipHop News) New Orleans rappers Turk has linked up with former Hot Boy group member Lil Wayne on the new track “Zip It.”

The dark track features Lil Wayne and Turk trading rhymes about the street life.

“Zip It” is taken from Turk’s upcoming mixtape with Drumma Boy titled “Blame It on The System.”

“[It’s] my new mixtape, or should I say ‘DuctTape’ because I’m bout to kidnap and rape the game and make em ‘get naked,'” Turk told

Despite serving almost 9 years for weapons violations, Turk said he had no plans on changing the content of his music, which also focused on the street life prior to his incarceration.

“I try to tell them just what it is and what it ain’t. I’m gonna be straight up with em like six o’clock,” Turk told “But gang life, drug life, any kind of life that’s not pleasing in God’s eyesight, you gonna have to suffer for it. I don’t want to sound all ‘holier than thou,’ but you gotta respect the laws, because Everthing is governed by law. ”

A release date for “Blame It on The System” was not available as of press time.

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  • So_Subby

    Lil Wayne makes no sense at all, mouth running so I chop your legs off? Wtf?

    • It’s Called PUNCHLINE

      • Tommy Lewis

        If that is his punchline, he better leave it to the PLK Lloyd Banks

      • Lamar Star

        It’s called wack

    • dayleedumped

      how does that not make sense? lol if you run your mouth ima take off your legs…. as in you gon get shot…. iuno you black you suppose to get simple shit like this

      • So_Subby

        Because you mouth don’t have legs, he’s saying like it does and it don’t relate to legs. Just because the word run is being used dont mean you can say anything that relates to running. It makes no sense, I can bring up another line also ” bluffing like snow, you niggas is sleet ” wtf ” I stick to the g code you stick to the zip code ” I understand he’s saying to zip it but zip code tho? ” I put it to your head its coming off like stripper clothes ” wtf how does this even correlate?

      • Jae

        Dude you slow as hell. If you don’t get word play you should’t even listen to hip hop music.

      • So_Subby

        You don’t understand English and must of dropped out, cause in English class we broke down lyrics of poets, authors, and political figures, to be able to understand the meaning. These rhymes don’t correlate to one another, just because it rhyme doesn’t mean you should just say it, especially if your trying to give it a different meaning. What does stripper clothes have to do with putting a gun to someone head? Makes no sense, but I do see the purpose and meaning but you can’t just say one part that relates and another part that don’t. Perfect lyric to display a perfect word play line is ” niggas now I’m trusty with the weight so I spot em” everything in the rhyme correlate and even the double meaning correlate. You guys don’t know anything

      • bunzallday

        check for the movie snow in the bluff to understand that line right there..

      • So_Subby

        Never heard of it and niggas is sleet?

      • bunzallday

        look it up… its a reality gangster movie.. dont know if its real or not.. so it might be a bluff.. as far as sleet.. guess these niggas arent real.. like sleet isnt real snow.. its rainn n snow.. so they arent 100% who they say they are… 1but its weezy so who knows if that was his intention..

      • So_Subby

        I looked up the def for sleet and its ice rain, have nothing to do with being fake if its real. The line still doesn’t make sense, especially to reference a movie no one heard about. Smh lil Wayne is trash

      • bunzallday

        ice rain which isnt 100% snow.. therefore bluffing like snow.. cuz these niggas sleet.. meaning they fronting like they snow.. but they aint.. they sleet.. makes sense to me.. u jus reachin cuz u dont like the nigga… i dont really like him either but i see it

      • So_Subby

        Your making up your own meaning to make it have sense, the only person reaching is you. Sleet is in its own right for what it is, just because its not snow does not mean its fake, how can you possible say that? Sleet is sleet and snow is snow. Ice rain which is also name as hail, the meaning or intent for the meaning is there but it makes completely no sense at all. One of the worst lines I heard actually

      • TJ

        y’all entertaining this slow ass nigga subby? LOL

    • Its a punchline, the same thing EVERY major rap artist does and lyrical artist at that especially Philly rappers…He said I “I bet his mouth cant RUN if I CUT OFF HIS LEGS” (run,cut off legs)..get it? he actually somewhat tlkn bout turk situation and what turk went to jail for…its a southern gritty puchline shit aint wack

      • So_Subby

        Just because its a punch line doesn’t mean it makes sense, your trying to make it have sense. Why would you cut off the legs if your talking about his mouth running? It makes no sense his punch lines are garbage if that’s what you call it. Cassidy punch lines are way better, many other rappers also. That’s what’s wrong with hiphop you fail to understand the complexity of it. That is a weak line and makes no sense because you would rather cut off his lips not his legs cause your subject is his mouth running. Southern gritty punch line wtf does that mean? Nevermind you fools lack intelligence

      • Punchlines come in different ways homie..ok its not the best punchline ever but its a punchline period and its metaphorical speaking saying his lips are his legs cause he running them. Bottom line is that it does make sense in a metaphorical type of way. This shit aint got nthn to do with intelligence homie

      • So_Subby

        Everything have something to do with intelligence, and I’m not doubting that its a punch line, it just makes no sense. Just because you understand the meaning doesn’t mean it was well put together. Lips can not be legs lol how does that make sense? Seriously your trying to make sense out of it but you failed. Lips are lips legs are legs, just because he’s running his lips, running shouldn’t be applied to legs because the subject is lips. A perfect good or great punch line makes sense in both meanings of it. A punch line have to correlate, and if it don’t it fails. Wayne try so hard to be lyrical but in my eyes fails when he do. Like I said on the above reply a perfect example of a perfect punch line is, ” niggas know I’m trusty with the weight so I spot Em ” weight meaning drugs or weight as in lighting, spotting as in holding it down or spotting a weight lifter. It correlates, it’s not hard to understand

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  • Guest

    Please don’t use that title Blame it on the System. Please don’t. Every man is responsible for himself. Choices and Consequences is much better and appropriate.

    • nothinlessdenSour


      • Guest

        Dogg we all know that. But if we want to move forward as MEN, then we can’t keep using excuses. That’s why I said Choices and Consequences. You made the choice to hustle or do whatever now when you get caught, that’s the consequence. Don’t look for mercy when you already know they gone bam you to the curb. That’s stupid on your part. It’s Africans overseas that don’t have clean water, shoes on they feet and they walk miles to school and then eventually end up in America as Brain surgeons and niccas out here crying and blaming the system man get real. We got all the oppurtunity in the world and niccas grown as hell blaming, they daddy, momma, the system or whoever the hell they can come up with and the sistas out here raising the kids and going to school and working. We got to step up period no matter what the system doing.

      • s0rethumb

        whoa must give respect where respect is due. This slaps the truth!

      • Plus, the system hates when people type in all Caps.

      • bunzallday

        true but its easier for the african immigrant to make it here than the local black man.. just like the african had to come here for that opportunity but cant do it back home.. where as a black man here would probably easily find success in Africa..but he would have to make an effort..white business ownwers will trust the african before he trust the african american..

      • Guest

        If you believe that cuz you got a whole lot of growing and learning to do. People who think like that got a victim mentality. Somebody always the reason for you not being successful. Nigga please.A man responsible for himself and his family Period with no excuses.Only real niggaz gone agree with me. Suckaz want to hold on to excuses

    • Eugene_Whatley

      I agree with you but stop reading so much into it man.. It’s just music and him expressing himself. Did u even read his comment on speaking on GOD and dealing with the consequences of the things that not good in God’s eyesight? Like I said it’s just music and stop reading so much into it. Turk is good and I think his head is on straight.. You don’t even hear to many artist even mentioning GOD in their interviews now a days, so relax brother.

  • Mannnn the homie Turk spitting! 504

  • toreal

    Hope Turk can get Lil Wayne back to dressing like street nigga and not some gay rock star.

    • So_Subby

      It’s gay to even be concern about how another guy dresses

      • toreal

        You must like dick?

      • So_Subby

        It’s always the dudes always talking bad about gay things and ends up talking about gay stuff like the are gay. Your suspect dude!!!

      • toreal

        Whatever nigga. Spend it how you want. It’s easy to tell you like dick.

      • So_Subby

        Your worried about this man wearing clothes and I’m gay? You want lil Wayne to satisfy you, you wanna him to look good bruh, seriously I never said anything gay like what you said.

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  • mademan3000

    That track is hot boy no pun intended…better than I figured it would be!

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Turk wwack…i thought he real dude..guess not

  • dayleedumped

    this shit kinda got that bone thugs vibe